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Trillions In Secret Fed Bailouts For Global Corporations And Foreign Banks – Has The Federal Reserve Become A Completely Unaccountable Global Bailout Machine?

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Has the Federal Reserve become the Central Bank of the World?  That is what some members of Congress are asking after the Federal Reserve revealed the details of 21,000 transactions stretching from December 2007 to July 2010 that totaled more than $3 trillion on Wednesday.  Most of these transactions involved giant loans that were nearly interest-free from the Federal Reserve to some of the largest banks, financial institutions and corporations all over the world.  In fact, it turns out that foreign banks and foreign corporations received a very large share of these bailouts.  So has the Federal Reserve now become a completely unaccountable global bailout machine?  Sadly, the truth is that we would have never learned the details of these bailouts if Congress had not forced this information out of the Fed.  So what other kinds of jaw-dropping details would be revealed by a full audit of the Federal Reserve?

It is important to try to understand exactly what went on here.  Banks and corporations from all over the globe were allowed to borrow gigantic piles of money essentially for free.  Yes, when you are getting interest rates such as 0.25 percent, the money is essentially free.  These loans were not available to everyone.  You or I could not have run over to the Federal Reserve and walked away with tens of billions of dollars in loans that were nearly interest-free.  Rather, it was only the megabanks and megacorporations that are friendly with the Federal Reserve that were able to take advantage of these bailouts.

In this way, the Federal Reserve is now essentially acting like some kind of financial god.  They decide who survives and who fails.  Dozens and dozens and dozens of small to mid-size U.S. banks are failing, but the Federal Reserve does not seem to have much compassion for them.  It is only when the “too big to fail” establishment banks are in trouble that the Federal Reserve starts handing out gigantic sacks of nearly interest-free cash.

Just think about it.  Which financial institution do you think is in a better competitive position – one that must survive on its own, or one that has a “safety net” of nearly unlimited free loans from the Federal Reserve?

Now that is oversimplifying the situation, certainly, but the truth is that the Federal Reserve had fundamentally altered the financial marketplace and is significantly influencing who wins and who loses.

But even more disturbing is what the Federal Reserve is turning into.  This is an institution that is “independent” of the U.S. government, that does not answer to the American people, that controls our money supply and that is just tossing tens of billions of dollars to foreign banks and to foreign corporations whenever it wants to.

In fact, if Congress had not forced the Fed to tell us what was going on with these bailouts we would have never even found out.

The truth is that the Fed is taking incredible risks with “our money” and yet they want to continue to exist in a cloak of almost total secrecy.

In a recent article in the Washington Post, Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher acknowledged that the Federal Reserve played fast and loose with trillions of dollars of our money….

“We took an enormous amount of risk with the people’s money.”

Are you deeply disturbed by that quote?

Well, if not, you should be.

The American people became so infuriated about the bailouts and stimulus packages passed by Congress, but it turns out that they were nothing compared to these Federal Reserve bailouts.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the members of Congress that is now expressing extreme outrage about what the Federal Reserve has done….

“The $700 billion Wall Street bailout turned out to be pocket change compared to trillions and trillions of dollars in near zero interest loans and other financial arrangements that the Federal Reserve doled out to every major financial institution.”

In fact, Senator Sanders was so disgusted by how much of the money went overseas that he was led to make the following remark….

“Has the Federal Reserve become the central bank of the world? I think that is a question that needs to be examined.”

Advocates for the Federal Reserve insist that if all of these foreign banks and foreign corporations were not bailed out the financial crisis would have been much worse.  In fact, they say we should be thankful that the Federal Reserve prevented a total financial collapse.

Well boo-hoo!

If our financial institutions are so fragile that a stiff wind will knock half of them over maybe they need to just fail.

You know what, life is tough.  Nobody is going to cry most of us a river of tears if we lose our jobs.  Most of us have learned to scratch and claw to survive with no safety net underneath us.

So maybe it is time for these big financial institutions to start playing by the same rules the rest of us are playing by.

No, when these “too big to fail” financial institutions get into a little trouble they start whining like a bunch of little babies.

“Give us some big sacks of cash!”


Well guess what?  Most of the rest of us are just not going to have too much sympathy for these big banks from now on.

The following is a list of just a few of the banks, financial institutions and global corporations that received nearly interest-free loans from the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis…..

