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Turn Out The Lights – The Largest U.S. Cities Are Becoming Cesspools Of Filth, Decay And Wretchedness

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Once upon a time, the largest U.S. cities were the envy of the entire world.  Sadly, that is no longer the case.  Sure, there are areas of New York City, Boston, Washington and Los Angeles that are still absolutely beautiful but for the most part our major cities are rapidly rotting and decaying.  Cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis and Oakland were all once places where middle class American workers thrived and raised their families.  Today, all of those cities are rapidly being transformed into cesspools of filth, decay and wretchedness.  Millions of good jobs have left our major cities in recent decades and poverty has absolutely exploded.    Basically, you can turn out the lights because the party is over.  In fact, some major U.S. cities are literally turning out the lights.  In Detroit, about 40 percent of the streetlights are already broken and the city cannot afford to repair them.  So Mayor Bing has come up with a plan to cut the number of operating streetlights almost in half and leave vast sections of the city totally in the dark at night.  I wonder what that will do to the crime rate in the city.  But don’t look down on Detroit too much, because what is happening in Detroit will be happening where you live soon enough.

A recent Bloomberg article described Mayor Bing’s plan to eliminate nearly half of Detroit’s streetlights….

Detroit, whose 139 square miles contain 60 percent fewer residents than in 1950, will try to nudge them into a smaller living space by eliminating almost half its streetlights.

As it is, 40 percent of the 88,000 streetlights are broken and the city, whose finances are to be overseen by an appointed board, can’t afford to fix them. Mayor Dave Bing’s plan would create an authority to borrow $160 million to upgrade and reduce the number of streetlights to 46,000. Maintenance would be contracted out, saving the city $10 million a year.

What this means is that there are going to be a lot of neighborhoods that will have the lights turned off permanently.

So which neighborhoods will those be?

According to one top Detroit official, “distressed areas” are going to be on the low end of the totem pole….

“You have to identify those neighborhoods where you want to concentrate your population,” said Chris Brown, Detroit’s chief operating officer. “We’re not going to light distressed areas like we light other areas.”

City officials know that they cannot force people to move from “distressed areas”, so they are going to encourage them to leave by cutting off services.

But turning off the lights is not the only way that Detroit is trying to save money.

Recently, officials in Detroit announced that all police stations in the city will be closed to the public for 16 hours a day.

It is so sad to see what is happening to what was once such a great city.

Back in the old days, Detroit had a teeming middle class population.

Today, 53.6% of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

Back in the old days, Detroit was a shining example of what America was doing right.

Today, 47 percent of all people living in the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.

Back in the old days, middle class neighborhoods sprouted like mushrooms all over Detroit.

Today, the median price of a home in Detroit is just $6000.

Needless to say, crime is exploding in Detroit and many families live in constant fear.

Many have taken justice into their own hands.  Justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by a staggering 79 percent during 2011.

But Detroit is only one example of a national trend.

For example, a recent article by Jim Quinn entitled “More Than 30 Blocks Of Grey And Decay” described the filth, decay and wretchedness in West Philadelphia.  Quinn refers to the drive through this area as “the 30 Blocks of Squalor”….

The real unemployment rate exceeds 50%, murder is the number one industry, with drugs a close second.

As you drive down the 30 Blocks of Squalor you meet the ghost of Squalor future for West Chester Pike. The population along this corridor is ignorant, dependent, and represents the dregs of our society.

But this area was once home to middle class families.  There were once many beautiful homes in West Philly, but most of them are now either gone or are crumbling badly.  According to Quinn, the physical decay is matched by the social decay….

The once proud homes are in shambles. Bags of garbage dot the landscape. Most of the people who live here are parasites on society. Personal responsibility, work ethic, education and marriage are unknown concepts in this community. Even though more than 50% of the students in West Philly drop out of high school and the SAT scores of West Philly High students are lower than whale ****, the bankrupt school district spent $70 million to build a new high school/prison to babysit derelicts and future prison inmates. The windows do not have steel bars yet, as the architect was smart to put all windows at least eight feet above street level.

One of the great things about the article is that Quinn pointed out how the retail stores in the area reflect the things that the population of the community truly values….

The Chestnut Plaza truly represents what is important to this community. This Squalor Center, as opposed to Power Center, includes a video porn store, cash checking/payday loan outlet, smoke shop, donut shop, Laundromat, and liquor store. No need for a wedding ring store or resume writing service.

Sadly, there are communities like this all over the country.  As I wrote about recently, the entire state of California is slowly being transformed into one gigantic cesspool.

Yes, there are still a few areas where the wealthy play that are absolutely beautiful.  If you stay in the wealthy enclaves you might never even know that the rest of the state is badly decaying.

There are really good reasons why millions of people are moving out of California.  For example, a reader named Peter left the following comment on one of my recent articles….

I am a native Californian ( Im 61) and have lived here all but two years of my life. I can tell you absolutely that this state is not what it was 30 years ago. Cities like San Francisco have gone from being world-class tourist attractions to national disgraces. Los Angeles is a third-world city. San Diego is bankrupt. Even Silicon Valley, despite the recent improvements, is no way what it was in the 90′s. The retail trade is all but dead in this state. Even high-end malls like Rodeo Drive and Ocean Ave in Carmel are full of vacancies.

Throughout the state, good businesses are shutting down and hard working families are selling their homes.  The void that is being created is being filled by crime and gangs.  The following is a comment that a reader named Roberta left on that same article….

Yep we lived in Oroville CA back in 2007 and it was just starting to get bad then. Montgomery Wards closed, then McMahan’s furniture closed and NOW McDonalds is closing this July along with a grand slam of well known businesses are all folding and pulling out of Oroville or folding lock-stock-n-barrell. It’s turning into a gang town with wide spread rampant drug use. I feel sorry for family and friends that are still their clinging onto the hope that thnigs “will” get better. But I don’t think so.

Perhaps things are still quite good where you live.

Perhaps you think that you will be immune from all this.

Sadly, the truth is that this is just the beginning.

The U.S. economy is actually performing much better than it should be thanks to the trillions of borrowed dollars that Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress have been spending into the economy.

When our debt-fueled prosperity ends, a lot more cities are going to end up looking just like Detroit.

America cannot prosper without middle class jobs, and those kinds of jobs are rapidly disappearing.

Just this week HP announced that it is going to lay off 27,000 workers.

We are losing middle class jobs at a time when we desperately need more of them.

Last year, 53 percent of all Americans with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed.

Yet our politicians continue to pursue the same foolish policies over and over.

So things are going to continue to get worse and America is going to continue to descend into squalor.

You better get ready.

  • Rodster

    “Yet our politicians continue to pursue the same foolish policies over and over.”

    It’s like watching a family debt burdened to the point that they can’t pay for basic necessities so they choose to go without electricity.

    This is why in time America will eventually transform itself into a ‘turd world country’. What has failed in Europe time and time again and is being tried again in France just goes to show how dumb liberals and socialist are. You can’t fix stupid.

    And we are only making matters worse here by pursuing their failed policies.

    • Ian

      Don’t blame it on the politicians, but the voters that vote them in. The voters that are too caught up in their personal lives, and don’t see the attempts of division by the elites. We deserve these crappy politicians, because the populace doesn’t give a frick.

      Ron paul 2012!

      • Granite Prepper

        I say blame it on both….us and the politicians. We are all responsible, but only we are trying to make it better. It is hard to have a good relationship when one side is saving money and the other is blowing the savings……I think a divorce is in order!!

  • blueridgeviews

    Don’t GIVE to the poor, unless it’s a job. Their condition should be so bad that they are completely motivated to work their way off the entitlement system.

    Today the poor’s, home, food, cell phone, medical and education is free. Someone please explain to me how you get someone off this gravy train for the lazy.

    • Rikki

      Its so easy……Force them to sit on class 25 hours a week to learn to read, write and speak ENGLISH……then make a FB page in ENGLISH and when their Ebonic friends use all that pitiful ghetto language they have to reply back in ENGLISH or they lose benefits.

      I’ll bet 1/2 wont last the first week.

      ——-Someone please explain to me how you get someone off this gravy train for the lazy.

      • Gary2

        there are many folks who are unemployable you are correct about this.

    • ian

      Sure….that’s what jesus would do.

    • ian

      By the way. Not all poor people are on entitlement program…so dont assume.

    • jox

      You don’t get it: there are NO jobs. You think that by getting the people to desperation they will, automagically, start working, but that is not true. All you will get is crime. Healthy and happy people work, desperated people robs and kills.

    • sylvie

      No way are the lessons to be learned from depending on the government instead of working going to be easy. They will follow this illusion of sugar plums dancing in their heads right into the slaughterhouse.

    • Ian

      give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.

      • Gary2

        he will if there are no fish. Again you present the simplistic and wrong conservative veiw,

        • GaryToo

          why do u complain about illegal immigrants coming in and taking the fish if there are none? Lucky there are some simplistic wrong conservatives willing to fish for u. When are you ever going to explain how anything requiring effort is conservative and wrong?

          • Gary2

            if you have to even ask you would not understand the answer.

  • Julia Simmons

    the police; social services & state authorities as well as city authorities have contributed hugely to the breakdown in self-respect and motivation of the lower income Americans trapped in big cities. Especially the police seem to be hired and trained to humiliate; terrorize and harm the average man or woman in ghetto areas. I recall when I found myself in a California ghetto condo and a drunk man started chasing me and my baby in arms daughter. I ran to a pay phone and called 911 quickly giving location. When the rude obnoxious policeman came he blamed me for “fighting” with the perpetrator whom I didn’t even know at all. A poor woman finds she is not even the victim of rape and police treat her as if since she is poor she asked for it. these insults combined with the dehumanizing food stamp lines and charity food places that now ask more questions than an interview to be CEO of Chevron. I’ll never forget the Lompoc Catholic Charities worker who made himself into an oppressive demi-god. Sitting at his computer with gold rings (only giving out totally stale worthless food) he questioned and bullied you for as long as he could before sending you over to wait another 2 hours.
    Medical un-care is another demeaning and insulting prospect to the poverty person. The poverty serving doctors are overworked and fed up and treat you as if you are a dirty wart to remove off their nose. By the time these various authorities are through with you………drugs and crime seem appropriate reaction

    • WIL


      • Cinderella Man

        Dude not to be a smartass but its MARTIAL LAW!

    • LivinginParadise

      Only if you are a dirtbag with no morals or dignity. Don’t try to use how others treat you as an excuse to abdicate personal responsibility.

  • Tim

    well , if you want to know what expects the US then inform yourself about a wonderful country in the east , with the proud name “Russian Federation” .After the collapse of the old system it was entirely taken over by corruption and crime on all levels , education system and health system were practically destroyed and became a privilege for people who can pay with cash , the state was privatized so that if you don’t have money you don’t have rights (although on paper you have a lot) , prices rose massively due to currency debasement and improverished almost the entire population.Social system only exists on paper , pensions are below the minimum required for survival and it can go on and on and on.This is exactly what the US will encounter , this is not a question of communism or capitalism or democracy or whatever.This is a direct consequence of destruction of the old unsustainable system and lack of creation of a new sustainable one.And one thing I have add , there is a factor in the US that may indeed make the situation worse than in Russia: the population has a different structure , there are many different cultures which will have serious problems to coexist once the social welfare state is gone

    • WIL


      • Mal R.


        DING DING DING!!!! Someone gets it. My only quibble would be “left”. We didnt leave it, it was driven from us by the depraved left.

    • Gary3

      USA’s divorce will be much more violent. Better buy a “restraining order”, if you don’t already own one.

  • Gary2

    I was listening to a radio show where the author of the new book preditor nation compares the crumbling infastructure in the US with all the investment in Asis. Many of the Asia governments are investing in infastructure , schools fopr their people etc. Sadly all we do is austerity here in the USA. The opportunity cost of austerity will scar generations to come. We bicker about unimportant things like gay marrige as the asia countries invest in the fastest broadband speeds in the world. We argue about abortion while the asia countries are building new airports.

    see the common theme here? They do not have the scourge of conservative thought holding them back while we are styuck with conservatives holding back progress.

    The goof governor here in WI sent back all the light rail money. So much for a 21st century transportation system.

    • Ben

      Gary you are a complete moron.

      • Granite Prepper

        I second that.

    • John W.

      This is the fault of conservatives? Gary you are stuck on stupid. Just like the Republicans were the ones riding around in sheets terrorizing blacks in the South eh Gary? Damn you have some crap in your head.

    • Gov Walker is the best thing since discontinued welfare checks, thats ever happend to Wisconsin. Get a job & work for a living. Sitting behind a computor screen sending out electronic resume’s is not looking for work.

      • Rikki

        Privateer stop being an Old fogey….

        90% of the buildings here in NYC you CANNOT just walk in and hand even the receptionist a resume…you have those $10hr rent cops who wont let you on the elevators without a pass and an APPOINTMENT from the company you wish to visit!!!!

      • Gary2

        he is the best at not creating jobs and in fact loosing jobs. WI has lost the most of any state under his tenure. How you can say he is the best when you look at facts ie the record he has is beyond me.

        • Mal R.

          Actually, you’re lying thru your teeth Gary.

          • Gary2

            At least I have teeth!

        • Mal R.

          Huh. Look at that. Clueless in Seattle much Gary?

          Walker is a job creator

    • Kevin2


      Asia has the industry and jobs hence the money.

      Decaying cities are a symptom not a cause. Free Trade with slave labor nations and the associated industrial evisceration which was put in effect by both party’s in approximately equal proportions is the root cause.

      Think things are bad now? Just wait until the effects of making currency and currency credits divorced from productivity do for your purchasing power.

    • GaryToo

      so the worst cases outlined being hardcore liberal, eg california and detroit? care to explain. Nobody “does” austerity, its what you are left with when you run out of money to spend. I really enjoyed your 48 hours of enlightenment when you were disillusioned with democrats. And Asia is extremely conservative. They have NO social security programs holding them back. I suppose Jupiter is bigger than earth because it is not being held back by conservatives.

      • Gary2

        you may be correct about jupiter. I knew conservatives were the cause of all problems on earth and now even in the universe.

