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The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

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Head Wireframe Graphics - Public DomainDid you know that the United Nations intends to have biometric identification cards in the hands of every single man, woman and child on the entire planet by the year 2030?  And did you know that a central database in Geneva, Switzerland will be collecting data from many of these cards?  Previously, I have written about the 17 new “Global Goals” that the UN launched at the end of September.  Even after writing several articles about these new Global Goals, I still don’t think that most of my readers really grasp how insidious they actually are.  This new agenda truly is a template for a “New World Order”, and if you dig into the sub-points for these new Global Goals you find some very alarming things.

For example, Goal 16.9 sets the following target

“By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”

The United Nations is already working hard toward the implementation of this goal – particularly among refugee populations.  The UN has partnered with Accenture to implement a biometric identification system that reports information “back to a central database in Geneva”.  The following is an excerpt from an article that was posted on

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is moving forward with its plans to use biometric technology to identify and track refugees, and has selected a vendor for the project. Accenture, an international technology services provider, has won out in the competitive tendering process and will oversee the implementation of the technology in a three-year contract.

The UNHCR will use Accenture’s Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) for the endeavor. BIMS can be used to collect facial, iris, and fingerprint biometric data, and will also be used to provide many refugees with their only form of official documentation. The system will work in conjunction with Accenture’s Unique Identity Service Platform (UISP) to send this information back to a central database in Geneva, allowing UNHCR offices all over the world to effectively coordinate with the central UNHCR authority in tracking refugees.

I don’t know about you, but that sure does sound creepy to me.

And these new biometric identification cards will not just be for refugees.  According to a different FindBiometrics report, authorities hope this technology will enable them to achieve the UN’s goal of having this kind of identification in the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet by the year 2030…

A report synopsis notes that about 1.8 billion adults around the world currently lack any kind of official documentation. That can exclude those individuals from access to essential services, and can also cause serious difficulties when it comes to trans-border identification.

That problem is one that Accenture has been tackling in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which has been issuing Accenture-developed biometric identity cards to populations of displaced persons in refugee camps in Thailand, South Sudan, and elsewhere. The ID cards are important for helping to ensure that refugees can have access to services, and for keeping track of refugee populations.

Moreover, the nature of the deployments has required an economically feasible solution, and has demonstrated that reliable, biometric ID cards can affordably be used on a large scale. It offers hope for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of getting legal ID into the hands of everyone in the world by the year 2030 with its Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative.

The Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative was originally launched by the World Bank, and they are proud to be working side by side with the UN to get “legal identity” into the hands of all.  The following comes from the official website of the World Bank

Providing legal identity for all (including birth registration) by 2030 is a target shared by the international community as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (target 16.9). The World Bank Group (WBG) has launched the Identification for Development (ID4D) cross-practice initiative, with the participation of seven GP/CCSAs sharing the same vision and strategic objectives, to help our client countries achieve this goal and with the vision of making everyone count: ensure a unique legal identity and enable digital ID-based services to all.

Of course all of this is being framed as a “humanitarian” venture right now, but will it always stay that way?

At some point will a universal biometric ID be required for everyone, including you and your family?

And what would happen if you refused to take it?

I could definitely foresee a day when not having “legal identification” would disqualify you from holding a job, getting a new bank account, applying for a credit card, qualifying for a mortgage, receiving any form of government payments, etc. etc.

At that point, anyone that refused to take a “universal ID” would become an outcast from society.

What the elite want to do is to make sure that everyone is “in the system”.  And it is a system that they control and that they manipulate for their own purposes.  That is one of the reasons why they are slowly but surely discouraging the use of cash all over the world.

In Sweden, this movement has already become so advanced that they are now pulling ATMs out of even the most rural locations

The Swedish government abetted by its fractional-reserve banking system is moving relentlessly toward a completely cashless economy.  Swedish banks have begun removing ATMs even in remote rural areas, and according to Credit Suisse the rule of thumb in Scandinavia is “If you have to pay in cash, something is wrong.”  Since 2009 the average annual value of notes and coins in circulation in Sweden has fallen more than 20 percent from over 100 billion to 80 billion kronor.  What is driving this movement to destroy cash is the desire to unleash the Swedish central bank to drive the interest rate down even further into negative territory.  Currently, it stands at -0.35 percent, but the banks have not passed this along to their depositors, because depositors would simply withdraw their cash rather than leave it in banks and watch its amount shrink inexorably toward zero.   However, if cash were abolished and bank deposits were the only form of money, well then there would be no limit on negative interest rate policy as banks would be able to pass these negative interest rates onto their depositors without adverse consequences.  With everyone’s wages, salaries, dividends etc, paid by direct deposit into his bank account, the only way to escape negative interest rates would be to spend, spend, spend.  This, of course, is precisely  what the Keynesian economists advising governments and running central banks are aiming at….a pro-cash resistance movement is beginning to coalesce and the head of a security industry lobbying group relates,  “I’ve heard of people keeping cash in their microwaves because banks won’t accept it.”

If you aren’t using cash, that means that all of your economic activity is going through the banks where it can be watched, tracked, monitored and regulated.

Every time the elite propose something for our “good”, it somehow always results in them having more power and more control.

I hope that people will wake up and see what is happening.  Major moves toward a one world system are taking place right in front of our eyes, and yet I hear very, very few people talking about any of this.

So where do you think that all of this is eventually heading?  Please feel free to share your thoughts with all the rest of us by posting a comment below…

  • DJohn1

    And what do they do about the people that lie about their identity?
    Such as Social Security numbers?
    The last I heard our President was using a false social security number.
    It belongs to an older man that died a few years back.
    At least that is what the internet says about it.
    Of course we all know how accurate that is!
    I guess my problem is that a lot of hackers will take advantage of any such system to promote the current underground economy.
    Also you have the obvious suspects. Such as people that might not want to be identified for any number of reasons.
    And then you have the cost of the entire thing.
    People disappear every day. This will be no different than the past.