Big U.S. Banks And Financial Institutions

Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan Chase
Morgan Stanley
Merrill Lynch
Bank of America
Bear Stearns
Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO)

Big Global Corporations

General Electric

Canadian Banks

Royal Bank of Canada
Toronto-Dominion Bank

European And Asian Banks

Barclays Capital
Bank of Scotland
Deutsche Bank
Credit Suisse
BNP Paribas
Societe Generale
Bayerische Landesbank
Dresdner Bank
The Korean Development Bank (South Korea)

But those defending the Federal Reserve will insist that the financial world as we know it would have ended if the Fed had done nothing.

That may well be true.

The entire financial system might have gone down in flames.

But that just proves the main point that this column has been trying to make for months.

An economic collapse is coming.

The Federal Reserve can desperately try to keep all of the balls in the air for as long as it can, but eventually it is inevitable that this entire thing is going to come crashing down.

The fact that the Federal Reserve had to resort to such extreme measures to “save” the financial system just shows how desperate things really are.

We really have reached a “tipping point” for the world financial system.  There is going to be crisis after crisis after crisis and even bigger bailouts are going to be required in the future.

The world financial system is a house of cards built on a foundation of sand.  The Federal Reserve can keep throwing around gigantic sacks of “our money” as much as it wants, but in the end there is nothing that can be done to prevent the inevitable collapse that is coming.

  • Every article just keeps getting better!!! Excellent writing and investigation skills you and staff have!!! My friends, it’s already too late for the people of the United States!!! We have already passed the point of no-return!!! Fellow Patriots, store enough food for a least a year and have plenty of fresh water stored, because the economic storm is about here with a category 5 + storm!!!!!!!

  • Lending to McDonald is a good laugh. Quite a blow to the Fed’s credibility.

    <a href=";

  • It looks like to me the fed has given a free membership credit card for the NWO. They now have enough money to do what ever they want. An buy there way to a one world gov control. But it could be very short lived. Since only a year an 2012 will be here. When all the planets line up. An the world be no more.

  • Lennie Pike

    The Fed has already helped to bailout bankrupt countries of the European Union and just said it will help bailout any others that need it. Actually it is the banksters there and here that will be receiving the money and it will be the people of the U.S. and of the countries getting bailed out who will be paying for it through their labor because banksters don’t work or produce anything. They are worthless pieces of crap.

  • Otown Right Guy

    Don’t just bend over and take this rape by DC and NY! Fight the Fed and their crooked cronies on Wall Street. Pull all of your money out of Wall Street brokers and the mega-banks. Buy gold and/or silver and be sure to take delivery. Tell the Bernank to go and F### himself!

  • With each passing day, I am less and less convinced that a financial collapse is in the cards.

    Talking about cards, we know that markets operate like casinos nowadays, albeit with a major difference: players, that is investors, do not support the losses; we do!

    The casino, that is, the markets, and its bank, that is, the central bank, are willing to lend unlimited amounts to the players, because they know they will be paid back with the sweat of countless millions innocent victims.

    Meanwhile, the players don’t always lose. Right now, they are winning big time, recovering the losses they have already dumped in our backyards, hidden in the mountain of public debt.

    All told, I think that central bank, casino and players are satisfied with the current situation and never take into consideration the fate of the countless victims left on the side of the road.

    Their message: “You used to live in a world with 5 to 10% unemployment; things have changed, from now on it’s 10 to 20%! Get used to it!”.

    And many countries have done, and keep doing, fine with much more than 20% of the population out of the system.

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) has become one big welfare state, only it isn’t welfare for the little guy. It isn’t welfare for the small business owner or the victim of a layoff who has two kids to support or the 55-year-old diabetic who just got laid off and lost his access to crucial medical care. Those people are expendable in this Third World horror movie; they don’t get bailouts. No, this is welfare for giant corporations and fatcats. This is welfare that rewards monumentally bad, sloppy, careless decisions at taxpayers’ expense.

    This is also fascism, which Benito Mussolini himself described as the merger of state and corporate power. Gerald Celente is right when he says that what is going on in this broken wreck of a country isn’t “socialism” any more than it is “free enterprise” or “rugged individualism”—it is il fascismo, as defined by none other than Il Duce. And as Celente also points out, if The White Shoe Boys of Wall Street had names like Perrini, Riccardi, Montoli and Angeletti, Hollywood would call it the Mafia. The White Shoe Boys are straight-up gangsters, and as between a gang of Camorra thugs in a dark alley in Napoli and The White Shoe Boys, I’d take my chances with the Camorra thugs. Ho paura della Camorra di Napoli, ma ho più paura dei criminali pericolosi di Wall Street.