        Don’t worry I am still disillusioned with the dems. 🙂

    • justadad

      USA gave China the money to do what they are doing.
      Now USA doesn’t have any money to do what you want.
      Instead of complaining about conservatism-liberalism, capitalism-socialism, why don’t you figure out how the USA can get the money back?
      You cannot spend what you don’t have.

      Governments cannot create capital, thay can only confiscate and redistribute. China has learned how to take the USA capital effectively and the people of China are relieved that they are not as enslaved as they used to be. They are laughing at your expense.
      Your problem, Gary2 is that you love money and what it can buy. That is why the word austerity is irritating to you.
      You have developed mouth sores from nursing a teat that is rapidly drying up.
      You will never be satisfied until you grow up and realize life is not about a ride on a new train.

      • MisterC

        Gary2 can’t grow up. He is a “toys I don’t have” kid. 🙂

      • Gary2

        Your problem, Gary2 is that you love money and what it can buy

        Hello duh??? I admit I do love eating and living indoors so I am guilty as charged. I do admit I like to see a docter when sick and be able to buy any needed medicine so again I am guilty as charged.

        Its hard to be nice and professional responding to comments like yours but I am trying…

      • GaryToo

        just a dad you have it all arseabout back to front, usa did not give china the money to do what they are doing. The USA borrows trillions of dollars from china every year. the us economy is a chimex credit card.

    • Witness the End

      What?! Trolly Tom Barrett lost his cho-cho train money.

      For those readers that don’t live in the Milwaukee area, Mayor Barrett wants to spend nearly a billion dollars on a trolly that runs about two miles. Funny thing is, Milwaukee has one of the best city bus systems in the country.

      Yet, Trolly Tom won’t even address the failing sewer system, which dumps 100’s of thousands of raw sewage into Lake Michigan every time it rains hard.

      But forget about rebuilding Milwaukee’s infrastructure, Trolly Tom wants his cho-cho. So what if a few thousand poopies wash up on Milwaukee’s beaches every summer.

      Milwaukee has been run by Progressive Democrats and actual Socialists for most of the past century. Just like Detroit. Same political party, same vision, same results. Nothing conservative about Milwaukee.

      • Witness the End


        that’s 100’s of thousands of GALLONS of raw sewage

        and CHOO-CHOO not cho-cho

      • Gary2

        your cost numbers are WAY off. nice try though

    • Mal R.

      “see the common theme here?”

      Yea, I see it – you’re wrong about EVERYTHING you post. You’re a typical liberal like Ronald Reagan said – its not that liberals are ignorant, its just that they know so much that isn’t so.

      • Cinderella Man

        And he cant spell…

    • LivinginParadise

      Your ass must be jealous of your mouth judging by all the ************** that you spew.

    • Mal R.

      “They do not have the scourge of conservative thought holding them back while we are styuck with conservatives holding back progress.”

      What Progressives like Gary wont tell you is that ‘holding back progress’ means progressing past the US Constitution to communism. I’m befuddled why dolts like Gary believe communism is better given it’s track record of abject poverty for all and mass murder by the govt against it’s own citizens.

      Yea, we’re the scourge Gary, we’re the scourge.

      • Gary2

        never said anything about communism. That is what the low information conservatives call everything they can not understand.

        I was going to say that most conservatives have the IQ of a carrot stick but I did not want to insult carrot sticks.

        • Mal R.

          YOu dont have to SAY the word dummy, we all know what you are. Because we criticize you on this board for being a communist, that means we dont understand it? I guess that makes sense to you. Rock on commie!

  • Discouraged One

    So sad but so true.

  • mark

    I live way out in the country and I sure do not need street lights. In fact if there were any it would just be a waste of money. I do understand how bad it is in some cities. I the late 1980’s, I was working in downtown Oakland on a highrise tower remodel. At the end of the job I had to remove all of the job boxes with our tools and instead bring a utility truck with our tools. I was parked on a main street with a lot of people walking by all day long. Ther were also guards within 100 ft as part of the building I was working on was a bank. A big semi truck pulled up along side and parked in the right lane. Some guys got out of the truck with crow bars and pryed open all of the compartments of my plumbing truck in front of lots of people walking by and stole all of the tools. No body bothered to say anything to the guys stealing the tools. Oakland has been an armpit for a long time.

    • GaryToo

      I bet the thieves were Republican

      • Mal R.

        Nah, all the republicans were out starving children, raping your grandma and stealing her SS check. Ura Moron with a capital M.

      • Gary2

        so true–they steal from the poor to give to the rich.

        • JesusisLORD

          Where does the poor obtain money for the rich to steal from them?

    • Gary2

      yeah the rent-a-cops are worthless.

  • Buzzy Watts

    We reap what we sow. We started down the road to Hell when people stopped respecting the honest labor done by the vast majority of the population. They started believing that they had to be a “homeowning middle-class quality person,” or else they were subhuman scum. If they didn’t receive X amount of dollars per year, or didn’t have a college education, or own their own home, or whatever, then they belonged to a parasitic underclass unworthy of respect.

    Of course, people took their beliefs to their logical conclusion. Going deep into debt was necessary because the alternative (living poor) meant turning into an unperson. Economic decay wasn’t a problem because it didn’t affect the quality people in the suburbs. The collapse of the family wasn’t a problem because it didn’t keep anyone from buying mountains of status symbols, which was what really mattered. The illegal immigrants only took jobs from the scummy poor people.

    No one in the middle class seemed to think that what was happening to their working neighbors would ever happen to them. . . until one day, it did!

    • Old Man

      Right on!

      You know, the rich will always be OK. They know how to make money from others.

      When the middle class get busted, robbed, downsized, they have only themselves to blame. Because, it’s not the rich (so-called 1%) who did anything new, it’s the middle class who ALLOWED themselves to get robbed.

      And when the middle class see their governments go bankrupt, their politicians corrupted, they have only themselves to blame. Because the middle class has the MAJORITY VOTES on elections (the 1% has only 1% of the votes). And the middle class ALLOWED their votes to create ineffective governments.

      In this threat, I see people now blaming the Mexicans for much of their mistakes. You know, rich-state Californians blaming poor Mexicans across the border — this is symptom of how low things have come to.

  • Jim

    I recently moved out of Wilmington, DE yet I go back almost every day for work. I equate the city to a third world country. But, for me, the tough thing that I must always remind myself is that the residents WANT to live the way that they do. They could work hard and move. But truly, they want to stay. They do not put their emphasis on things like houses, education and good jobs. They want time to spend with neighbors and friends. They value time and friendship more than material possessions. Sure, they like big screen TV, etc, but education, suburban living, career paths are just something that someone else wants to put on them. In a way, I envy them. Don’t have notin so nothin to worry about. And, so far, the more they complain the more money they get. See it every day

  • I’ve lived in St. Paul, MN for 25 years. 15 years ago we started to see the gang-bangers flowing in through the cracks, so we call the police (who are understaffed) and they come out to kick some butts! Now we have every nationality of gang-bangers selling their drugs, hookers & guns. I am a Retired Military Veteran and my mother can not afford the meds she needs all the time, but if you want to break the law (which we do not) one block away you can get whatever your stoned mind or heart desires. How sad is that!!!
    These Bastards will not take our space THAT WE PAID for!! They can go to hell, like I said, I AM US MILITARY & AM NOT AFRAID TO PROTECT MY “HOOD”!!!!!

    • McKinley Morganfield


      Your years of service, your sacrifice, your work ethic, your very existence means absolutely nothing to the powers that be. You are, in their eyes, less than zero except if you might (rarely) serve as a propaganda sound bite. You are only useful if you are a favored minority. I suspect you are are white male heterosexual and thus merely a racist, homophobic, misogynistic gun clinger in their eyes. Face it, to the leftists it is all about group identity politics; individual live free or die means nothing in their eyes. In fact, you are an enemy of their state of affairs.

      • Gary2

        Face it, to the leftists it is all about group identity politics; individual live free or die means nothing in their eyes

        Yep you are correct–the individual is unimportant. we are WE not I. WE are not a selfish I.

    • TurtleMama

      Patrick, thank you for your service to our nation.

      God bless you as you deal with what is happening in your neighborhood…hopefully you and other like-minded people can keep your street safe!!

  • Paranoid

    Actually Cleveland is getting a little better. Most of the people have moved out and most of the town bulldozed,

  • r.bitting

    Take a glimpse into America’s future, Read Deuteronomy ch. 28 and Romans ch. 1, and see what becomes of the nation that rejects the God of the Bible. You can sense that things are beginning to escalate now, times almost up. Trust in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all men, and you will stand before God blameless on the day of judgment. ” For God made him ( Jesus ) who knew no sin, to become sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him ” 2 Corinthians 5:21

    • Jon

      Give that BS a rest. There were plenty of empires that rose and fell before anyone ever saw a bible.

      • Mal R.

        And yet the most successful empire in the history of the world was the one that thrived when it lived in accordance to the values and priciples set forth in the bible.

        Not just successful, but the most prosperous and generous country EVER in existence.

        In fact, if you put into a line graph how the vast majority of people have lived thru history, it would be a line of low level poverty right up until America came into existence. You know, the country founded on the priciples of the God of the Bible. And after this country came along, its really amazing how that line goes thru THE ROOF.

        But dont let that get in the way of your hatred of the truth.

      • mondobeyondo

        Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
        Psalm 33:12

    • Michael

      Norway is around 70 percent atheist and they are doing quite fine.

      • Mal R.

        No actually they’re not. They produce almost NOTHING and live their little broke ass socialist lives on the back of OIL and lumber. They’ve been occupied and told when and where they could take a dump for most of their pathetic existence.

      • Tapper P.

        I should move there to escape the deluded masses here. Brainwashed from birth idiots.

      • Ennis

        Norway has huge problems. Just about every rape committed in the last 5 years has been commited by their lovely Islamist population. What does the ‘enlightened and athiestic’ Norwegian government do about it? Tell women to wear hijabs and not to wear clothing that might ‘offend’ their Islamist ‘honored guests’ that they pay handsomly to live there. Sweden is even worse. Ever heard of a city called Malmo? This city in Sweden might as well be in Pakistan. The rest of Europe is just as bad, especially France where there are whole swaths of Paris that are Islamist hellholes where none (including the police, fire and EMS services) dare not go.

        So spare me the typical Euroworshiping BS. Europe is on its last legs and they will solve their problems they way they usually do-with war, bloodshed and ‘ethnic cleansing’.

        • Mal R.

          AKA “occupied and told when and where they could take a dump”

    • Brother

      Someday soon we will meet in the air, see you there.

    • Brother

      Mr r don’t pay attention to the blind leading the blind.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Keat’s rough beast slouches onward and the barbarians are inside the wall. In the days ahead all large metro areas will become increasing uninhabitable. Flee if you are able, fortify if not. Chaos will grow and there will be no one you can count on except yourself and trustworthy family and friends. Everyman for himself, government against all but the favored few. It coming and few will remain standing.

    • John W.

      Inside the wall? Hell the barbarians arte sitting in congress, the senate and the Whore house. We have been taken over without a sot being fired. What we are now is east germany and Cuba under communism. Get used to it as the days of good paying jobs for most anyone who wanted one are gone. Sent out of the country.

    • Zhukov

      Yeats, rather than Keats, by the way.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Thanks, you are correct. It was late at night and the second glass of wine was operating my fingers. 😉

  • Otown Right Guy

    Meanwhile our politicians obsess over stupid topics like “gay marriage” while our economy continues its descent. But it is too late at this point anyway to do anything. Turn out the lights indeed. Or rearrange the deck chairs. The Titanic is taking on water. There is only one possible outcome. The question is do YOU have a lifeboat?

  • Lola

    Lay the ********** off of Detroit talk about Chicago

    How about you talk about your home town ***************

  • markthetruth

    Trust and Believe the media that things are moving in the right directions……

    5 Letters

    FB IPO

    Same O Same O
    The End…..

  • nowwthen

    It’s almost enough to make you want to stop being politically correct isn’t it?

  • Prepared Pastor

    You are right. Things are good here. Low unemployment due to a lot of federal money and natural resource jobs. Housing is not outrageous although not nearly as cheap as Detroit. Our small city is just big enough to have a good bus route so even on minimum wage someone could meet their basic needs while they look for a better paying job. Violent crimes are few and almost always about relationships.

    People sometimes ask why we do not yet live at our retreat and this is why. If it were not safe for my family, we would be gone. As long as we continue to accumulate wealth (commodities), however, we will keep on preppin.

  • Rancher


    You best move to North Idaho one of the last frontiers of this country. To no credit of my doing it s 96.5% white meat… not saying others are not welcome. More like they can not cut it. I am simply stating the facets nothing else….

    So don’t blow up over it.

    We have a survival prepper group up here open to any race to join if…. they will spend the coin to prep themselves to our group specs. It sure is not for the faint of heart but if you you got some balls and coin we could work together. Go ta few rooms left out here.

    Go to; and look us up in Idaho….

    When TSHTF Darwin’s laws on survival will apply…

    This is a good site but fails to advise one much on what to do in my opinion.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.

    • Cinderella Man

      Yeah hopefully those racist assholes in Hayden Lake are outta there… I heard the Feds got to them.

    • Gary2

      I knew all the militia type were in a compound in Idaho. I hear they grow good pototoes though! 🙂

      • MisterC

        I heard that progressives make good fertilizer because they are so full of **************.

        • Gary2

          Not anymore, I just dropped off some job creators in the toilet.

  • Stan522

    How many of these decayed cities have long time democrat mayor’s–? Nothing like making year after year on making promises to give out free crap to citizens. These cities will reap what they sow.

    • Chicago Nick

      Every single one, and the ones not listed. Chicago’s Odaley Machine has turned that place 30 miles south of me into a third world cesspool of a human cement asphalt jungle outside the Mag Mile and northside.

  • tak

    detroit is bad I would not want to live there

  • James

    Maybe Detroit should take a hint and realize that portions of the city is being re-ruralized. Why not encourage farms to move into these areas, and grow the food that the citizens in the local area may need. Farm areas don’t seem to experience the same kind of crime that cities do, and rural areas are not lighted like cities would be. Just a thought.