  • K

    My answer is simple. More rules and more observation on the majority. While none of this applies to the elite. A Country, of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.

  • winnie the pooh

    Mark of the Beast

    • Jorma

      Somehow that will be in the right hand or forehead.

      • Jerry C

        The RFID microchip was tested and found it works best in two places of the human body; the right hand & forehead. It has something to do with less fatty tissue interfering with the signal. God’s Word will never fail.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Your crowd will be “mark of the beasting” for the rest of your lives any time new technology comes out.

  • im4truth4all

    The following information is for orthodox Catholics. A recent book called “The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard – Prophetic Symbols of Modern Society” describes 5 brief historical periods that must take place which are back to back and prepare the way for the Antichrist. The 5 Beasts represent the brief historical periods. There is also no conditionality to the prophecy. St. Hildegard was made a Doctor of the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict.
    The book is easy reading and only 84 pages. The author makes a very compelling case, in my opinion, that we are coming to the end of the 4th period if we have not already completed it. What is particularly alarming is the violent nature of the 5th period. At the end of the 5th period will come the son of perdition.

    • Ricardo

      That is futurist talk as pushed by the Jesuits. The Pope is the anti-christ and he is HERE NOW.

      • son of gary

        ding…ding…ding…it’s time for meds!

    • tom

      Sounds a bit like The Fourth Turning

    • Gay Veteran

      you can find the book in the fiction section of your local library

  • Bill

    I think I would rather be an unregistered “nobody” and sacrifice any registered benefits for what small amount of freedom is left. I really pity those being born into today’s world. There is little hope of countering this movement when you consider the lack of opposition toward some of today’s most pressing issues. Apathy has led the human race to become a nonentity.


      Better to die standing up than living in my knees

      • SunnyFlaSnotress


        • CASTIEL

          i know these words are to honorable to little sheeps like you and the guy who posted above…..who dont fight for their freedom….people that only bark and criticize others who are ready to fight these assholes……I will enjoy the day when i see all people like you fall down….it will be the end of cowards and idiots….that will be the happiest day of my life 🙂

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            You’re a perverse sorry lonely old man.

          • CASTIEL

            i have 28 … i m still young….lonely not really…..actually i could use a time alone…….so ms idiot its what you have to respond? your little brain of sheep cant do better?

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            You haven’t 28.. you lie.

          • CASTIEL

            why i would lie?????i dont understand your point

      • John Byde


        • europa3962

          Read history , A guy/mexican bandit named Zapata said it a hundred years ago

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            He never said he was living in his knees.

      • Christie

        I would rather live on my knees serving the Lord than to die standing up. Every knee will bow to the Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords

        • Evil_shadow

          Right… do you think that you “lord Jesus Christ” wants the suffering of people (which cashless society will bring)? Didnt your “lord Christ” drove out banksters from temple dedicated to his father, the god almighty? So why would he allow that people suffer?

          • GSOB

            Read John chapter 9.

            You’ll find some answers there.

            “You misbegotten wretch!” they flung back at him. “Are you trying to teach us?” And they threw him out.

          • Evil_shadow

            I thought that god allmighty wasnt revengeful and full of hate…Guerss i was wrong.But then again christian bible(old testament at least) is full of

            quotes where “god allmighty, creator and savior of his childrens” orders killing of everything that stands in the way of his “chosen people”.So how better is christianty compared to islam if both of them were (and still are) using violence against others, unbelievers/infidels?

        • CASTIEL

          serving the lord???? you lost your delorean in the middle age????doing a better world depends on us…….because God gave us free will….dont expect him to solve your problems…..fight for it

          • GSOB

            “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

            “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’

            “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”…

          • GSOB

            It is a great change made in the heart of a sinner, by the power of the Holy Spirit. It means that something is done in us, and for us, which we cannot do for ourselves.

          • GSOB

            Grope for Him is all we can do.
            That will lead to repentance from sin.
            …..and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said,

          • GSOB

            Holy, Holy Holy

          • CASTIEL

            Come on men…Really???I m a Crhistian myself…but you people act like fanatics……first the bible was written 2000 years ago and was rewritten multiple times and translated from ancient laguages and some aspects were eliminated by the church….the ones who burned people alive because the bible says….they burn nicolas Copernicus because he said the earth did go round…and that was blasfemy aleluia aleluia 🙂 In this world there is evil and Good and then action and omission……the ones who hides behind the bible to do not act and let evil prevail are like the ones who does evil….so in your opinion its let the world burn and wait that God will solve your problems because you havent the courage to fight evil????? So lets all of us being enslaved by this corrupted system where greed is the true religion because fighting to a better world is wrong because the bible says???? God gaves us free will………do you know what that is or you going to seek a verse in the bible to know???????i dont need the bible to know the difference betwen good and evil……and i know that sometimes to win evil is fighting it……not wait that God will come down and rescue you from your omissions……

          • Simon

            You claim to be a Christian while mocking the very record of history that documents the truth of Christianity. Never mind the Millenia long history of the bible as the source of doctrine for both Israel and the church, you must be right!

            Next time, just roll with “I’m a Christian myself – one who thinks the bible is stupid and that anyone who believes it is stupid. Yknow, a Christian who believes whatever he wants to, as long as it’s not in the bible, just like atheists and non-Christians in general really. So yeah, I’m not really a Christian myself at all, at least, not one that bares any resemblance to the Millenia of Christians who acknowledge the scriptures as God’s words and a record of his character and faithfulness to humanity.”

          • CASTIEL

            I consider myself a Christian because i believe in jesus Christ….just that…..i dont believe in the Church or what she represents…..there must be correct things in the bible…..but i m not fanatic by it

          • Glenn Festog

            I’m a not a Christian in your sense of the term. I don’t believe God is a lying cheat, as you obviously do. That God’s “gift” of free will is phony, nothing more than a trap laid by an anthropomorphic personification of serial killers.