    Get ready for more bailouts. The White Shoe Boys haven’t finished screwing up; they are as careless as ever, and they’re going to need some more 10-figure welfare checks from their Republi-kkkon and Democrap sugar daddies in Washington, DC.

  • Gary2

    Bernie Sanders, a socialist, needs to be president. This is the end result of a capitalist system. It will always end up a rigged system. This is why we need to be more socialist, not 100% but to take the best of capitalism (which will not be much) and incorporate it into a much more left of center nation with vigorous social safety nets for capitalism’s victims. We need to be much more like Scandinavia and the European nations in general. (I know they are both Europe) We are WAY behind the curve on this.

    Most other developed nations who are more socialist are WAY ahead of America on just about every measure such as:
    -Workers rights
    -Infant mortality
    -Length of life
    -Amount of paid vacation/sick leave/maternity leave
    -Number of people who actually vote
    -No medical bankruptcies
    -Health care for all
    -A lot even have dental care
    -Less people incarcerated
    -Number of high school graduates
    -Less violent crime

    I could go on and on. America at one time was maybe in the top 3 but we are no longer even close to #1.

    Clearly more socialist countries beat capitalist America. Facts are facts.

    Before some brain dead right winger says I should move-this is my country and I am an American. I want to make my country better. This is my country too and I am sickened by the banana republic it has become.

    Trying to make capitalism work is like polishing a turd-its gonna be messy IE-recession/depression/bubbles etc. It can not be fixed anymore than you can make the sun no longer hot.

  • Johnson

    “These loans were not available to everyone. You or I could not have run over to the Federal Reserve and walked away with tens of billions of dollars in loans that were nearly interest-free. Rather, it was only the megabanks and megacorporations that are friendly with the Federal Reserve that were able to take advantage of these bailouts.”

    Apparently, they were also available to selected wealthy individuals also says the NY Times. Who woulda thunk it? [lol]
    December 2, 2010
    Cross Section of Rich Invested With the Fed

    WASHINGTON — One investor, Kenneth H. Dahlberg, is a World War II flying ace who, as a volunteer in President Richard M. Nixon’s re-election campaign, was a minor figure in the Watergate scandal.

    Another investor, Magalen O. Bryant, runs a horse farm in Virginia and is active in steeplechase racing circles. A third, Ward W. Woods, is the chairman of the nonprofit organization that runs the Bronx Zoo.

    They were among scores of wealthy but lesser-known investors in an emergency lending program the Federal Reserve announced in November 2008, three weeks after President Obama’s election, to support the market for student, auto, credit card and small-business loans.


  • mondobeyondo

    The banks and corporations need to stop gambling away our taxpayers’ money on the Strip.

    No, not the Las Vegas Strip. The other Strip called Wall Street. Yeah, that one, with the sparkling roulette wheels and blackjack tables of the NYSE and NASDAQ.

    But the banksters and corporations are addicted to gambling, and nobody has a cure. And just like in Vegas, the house (bankers) will make sure they win. The taxpayers always lose. And we didn’t even ask to play the game!

    Our country is already broke. What’s next, more broker? Brokest? And then what? Start gambling with Euro’s?

  • VegasBob

    Where are the criminal indictments and trials? For their crimes, Bernokio and his cronies at the Federal Reserve should be locked up in jail cells

  • bichu

    Take some time and read this and you’ll know where we are heading.

  • The Fed prints money because they CAN print money. Fire the Fed? The only thing worse is turning it over to politicians on the take. They’ll do exactly the same thing all while taking in an even bigger stash of contributions.

    Jack Lohman …

  • mark mcbee

    And the American people stuck with the bills. hahaahaaa

  • Maria

    Nailed it again, E.C.B.

    When I first started reading this blog, I was looking for answers…a way for the world to fix it’s broken economic system.

    There are no answers to fix the current system, because the system is not broken according to those who benefit from it. It is working perfectly. Economically, it is accomplishing exactly what it was designed to do.

    Except one thing.

    Politically, it has not yet succeeded…to bring all of the people under one authority…to be ruled by a single government. This is the only way to ensure the perpetual success of its economic designs.