  • Here in California, the state is becomming a true third world country.The extremes between the rich and poor are more and more noticeable.Yes there are some areas that are still beautiful and realitively safe and other areas that are so bad, that the police won’t even enter, without an army.It is a shame and a disgrace, what has happened to this beautiful state.There are areas in Los Angeles that are more dangerous to enter than in Tijuana Mexico or Cuiudad Juarez.These areas are infested with Gangs and the drug cartels.There are a lot of killings going on and the violence has spread to the suburbs and beyond.There are kidnappings going on also.It is a total third world country in some areas.The Mexican Cartel violence has spilled into California and vengence killings are going on here.The general public wants to remain ignorant about it and pretend it doesn,t happen.Of course most of this doesn,t get reported in the news.In San diego and Los Angeles there are transnational kidnaps of American citizens that have been abducted to Mexico from US soil for ransome.I have seen the vioence spread all the way up to Sacramento, Fresno and Northern California. Also some of this violence has spread all the way up tp Seattle and Spokane Washington.The governments in San diego are so corrupt they resemble third world cities. Here in San diego and Escondido CA the City Councils and Mayors are going to double their salaries, because they feel they work so hard.Meanwhile they will cut other services for this.Also In san diego Poway Pasadena CA, the Narcos (Drug lords)live in luxury homes in affluent areas and the ignorant neighbors dont even know it.There is also many people living in the streets in San Diego and ls Angeles.I Have seen people living in some of the storm drains here in San Diego.The san Fernando Valley of Los Angeles used to be the envy of suburban living back in the 1960’S 7O’S AND NOW IS A THIRD WORLD CESPOOL.Even in some of the rural areas you can see the decay and third world conditions starting.We can blame the immigrants and illegals for this, but we the American people opened the doors to this.It wasn’t because of our generoustiy,It was our GREED AND THE BOTTOM LINE.We did it to ourselves by greed and drug addiction.I can go on and on about this,but i’m sure that you all are starting to get the picture.

    • Michael

      Great comment sequoia.


    • stevefraser

      We tried to stop the destruction of California, but the DEMS were too strong and made sure the border disappeared and, to facilitate the destruction, all the major DEM controlled cities became “sanctuary cities”. ie, third world toilets.

    • I blame the Baby Boomers. They gave us nafta, womens rights, affirmative action, quotas, endless wars based on lies, a failed immigration policy, and kept electing scum politicians who do nothing but get rich. Average IQ Baby Boomers grew up in a nation where wealth was abundant; satisfactory work got you a house, car, a pension, vacations, and time to party. Now us kids who are able to think critically and make decisions based on fact and logic, will have to fix this country. We are now called the lost generation by the media, left for dead by those who told us to “go to school and get a college education so you can be anything you want to be”, but we will become the greatest generation since our grandparents of the WW2 era. It is up to us young kids who are over educated and unemployed, to take control from our weak minded birth givers.

      It was all a party for the baby boomers; cheap gas, abundant, well paying jobs, and a great economy given to them by the previous generation. Going from a materialistic society, to a postmaterialisic society and thus not having to worry about the basics, they had time to fool around with other facets of society- affirmative action, quotas, policing the world, global warming, NGOs, ect.

      Now the younger generation is a materialist society again, only focusing on the basics; a job, a place to live, and a car. Im sure most of the baby boomers who were my age were out partying all weekend and living it up. They were going down to Virginia beach to party and drink like there was no tomorrow an not worried about the future. At this age, instead of partying, drinking, and havin fun, I’m buying supplies, ammunition, and getting in shape both physically and mentally for the economic collapse.

      I hear all the baby boomers bitch an moan when they lose their job or lose their job to someone else, perhaps younger than them. Well first of all, at least you had a full time job; I’m a college grad and have never had a full time job. Second, too bad if you lose your job to a young person; that young person is probably vastly more intelligent than you because instead of sitting home and watching the game, they were studying and going to college. But don’t worry, that young kid who took your job is probably making half of what you made and will probably get replaced by an immigrant.

      I’d like to say thanks to all the baby boomers who ruined the country for us kids. Don’t worry, we will take control once the economy collapses… just leave everything to us… you just keep living it up on your pensions and social security.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        I’m 64 and a member of that generation and I agree with you 100%. I did not make the same choices that you list, nor did a distinct minority of boomers, but in general my generation is responsible for destroying the very concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Too many bought the entire leftist utopia scheme hook, line, and sinker. And before Gary 2 gets too agitated I will admit that many on the right contributed to the decline of America.

      • GaryToo

        your parents can pay for you to dream on. If you are vastly more intelligent with a degree you should be able to replace them like in your example.

        • GaryToo

          but i do get your frustrations

      • ….you should read my memoir Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family (…
        ……you will see the connection between all of the baby-booomer dysfunction and our current problems…..remember…FWWS Food, Water, Weapons & Shelter….and never give in to martial law….


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    • Diane C

      Sequoia – I can relate to your story. I was born and raised in San Diego, left in the 70’s, but moved back to Orange County in the 90’s. Now live in rural arizona!!

      Went back and forth the last two years to SD because of my Dad’s illness & death. He lived in Rancho Bernardo. Nice place, but all through that area are mexicans and guatemalians. Escondido might as well be “little mexico”. Back in the 70’s my grandparents had a ranch outside of Escondido. Only mexicans around at that time had “work permits” to come over the border to pick fruit.

      I blame the politicians in CA and so many of these other areas, because they let this happen. And like you say they increase their salaries for doing a lousy job. Just like Congress and the Washington politicians. Found out yesterday that Congress is exempt from losing any benefits like pensions, medical, etc. So if the US runs out of money, military, and other federal employees and everyone on medicare or social security will loose, but they get theirs. Michael…. that might be a good topic to investigate!

    • Rancher


  • davidmpark

    I think that this filthy and unproductive existence is prevalent is that it’s perceived as cool.

    We’re the only folks for miles around that raise their own food and build needed supplies – and we’re laughed at and shunned for it. We had no choice but to do it and have saved a lot and nearly out of debt. While the folks here are living it up like as in the days of Noah – even the Church going folks.

    It’s a worship of cool over a worship of God.

    • John W.

      When the SHTF you are going to be real popular. Not in a good way. Hope you have some good firearms.

    • davidmpark…where do you live?

    • Gary2

      but cool is just so well cool!

    • davidmpark

      I live in hiding.

      And as for guns… well, I’m not too worried about it. I have plenty and various guns and ammo. But it’s what the Bible said in Genesis: the Lord shut Noah and his family into the ark; Noah didn’t do it. With faith in Jesus Christ and hope in his Atonement while practicing charitable works, I’m sure it’ll all work out fine and for the best.

      As for being popular: no I won’t. They won’t come over when it hits the fan. Problem is; it’s already hitting the fan and most folks don’t want to believe it because they were told it’s uncool to believe it. They don’t want to have any loss of their social status or perceived reality they’ve committed terrible sins for, and try to profit from. What chances are there that some Nordstrom regulars will be capable of snapping a rabbit’s neck, dressing and skinning it, and then making a nutritious and tasty stew from the meat, processing the bones into many items, and then tan the hide? Barely a chance – it’s not the demographic. They’ll be more likely to ask us where the nearest McDonald’s is.

      I think most folks will head to shopping centers, malls, gov buildings, and downtown areas instead of my house. They won’t know what to do here – it’s all strange and foreign to checkbook capitalists and leftists. They’ll go to where they’re more comfortable making a fight of it for the last pair of designer jeans, kick and punch their peers, and then find out their cash or card is useless.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gerald Celente recently said that “Los Estados Unidos has become a banana republic,” which is what I have said many times since 2007. And in a banana republic, the economic contrasts in large cities can be quite startling. Go to Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro or Bogotá, for example, and you find very upscale, lavish neighborhoods along with dangerous, crime-infested ghettos and shantytown slums. Some parts of Mexico City are gorgeous (Condesa and Polanco, for example), but Tepito and Iztapalapa are so dangerous that even the cops don’t like to enter those neighborhoods in broad daylight. And that is what American cities will be like in the future. In The Banana Republic of America, the wealthy minority will be in constant danger of being kidnapped for ransom or robbed at gunpoint. I call that harsh reality The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT), which is collected in many parts of Latin America, the Pacific and the Caribbean and is coming soon to a Chicago, a Philadelphia or a Boston near you. The kidnappings in Third World countries are absolutely brutal, and that’s what we have to look forward to in the BRA thanks to the horrors of globalism.

    Oh, and those who think they will escape all this violence and mayhem by moving to rural areas or small towns are delusional. Some small towns in Mexico are dangerous as hell, thanks to the drug cartels and DPDDTT collectors. And I don’t buy into the notion that poor, unemployed, desperate meth addicts in Wyoming or Nevada are somehow less dangerous than crackheads in West Baltimore. It’s true that the poverty and desperation in large cities is more concentrated, but it’s also true that if a gang of methheads are terrorizing you in a remote part of Idaho, the nearest cop could be miles away.
    From cities to small towns, life is going to get worse and worse for most people in the BRA.

    The evils of globalism have seriously screwed up our once-great nation just as Ross Perot said they would (Patrick Buchanan tried to warn us as well). That “giant sucking sound” that Ross Perot spoke of became a harsh reality. So welcome to life in a violent, rotting, decaying, unstable Third World hellhole. Bienvenidos a la República Banana de América, tierra de crímenes, violencia y miséria.

    • Gary2

      Hey EL POLLO–it may be a good time to repost your FAQ on the DPDDTT.

      You know I always thought of cities like Mexico City, Bogota etc as nothing but one big slum. Thanks for your perspective on all of this.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: I think that’s an excellent idea. Karma’s a real bitch, and those who take pleasure in beating up on the neo-poor because they’ve fallen on hard times through no fault of their own (and thanks to the criminality of Wall Street and The White Shoe Boys) will get a very rude awakening when the DPDDTT comes a’ knockin’ Bogotá style or San Salvador style. So as requested, here is my refresher course on the dreaded Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax–or as they call it in Spanish, “la pesadilla que nos espera.”

        FAQ on the DPDDTT:

        Q: What is the DPDDTT?

        A. DPDDTT stands for the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax. It isn’t a “tax” in the literal sense, but rather, is something that desperately poor people resort to in crime-ridden Third World countries. Examples of DPDDTT include kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery and violent home invasions.

        Q: Where is DPDDTT collected?

        A: DPDDTT is quite common in Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, México, Nicaragua, South Africa, the Philippines, Honduras, Jamaica and Haiti. Notoriously dangerous places like Hillbrow in Johannesburg, Tepito in La Ciudad de México (orale, guay!) and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro are full of DPDDTT collectors.

        Q: Will the DPDDTT be coming to The Banana Republic of America?

        A: Now that the BRA has the economy of a Third World banana republic, DPDDTT will no doubt be coming our way, sadly.

        Q: Have Gerald Celente, Alex Jones and Arianna Huffington discussed the DPDDTT?

        A: They haven’t actually used the term DPDDTT, but they have addressed the concept. Celente has predicted that Latin America-style kidnappings will be coming to the BRA, and in her book “Third World America,” Arianna Huffington has said that unless this country saves its middle class, it will become a dangerous, unstable place where the affluent will need 24-hour bodyguards in order to avoid being kidnapped in broad daylight.

        Q: How do I avoid paying DPDDTT when it comes to the BRA?

        A: In Third World countries, millionaires and billionaires hire armed bodyguards to avoid paying DPDDTT. And when those bodyguards prevent kidnappers, carjackers and home invaders from getting to millionaires and billionaires, DPDDTT collectors prey on those who cannot afford bodyguards (the middle class or people they THINK are middle class). Sometimes, DPDDTT collectors are disappointed when middle class or poor people cannot meet high ransom demands, and they express their displeasure by murdering the kidnappee. DPDDTT is no fun.

        Q: How will I know when I’ve been hit with DPDDTT?

        A: There will be no mistaking it. Here’s how DPDDTT works in Third World hellholes: a professional kidnapping gang lets you know that they’ve snatched your wife or daughter and demands a ransom. Just to prove they mean business, they sever a finger (possibly one with a wedding ring) and send it to you. Or, they torture her, film the torture and send you the video. In order to speed up the collection process, DPDDTT collectors might cut off additional fingers and mail them.

        So there you have it: a glimpse into our frightening future in the BRA. Hmmm, maybe Ross Perot knew exactly what he was talking about back in 1992 when we urged us to reject NAFTA, buy American and hold on to those good jobs with good family-supporting wages.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: Philly, where I live, runs the gamut from very nice upscale areas like Rittenhouse Square and Olde City to crack-infested hellholes like West Kensington. But in Mexico City, Bogotá and Caracas, the contrasts are more startling—the chi-chi areas are even more lavish, and the poverty in the shantytown slums is more extreme. Of course, the businessman you see walking around in Condesa in Mexico City wearing an Armani suit on his way to Starbucks might wind up paying the DPDDTT.

    • Cinderella Man

      Damn El Pollo you hit the nail on the head as usual….

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Cinderella Man: Gracias! I have a friend who moved to Bogotá–a young American woman from the Philly suburbs who was waiting tables and tending bar despite having an MBA from Temple University. She was offered a high-paying managerial job in Colombia and grabbed it. So now, she’s paying off more of her student loan debt but is worried about the DPDDTT. I told her, “The DPDDTT will be showing up in Philly. It’s only a matter of time. Just blend in as well as you can where you are and stay out of South Bogotá because there are a lot of DPDDTT collectors there–and they love to kidnap American immigrants who live in the nice part of town and have the type of high-paying jobs that they can only dream about.”

    • Reality

      Great post +++

  • Instead of going off the wall on this one all I Will do is ask “Who’s Responsible?”

  • Sam

    Well I live in B’ham ALA and it’s also here.One tipping point could mean the end of order as we know it.Heaven help all of us if any Entitilment programs ever get interupted.There will be chaos in the streets.

    • Alasha


  • mondobeyondo

    Lunacy: Doing the same thing over and over, and actually coming up with a different result!

  • Dave

    James Baldwin was right. Urban renewal means n*gro removal. Get rid of the Mexican MS13 ghettos too. If you want diversity, get some non-moslem Asians. They’re clannish, but they work hard and don’t make trouble.