            You tell me; does “free will” exist, or not? Because “free will” means that the “keepers” of the scriptures you claim are “God’s words”, you know, the ones who CONTROLLED the Bible for over 1000 years, had the “free will” to change, add or delete whatsoever they felt like. Or God is a lying cheat. So which one is it?

            Please don’t bother responding if all you’re going to do is state that “Satan is strong in you…..” because I stopped believing in the guy in a red suit years ago, though I do wish y’all could at least spell Santa’s name right…….

          • Jerry C

            The Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1947 prove the Bible to be 100% accurately translated for almost 2,000 years. You can argue whether or not it is the inspired Word of God, but you cannot honestly say it’s corrupted.

          • Glenn Festog

            The word “poisoner” was exchanged for the word “witch” in the Old Testament. Similarly, “Thou shalt not kill.” should have been more accurately translated to “Thou shalt not murder.” Last, the Hebrew word meaning “the evil inherent of man” was replaced by Satan (or Lucifer), the anthropomorphic personification of evil replacing a description of man’s weakness.

            Due to the poor condition of some of the Scrolls, not all of them
            have been identified. Those that have been identified can be divided into three general groups:

            A. Some 40% of them are copies of texts from the Hebrew Bible,

            B. approximately another 30% of them are texts from the Second Temple Period which ultimately were not canonized in the Hebrew Bible, like the Book of Enoch, Jubilees, the Book of Tobit, the Wisdom of Sirach, Psalms 152–155, etc., and

            C. the remaining roughly 30% of them are sectarian
            manuscripts of previously unknown documents that shed light on the rules and beliefs of a particular group or groups within greater
            Judaism, like the Community Rule, the War Scroll, the Pesher on Habakkuk and The Rule of the Blessing.

            I can’t find any references citing that the Dead Sea Scrolls contain the entire Hebrew Bible, only copies of some of the texts therein.

            There were no references to what would become the New Testament; its the New Testament I was primarily referring too, as well as the Catholic controllers/providers of same.

          • Jerry C

            Thank you for your well written and factual reply. I would like to add my responses:

            A. 40% copied texts were 100% accurately translated.

            B. The non-canonized books like Book of Enoch & Jubilees provide a wealth of information; yet, I do not consider them to be inspired (much too long for this post) and rightly not included.

            C. The remaining 30% is not of concern to me.

            It wasn’t my intention to assume the entire OT was included. It’s my understanding that only the full book of Isaiah was included. My point was that the translations matched today’s Hebrew OT Bible 100% (99.9% or so).

            Concerning the NT, it is 2/3 quotes of the OT, so I trust it is accurately translated as well. As far as the Catholic controllers/providers, they merely collected all the scriptures considered to be the inspired Word of God into a single book; less their own added to the appendix.

          • Glenn Festog

            “As far as the Catholic controllers/providers, they merely collected all
            the scriptures considered to be the inspired Word of God into a single
            book; less their own added to the appendix.”

            Actually, they picked through the scriptures and decided which ones would be included, and which ones weren’t.

            Exclusion of materials is another way to lie.

            Thank you for a considered and well written response.

          • Gay Veteran

            put 5 Christians in a room with 1 bible verse and you’ll get 6 interpretations

          • GSOB

            Romans 6:12, 13

          • Gay Veteran

            good parrot

          • Jerry C

            Several eye witnesses to the same event have different information from their perspectives and is admissible in the court of law as evidence. It doesn’t necessarily mean all interpretations are wrong. But your overall message, unfortunately I agree.

          • GSOB

            Psalm 119:133

        • Dan515

          And sometimes serving the Lord means to die on your feet… remember the apostles? Besides, if this morphs in to the mark of the beast (Rev 13), then opposing it would be obedience to Jesus.

        • Wanda

          There is a time to be on our knees before our Lord. There is also a time when He expects movement from us. The great men and women whom the Lord used, got up and moved as He directed.

          • GSOB

            Ephesians 6:10
            Galatians 5:16

      • Evil_shadow

        Damn right it is 😀 . Fight or die trying 🙂 .

    • Priszilla


      • Bill

        At least they know the truth about me!! An intimidated coward I am not!!

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I’m sure your wish can be easily granted, and that the younger generation will be happy to outpace you while you pity them.

      • CASTIEL

        if this generation are idiots that dont know how to hunt…. cultivate their own food….make their own house….just zombies always with their ipads facebooks…idiots that dont know how to enjoy life……i even dont want to think how will be the future generations…….but if some major disaster happens in this planet….these little sheeps are the first to fall down

        • Tienes razón, Castiel. Algunas personas aqui son pendejas. Aunque tu poder entender inglés me parece a mí más mejor que mi español, recuerde que en inglés decimos “Yo estoy 28 años.” para espresar la edad. I “am” 28 instead of “I have 28.” Other than that…muy bien!

          Good Luck and May Your Dow Never Jones!

          • CASTIEL

            Gracias…:) siempre es un poco dificil para mi hacer el cambio…me olvida este detalle

    • olli

      dow 18K
      i see what you mean about market collapse Michael. lol

    • SkyKingdom

      There will be not even small amount of freedom left in 2030, Everyone who opposes the law (probably the silent generation which is left, baby boomers and some of Generation X and millennials) will be executed or send to FEMA camps in USA, and killed in gas chambers or equivalent. Of course there will be other means of torture in other countries as well for the rebels. So mostly everyone who was born after 2000 will want the rfid chip implant or digital “cherry glowing” tattoo which they will think would look nice and trendy. And babies born after 2030 will put chip during the birth or even before. It will be mandatory. So enjoy the little freedom which is left now.


    I think there will not exist UN in 2030….but just a big wasteland full of ghosts….but if for some miracle the world survive to that year…..i will just move to the mountains…and give a full magazine of 7.62×39mm to any enslavers that come to have a job and to rent a house we are forced to have bank accounts at least in europe..They use our money and they dont give us nothing…..the better part is that they charge us by using our money 🙂 but if we make a loan to the bank we will pay almost double…when my boss pay me by check i make the deposit and then in the next day i just took all the money from the bank and i store in my house….SCREW THEM….i have 40 cents in my bank account 🙂

  • MaxRockatansky33

    A brand New World Order which makes BigBrother 1984 a walk in a park. Prison Planet.