    Can we fix the current system? No.

    But we can design one that is better. Will it be perfect? No. But we can do a lot better than the system we have today. There is no other choice.

    What would happen if we just wipe the slate clean? All debt…public and private…worldwide…erased?

    No central banks, no income tax…just a flat tax, no derivatives, no fiat, no reserve currency status either.

    Yes, I know it’s crazy. So what should we do?

  • Matt

    Gary, if you like socialism so much why don’t you go live in Europe? Why are you here. Go live in Sweden where the tax rate is 50% for everyone – nirvana for you ya chump.

    Thomas Jefferson: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

  • Craig

    This is treason isn’t it. They should be locked up for life. End the Fed Reserve.

    @Gary Many of those countries are going bankrupt too are they not, the days of sucking off the governments teets are coming to an end. In short the answer to corporate monopolies is not government monopolies.

    I myself like the ideas of Distributism, that is spreading out access to property and the tools for creating wealth to the maximum number of people. Personal responsibility and subsidiarity.

  • Stop with the socialism will solve this BS. You can’t solve socialism with more socialism. We were truly capitalist from 1791 until the 1930s and have been increasingly socialist ever since. The European socialist have been surviving because of our prosperity but now as we descend into the pits of socialism it will all crumble. Without our massive free market to sell into and the money we spend to defend the world the socialist nations will all collapse.

  • zack

    I’m starting to feel fatigued from constant outrage, yet the people are so apathetic at the public theft of their money for the benefit of the execs, shareholders, and of course the banks. It’s all very frustrating. Bernanke lied to Congress when Ron Paul asked him if he was planning on bailing out foreign banks (asked in response to the Greek debt crisis over the summer).

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • alice

    What good is Industrial Globalization, without a Globalized Federal Reserve. If we can’t conquer the world with armaments, maybe we can buy the economies of the world with our endless capacity to manufacture MONEY! BUT WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE RUNNING THE FEDERAL RESERVE? What nationality? Could it be that the people without a country are trying to rule the world, through Globalization? No loyalty to any particular country, just for the sake of a one world order? How far will they take this ego trip? I say, AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOW! Find out who and what is happening, before it’s too late for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! We need to know who is plodding against us, for their own benefit! Patriots are needed in our leaderships!

  • CJFYuma

    The Federal Reserve has been corrupted by the international bankers and European politicians who are engineering the collapse of the American economy, so they can usher in a new, fascio-socialist, global government. The Fed acts as a “universal blood donor” – sucking off our money, which isn’t really our money anymore, while we become weaker and starved economically.

    Of course these elitists at the Fed don’t give one crap about small-medium businesses, and American labor. They are aware that their end-game is to destroy these sectors with inflation, lack of credit, and devaluation of the dollar. Their only concern is to keep the insolvent “white shoe boy” bankers on Wall Street in business, soaking up what’s left of our national debt, so they can play the stock and commodity markets with the free Fed money, and put their ill-gotten wealth into gold, oil, and foreign currencies, knowing that the “fed” dollar will collapse.

    You, and I, your children and grandchildren, will be paying dearly for this national tragedy. All honest-working, law-abiding Americans will keep suffering at the hands of these corrupt, immoral banksters and their political allies in Washington and at the Fed. We will become the next Irish, Greeks, except it will be 1,000X worse for us. America had plenty of time to change this dark course of events. Unfortunately, time has now run out. Most of us were too busy drinking Bud light, and watching Monday Night Football, to give a hoot about such arcane things like the economy, banking system, and morality.

    Prepare now for the US Economic Collapse in 2011-2012; the stage is being set right now by our own Federal Reserve carnival show operators. Let the show begin!

  • Maria

    It may be too late to stop the worldwide depression, but it is not too late to fight tyranny.

    Here is a first step in witnessing the power of “we the little people”.

    Right now, there is a movement to take down JP Morgan. Simply buy one ounce of pure silver. The cost this week is $30-$40. JP Morgan has shorted silver for years, and now they are paying the price. Unite with our neighbors all around the world, and buy silver. The movement is going viral.

    This is the silver bullet that will take down the vampire JP Morgan, and “we the little people” of the world will realize we are not powerless against tyranny.

  • lostinmissouri

    This country has been taken over by the Banking Mafia. Organized banksters are robbing America blind, all with our governments approval. After all, our government is the Bankster mafia.