    Or let the cities rot. I don’t care; I live in a trailer park. It’s full of poor white families and people on disability, but it’s very peaceful and quiet. I asked a cop if there was any crime in this park, and he remembered one domestic violence call a few years ago.

  • ScoutMotto

    I’m hoping Colorado will hold out, but keep no delusions that it is immune from this decay.

  • mondobeyondo

    Detroit would be my third choice for Places In Which To Die a Violent Death.

    Second place goes to Monterrey, Mexico, and first place would be Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

    (Honorable mentions: Baghdad, Iraq, Cairo, Egypt, and anywhere in Yemen.)

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Mondobeyondo: Caracas, Venezuela is another good place to be kidnapped, carjacked, robbed at gunpoint or murdered in broad daylight. One of the things that Hugo Chavez campaigned on was crime reduction in Caracas, but he hasn’t exactly lived up to that campaign promise. Johannesburg is also high on my “great place to be murdered in broad daylight” list. There’s an especially lovely part of Johannesburg called Hillbrow, or as the locals call it, “Hellbrow.”

  • Sid Davis

    Almost by definition, cities are dependent on imports. This includes imports of food, raw materials, energy products like gasoline, coal, etc. These imports come from elsewhere, maybe elsewhere in the country, or from out of the country (made in China, oil from Saudi Arabia, Canada or Mexico, etc).

    As energy become more costly to acquire, the price of it increases. I read a few days ago that the contract price for wholesale electricity, which is set several years in advance, in 2015 will be 8.5 times the contract price in 2012. Since the generation cost of the electricity for your house is about 60% of the bill, that means that by 2015 the cost of you electricity bill will be about 5 times what it is this year. This means that a $200 a month bill will go up to $1,000 a month in just a few short years. This is mostly because Obama is driving out of business old, low cost coal generating plants with environmental regulations. He makes no secret that he wants them out of business, but he fails to tell you the consequences to your pocketbook.

    But even without these regulations, the cost of things will go up from energy issues. Energy fuels industrial output. If more energy goes to acquire energy (cost increases) then there is less to fuel the economy.

    Add to the energy issues, the collapse of the faulty monetary system we had imposed on us in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act, and you have the formula for a disaster in cities and suburbs. Any geographical area that is dependent on imports from elsewhere, domestic or foreign, will suffer the initial consequences of scarcity. Farmers and ranchers will keep food for themselves before they will ship it into the market place, and as food becomes scarce cities will suffer. Any place that is dependent will suffer.

    Look at Detroit, and you will see the future of your city, if you are an urban dweller. Centralization of population is a function of excess, and will suffer in times of scarcity. Cities originally arose out of industrialization where it was necessary for concentration of the labor force near factories. As industrialization disintegrates, the reason for cities disappears.

    Take a clue from Detroit, and move somewhere where you can be independent of the collapsing system. Move to where you can grow your own food, collect your own water, and are not dependent any more than necessary on fossil fuel energy. Don’t assume the future will be a linear extension of the past.

  • luis

    Hey every one im from las vegas and this city is slowing down very fast las vegas malls are going broke and car sales too houses too some gas station are closing down too

  • A lot more trouble coming…

    Well folks I don’t need to keep reminding you, but everytime I look at the news, more and more layoffs keep coming, just yesterday Curt Schilling (formerRed Sox great), just layed off his entire staff of 350 workets on thursday May 24th, from his video gaming co. Studio 38, claiming the economic downturn wiped out his company.

    The crash is happening in front of our eyes, seems like slow motion, but in reality this crash is hitting fast and furious.

  • chiller

    Obviously our guberment is working for someone else and not the American people. What do they know that they are not telling us? Anymore I feel like they are our jailers and we the prisoners. We rattle the bars once in a while and they tell us to shut up and sit down. If now isn’t the time to exercise our 2nd amendment right given to the land of the free and home of the brave, then when? Our frog is damn near cooked and ready to serve so we had all better get hopping if we’re going to pull our sorry arses out of this pressure cooker. Voting? George Soros own the voting machines in 26 states, all rigged.

  • Steve

    Okay lets just cut to the chase.

    Looking at the figures and other “silent” points I have one question that the author did not address:

    How much of “the problem” is BLACK…ooops excuse me African American?

    Before you pull the woe is me race card how much of the distressed areas are the projects? How many of the people in the distressed area are Black? How may people are Black females with multiple children by multiple fathers living on public assistance?

    LBJ’s War on Poverty failed now Detroit and others can pay the piper. Ain’t my problem. I am Taxed Enough Already (TEA).

    • xander cross

      Be careful what you ask for racist. For when this happens to you, you will come to terms as to how stupid you truly are. I see you don’t talk about WHITE crimes that are happening all across the country and yes, it is a fact that white people commit far more crimes than blacks and also, white people commit more robberies, arsons, rapes, murders, drug possessions, dealings, and sex slavery than blacks. So, your post is a flat out lie.

      • jaxon64

        Xander..”steve” is a troll. probably a liberal/progressive pretending to be a tea-party supporter and then espousing a bunch of racist crap to give the impression that that is what tea-partiers believe. You fell for it hook-line and sinker. What is sad is that your very own response is every bit as rascist as you accuse the fake poster of being–yet your feelings and hatred are real..sick.

        PS: you may want to go to the US gov website for Dept of Labor and Statistics before you spew a bunch of lies and false facts. In 2010, the most recent year for crime stats, there were almost 17,000 murders in the USA with 83.6% committed by blacks and hispanics. Blacks and hispanics make up 26% of the US population with 14% and 12% respectively–which means, if one does the math to factor murder and violent crimes per every 1,000 persons-that whites are almost 280% LESS LIKELY to commit a violent crime. In fact blacks murder whites on a nearly 300:1 ratio ..these are facts and easily verifiable–except you won’t even bother looking these numbers up because you wouldn’t want facts to get in the way of your hate…..

    • Gary2

      I told you people that the tea party is racsist.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Estéban: when the you-know-what hits the fan economically in The Banana Republic of America (BRA), I’m not sure that those “rural, God-fearin’, country-music-lovin’, Rush Limbaugh-listenin’, Republican-votin’” places that Karl Rove and Sarah Palin love to romanticize are going to be so safe. Crystal meth is a major problem in a lot of those so-called “red states,” and meth users have been known to do really nasty things. Plus, hunger pangs really suck even if one is white and rural. So when The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT) plagues the BRA, I predict that the DPDDTT collectors will be making life hell in Idaho, Iowa and Wyoming as well as in Baltimore and Philly. Granted, their appearance might vary. A DPDDTT collector in West Baltimore or Camden, NJ might tend to have a darker complexion, whereas a meth-loving DPDDTT collector in a small town in Idaho might tend to have a much lighter complexion. But either way—whether the DPDDTT collector is a dude in North Philly who likes 50 Cent and Method Man or a dude in Wyoming who fancies Lady Antebellum and Toby Keith—The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax is going to be one mean, nasty son of a bitch.

  • Paul

    Murder is the number one industry?

    You definitely need more guns.


    Make guns mandatory for everyone and the crime rate will drop to zero, just like in places where you have the death penalty.


  • William

    Do not make this complicated. Americans chose to support a war in Iraq that was based on LIES, which has cost about a thousand BILLION dollars so far, with another $2-3 TRILLION to go before all the expenses are paid. This money, all borrowed, could have been used here in America to repair crumbling infastructure, and develop new industries,just to name a few. This is what YOU wanted. Now, it is not so funny to see the nation failing, and, all the while HUGH sums of federal money are borrowed to give to foreign countries and fund another unnecessary war or wars……this time Iran, or Syria, or both. ALL BASED on LIES. But then, you bought the FB IPO…………

  • How many of you are thinking about leaving the US?

    I know that there are many unemployed Spanish young people with degrees heading for Chile. Chile seems to be the land of opportunity.

    Just show up in Chile. Enroll in a Spanish school, then you qualify for a VISA to stay one year. Just keep doing this until you get a job.

    We are currently in a depression that is being heavily suppressed. What is going to happen when we stop borrowing like there is no tomorrow? It’s not all that hard to figure out that things are going to get much worse. The “much worse” part is probably not sinking in.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Matt: Chile is one of the safer and more developed countries in Latin America (along with Uruguay). Many Latin American countries can be quite dangerous, but Chile and Uruguay are generally exempt from the dreaded Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT) that is collected in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Peru and El Salvador. As someone who is fluent in Spanish, I have to say that the Chilean dialect can be somewhat hard to understand if you aren’t used to it. But I’m sure I’d adjust if I lived in Santiago.

      As far as leaving The Banana Republic of America, Gerald Celente has a lot to say on that subject in the new issue of his Trends Journal.

    • Gary2

      don’t they in Chilie have terrible earthquakes and tsnumai?

      Hey do you want to know the weather in Chilie???

      Chilly today and hot tomolle.

      Michael–was this attempt at humor any better than the last one?

      • Michael

        Yes, definitely better. 🙂


      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: Yes, Chile is very earthquake-prone. They had a major earthquake that was even more powerful than the one that devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but the death toll was a lot lower because Chile has much higher building codes. Chile has a very good infrastructure. Americans and Europeans can drink the tap water without getting “el turismo.” And having once had both food poisoning and el turismo in Morocco, you can see why I’m not too happy about the human scum on Wall Street (assuming you can even call those bastards human) having turned my beloved country into a banana republic.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Oops, typo. That last sentence should read, “And having once had both food poisoning and el turismo in Morocco, I’m not too happy about the human scum on Wall Street (assuming you can even call those bastards human) having turned my beloved country into a banana republic.” You weren’t the one who had food poisoning and el turismo in Morocco–I was the one who had that fun experience.

  • Kevin2

    “Yet our politicians continue to pursue the same foolish policies over and over.”

    Their not ours. They subcontracted to globalist employers.

  • Trialboy

    What did people think would happen when our ENTIRE country decided to spend trillions of dollars on defense spending AND fight two wars in other countries at the same time. Did we actually believe that this insanity could occur without cost? Much of that money could have been spent productively on the infrastructure in our cities and our industrial base. Why is it always the moral failings of the urban (intended to mean black) poor that is thought to be the source of the urban decay when the urban poor are a PRODUCT of the insane policies of our country. We cannot ignore that the finance industry has dominated our economy for nearly 20 years (if not longer) and that industry produces little benefit for the general public. Not only do these financiers reap huge profits from unproductive activities we do not even tax them at an appropriate rate! Perhaps the preppers should stop trying to protect themselves from disaster and roll up their sleeves and try to help those who are suffering the most from a government that has decided that they deserve to be a permanent underclass. I notice that the most judgmental of the commenters either quote the Bible or pepper their comments with religious references but very few of them have seemed to read the New Testament that requires us to love our enemies and HELP the poor. Our cities are the foundation of our country and running away to Idaho or letting them collapse will be bad for all of us. Instead of pretending that these problems do not have anything to those of us who do not live in major metropolitan areas we must pay our fair share of taxes, vote and get involved in the recovery process so we all will benefit. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem

    • Mal R.

      “We cannot ignore that the finance industry has dominated our economy for nearly 20 years (if not longer) ”
      No, in actuality the government has dominated our economy for about 20 years.

      “Industry produces little benefit for the general public”
      LMAO! I dont think I need to respond to that lil gem, but I will. How is it that “industry” makes your washing machine, dryer, regrigerator, vaccines, food, transportation, chemicals that go into everything from your laundry soap to your computer NOT TO MENTION the jobs for all of that and it has no benefit?

      “letting them collapse will be bad for all of us.”
      We aren’t LETTING anything happen, we cant get you GD liberal communists to STFU for two seconds and stop lying, cheating, stealing, demagoguing, demeaning and slandering everything that once made us great to attempt to turn it around. Not that republicans are much better, but at least they pay some lip service to the Consitution. Your kind openly loathes it and have somehow come to the conclusion that IT is the problem.

      I’m sorry but you people in major metropolitan areas (the vast majority run by democrats) are the problem with your arrogant liberal hypocracy. The cities are NOT the foundation of the country, the PEOPLE are and if the people aren’t good then neither will America be.

      YOU sick little demented democrats are the epitome of everything you rail against.

      • Trialboy

        At least read the comment carefully before you start to reply. I have no doubt that the government policies destroyed the economy in the last ten years as it was directly responsible for the 2 wars and outrageous defense spending. The two wars were simply placed on a credit card and we pretended that we would never have to pay for them. Nevertheless, the financial industry must accept blame for steering the economy directly into the iceberg with the financial shenanigans that have caused the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Enron, World Comm, Greece, Iceland and Ireland. THAT industry (the financial industry) produced a benefit for a select few but the benefit did not extend to the other parts of the economy and, in fact, harmed our manufacturing base. Most, but not all, of this harm destroyed our cities especially those that were not involved in the financial transactions. Only New York has seemed to do well in this depression. Both political parties share the blame for this med but the Republicans, like it or not, caused most of the harm so if you want things to get worse vote for Romney as he has made it clear he intends to continue Bush’s misguided policies that destroyed the cities

      • Gay Veteran

        the two main characteristics of the modern right-winger: blind rage and self-pity

        • Mal R.

          blind rage and self pity.

          LMAO! Have you looked at Occupy Wall street and “the 99%” Who the hell do you think you’re trying to kid?

    • Cinderella Man

      Dude your Gary2s little brother that can spew ****** more eloquently! Man dont even act like youre a victim. I know what its like to be flat ass broke living in a car and getting meals in a breadline so dont even act like you know how tough it is. I was laid off for 2 years in Obamas depression had to jump though hoops to get the unemployment check and had to go on food stamps. Youre new here so I will cut you a break. Anyone can pick their ass up if they believe and want it bad enough. Untill you drop the victim attiude you will never go anywhere in life. Im living proof. Just ask Michael I get mentioned in articles your ass gets ignored.

      • Gary2

        So now you think your a celeb because Michael mentions you in an article? Probably the article that discusses why america is in decline due to very low information people like you who live in a fact free world of their own.

        This depression was a direct result of conservative policies of deregulating everything and believing in some free market fairy that would take care of everything. You conservative fools got a surplus from Clinton and squandered it away on tax cuts for the rich.

        conservationism is the problem and liberalism is the solution.