    • John Byde

      So,you’re not optimistic, then? Is it worth me learning Spanish?

      • MaxRockatansky33

        Better learn Chinese or Arabic.

  • kate

    Oh God. Now Mike is pushing collapse out to 2030.
    What a joke

    • jsmith

      No, I think Michael is just giving us a preview of things to come.

      • John Byde

        We all know what is coming. We don’t need to be told by fake prophets.

    • John Byde

      Next article he’ll tell us which month in 2030. I bet on September.

  • sleepy

    Well October came and went with nothing earth shattering happening in the US of A. Guess we will have to wait for 2030. And life goes on.

    • ABetterTomorrow

      The changes are being implemented stealthily and gradually so as not to alert the sleeping sheep. One day, you will wake up and wonder how all your freedoms were stolen and how they were able to pull it off. They are able to do this to us because the people will not wake up, band together and take action against it. A few scattered people cannot win the battle against such a well-organized, powerful force.

    • John Byde

      But sleepy, it’s 2030, man! It’s right around the corner! Aren’t you prepping? And don’t you know that next month is DECEMBER – usually the worst month in the year for BAD things to happen? Talk about complacency!

  • Liberty First

    They can implant biometrics systems in me and then I will return the favor and implant shotgun pellets in them. Fair enough.

    • Zvone B

      Nice said

    • europa3962

      They won’t be able to control older people but they will just start on the next generation who will be tattooed and treated like cattle or holocaust victims. Most will be sheep at that point or bred into classes, alphas, beta’s gamma’s (“Brave New World)

      • Evil_shadow

        Horrid future as it is, but somehow i’ve really like that book, so did enjoyed reading 1984 and atlas shrugged.

      • lunasupiazza

        You’re correct,’ they’ve’ always known that…but this is incremental and ‘they’ think and plan intergenerationally… The young adapt and they too get old , but they will be indoctrinated with the new ideas.. The resistance of the ‘old’ will long be dead.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I would camp out waiting for my personal Mark of the Beast.

  • Lennie Pike

    We don’t need to use their money, we can create money of our own – and leave them out. They don’t do any of the work, so won’t have any control over us unless we allow them to – and that’s all I got to say about that.

  • Jazz

    But the stock market keeps going up. I this keeps up we will all have enough money to stop the elites. Long live the bull market!

    • Jazz, I like your economic indication, but sometimes you really are an idiot… stick to the article and answer the point of the article – it is about your own future as well.

      • Jazz

        Points well taken! Good advice. As long as the democrats are in control we will lose more and more freedoms. The goal is one world government and laws like the Patriot Act and others are aimed to give the gov more control in the name of “safety”. Bigger gov destroys freedom but here comes the socialists Hillary and Sanders. God help us!

  • Illegal

    Has the UN asked Ali Khamenei or Xi Jinping or the 23 million worldwide refugees if they will agree to this scheme? Currently European countries and the US can not identify the illegals entering their countries. How is the UN going to collect data on individuals. It is time for the US to get out of the UN. They are just another economic parasite organization.

  • Mike Smithy

    The fact that law enforcement is now mandated to collect a persons DNA at the the time of arrest is a bridge too far. Even if a person were convicted of a crime, I don’t believe that it should be allowed without a search warrant/court order.

  • The majority of the comments here are from American people. Don’t worry ah, it’s not a problem 🙂 The fact is that you are not used to be easily Identified with your ID, but not so in Europe for instance…

    First, before you ascribe any fearmongering to Michael or that he wants to put Collapse to 2030, read carefully the article. It is a worldwide scheme in the making NOW… and the US will not be immune to it all.What the UN is about to do is not something they WILL do, it is something they are ALREADY doing.

    In Europe (+/_ 500 Millions people) the biometric ID card is already slowly implemented and our Passports are already biometric (when I went for my new passport at the Belgium Embassy I had to give my ten fingerprints – and everyone is required to do it now). But Europeans are used to be identified for decades now (pictures on our ID, address, etc) – biometric is just one step more.

    If I remember well, India is already implementing step by step the same for their own population now (+1 billions peoples).

    Other countries are looking to do the same as well (China, Brazil, etc)… are they already implementing it I don’t know. It could be interesting to list the countries already implementing it.

    As for the US, there is no way they will escape it. The pressure will be way strong to prevent it (for instance, Economic Pressure if the US do not comply, annoyance for American business men and women at the airport,… use your imagination about what you can do to pressure the US government to comply : access to medicine, surgery, Finance, Trade, etc).

    Now if the pressure does not come from outside the US, it will come from inside – the Americans will ask it themselves (think 9/11 effects on a much larger scale following an attack inside the country and the willingness to give up more freedom for more security – i’m not speaking about conspiracy s**t here, I’m speaking about real threat against the American people). You really don’t need a huge imagination to understand that the US will not be able to escape biometric ID…

    The UN project is not really new, what’s new is that now they announced it openly. And if they announced it it means that it is already in the pipeline for many years in several countries and firmly grounded.

    • Ex-pat

      So true. I live in Italy, where they’ve had chips in all the cards for years now, and it seems like you have to give your fingerprints for practically everything. As I am a foreigner here, if I were to argue they could reasonably tell me to go home.
      But the natives have thrown a monkey-wrench into The Plan by doing a ridiculously high percentage of business transactions in cash, under the table. There are countless people who are paid their salary in cash, pay their rent in cash (with no lease), avoid taxes entirely. If Italy went cashless, this black-market system is so engrained in the culture that they’d quickly start using seashells or something instead. And paradoxically, this dishonesty may be what saves them…

  • Undecider

    This solution is and has always been ultimately the 2nd Amendment.