    Get your wealth out of this corrupt system! Put every spare dollar into gold/silver. Government banksters hate gold/silver, because it is wealth, out of their controlling currency.

    Be good citizens and pay your taxes in FRNs, so the banksters can keep people, like the garys in slavery, but take every other dollar you can, out of the system.

    John Galt their asses! We can wait them out.
    I am prepared to Live free, or die.

  • de Malfosse

    re: “Has The Federal Reserve Become…”

    Become? Is this not what the Federal Reserve has always been?

    Do I remember correctly? Did not Uncle Sam – the Federal Reserve prop up East Bloc banks that were on the verge of collapse in the 70s?

    Is it possible the Federal Reserve kept the USSR functioning for years after market forces did what they always do – announce that the Eastern Bloc could not go on?

  • Cary

    Gary, the socialist, is clearly a psy-ops agent. The generic hum of his textualized ideology resists any other interpretation. Maybe you’re suppost to hate him, I don’t know, maybe that is the purpose.

    I sort of had that feeling watching the socialist counter rally to Becks rally on 8/28. I concluded that someone wanted me to hate those guys. Is it just to distract from the real issue? Maybe.

    It got me questioning my feelings and after some seriously open-minded research, I’ve come to a conclusion. All roads lead to rome.

    The banks have got to go. All of em. Globally. Private and Public.

  • DumbA$$

    Hey GARY!
    You’re a freaking genius, you have a solution to all my problems!!!!
    I have been working really hard lately, but I’m sick of working so hard.
    Since you make more money than me, how about you send me half of your income?
    You would be happy because you could share your wealth with me.
    I would be happy because I wouldn’t have to work.
    See how easy it could be? You might have to get a 2nd job to support the both of us, but that’s ok because you would be distributing your wealth!

    This is awesome! I can choose not to work, because Gary is going to send me money!

    Let’s all applaud Gary! He wants to pay our bills and so we never have to work again!!!
    Yeah! Gary!

    Can you see how freaking stupid that sounds, Gary? Wouldn’t you eventually run out of money to send me? What would you do then Gary? Maybe you need to visit the Department of Human Services and start your own blog there. This blog is about the impending economic collapse. It is not the Welfare Entertainment Channel. Nobody on here cares what you think..because you are a dumba$$. People like you have ruined this country…you are the problem with no solutions. How about you work harder and spend less and be responsible for yourself. The time has come for you to be weaned. You can only suckle so long before the milk dries up.

  • A.N.

    But yet you still have so many in this country quick to point the finger of blame on those receiving unemployment checks or on welfare when the true Welfare Queens are the corporate criminals. Only when we stop looking at each other as the problem and all focus on the real enemy can there be a chance for a turnaround which is to end the policy of money creation from debt

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gary2 in Wisconsin: having spent a lot of time traveling in Europe on business (been to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the UK, Gibraltar and other countries), I can state for a fact that health care is much better in Europe than it is in The Banana Republic of America. Europe certainly has its problems, but if you’re a diabetic in Paris, you aren’t going to lose a foot because some HMO bastard wouldn’t let you see a podiatrist. The health care system in the BRA is an absolute disgrace. Americans pay a fortune for health care, but get much worse outcomes. And whenever some jackass babbles on about how gangsters like Blue Cross and Aetna are so wonderful because of “free enterprise,” I can’t help but laugh because the BRA’s health insurance cartels are not about “free enterprise” or “competition”—they are ruthless monopolies that get away with murder thanks to a LACK of competition. They’re the only game in town, and the game is rigged (guess who loses).

    As for violent crime….. many European cities, as a rule, tend to have a lot of nonviolent petty crime (pickpockets, con artists) but less violent crime than the BRA or parts of Latin America. And it’s interesting to observe law enforcement in Europe. I’ve seen hookers in Madrid’s red light district aggressively soliciting right in front of la policía municipal, who could care less about prostitution. But on the other hand, I remember when a junkie robbed a bank in Barcelona, held some women hostage at gunpoint, then tried to make a getaway on a motorcycle—although he didn’t get very far because la policía ran his ass over. Olé!

  • Gary2

    Again-people go after me and none of my points about how other countries are beating us in almost every measure. Criticize me all you want, I find it rather amusing that there are so many low information people who like to rant about socialism but have not addressed anything other than calling me names.