      • xander cross

        I been through similair experiences that you went through, trust me, I know how hard it is. I hope you get on your feet soon.

    • LivinginParadise

      I used to try to help until I realized that most of the urban poor prefer to game the system and wallow in their own depravity. The only thing cities are good for is confining the vermin. Fine by me, the last thing I want is the lazy,the useless and the incompetent living next to me. When the hand outs stop and they all start killing each other TFB at least it won’t be in my backyard. Last one out flush Detoilet.

  • a lot more trouble…

    Cesspools are sure to follow the breaking news AGAIN!!!!!
    MORE Mass Layoffs announced today!!??!!

    This situation is getting very serious for Americans, we are entering a DEEP Long painful Depression and I am afraid it will be announced soon by MSN how serious things are.

    RG Steel plans layoffs
    Company issues notices; could hit Valley economy
    May 25, 2012
    The potential idling of RG Steel’s Warren plant – perhaps as soon as the first week in June – would create financial havoc for both the mill’s roughly 1,000 workers and the Mahoning Valley.

    Local, state leaders react to news of Pratt & Whitney layoffs
    ‎Middletown Press – 6 hours ago
    Pratt announced Thursday that the company is eliminating 200 salaried positions in East Hartford and Middletown

    Pilgrim’s Pride Announces 85 Layoffs at Chattanooga Plant
    ‎WDEF News 12 – 17 hours ago
    Employees affected by the layoffs will receive complete information explaining the process, and the human resources department will offer .

    BMC Nurses Outraged at Hospital’s Handling of Pending Layoff
    ‎Sacramento Bee – 14 hours ago
    After Nurses Agree to Contract Extension with No Pay Increase The Hospital Refuses to Provide Early Retirement Incentives and Training Program to Lessen the …

    Hundreds of NPG workers receive layoff notices
    ‎YNN – 21 hours ago
    The State Labor Department says it’s been put on notice that a new round of layoffs are on the way at New Process Gear in DeWitt. YNN’s Bill Carey says the …

    Yes people the sky is falling, no not like chicken little yelled, but for real!
    I suggest that all of you pass on Michael’s News and reports of layoffs to as many people as possible so they can get ready.
    Because the first wave of economic destruction is just starting to hit, The second wave will be the tsunami of all tsunamis to hit the American working class people.
    Total destruction of the working class in America.

    • Rikki

      Here you can keep up with the daily job cuts:

      • A lot more trouble coming…

        That is quite web site Riki, it goes to show that the small mom and pop shops are citting jobs and closing doors!
        One has to wonder what are all the new grads going to do for a job?
        Combined with the major companies like HP, Timberland, etc. add in this web sites lists and we have a hell of a mess and a summer of rage about to happen.
        Thanks for sharing the info with all of us!

  • Evie

    More and more people living in poverty is not because they do not want to work. I notice philadelphia is on the list. Every night on the news murders are committed. I do not believe it is a capitalist industry? Where is the money being made? Most shoot their friends and neighbors randomly and if children are in the way they get caught in the crossfire. Despiration because people are not valued. I do not think it is a good idea to turn out street lights. This is more go green bs and crime will increase. What will happen to the cameras in this lights? Perhaps they will have night vision. People cannot afford to move.

  • dann rivera

    Well that’s the PLAN, to collapse not only the American economy, European Economy and the world’s economy to usher in One World Economy and eventually the New World Order.

  • Professor Gary

    We cannot trust the politicians to rebuild the cities because they have agendas that are based on the past priorities and special interests. For example, in the city where I live, there is a major bridge rebuilding project that just started this year. A huge bridge that was built 60 years ago has deteriorated and is no longer safe for heavy truck traffic. The cost to demolish this bridge and replace it is $60 million. The governor came to town to brag about this major improvement for the citizens but since he doesn’t live here he doesn’t know how stupid this project really is. The industrial area that used to occupy the banks of the river is 100% closed and the factories are crumbling. There is no truck traffic that requires a heavy duty bridge anymore. He claimed that it would create 150 jobs for the three years of the construction. Are you kidding me? That’s all the stimulus we get?

    Please understand my city is broke. The mayor is shutting down street lights all over town to save money. The state of Illinois cannot pay the basic bills and is six months behind in all liabilities. Where do they come up with $60 million dollars for a bridge that does not have a purpose? This contruction site on the river has two modern bridges 1/4 mile north and south which provide access to the other side of town. Very low traffic now on those roads.

    This is an example of poorly our local and national leaders set priorities and why it is obvious that no matter what new programs or taxes are passed, the decline will continue until there is an unfortunate collapse. Form a co-operative fellowship with neighbors or family members to support your needs and provide shelter. If you are depending on government support, you will be very disappointed and your suffering will be greater than it needs to be.

    • Cinderella Man

      Prof. Gary that is a shining example of a shovel ready job. I dig a hole and you come behind me and fill it.

  • Jodi

    I grew up in the Cleveland, OH area and this is absolutely correct. Cleveland like so many others cities are deteriorating. I haven’t visited for awhile, but it makes me sad. I have so many memories going downtown during the Christmas season. Who can forget the classic movie A Christmas Story, as a family, we used to visit the Higbee store downtown where parts of the movie was filmed. Higbee’s closed a few years ago but it was certainly a fun place visit. Like I have said I haven’t been there for awhile, but I no one of the best places to shop, Tower City Center has lost a lot of business due to crime and theft problems. Cleveland has many place to visit like Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a Science center plus great shopping, it’s a shame that the area is deteriorating.

    • Jodi

      Correction: Higbee’s closed several years ago.

  • Chicago Nick

    “One of the great things about the article is that Quinn pointed out how the retail stores in the area reflect the things that the population of the community truly values….

    The Chestnut Plaza truly represents what is important to this community. This Squalor Center, as opposed to Power Center, includes a video porn store, cash checking/payday loan outlet, smoke shop, donut shop, Laundromat, and liquor store. No need for a wedding ring store or resume writing service.”

    It’s called white flight and when Mouliman doesn’t have whitey to work for, steal from, carjack from, sell drugs to, and the usual ghetto industry they have no recourse but to start cannibalizing one another. Better them than us and now the biggest mistake will be glaring in that these city to suburban rails will give them an avenue to reach whitey wherever we leave to and I live outside CHITCago 30 miles and that’s not even a good enough buffer zone for me with these savage Sharpton Obama driven animals.

    • xander cross

      I would not be calling people animals if I were you especially in some of these white, ghetto country areas in Illinois, Michgan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iows, and Kentucky. I can tell that you don’t travel that much because I have seen many downtrodden WHITE areas and meth labs created by white communties, so you have no room to talk. Also, be very careful what you ask for son.

      • Gary2

        Xander–again let me be blunt–

        tea party=racist


        republican (is there a difference)=racist

        The right in general=mainly racist

        They get mad when I say this because the truth hurts and I am calling them out.

        • Mal R.

          Gary2-again, let me be blunt-

          Democrat party=Jim Crowe
          liberals=party of segregation
          democrat (there is no difference) = locked up WHOLE BLOCKS of us citizens based on their race (Japanese, Germans and Italians)
          the left in general = occupy wall street = KKK = racists in their own words

          The Democratic party has been the party of slavery and racism since it’s founding, punk. You ignore it when we say it because you hope we’ll stop reminding you of the actual facts.

  • MountainHome

    Great article on showing the real news that needs to be given to Americans. Bain/Mitt connection does not affect my decision on who to vote for, but news of the degradation of our cities does.

  • MichaelR

    “Now the great city (Babylon) was divided into three parts (three monetary spheres of the Tri-Lats), and THE CITIES OF THE NATIONS COLLAPSED: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.” (Revelation 16:19)

  • Work.Buy.Consume.Die.

    Governor, Mayor, “board of directors’ all make over 200k. They hire friends/family @ high salaries. Recently “awarded” 8.4 million to former Mayor/Dem Politician. Many recent hires not budgeted in. Just looked this up after reading article. One question remains: WHERE will these idiots go when all hell breaks loose?

  • Dave in TN

    The cities are collapsing because of SOCIALISM that has allowed the welfare states (that is, the RED states) to rape the nation’s real income producers (that is, the BLUE state cities) for the last 50 years. Come to Tennessee sometime (my temporary abode) and see how we got free interstate highways, free navigable waterways, and free hydroelectric power — all courtesy of what you think were overpaid union workers. But the ruling RED state elite have no desire to ever pay back what they took for free. Too bad, the Yankees weren’t smart enough to let the South go it’s own way when when they had the chance.

    • Mal R.

      You mean to tell me that the anti-capitalist blue staters are really the capitalists (income producers) and the anti-welfare state red staters are really the socialists?

      Tennessee got FREE highways, waterways and dams!? You mean they dont pay any taxes whatsoever?
      WHO KNEW!

      Your post is really to idiotically funny to post a real response, so I’m settling for mocking you.

      • Gay Veteran

        figures you don’t know that most of the Red states get back far more money from the Federal government than they pay in

        • Mal R.

          Read it and weep you left wing moron.

          Federal funding isn’t always welfare. And just because a red state receives it, dont mean its a republican. You democrats are always so quick to slide past the truth and lie thru your damn teeth.

          In case you’re too damned lazy to click the link (duh you’re a democrat) –

          1. “60-80% of welfare recipients are Democrats”

          2. “people who live off the government disproportionally support Democrats”

          3. Share of Recipients of each program that self-identified as supporters of Republican party in 2004-2007 Maxwell Poll:

          Gov. Subsidized Housing 12%
          Medicaid: 16%
          Food Stamps: 20%
          Unemployment Compensation: 21%
          Welfare or public assistance: 22%
          Disability benefits from government 25%

          • Mal R.

            “dont mean its a republican”

            and dont mean it’s welfare.

      • Gary2

        Mal–let me help you to not be mal adjusted–the fact is that the blue states WAY support the conservative red states and I would go so far to say that liberals are supporting conservatives and that it is the conservatives who are the real welfare queens.

        Again these are facts something you at best only have a passing fancy with.

        Bill Maher is so correct about conservatives living in a fact free bubble.

        He had a great segment where he and Keith Oberman majorly called out the right wing fact free bubble. EVERYTHING they said was true and can be verified.

    • Gary2

      you are correct. The blue states way support the christina red states. The red states have higher teen pregancy rates also so they must not be listening in church as they are not waiting till marrige.

    • jaxon64

      dave, I’ve heard that the public school system in Tenn leaves a lot of the populace ignorant, depressed and swilling their own shine but surely they taught you a tiny bit of history? The “yankees” were the northern abolitionist, republican industrialists. The southern democrat slave holders were those trying to succeed from the union and keep the rights for owning humans.

      As a side note roughly related to this topic–how surreal was it to see Obama giving the eulogy for Dem Senator Byrd from West Virginia who happened to be a Grand Master Dragon of the KKK. Maybe it’s just a case like old racist Reid of Nevada said- ” at least he’s lightg skinned and doesn’t speak like the ghetto blacks” gotta love those Dems–you can take them out of the South but you can never get the true racism out of their blood.
      They say, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” well the biggest trick the Dems ever pulled ( after the Repubs pushed through the civil rights act on their 5th attempt) was convincing blacks that welfare was kindness and not a different form of slavery. Al sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama–uncle toms through and through–name ANYTHING that they have done to improve our-the black mans-plight?

  • curious george

    The Seventh Seal trumpets are sounding. Those who have ears, let them hear. A nuclear meltdown occurred in 1986 at Chernobyl in Ukraine. Chernobyl is the Russian word for WORMWOOD. The Chernobyl catastrophe was the beginning of fulfillment of the sounding of the third (wormwood/poisoned planet) trumpet of Revelation 8. (please read it) The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and the ongoing multiple nuclear meltdowns (China syndromes) at Fukushima are completing this particular trumpet-prophecy. Fukushima is horrible and worsening, yet the industry, governments & media remain silent, or speak only lies. By way of comparison, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster – heretofore the worst nuclear disaster on record- burned for 10 days and cumulatively killed an estimated 1 million people worldwide. The Fukushima nuclear disaster has 5 nuclear reactors burning uncontrollably in full meltdown since March 11th, 2011. Its been over a year and this nuclear disaster remains completely out of control. Noah was ridiculed for warning the people of impending judgment. He entered the ark and was saved. The ark is a picture, or type, of Jesus Christ. Those in Christ will be saved. As Noah was scorned, neither do I expect a warm reception.

    • Gary2

      I could have so much fun with your post. I will let youo use your imagination on what I would say as it seems like you have a pretty vivid one yourself.

      BTW–I have some worm wood in the compost pile in my back yard. Its called decaying tree limbs that power post beetles etc are recycling. It makes excellent compost!

    • Gary2

      hey wasn’t there a movie called the seventh seal with Demi Moore? (back when she was pretty)

  • I live on a ranch and when the house lights are out, it’s pitch black for as far as the eye can see.

    Out here, that’s very comforting. In a city, that’s very scary.

    Decaying cities are getting darker, as streets lights are being shut off and destroyed. And evil thrives in the dark.

    When you lose power due to economic collapse or natural disaster, you need to be prepared with many sources of light.

    At night, you should always have a light source available, like a LED flashlight on your keychain, or a small flashlight on your belt or in a purse.

    In your car and at home, dynamo-powered lights are great because you can charge them with the hand-crank.

    • xander cross

      I see they never told you the negative side of the country life. Again, you are defiently misinformed.

      • Gary2

        From the time I spent in the country with relatives—-many many pot heads, many many teen mothers unmarried of course. This was b4 the meth issues so I can only imagine how it is now.

        There was also a lot of good people in the country—there must have been as I was there 🙂

  • erheault

    It appears that the time to CYA is fast approaching no matter who or what is installed in gov the debt payment is due and what is left of the taxpayers will be in the kettle with the rest of the US,

  • Cinderella Man

    A gunshot rings out at the station, another urchin snaps and left dead on his own It makes me wonder why Im still here for some strange reason it’s now feeling like my home and Im never gonna go. Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes, some call it slums some call it nice I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home, Welcome to paradise – Green Day Welcome to Paradise. These guys were ahead of their time. It totally sucks whats happening to our once great country. I hear they now use parts of our Midwestern cities as film studios for end of the world type movies some city in Indiana I believe. How pathetic is that? I watched Robocop the other day it was funny to see back in the 80s they believed Detroit would be taken over by the fictonal corporation OCP and that they would want to destroy old Detroit and make a place called Delta City. These days I bet residents of the Motor City would be overjoyed to have a new development like that!