    • John Byde


    • Priszilla

      Better protect your fourth amendment.

      • Eileen Kuch

        You may need your 2nd Amendment to protect your 4th.

        • Priszilla

          As a loner? If you want to organize you need communication, but that is like an open book to the state.

          • Eileen Kuch

            What does a loner have to do with this, Priszilla? There are over 100 million gun owners here in the USSA who own 300 million firearms .. of which at least half are hunters, combat veterans, or both.
            People who strongly oppose the UN’s plans are far from being loners; instead, they’re gathering en masse to prevent these evil plans from ever bearing fruit.

          • Priszilla

            If you can’t communicate without being overheard you are as good as a loner.
            Anyway. Your fear of the UN comes from the mass media you claim not to trust.
            Your real problem are the gun manufacturers who sell you the moment it pays.

          • Eileen Kuch

            I have loads of company, Priszilla; therefore, I’m not a loner .. never was.
            A lot of us fear the UN, and this fear is well based. This organization, which was created out of the ashes of WWII, helped millions of people .. most of them in the Third World .. for many years, until an evil entity hijacked it for its own sinister agenda. It’s this evil entity that most people fear .. not the UN itself .. mainly, because it’s planning universal biometric identification for all humanity, aka the “Mark of the Beast”. You’s have to understand the Book of Revelations in the Bible to understand the “Mark of the Beast”.

        • Priszilla

          People rather protect paper than people.
          Millions were killed for the bible and the quran.
          In the end it’s all for money

          • Eileen Kuch

            Of course it is, Priszilla. However, more innocents were massacred under Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto than by the Bible and Quran combined.
            Yes, even that monstrous event was for money; and, it’s this utter greed for money that makes it evil. Money in itself isn’t .. it’s the greed for it that creates all the death and destruction across the globe.

          • Priszilla

            What do you know about the manifest? What your mass media told you?

            Did you read it? Or just in Dog and Hunter, or Hair and Nails?

  • VigilanteCaregiver


    #1. The database is hackable. If everyone is supposed to have biometric ID’s; one psycho dictator and his small posse can hack in and say everyone belongs to his glorious nation; or Anonymous would definitely erase everyone’s info and the backups to read Anon; or some hacker trying his strength can and will change anything for giggles (change everyone’s name to Beverly, or their marital status as ‘whatever’, or change their religious preferences to the Flying Spaghetti Monster o- who knows?!)

    #2. The ID’s are hackable. Been looking into electronics and have built some fun things. Re-writing those cards – very easy. When the ID doesn’t match the database, just throw a stink and they’ll make the changes – they issued the perfect ID’s after all…

    #3. This is the UN. They have no drive to stop meetings and collecting their public welfare checks (government’s pay for the UN bureaucrats – it’s high society welfare) to actually ‘do’ anything apart from send money to local losers who like to pose in blue beret’s and support terrorists. That’s why the deadline of 2030; no one presently there will be there to take the blame when it doesn’t go into effect in 15 years.

    #4. It’s not the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast is something that will be trendier and far more popular than smartphones when it comes about to prove a person’s fidelity to the world emperor; not a forced method of personal identification. The vast majority will willingly put it on themselves and be overjoyed. Besides, things like ID cards and RFID chips are not very visible and easily faked – requires fallible technology to prove someone has it.

    I’m not worried. These utopian types can’t pull things like this off. If they had any sense; they’d eradicate ISIS, Hezbollah, the Mafia, etc., stabilize the world markets, and then try something like this. They can’t even vote on how many parking spaces each Ambassador gets much less anything else.

    • Gay Veteran

      off subject, but interesting:

      AP-GfK Poll: Clerks must issue gay marriage licenses

      “…For the first time, most Americans expect government officials to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even over religious objections.

      …Where Davis’s answer was the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom — and she served jail time to back it up — a majority of respondents don’t buy that argument when it comes to public officials issuing marriage licenses. That’s a shift since an AP-GfK survey in July, when Americans were about evenly split. Then, 49 percent said officials with religious objections should be exempt from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples and 47 percent said they should be required to issue them.

      Now, just 41 percent favor an exemption and 56 percent think they should be required to issue the licenses.

      That shift was especially stark among Republicans. A majority of them —58 percent — still favor religious exemptions for officials issuing marriage licenses, but that’s down 14 points since 72 percent said so in July….”

  • JailBanksters

    So 15 years until 1984 ?
    You have 15 years of freedom and the New World Order, Global Governance takes over. At what point does it stop being a Conspiracy and becomes Reality.

  • willkes

    I have a cure for all of this… VOTE for a conservative for president.

    • Priszilla

      like curing a cold with a bullet to your head.

      • willkes

        Don’t then… Because obviously what you have been doing has worked out fantastically !! I’m going to give something new a try.

        • df NJ

          This country has dramatically shifted to the right since Reagan or haven’t you noticed?

          • willkes

            Hahahahahaha !! So Obama is conservative ?

        • Priszilla

          Voting for Conservatives is hardly new.
          The ping pong game between democrats and republicans is going on for ages now.
          New in America would be green.

    • df NJ

      How much conservative policies can we take and not have total economic collapse?

      “Zero rates and asset purchases of central banks have, thus far, proved much more favorable to Wall Street, capitalists, shadow banks, ‘unicorns,’ and so on than it has for Main Street, workers, savers, banks and the jobs market,” the BofA team wrote.

      • willkes

        What are you talking about ? We haven’t had conservative policies for many years. What’s going on now ? It’s all progressive. It doesn’t work, it never has worked. Elect a conservative, it’s our best chance.

        • Gay Veteran

          no, what we have is fascism (merger of state and corporate powers) which BOTH parties support

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      The voting base has grown decidedly Democratic with the influx of immigrants. Conservatives are grasping at straws even if they have media power.