    America is truly a nation of apathetic low information extremely unsophisticated people.

    Go back and worship Rush and Beck. We are doomed. How can so many people be so misinformed???

  • Garyisacommiepinko!


    DumbA$$, you hit the nail on the head! I’d like to see Gary give you half his wages. Unfortunately, I don’t think half of a fast food restaurant paycheck will get you very far.

    Now if Gary didn’t drop out of high school and worked hard to make something out of himself, then it may be worth your while to get half of his pay check.

    Gary, it’s still not too late. You could always get your lazy a$$ off the couch, take a couple of classes, and get a better job. America is, after all, the land of opportunity. As long as you are willing to work hard and make sacrifices. In your socialist utopias, one is told by the government what type of career you will have.

    In your case, the socialist authorities will deem you fit only for ladling out borsch. Oh my gosh, isn’t that what your current career trajectory is in this country?

  • Tony


    Peaceful, but armed…

  • justamom

    The board is set.
    The pieces are moving….

    Gandalf, The White

  • Rick Caird

    I am not clear on the lending to CAT, MCD, etc. At one point, the credit markets, including the money markets were frozen. Since no one was lending, these companies were unable to get short term money for things like payroll. If that is the type of lending the Fed was doing for corporations, it is understandable. That assumes the loans were not for more than, say, 30 days.

  • Adam

    You guys are ungrateful. The Federal Reserve has prevented a total economic collapse, and the cool head of Barack Obama has allowed Americans to find jobs they could not find in lieu of these policies.

    You are all conspiracy nuts. The dollar is stronger than ever.

  • Bill

    Wow these banks are big just because they got big bailouts.
    Time to boycott the US ponzi scam.
    Stay away from American universities, banks, corporations because they will only enslave you.
    Boycott the Tv, cable and main stream media because they will only enslave you by brainwashing your mind.
    Boycott the gaming and casino industry…they will only enslave you further.
    Boycott the sports…they are just a perversion to keep you distracted.
    Housing has already collapsed and everybody is staying away from it.
    Everything will soon follow and collapse. So stay away.
    The American party is over.

  • Did it ever occur to you that when all these banks and companies so called “borrow” a low interest loan, did it ever occur to you that they never pay the loan back! Think of it. When GM said it paid back 30 billion a few months ago back to our government, did anyone check?? All we do is say to ourselves, “oh, cool, GM paid back half of it’s loan”, now what channel is dancing with the stars on. The whole financial system is based on lies, decieving the public, and ponzi schemes. What makes you think they tell you the truth when Goldman Sucks pays back some of their loan. The only thing that really matters is if you can grow your own food in your back yard and draw your own water, paper fiat money is only based on faith. And now that the Food Safety Act is about to be signed into law, you won’t even be able to grow a garden, or save a seed to plant next year.

  • The Beast

    How dare you say that the Fed is a US government entity. Haven’t you figure it out yet, it is a Private Institution!

  • gypsy

    I would say run for the hills, but the Feds are buying up all the land…

  • Degaz

    Socialism isn’t the answer. When you take away a man’s incentive to work hard because his hard work is only benefiting others, that hard working man is induced to become a dependant along with the others. With everyone wanting to be dependents, where does the money come from?

  • 1 Over the Kuku’s Nest

    As the smooth speeches continue in the front room, in the back room the largest consolidation of wealth (read literally Bank Robbery) is taking place…still.

    We are slowly progressing through the “5 stages of loss” that E. Kubler Ross wrote about. The first stage, Denial, was “shocked and awed” in the fall of 2008 and many people have moved to stage 2…Anger. At stage 3, bargaining sets in, as…”if only my 201k will get back to a 301k, then I can get off this printing press merry-go-round” or “if only those peons would start consuming again, we could stop issuing these computer IOU’s for $TRILLIONS. All this to avoid the necessary stage 4: DEPRESSION. With over 1/4th of our adult population on a legal mood-altering drug, let alone the illegal ones and alcohol, I’d say a fair percentage is already depressed. However, depression without awareness is like quicksand without a tow-rope…dangerous indeed and difficult to authentically heal through. The final necessary stage is Acceptance. What is, is.

    This Great Loss that we are experiencing is not limited to America, although ours is particularly poignant, falling from world super power status faster than any empire in recent history. We are experiencing feelings of betrayal and abandonment by those we thought would save us.

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