  • Who wants to know?

    The 27,000 job cuts are world wide, not just the US. I know this fact, because 2 days ago I spoke with someone who actually works for HP. He said that they have 300k+ employees all over the world. Jim at The Burning Platform does right good articles, but he uses a lot of profanity, which I complained about. I find it odd that a self-professed Christian would use such language and stereotype all blacks as “La Quesha”, with a terrible picture of an overweight, black woman, eating a bucket of chicken. He blocks anyone who disagrees with him and that’s why there are very few comments on his site.

  • Seth

    Surely you all jest. I mean, Obama is President and I’m sure things have turned around since he was elected.

  • Rodster
  • Peeg

    [Sure, there are areas of New York City, Boston, Washington and Los Angeles that are still absolutely beautiful…] Northwest DC is generally not bad, but Northeast, Southeast and Anacostia are unsightly and nothing but trouble. At one time DC held the title of Murder Capital until other cities became even worse. The city government is at least as corrupt and incompetent as the federal government.

    When you drive from VA into DC on the 14th Street Bridge, the road turns to the right and goes under a railway bridge completely covered in rust, a harbinger of what else you’ll encounter further in town. That bridge is not an abandoned spur, but is instead the main north-south rail corridor over which numerous passenger and freight trains travel each day. Given the third world reliability of our passenger rail service, I suppose its appearance fits.

  • Andy Stunich

    Several changes happened that made the decline and decay of the United States inevitable. First, we lost the educational system to left wing secularists. Every tyrant in history has taken over the educational system knowing that molding the values and beliefs of the masses was crucial to obtain the type of society envisioned. Predictably, we have become a largely left-wing, secularist nation. The trend is toward a further shift toward that ideology. Just compare the left’s champion from the 1960’s, John F. Kennedy, to its current champion – Obama. Kennedy seems like an ultra conservative by comparison. Second, we surrendered the role of God and the Church in charity to the government. This had a devastating moral and financial impact. The government cannot and does not have much discretion in who receives aid. Hence, multitudes can and do game the system, but in the long run they hurt themselves as well as those shouldered with the financial burden. The resulting expense is far beyond what society can maintain and it is destroying us financially. Many middle class Americans live in fear of the IRS and are being destroyed by ruinous back taxes they cannot afford to pay. Equally troubling, it is sad and ironic that the very programs that are supposed to aid the poor will cause them to have no chance at a decent job or way of life and will make them poorer than anyone could have ever imagined when the programs were started because it is impossible for the government to continue those programs too far into the future. The estimates of when short falls will occur are grossly inaccurate because as we decline ore and more the programs are increasingly utilized at the very time the tax revenue to fund them declines. None of the social democracies are doing well financially. Highkly regulated secular social democracies simply do not appear to be a functional societal model in the long run. Third, due to loss of control over the educational system, moral values have decayed and this moral value decay has even spread to most of the churches that remain. Now, the government, entertainment industry, media and apostated churches are leading the entire nation on a course of obvious ruin. What is so gut wrenchingly sad is that the most devestating ruin is in our souls and values such that we have no hope of chnaging course. In fact, the changes the government, entertainment industry, media and apostated churches claim will save us will only deepen the harm and decay. We expelled God from the classroom and much of public discourse and now we are seeing the consequences thereof. This is just the beginning of sorrows. Democracy has run its course. Our Founders warned us that a republic/democracy was appropriate for a moral people and would not work otherwise. The course we are on is proving the Founders correct.

    • Cinderella Man

      A little long winded but right on man!

    • GaryToo

      you hit the nail on thte head.

  • Washington

    Are Romney and Obama the same on most issues? Try, ALL ISSUES.

    • OK, but Santorum was at least concerned about middle class jobs. He did take a moral stand and he did believe what he said. Why didn’t more people vote for him? Awh, because nobody wants to really change their lifestyle do they?

      • Gary2

        He also pulled out of the race which incidentally was also his preferred method of birth control. I guess he was at least being consistent.

    • GaryToo

      thats a simplistic low information conservative myth.

  • Dr. Tom Hudson

    I’m age 66, was born in Detroit, and our family left for California in 1962 when my dad retired from the Detroit Police Department. In 1962 Detroit was quiet, stable, middle class, and was a very “predictable” climate to raise an average family in. My dad could see some drastic changes were on the horizon and elected to relocate our family before this happened.

    My wife and I had to make the same decisions in 1993 when we lived in the San Bernardino, CA area. We relocated our family to the Eastern area of Washington State and that was the best decision we made. The Inland Empire of S. CA. has turned into Tijuana with a murder a week, or more.

    I am glad to be age 66, a Christian, and hope to exit stage left in the near future. America has taken the pathway of ancient Rome with very predictable results. It is doubtful that “things” can be rectified. I have fond memories of both Detroit and the Inland Empire, however they are memories and not the reality of today. Matthew 24 holds true for today with no exceptions. At least I have an eternal promise to cling to.

    • Michael

      Good comment Dr. Tom. 🙂


      • Elainee P.

        The reason these cities have turned into filth, and the lights have been turned off is because they have ALL turned out the light of JESUS CHRIST. They will laugh and lampoon this but it is true. America has kicked JESUS CHRIST out of everything and we are under GOD’s judgement. It is going to get very ugly soon.

        • Michael

          Yes, you are right Elainee.


        • Sharon

          I totally agree.

        • Kh

          The problem isnt religious its racial. Youd have to be blind to think the collapse of detroit was because people didnt pray hard enough, its because whitey moved out. Now theres nowhere left to run and whites are murderd everyday.

          • jaxon64

            it isn’t racial you racist fool. The root cause is the moral, familial and religious destruction of the black community by “progressives”. In the name of charity and often misguided compassion from guilt-ridden white liberals, whitey has under-mined black americans faith and religious beliefs, the basic definition of family and marriage and even the self-respect and dignity that comes with being able to provide for oneself instead of being a “victim.” Now blacks for the most part embrace our victimhood, love to hate those who oppress and there will never be enough decades or centuries between now and past transgressions of slavery for it to be forgotten. Whites (mostly libs) have molded us into eternal victims incapable of self-sufficiency. The sd thing is we will vote them in time and again because we don’t want to lose those tiny little monthly checks thaat ensure a perpetuation of the misery and victimhood.

        • Bonus Gift

          The cause was demographics. Third world people make for third world hellholes. In its heyday Detroit was composed mostly of white Americans, then it began to turn black. I for one wouldn’t invoke the Lord’s name to explain what is caused by a shift in the racial makeup of a city. Let’s try to be adults and call a spade a spade. Otherwise, we will keep making the same mistakes; and doing that would tantamount to insanity.

          • Paul

            The cause was capitalism – black people are cheaper than white people and therefore preferred by capitalists.

            And the more poor people are out there, the better you can reduce the wages –

            Don’t like it? Then leave and let one of “those” do your job (for half the price).

            Race and religion are just smoke screens to keep people occupied with themselves.

        • Debbie P

          Elainee you are so right!

        • TK

          You are absolutely right Elainee P. However, most people can’t see that.

        • Connie

          You are exactly right…they have also taken Christ and prayer out of schools and replaced with sex ed…and we are left with shootings and violence like we have never seen before.

        • Bonus Gift

          The primary cause was demographics. Third world people make for third world hellholes. In its heyday Detroit was composed mostly of white Americans, then it began to turn black. I for one wouldn’t invoke the Lord’s name to explain what is caused by a shift in the racial makeup of a city. Let’s try to be adults and call a spade a spade. Otherwise, we will keep making the same mistakes; and doing that would tantamount to insanity.

        • Gay Veteran

          more like a lack of jobs

        • Mad Max

          Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. This country has turn to crap because the people are ignorant, bigoted, selfish and greedy. Not enough god or Jesus, too many immigrants, blacks etc. Is this what this country is all about? Jesus freaks and bigots. Maybe this country is going down the drain because you’d rather talk about it, blame others, and make excuses as if you didn’t have a part in. Sad!

          You shall Reap what You Sow –

          OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

          • xander cross

            @Mad Max. Typical racist. Don’t worry, you will get what you ask for and then, you know how stupid you truly are.

          • GaryToo

            he was standing up for your position against the racists clown.

    • Tim

      “At least I have an eternal promise to cling to.”

      Amen. God’s people have a glorious future.

    • Big Kahoona

      Right behind you Doc!

    • Mattyboy

      Eastern Washington is beautiful and very conservative. Good country with good people. Thanks for the post.

      • john

        I heard that thee is gang activity in small towns in Washington state now, Kennewick, for example.

        • john

          I heard there is-sorry blooper.

        • Big Bear

          Kennewick is part of the Tri-Cities metro area (250,000), so not a small town. It’s out in the desert (on the Columbia, which is nice if you have boat).

          Spokane is about the same population, nestled at the edge of the mountains. North Idaho is idyllic. Ditto most of Montana.

          Living up here, there is no surprise I look forward to America dissolving and my area and the so-called flyovers becoming an independent nation (maybe with some of Canada to boot!) The liberals can have Kalifornia and the Left Coast. A perfect natural boundary would be the huge inland water basin created by the Continental Divide and Pacific Crest.

          I can still dream…

    • Carol

      All of the comments are true. This is where every society without Christ goes. I too lived in San Bernardino CA area
      for 17 years & left in the late 90’s. I am grateful. But I relocated to my hometown in Colorado & much of CA has moved here as well with the ideas that were never welcome before. I have seen a change in our city here from friendly
      rednecks to a lot of crime, drugs, even drive by shootings are beginning to occur past few years. We deperately need a move of the Holy Spirit to rock America again. Instead I think The Harbinger is more likely a scenerio for our once
      great country. I pray that Jesus comes for us soon. May we plant, water & reap until then with the understanding this is surely the last generation before His return.

    • John W.

      San Berdoo is indeed a real *************. The only good thing about the place is they finally widened and improved the I-15 to SR-60 exits and made the road the size it should be. Otherwise the place is a sorry mess.

  • John

    Don’t move to Idaho. Stay the hell out of here.

    We don’t need any more ill-equipped, unprepared refugees from anywhere else mere moments before TSHTF. Our infrastructure is what it is and our supply lines are what they are. Further, the stores here are going to run out of supplies as fast if not faster than everywhere else in this stinking, blighted country. Frankly, FedGov will likely make certain that NOTHING gets into Idaho because it’s way too “white” and has been politically, psychologically and spiritually resistant to their goals.

    “Here’s looking at you, Idaho!” – Dr. Strangegov

    “Rancher” is an idiot and most likely lives five houses up a stinking Cul de Sac in Couer d’Alene and herds cats in his backyard. Even if he isn’t a damn city-dweller it’s 99.99999% likely that he’s retired from elsewhere and is one of those self-imagined “Ranchers” who owns five whopping acres he does nothing with, has six chickens and a couple of friggin’ Alpacas (Aren’t they cute?) to go with the Shetland Pony he has pooping the place up in between visits from the grandkids. To top it off he bought his “tractor” from Ace Hardware and his idea of putting up hay is mowing the lawn. Gidddy-up!

    Besides, only an idiot would even think of saying, “Hey! Everything is going to hell! Come here and make matters for us exponentially worse! Welcome!”

    He’s an idiot.

    And sad as it may be, contrary to “Ranchers” advice, if you want to visit any sort of decent “Prepper Site” don’t waste your time on any from Idaho except, but, rather, go to the sites from Utah. The only other good one in Idaho is done by a NorthIdaho woman who can probably kick Ranchers” ass all the way to that Wal-Mart two blocks from his Cat Ranch! Seriously, those Mormons are flat-out serious preppers and beyond practical. PERIOD.

    Stay the hell out of here. Stay the hell out!!!

    • Mal R.

      LMAO! great post. It matches your avatar. But please dont recommend that idiots come to Utah. You know the mormons here dont shave their horns off and they hold ritual sacrifice of non-mormons! DONT COME HERE!

    • nowwthen

      “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” – Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke. When the black helicopters arrive to take away your weapons and arrest you for a manufactured hate crime or RICO charge they will get your weapons – gripped by your cold dead fingers or not.

      • Don’t fool yourself into thinking the black helicopter crowd is invulnerable. We ain’t exactly ********** in Afghanistan ten years later….and they’re a bunch of so-called goat-herders.

    • mondobeyondo

      I’d go to Idaho, grab a few potatoes and hop across the border to Wyoming.


    • mondobeyondo

      Oh yeah – definitely do NOT come here to Arizona.

      I’m sorry, I know that leaves you with few options. But things in AZ are crazy enough as it is. We don’t need any extra help. Please!!

      “Ich bin ein Hamburger!” – Ronald McDonald

      • Van

        I agree, stay out of Arizona, it’s a waste land, nothing to see here. No water no food either. And we hate guns, guns are bad, so we don’t have those either. Also it’s hot, you won’t like the heat, and let’s not even talk about the wild critters that will eat you! 😉

    • Melody


    • William Clarke

      You Idaho Nazi’s can have your new “Fatherland”. I moved to New Zealand to get away from Mexican gangs and white “patriots” like Idaho Nazi’s.

    • GaryToo

      tell em john sent ya

    • John W.

      Great rant. It gets too damn cold in Idaho.

    • Gary3

      Don’t be suprised to see a large group of Somali or Hatian refugees “relocated” to your state. Can’t have any state missing out on the “diversity”.

      • gary3 is correct. This is what has been happening around the country. The folks in power are shipping in hordes of African refugees and putting them in govt. housing, with food stamps, and welfare payments.
        They are putting them in all white communities for whatever agenda they have.

    • jayhawk

      At least your not bitter and angry.