      • HeyAHuman

        You guys actually believe your vote counts these days? Remember how the media and TPTB snubbed Ron Paul? It’s all fixed anymore.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          Things sometimes happen, but generally yes. Ron Paul was a hopeless case from the start.

          • HeyAHuman

            He really wasn’t. He was leading in several polls, and had the vast majority of support from the military. The media outright ignored him, smeared him and snubbed him. There are countless examples; just browse YouTube.

      • willkes

        They don’t have media power, obviously.

    • Gay Veteran

      such as?

  • Kain

    You already are halfway there. Most people have smartphones (no I don’t use one anymore and even then it was more testing the waters) and their whole lives are there. Go into any Western country and its smartphone zombies. You can put a Glock in their face and squeeze and they would never see it coming.

    Combine that social media with taxes and a social security ID or TFN or whatever and the coppers already have a huge amount of info on you. All this might do is consolidate it in one place. And linking government with tech is laughable. Besides how will all those black ops get paid?

  • Priszilla

    back to using shells and pebbles for exchange.

    and a big thank you to the military-industrial-complex in America for creating all the floods of refugees everywhere by bombing their homes, fields, hospitals and livelyhoods.

  • Priszilla

    in europe they use ID cards, in the US they use social security numbers.

    if someone steals your ID card its no big deal. you have it cancelled and get a new one.
    if someone uses your SSN to get a credit you are s crewed.

  • Heinrich van Rooi

    The Bear Market has already way back in May 2015…. What we have seen the last couple of of months is basically reaction rallies…. Keep in mind that fundamentals is still good though… Confidence is high

  • awb22

    We’ll all be refugees before it’s over, not unlike Jerusalem under the Romans. Like most technology, evil men can use it as well as it can be used for good. It’s no surprise, the EUP, which produces nothing, would spend money on tracking people, but are unwilling to lift a finger to help the Greek people.

  • nick hobster

    good luck. i will never relinquish my right to using hard cash.
    i will never allow my biometric data to be collected.
    i will never bow down to obvious ploys to control my life.
    i need nothing from the governenment.
    if it comes down to making a choice about conforming to the rules set by a stranger over my lifes choices i will live off the grid.
    solor energy, growing vegetables and a libary of hard copy literature will see me through till the day i die.
    make a stand now. make your decision now and prepare for a world where you become a number in a system.
    peace of Christ to all of you during the coming trials.

  • Dave

    The Matrix is alive and well . . .

  • jakartaman

    The world elite will have power over you only if you give it to them.
    Before 2030 we will have gone into a world wide economic collapse and social anarchy. With any luck the UN will be destroyed and many of the elites neutralized. They can run to New Zealand but they cannot hide!

  • grumpyhillbilly

    A lot can happen in 15 years. Our psychotic elite are mainly over 60, and watching their one world dream die while nearing its fruition. Who knows what wars and humanitarian crises they will cook up to right their dreams. The educated due to decades of tenure are becoming dumb as bricks, and thoroughly incapable of coping. Nor do any of us know what nature has intended. The earth’s plates are restless, and by all accounts the sun will be taking a break.

  • Donald Christie

    Wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, floods, and earthquakes in various places. But this is not the end, but the beginning of the end…
    Can we fight and stop what we believe and know is coming?

    • John Byde

      Thank you Donald for some sanity. All the prophecying has been done in the NT. Nothing new to get worked up about. Just watch and pray, like Jesus told us. But that would put Michael out of a job.

  • Martin

    2030… UN may no longer exist in post atomic war world.
    Sweeden… Currently society of zombies, by 2050 possily one of first European Muslim states.
    Cancerous structures don’t last too long.

  • piccadillybabe

    It seems that we are already social outcasts in America. Having BI ID cards is not going to change anything that has not already happened. They want to render us all jobless, penniless and homeless and herd us into the camps so we can disappear. We are all toast so to speak even those among us who feel superior and above it all because they are employed gainfully. Funny how Swiss banks used to be a safe haven, now you got to pay them to keep your dwindling spoils. Suffice it to say, banks are having all kinds of issues these days. Yet the DJIA continues to “sore.” No pun intended but all ya can do is pray a lot and forget about voting waste of time and energy.

  • CharlesH

    I don’t want to get banned from this website nor do I want to embarrass others who comment here – so I can’t leave the message of how I really feel about the United Nations and what is happening in today’s world, especially here in the U.S.

    • df NJ

      Killing social security, all social programs, and increasing miltiary spending for Israel is obviously the answer to ALL our problems.

  • “Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.” George Washington

  • merrileerj

    i do grasp the severity of this, however it’s hard to think about when I’m 73 in 15 years, when any day now the economy here is predicted to collapse by you & others, the few dollars I have at my age will be useless because the dollar will be useless. don’t know what’s going to happen NOW, in the NOW. Wish you’d write more about NOW since 15 years from now is much further away.

  • John Byde

    It’s not September 2030, by any chance? Most of these terrible prophecies seem to involve September.

  • europa3962

    I have serious doubts about this. First of all, what bureaucratic government agency does anything right? Next, how do they gather all of this from every part of the globe and keep it current. The US has some of the most sophisticated data collection/ gathering systems but most still can’t talk to one another. Add on top of that the amount of people that are born and die daily and you would need a ton of people to monitor the data integrity and get this into a system real time to provide any value. This doesn’t even consider the people that would be non-compliant (such as myself). No way they can do something like this in 15 years. Until they reduce the population to a manageable number and can control procreation (think test tube babies) and death, (death panels) , this isn’t even possible (Although Aldous Huxleys “Brave New World”) is exactly this scenario.

  • Seen2013

    “I don’t know about you, but that sure does sound creepy to me.”

    From a group of people who considers individuality to be competition and threat to their interests, profits, and power, what did people really expect; especially if, they bothered to read pro-global governance think-tanks.
    Collectivism=pro-Kleptocracy/Plutocracy interests. Public-private partnerships/mergers require Top-Down Political solutions for Top-Down Wealth Effect/Wealth Redistribution (the catalyst is the same).

    “Of course all of this is being framed as a “humanitarian” venture right now, but will it always stay that way?”

    Humanitarianism and Philanthropy have repeatedly argued policies of 1907-1960 that incurred population control by catalyst of feeble-minded was humanitarian, for the greater good, and good for the groups being aborted, sterilized, and euthanized.
    We saw the same arguments being made when Cincinnati, Ohio Planned Parenthood got busted focusing on abortions on minorities namely African-Americans.
    Not long ago, Planned Parenthood made the same arguments in regards to the undercover documentaries.
    In similar fashion, China boosts its 1 child policy prevented 300 million CO2 emitters.
    Truly, this is one of the oldest tricks in the political expediency book.

    “At some point will a universal biometric ID be required for everyone, including you and your family?”

    Yes. It is also aimed to be implantable and a portable wallet. One argument is against welfare fraud by 2016-17 that has been proposed more than once.

    “And what would happen if you refused to take it?”

    Then, you didn’t sign the contract of eligibility and therefore ineligible for any and all benefits of programs requiring it.
    In the same vain, I’ve learned participants depending on household size and ‘benefits’ are required between 20-35+ hours of assignment per week, which is part of the contract you sign or refuse and be ineligible.
    By the way, it is a central government mandate to the state/province governments to administer as part of the requirements for central governmental purchase of state treasuries that act as central governmental ‘funding’.

    “I could definitely foresee a day when not having “legal identification”
    would disqualify you from holding a job, getting a new bank account,
    applying for a credit card, qualifying for a mortgage, receiving any
    form of government payments, etc. etc.”

    Agreed. Hence the present political-financial environment especially quest to create public-private partnerships, which is pure Bismarkianism a political ideology who envisions a government with Absolute Authority aka Big Government is the best government.

    “At that point, anyone that refused to take a “universal ID” would become an outcast from society.”

    In short, feeble-minded.

    “Every time the elite propose something for our “good”, it somehow always results in them having more power and more control.”

    It shouldn’t be a surprise:
    Regulatory favoritism/fiefdoms create Oligarchy
    Public-private partnerships create Kleptocracy
    Public-private mergers create Plutocracy.
    Collectivism=What’s good for the Oligarchy, Kleptocracy, and/or Plutocracy is good for society as a whole. Naturally, it will benefit the political-financial ‘caste’.

  • Rick

    Where is this all heading? Obviously toward the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation. The satanists that control this world also know the bible. Satan himself knows God very well. What he has accomplished in this world is to deceive his followers to do his bidding and that the final outcome in the book of Revelation is just a fabrication on Gods part to influence souls to his side. It has not yet eternally been determined, but if they join his team, they can have it all, riches and power in this world, and an eternity that satan, 1/3 of the fallen angels (his demon army), and all unbelievers, or direct worshipers of satan will surely win and control. And of course many of us know this lie for what it’s worth, and will never give in. However, many will be deceived in end times and sadly will lose their souls.

    • GSOB

      Yeah, and Satan will have you place a tree in your living room and decorate it with silver and gold. He cast himself as an angel of light.
      However, using something to buy something else legally and efficiently is not ‘the mark of the beast’!
      Technology is neutral. Depends on the heart of who’s hand’s it falls into.
      Has nothing, NOTHING, to do with
      The Book Of The Revelation of Jesus Christ
      Human government are God’s ministers, if you will, to punish evil and encourage the good.

      • Rick

        Some people do worship government. Sometimes I wish I could be as naive as you, but I chose the red pill in God’s goodness.

  • Alleged Comment

    Something nasty is brewing if this is true. It seems along the lines of the Mark of the Beast for certain.

    Some kind of allegiance or godless law-breaking must be done to it so be careful.

  • GSOB

    Biometric technology offers the best identity type of security.
    As each snowflake is unique, so is your DNA.

    Biometrics and DNA will enhance and ensure a protective posture against the would be thieves out there trying to take what is of yours for themselves.

    Keep ‘religion’ out of it.

    These technologies have nothing to do with that because its ‘neutral’.

    Unless you are guilty, have something to hide, there is nothing to fear.

    If the government wants to protect us with greater security, so be it.

    That’s what they are established for. There is a measure of peace and security to be appreciated.

    Let’s not go off the deep end and read ‘the mark of the beast’ into it.

    • Ah, the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaing of a good little sheep. I’ll protect myself, while you can get marked, sheered and later cooked.

      • GSOB

        Good for you.

    • Seen2013

      Guilty Until Proven Innocent is compatible to Civil Privileges that are granted or revoked by the public-private partnerships.
      Guilty Until Proven Innocent is also compatible with ends justify the means and might makes right.

      Innocent Until Proven Guilty is compatible to civil rights.

      If you need further information, Guilty Until Proven Innocents utilizes demographic profiling. This means crime statistics conducted by a given demographics that is age, gender, ethnic/racial/national backgrounds, and ‘class’ or finances.

      Furthermore, the technology methodology is also more aligned to civil privileges than rights as every backdoor for ‘security’ is a backdoor to criminals at the core of the program software.

      Clearly, the most secure is systems not ‘integrated’ in the name of security, which is much like Too Big To Fail Banks and Entertainment-Media outlets sharing stocks, bonds, and shares ensuring when catastrophe comes; it will be ‘Too Big To Fail’…

  • GSOB

    It is inevitable.

  • Steeve Girard

    There is an old saying: “The higher the tech and complex it is, the easier it is to corrupt and destroy”. If they do this they will just make the fatal wall that will ruin us all come faster. Uniformity make us a target. Better be diverse and dissolved, so that what ever wants to get us, will not get all in one round. And I am not talking about WMDs and human schemes. I am talking about Mother Nature and the Universe.

  • There is a serious lead rain coming.

  • carson

    luke 21:22, everything that is written will be fulfilled, a mark of the beast/anti-christ and worship? yep.
    rev 13:8 and rev 20:15 hold the key, know the Lord Jesus and be known/His own bought with a price having your name written in His book of life.