  • Bryan

    Our nation is suffering becouse becouse we have kicked God out of almost everything in this country, our schools, government state and local let’s not talk about the federal…everywhere, the only place God is still welcomed is in Bible believing churches, and born again believers homes, China is taking us over or debt is over 6-7 trillion dollars and people just live as if NOTHING IS WRONG!!! you try to tell people and they think your stupid and crazy they don’t believe you..or they don’t think it’s that serious. all you can do is laugh with tears…how do you really let people know the life they’ve known for so long is about to fade and fade away fast….all i can tell you for everyone who reads this…Jesus is coming!!! prepare your heart room for him while there is still time…while we live in this false since of security!! GODBLESS YOU ALL!!! please think about it…Christ is the only hope we have ever really have had

    • M. Hapney

      Your own intelligent and reason are the only hopes you have, not mythology.

      • Chloe

        Intelligence and reason are what make faith in God. Not hope He doesn’t exist

    • Paul

      Its not what you’ve kicked out, its what you’ve let in. They now rule your country (from behind the curtain mostly), and are working on the rest of us.

      • Another Richard

        Paul and Bryan are Both right.People and Nations are not a vacuum. When Good is removed or muted ie.God, then the opposing force moves into the vacated area,ie. Satanic influences. This is All taught in the Holy Bible – God’s Word. Without the cleansing Power of the Lord Jesus Christ influencing the thoughts and actions of the People predominently, the Nation eventually implodes of its own evil devices and decay and Dies.

    • Debbie P

      Well said Bryan!

  • Jim

    The thing is that the city dwellers are happy with their lot in life. Sure they need more, who doesn’t? But the thing that makes me crazy is that everyone seems to know what is best for the other guy. Maybe if we paid more attention to our own situation and left other people to their own situations, life would be alot more nicer. Certainly alot less stressful. I don’t really care how others live, as long as I don’t have to pay for it. And if I don’t like my neighbors then I better figure out a way to move. If there is one thing I have learned is that it is far easier to change ME than to change the other guy.

    • Gary3

      You can’t change the people around you, so sometimes you have to change which people are around you.

    • Noah

      Well put sir.

  • Mal R.

    “all of those cities are rapidly being transformed into cesspools of filth, decay and wretchedness. Millions of good jobs have left our major cities in recent decades and poverty has absolutely exploded. ”

    Same pattern over and over. Hard working Americans come and build it up. Then democrats move in and leech off of the success like the parasites they are. The parasites chase away all of the hard working producers and everything quickly turns into redistribution of poverty.

    • Gay Veteran

      eyeroll, American cities did fine when there were plenty of JOBS available

  • Mark

    The answer to solve these problems are remarkably simple. Stop the imports from slave labor countries in Asia. Force companies to produce in North America if they want to sell here. Sure, all goods will be very expensive at first, but as soon as we build up a middle class again making quality products, better wages will compensate, and you won’t need to buy a product every year with the Chinese shit they are sending us, but once per 5 or 10 years with better solid designs.

    However, this solution will only be implemented after a great economic shock, i.e. hyperinflation after an economic collapse, or a war in Asia, or both. First, we have to flush out the debts and get rid of the Wallstreet gangs.

    • Chloe

      Get rid of unions and oppressive regs first. Give everyone a chance

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    The dead is coming to America and running fast……….then America will open the eyes, but maybe too late.

  • Spanky

    I have been hearing about the economic collapse now for many many years. I believe our course is unsustainable, but it is tough being laughed at over and over as machine touch keeps grinding foward. I always hear how great and powerful this nation is, and how our economy could never falter of fail. We are too big, too smart, too powerful. And who is anyone going to listen to, the great investors of our time, or these radical bloggers? Yet all the fraud, and financial shenanigans, when will this madness finally end.

    When will JP Morgan bite the silver bullet, when will Goldman Sachs stop there financial terrorism. When!!!!!!!!!!

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Gee! What do these cities have in common that could explain decades of constant decline and bad government??? Lets see Democrat leaders and large minority populations. Hmmmmmm! So what city is next???

    • SheeleShearer

      Wow. White racist who can’t look in the mirror and see that hes part of the problem, too. We were all complicit, now we need to stop pointing fingers and FIX IT. Iceland kicked out their government, told the banks to F*** off, and now they are living crisis free.

    • Unwelcomed French opinion

      Seattle. All cities. This is Brazil by 2025. But at least few Americans worship a certain cult quite alien to anything civilized.

  • mondobeyondo

    So why are our great Eastern cities (and Southern, Central and Western cities) deteriorating?

    First answer out of the peanut gallery: Racism. Sorry, that bird won’t fly. There have always been plenty of hard working African Americans, Hispanics and other races in these cities. For the most part, they have the odds stacked against them. You try climbing Mount Everest with a boulder on your back. So, race isn’t an issue here.

    Number 2: Decline of the local economy/tax base. Ahhh, now we’re making progress. When the high wage jobs leave, you don’t have the cash to pay the school and property taxes. As a result, the schools get less revenue. The quality of the schools goes down. Everything else goes down, too. Your home prices. Your businesses. Industries. Health and social services. Pretty soon, you have a… a ghetto!! (wow, I’m starting to get a New York accent, like Al Pacino or something. I’ve never been to New York in my life!)

    Before we can propose any solutions, we have to identify the problem first. What is REALLY causing this?

    1) Lazy fat American citizens
    2) Racism (not a factor. Already told you that)
    3) Globalization (we got ourselves a contenda here!)
    But wait! There’s more…
    And if you send me a check for $19.99, I’ll be happy to tell ya the rest!*

    *And therein lies the main problem: Greed.
    Greed. Greed. GREED.
    Anything for a buck. Or a hundred bucks, or a hundred thousand bucks. Just like Judas, our politicians have sold this country out to the highest bidder (i.e. China) – for a few pieces of silver.

    • jerrie

      Ya;;ll are missing one of the most important points: this country has been given away to massive and unheralded immigration under the guise that “we are all immigrants”, as though that means we let foreigners in until the rivers run dry and our children are living in India-like refuse heaps. “Husbandry” is a brilliant word which means to properly manage your resources for the future. By letting in all these foreigners we have, in essence, spent our children’s water, air, and open land. Too, the foreigners have just been another ponzi scheme along with the stock market scheme and the housing scheme. Put all the money spent on teaching “second languagers”, on welfare handouts of all kinds, and give the jobs foreigners work (whether they came here illegally or not to Americans who are here by birth of citzenship, and you’ll see a completely different country. It is our country not theirs, they just act like it’s theirs because we are all cowered into believing anything we say is “racist.” It’s not racist to say: Not one more immigrant. This country is for my children and MY Grandchildren.

      • xander cross

        Wait a minute, your ancestors stole this courntry so, its not yours at all. It belongs to africans who discoverd this country way before the so called native americans came here long ago. You really need to read your history and stop watching the Hitler Channel, oh, I mean, the history channel. Columbus did not discover america and your founding fathers were elites for England. Keep thinking that you won the revolutionary war.

        • Gary2

          Small Pox is what enabled the European countries to basically colonize the world. Plain and simple small pox. We were immune and the natives were not and it wiped most of them out.

          • Michael

            By the way, for those that are interested there is a free preview of a new magazine that will be featuring some of my articles on itunes….


            It is called “Happy To Survive” and in a couple of months it will feature an extended interview with me. 🙂


  • Alasha

    Please help us – 7-year-old’s suicide shocks Detroit community

  • Bonnie

    In 1963 my family took a trip across the United States from California to visit relatives in Boston Mass.
    You bet our American cities were the envy of the world! I SAW MANY OF THEM WITH MY OWN YOUNG EYES! Clean, wonderful American cities!
    This all changed when the stupid Democrats changed our wonderful immigration laws to accommodate THE THIRD WORLD!
    The horrible “1965 Immigration Reform Act”.
    This is what destroyed the United States.
    Not only are Third World immigrants in our cities, illegal alien scum are allowed to roam our American cities with their ugly flags to boot!

    • Bonnie you can thank the democrats for that–especially Mr. Ted Kennedy.

    • Old Man

      Back in the 1890-1900, America was in one deep *********. The remains of the Civil War still reverberated, country was still fragmented, and the government actually defaulted. There appeared no way out of the economic depression of 1890.

      Then they invented the great trans-Atlantic liners in the 1900’s. Millions of European refugees (and a million from Asia, mostly China), slave labor, the third world of the time, came to America without any Immigration control. They built NYC and San Francisco to become the greatest cities on Earth, rejuvenated an America lost in the aftermath of civil war. The were largely responsible for kick starting U.S.A into the global power of the 20th century. Just as important, these new generations of immigrants blew away the old hatred of North & South responsible for the Civil War. Cleared the way for national reconciliation.

      Know history before you blame Bonnie.

      • Bonus Gift

        Old Man:
        It seems you are ignorant of history (e.g., NYC and San Francisco already existed before they came), or possibly just a common troll pushing the New World Order for your overlords. Buying the cultural Marxist myth in place of reality seems a bit unseemly at this point in American history. Let me guess, you feel that Americans are lazy and shun most jobs offered to them, but in the heart of every Somali or Mexican is a pure American just waiting to get out. It is purely contradictory to simultaneously state we are all the same yet imply that founding stock Americans are lazy scum that deserve to be replaced and cleansed from the country they founded and built. Simply put, a country like the United States is not some flophouse open to anyone who can board a boat or plane; it is composed of people with a common history and blood. Also, many of those Europeans that couldn’t hack it went back from whence they came as the socialist transfer system was minimal at the time.

    • SheeleShearer

      I’m sure it was terrible what your stupid republican leaders did to help the stupid democrats do.

    • John W.

      Seemingly we even have one for president. We have truly arrived. If this country survives another ten years it will be a miracle.

  • Peeg

    Speaking of “turning out the lights,” the big Sparrows Point steel plant in Baltimore is laying off nearly 2,000 workers and plans to close in June. This was once part of the Bethlehem Steel empire. See:,0,5477583.story

  • Big Kahoona

    Detroit is what it is today because the Lib’s have had control for many, many years.

    As for the rest of the country….I implore all of you in here to read the book; “The Harbinger” by Johnathan Cahn. It will explain everything!~

    • sharonsj

      Sorry, but the Repubs had control for about 10 years and spent like drunken sailors. Dubya gave us a $10 trillion debt with two wars and a drug program gift to big pharma. Plus, the Repubs just love them big corporations with lots of bribe money and high-paying jobs when they leave congress. And it was Reagan that started the whole idea of “trickle down” economics. So, have you realized that trickle is the corporations pissing on us?

      • Mal R.

        His comment was about big cities. The most poverty ridden cities in America have all been solidly run by democrats for decades.

        Dont be an idiot, Bush did not give us $10 trillion dollars of debt. And BTW, why would you criticize him for it? You keynesians LOVE big debt. Hell you dopes dont belive debt ever needs to be repaid.

  • The Signs

    Make your preparations – Prophetic dreams from several sources are revealing late July and early August as very difficult dates and/or November after the election right around Thanksgiving.

    He who has an ear let him hear.

    ‘Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.’ (Rev.)

    • WM

      The Signs: What are the sources you are getting this info from? Can you share links with us? I am very careful about people who pick dates ( camping, Jehovahs Witnesses, Mayans, etc), especially if its 3 different possible time periods, as you noted above. If a true prophet from the Living Lord, then that is a different story, once we shine latter day prophecies in the light of discernment. I do believe that this coming election will be yet another shift in direction farther along into the globalist/new world order/coming dictator agenda, (End times Bible prophecies being fulfilled)


      • Alasha

        ps: Jehovah’s Witness have not picked a date as to the end – (Matthew 24:36) “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.
        I know – I am studying with them now.

    • Alasha


  • Max Entropy

    When the productive are punished by the government for being productive, they cease to be productive. The government leeches off of the productive to fund the non-productive. Eventually Government will run out of money and the society collapses.
    Invest in lead and brass.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Detroit’s new motto for 2020:

    “We’re A Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy!”

  • Tatiana Covington

    I can think of another reason why all this is happening in Detroit…

    • Gary3

      We all know the cause. Some just refuse to believe. The PC agenda was worked well.

    • Does it have anything to do with :

      ‘Tax Dollars Servicing Foreign Debt’ ?


      • Tatiana Covington

        Something else entirely. Let’s just say, it involves a well-known two-stranded molecule.

  • CelticChieften

    I’m reading a range of opinions and ideas as to why America’s cities and perhaps the country itself; seems to be falling into decay. Many people seem to “know why” and are quick to blame or quote scripture. So many opinions tell me we are still in the marketplace of ideas and this is a good thing. At least dialogue exists and that is perhaps a faint heartbeat of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. I wish we could make something of this dialogue though. I wish we could channel this energy into something tangible. It’s so sad to see and hear many so many people spitting so much poison.
    Many think some sort of purge should occur and I can see how this seems appealing. This idea seems plausible; especially in the western mindset which resides in solving problems by initiating invasive or aggressive action. We use terms like, “surgical airstrikes” loosely and laud the results of utter destruction of things we as a society don’t approve of. We lay off workers, close factories, label groups of people we disapprove of, we judge one another harshly and have no patience, compassion or pity for anyone who doesn’t pull his or her load. Now though, we turn on ourselves and join the march to self-destruction as if we want it all to crumble. Maybe we should let it all fall and let’s see if we have the resolve to rebuild the dream. The only risk in this model is we might have to tolerate a police state for a long time before we all feel safe again. Maybe Thomas Jefferson was right, “200 years is enough”. My hope is if or when we do collapse, we have a vision ready. A collective vision. How can we find common ground? I don’t know right now. It seems we (People) revel in disagreement for the sake of being right. We seem to have lost direction. It is my deepest wish that we can solve our nation’s problems calmly and remain peaceful. Where do we start? Well, we all want peace, prosperity, safety and a place to raise our families without worries. Perhaps we can start with the basics. This is how this nation was built in the first place: from the ground up, with grit, strength, desire, ingenuity, perseverance and a lot of heart. The soul of our nation can and will rise from the depths of despair. All we have to do is decide together.

    • Bonnie


      I doubt if anyone will follow your lead Chief.
      You might dislike the opinions of Americans
      that witnessed how wonderful this nation once was
      but we Americans are only telling the truth.
      Our once wonderful cities are being destroyed due to Multiculturalism from horrid cultures
      that have dreamed of coming here for years and were wisely not allowed in. The U.S. was an Exclusive nation for a reason.
      Now these Third world thugs are here and our Nation is in turmoil.
      The Shadow government has succeeded in destroying the United States as they planned to do.
      You seem to be living in a dream world.