  • In Canada everyone of working age must have a bank account to be paid. As of 2016 to receive government funding everyone must have a bank account to have the money directly deposited. One day cash will be obsolete. This is the direction the technology and basically the public desire. Few see the real dangers of a cashless society such as negative interest rates and of course ones ability to buy or sell without the influence or directorates of the banking industry and government.

  • bilejones

    If you think being on the Do Not Fly list is bad, wait until you are on the Do Not Buy list.

  • Preacher62

    The “mark of the beast” cannot be forced upon you, it must be chosen. The mark of the beast is a willful rejection of Jesus Christ through the way you think of him; (the mark on your forehead) or through your actions; (the mark on your hand). This rejection is a choice that will be made by people who would rather have the things of the world than Jesus. This is the same choice that mankind has faced since Christ walked the earth as a man and the results will be the same as they have always been.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    This is why I stay off Facebook. The FBI already has facial recognition software that can match you to one of their databases. As technology increases the common man becomes more transparent but the government as we have seen under Obama, becomes less transparent.

  • Manu Abraham

    This could be the mark of the beast, without which nobody shall buy and sell anything. All this will come up suddenly after the coming economic depression, when there will be scarcity of essential commodities.

  • lunasupiazza

    The ‘New Secular Order of the Ages ‘ is not that new, it’s implementation includes most of western history going all the way to Roman Imperialism and further. There’s no real resistance unless one’s prepared to live in the shadows, which will be criminal and virtually impossible [ pun intended ].

  • joe blow

    it mans that nobody will be allowed to have savings, nobody will be able to store wealth, except “gods chosen people” of course
    it means total enslavement of gentiles by the jewish elite

  • GSOB

    The drones are coming.

  • martaban

    Biometric data on all of humanity is not a realistic proposal. Saharan bedouin, Bhutanese villagers, uncontacted tribal peoples in the Amazon basin, fiercely independent hill tribesmen in Burma such as the Hmong and Karen, Peruvian mountain dwellers, Patagonian shepherds, the primitive Andaman and Nicobar islanders that the government of India doesn’t dare interfere with or even visit, and countless Africans in the lowlands of Guinea or the DRC. Not going to happen.

  • Ralph

    One more reason to get out of the UN and throw that batch of predominantly third world pissheads out of the country.

  • Bengt Daniel Svensson

    As far as I can read the UN is only intending for 2030, that all people have an identity, not a Biometric identity chip.
    If i want to open a bankid account today, I need an Identificación. You cannot do this without Idea. So that is not a matters of Biometric identity!

  • ver

    The Holy Bible in the Book of Revelations has prophesize all of this. God will teach Humanity that there is one living GOD. Training for Survival situation should be done now.

    I am already starting to train my body, mind, spirit. Having strong relationship with GOD i read the bible ask forgiveness for my sins. Reading the bible will help man talk to god, especially “Revelation and Daniel” Those are for End time only.

    I have been experienced in “Hunger”, intense hunger like no eating for two days, eating once a day, and experienced it for “five consecutive years” I know how it feels to see food when you are so hungry that you will eat anything just like the first cycle of human development. back in the days man were hunters and gatherers.

    I have been also studying about electronics and telecommunications like in the event of major breakdown of communication the question is “How do you call you love ones” having a ham radio is good or any radio communication device.

    All of this you can learn in survival situation.

    This event happening in Europe will affect as all. Then comes the Antichrist. This person will lead mankind to destruction this person will not win by election but by flattery.

    I have been training for this “World destruction” that will come since the year 2010. But all of this i know my training is not enough.

    I will let GOD help me along the way so that once this day will come i will help a lot of people. People who will choose to be outcast. And God will do the rest for me.

  • sammy13

    The bottom line is that many of the folks working on this may be firm believers in Christ, yet have no idea regarding how their good intentions will be demonically turned to evil.

  • jay han

    Absolutely true and no one is talking about it. But the word of GOD is being fulfilled right in our face so the good news is RAPTURE any moment now!!!!!!!,

  • Brenda

    It is easy to say you would rather be an unregistered nobody, but when you have children and they are hungry, what else can you do? They will make it so that humanity is FORCED into following their agenda. What sucks is, that we can all sit here and comment all day long about how wrong this whole thing is but no one is doing anything about it…including myself…I mean, WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT??????

  • emmett

    The elites are not elites, the elites only appear elite because we are on our knees “LET US RISE”. Divide and Conquer is what governments do. The people UNITED can never be defeated.

  • Aimilios

    The thing is nobody speaks about these things because we are so worried about survival and when we will decide to step up against all this it will be too late 🙁 and even today they take freedoms people fought for slowly but steadily and under our noses and no one still says anything 🙁 and yes I’d rather be a nobody if that is the society these guys want

  • Ela

    The work starts within us, self accepting and loving is a must to be able to live with each other, have patience and understanding for each other. We are educated to always compare ourselves to each other and to compete. Culture has formed us, old believe systems and traumas from childhood. By getting numbers/degrees on our achievements is like a measure of what you are worth and this concept continues.. Perhaps in a talk here, unconsciously an old pattern a raise of who said the best punch line and the last word. We have forgotten how to work together, put the ego a side and work for a greater mutual goal, the freedom of speech and life on earth! The “why” and the “whos faults it is” is enough. The self pity does not serve anymore. Let be the creators of our lifes now and build a future! This is more important than our own sick mind, the sickness of these times. We are the result of this society, we buy and ask for more. We need to want to heal from this and stop finding enjoyment in our and others suffer. I need you sisters and brothers, I love you! I don’t want to live in hell on Earth!

  • Steffin Theo Greyling

    It may not say that explicitly, but it is implied here:

    “He (the false prophet0 was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast (antichrist), so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.
    This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.”

    Revelation 13:15-18

  • B.

    “Gattaca” in progress….

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