      • GaryToo

        sure the black slaves dreamed of coming in for years.
        whos living in a dream land?

        If you are an american indian you can all that.

        remember you are still 85% white.

    • Alasha

      i do wish a kum – by- ya attitude would be the cure, however, not to recognize the big picture global effect is extreme naivete IMHO. God Bless

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “Well, we all want peace, prosperity, safety and a place to raise our families without worries. Perhaps we can start with the basics.”

      I submit that we all do not want peace, prosperity, safety, etc. There are many millions who want the fruit of the labor of others. There are many hundreds of thousands that want power for the sake of power. There are others who want to tell you and me exactly how we should be allowed to live our lives. Yes, a slim majority wants what you describe. But a near majority wants dominion without end over the majority. And some within that slim majority are easily fooled.

  • John Blythe

    As a Californian, I can highly relate as to what is going on in this state. I’m 26 years old, and even at my age, I’ve seen the horrible changes sweeping the state. I grew up in the small rural community of Lake Isabella (about 30 miles north east of Bakersfield) and even here, crime is becoming more common. There is a high percentage of methamphetamine production, teenagers are engaging in gang related activity including white supremacy and there’s now graffiti popping up; there has been a very strange spike in homicides and suicides in just the last two years and recently, one of our local sheriff deputies was nearly gunned down by someone who is suspected to have ties to drug cartels in Mexico.

    These are not the kind of things you’d typically expect to see in a small rural community in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    But even across the rest of California, we’re seeing major decline and a spike in criminal activity and even local news officials are reluctant to cover the stories.

    Nobody wants to talk about the growing racial tensions in California’s Inland Empire (San Bernardino and Riverside) between White Supremacists, Hispanic/Latino gangs and African American gangs.

    Down in Los Angeles, that city is beyond bankrupt and yet the city council wants to continue to maintain the status quo which has financially burdened them for decades. Mayor Tony Villarigosa has a horrible track record of solving LA’s huge financial shortfall, yet finds time to waste tax money on lavish dining, vacations and Lakers games.

    In fact, throughout Los Angeles, huge office buildings are totally vacant. Just about a week or so ago, I was near LAX coming in after a movie shoot and noticed that several office buildings on Century Blvd. that were becoming unoccupied, had already been subjected to graffiti and vandalism. I mean Century Blvd. near LAX is a busy intersection!

    In Bakersfield, we have thousands of unoccupied houses still sitting there since the 2008 crisis, and businesses that had a reputation of catering locally to businesses including those that were family owned are now being gobbled up by major corporations or they are simply closing down for good and laying off hundreds of employees. My family’s restaurant business in Lake Isabella had used the same meat company in Bakersfield for nearly three decades. This meat company back in January of this year had been forced to accept being acquired by a larger food company based out of Modesto, but now meat prices are higher.

    Yet Governor Brown wants to keep raising taxes put forth on the November ballot. What good will this do? Austerity? Tax people’s money they don’t have? I can tell you if they push for additional property taxes, my family’s rural restaurant and lodging business of 60 years will not be able to survive financially. We already have a huge number of companies throughout the State that are leaving California by the hundreds every other month because they can’t keep up with the red tape and regulations, ridiculous property taxes and annual fees they have to pay to the State Franchise Tax Board.

    These issues, though many of them are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to California’s problems, is one reason why I’ve been pushing Riverside county Supervisor Jeff Stone and some of the candidates I know personally running for County Supervisor in Kern County, to support breaking up California and forming a new state called South California. The current state is simply unmanageable and its debt and deficits are unsustainable. It has more than $500 billion in unfunded liabilities including pensions, $360 billion in debt, yet it spends regularly over $400 billion and more than 4 million Californians are currently living on food stamps.

    Obviously, this insanity cannot last forever.

    • Michael

      Great comment John.


    • Chloe

      Good points. All I can say is what happened to the father’s f these gang bangers? If we can get young girls to keep their legs closed that would be great too.

    • Old Man

      Thanks for the informative on-the-ground writeup.

      “Obviously, this insanity cannot last forever.”

      I live in the East. Back around 1995, I attended an economic conference in the D.C. area. The subject was about unsustainability of economic, trade, monetary, fiscal policies under the Clinton administration. A panel of hard-headed economists painted an alarming picture, and warned the current path will lead to great problems.

      All warnings were summarily ignored, some of the professors even ridiculed in the press. Then America elected the GW Bush administration, who proceeded to accelerate the reckless policies.

      3 years ago I contacted one of the speakers of that conference, who has since retired. I asked him for an update. He said:

      America has pursued a self-destructive path for almost 2 decades. It is by now irreversible. It will become unsustainable, and will hit the wall head on. There will be no fix, political or economic, until the unsustainable is simply unsustained naturally. The people will discover what we said back in 1995, which was ridiculed, as ‘obvious’. Such is the folly of the mass engaged in self-worship.

    • Alasha

      Such wisdom from a young man. Thanks for the on the ground update, John.

  • Andy Stunich

    Those of you railing about people in the cities need to show the love and compassion of Yeshua. Many of those city slickers have no choice but to live where they are because that is where their home and jobs are located. Those of you in Idaho are blessed not only with the beauty and rural nature but the fact that the state has not been as affected by societal changes as most other areas. Count you blessings but do not lose your compassion and love for others less fortunate.

  • Diana

    Abortion caused this. Think about the effect of the shrinking population on a country.

    We also compromised on abortion when we granted China “most favored nation” status during the ’90’s. Chris Smith of NJ opposed upgrading the status because of the Chinese “one child only” policy, but congress could only see the vast Chinese market of a billion people. How did that work out? Our willingness to compromise human rights in exchange for our greed has come back to bite us. We used to stand for something, and because we made a deal with the devil, now we are barely standing.

    • I agree with you Diana.

    • Old Man

      China applied for entry into the WTO as full member back in the late 1990’s. WTO is an international organization, and is not run by the US. Every WTO member country must give every other member equal trade status – that’s the prime rule.

      When WTO executives voted for China WTO membership, China and the US must therefore give each other same trade treatment. That requires the US to give China permanent status in MFN law, and China give the US the same MFN status.

      The US did not do anything different in its trade relationship with China – it merely made the decade-old MFN status permanent. It certainly did not give China any free trade status. It was China who made the huge change in trade. Before WTO, America was barred entirely from doing business in China, or trading with China. After WTO, China opened up its economy to the world, not just to America, on an equal and reciprocal basis.

    • Ted

      There is much truth to that! The devaluing of children and the sanctity of the home is a huge part of the problem. NO POLITICIAN says anything about it. Contra-wise, the President of the United States is the greatest champion of abortion the nation has ever known, and doesn’t want his daughter, “penalized with a baby” should she go out and get herself pregnant. His solution: kill the baby. Good one Mr. President.

    • Gay Veteran

      ******* Diana, we don’t have enough jobs for the CURRENT population

  • Hondo

    5 armed robberies within a block of my house in the last 6 months. 15 within 5 blocks in the last 15 months. Welcome to Denver.

    • Michael

      Yes, Denver is definitely headed in the wrong direction.


      • mondobeyondo

        “Denver” upside down is “Inverted”.
        Or something like that.
        Yeah, that joke was bad.
        – Mondo

      • Ian

        denver heaeded in the wrong direction? I just dont see it. Very peaceful and calm city.

  • Paranoid

    Problem is we no longer know how to get rid of our gargage, human or trash. We just store it in a landfill or prison and hope it doesen’t get out. Both have the same solution, burn as cheaply as possible. Human now costs $50,000 a year to store, we need to get rid of them at 30 Cents each.

  • Kevin2

    “Welcome to Camden NJ, we’re ahead of out time”.

    • Alasha

      Do you really live in Camden? I am in Nutley

  • Kevin2

    “Welcome to Camden NJ, we’re ahead of our time”.

    • What’s there a lot of in Camden?

  • Barn cat

    It started in the early 60s when illegitimacy and crime exploded in the inner city. Before that, cities weren’t the dangerous places that they are now. It got worse in the 70s as cities increased business taxes and businesses left the cities. Cities cut back on police, the cities got more dangerous, and anybody left who could afford to leave. That left cities with fewer and fewer tax payers and more and more welfare people.

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh, please don’t make me post that Tsar Bomba link again.

  • Bill Michael

    “Oh my, we are failing because we have kicked God/Jesus/spirituality out of our country. China is taking over!!!” Is there any critical thinking in this freaking country anymore? Really? We have turned our back on God so now an even more Godless country (China) is kicking our asses and that is God’s plan? I despair for our nation if this is what amount to the majority view.

    • WM

      God used wicked nations to judge Israel, he can permit China to be that nation that takes us over and be the vehicle of judgement.

    • mondobeyondo

      The reason why a “Godless” country (China) is kicking our butts, is because we’ve turned our backs on God. This isn’t God’s plan. We chose this road ourselves, as a nation. And soon we will pay the price.

    • Old Man

      China ‘godless’?
      I despair at your wonton ignorance.

      China has been a Buddhist country for more than 2000 years. China has been a practitioner of Taoist religion for longer. 50% of Chinese worship their ancestors. If you include minorities, Chinese practice more than a dozen religions.

      • jaxon64

        “wonton” ignorance?? very good one Old Man

    • erheault

      Perhaps it is Buddas fault or Mohammeds fault or perhaps it is the fault of the voters who did not have time to vote against a vast majority of people who get into the government. No body paid attention to what was happening too buisy with Opra and other TV idiots telling them what to do. It is too late now to do much of anything except ride out what is in the pipeline for us. Enjoy the trip it is paid for.

    • John W.

      It seems you have a problem acceping reality. Humans run on emotion not logic. Always have always will. Religion was a leveling institution on those emotions.

    • justathought

      Bill, I absolutely see the rationale in your thinking. However, this is what the Bible says about Israel. (2 Chron. 36:14-16). “They mocked the messengers of God, and despised His words, and misused His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people until there was no remedy.” God’s plan was to use Israel’s enemies (Babylon in this case) to bring judgment upon her. If you are unfamiliar with the Old Testament, then I can see why God’s ways would be strange. But God Himself says His ways are not our ways. Because He allows what is necessary to bring us to Himself, through repentance. If we won’t listen in times of peace, then He will allow those things that we cling to as idols, to be stripped from us. Ever notice when a tragedy has struck, almost everyone prays. Even when they may not be believers? That is God’s plan. He wishes that none perish, eternally! That is His ultimate plan, our eternal lives. If we must lose everything in this life to gain eternal life, it is worth it. Believe me, when people are standing in line at the gates of hell, they will wish with everything, that they had asked Jesus into their lives. Reread the Bible and you will understand why the majority views it this way. It’s the Truth.

  • I drove thru gary Indiana recently and I was shocked. Most of the building on the main road are boarded up and the side streets off of the main street have no cars parked on them. It looks like everybody just got in their cars and drove away and left everything behind. Very Sad

  • Steve

    CEO’s pay soars in 2011 at top US companys.
    Bank of America: Fron $1.3 million to $7.5 million.
    Marathon Oil: $8.8 million to $29.9 million.
    Motorola Mobility: $13 million to $47.2 million.

    You have to learn to look at the good side of things!
    News sentinal Friday May 25th.

  • Gary2

    Romney Comment Contradicts GOP Orthodoxy… Admits Slashing Spending Would Cause Recession


    • GaryToo

      And there is no recession or depression alreadu is there genius? Your country is not already going down is it?

  • mondobeyondo

    You will all be relieved to know, I’ll be off to my annual sabbatical to the Grand Canyon this weekend. As usual, I tend to screw things up, as 99 percent of the population of Phoenix is already up there, trying to escape the heat. Oh well. Triple A, don’t fail me now! If you do – I might have to call that green Geico lizard fellow.

    Have a great Memorial Day!

    • mondobeyondo

      And for those of you celebrating Memorial Day – please remember the real meaning behind the holiday. It’s not about beer, or barbecues, or the Indianapolis 500.

      Please remember the hundreds of thousands of brave soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom for you to drink beer, cook a steak on hot coals, and watch an auto race on TV.

    • Michael

      Don’t forget to take some pictures for us. 🙂


  • MemyselfandI

    Writing in a public forum that a lack of belief in god is the root of all our problems for failing communities and economies, makes me cringe with disgust. Building communities and strong economies, takes careful planning, critical thinking, science & technology, hard work, and above all, good education for our children. None of these things have anything to do with god or religion.

    It’s all about turning off the TV, saying no to media programs that promote or glorify poor behavior and taking responsibility for our actions (or lack of). As much as everyone wants to help their fellow human, we can’t be a welfare state. It’s unsustainable. Every American is responsible for the current crisis. For America’s sake, I hope that this is just a wakeup call, but my gut tells me otherwise. America is a beautiful and wonderful country, with so many resources, and so much great potential, but all of these wonderful things are no longer in the control of its citizens. I seriously doubt we will get it back. It’s like trying to take the sugarcane stalk back from an elephant, or a juicy bone back from a hungry dog.

    I find myself becoming disillusioned when people say that god will solve our problems, or that turning our backs on god caused all of our woes. It’s such an escapist and lazy mentality. If there is a god, I believe he/she/it would want us to take responsibility for our own lives and actions. We have the ability to use our intelligence, ingenuity, and pull together to use team work to solve all our problems. Organized religion only divides us. A common goal may bring us together.

    • GaryToo

      you do not make sense, you suggest rejecting “poor behavior” in other words acting more in accordance with the values of religion. Your solution specifys nothing that is not already happening. What kind of teamwork??? what common GOal??? Thats a lazy and escapist attitude itself.

  • arglbargl

    I have lived in this major US city 30 years and everything is fine. Don’t forget to take your meds, Sport.

  • Chris

    “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and ALL the nations that forget God.”Psalms 9:17

  • Just live

    Quit placing the blame of this country on everything else but the people who live here. The americans brought this on their selves. Now, when you look in the mirror you don”t like what you see.

  • Andy

    Why is it what whenever an area is infested with Africans, it’s only a matter of time the place is in ruins. ALWAYS. If I am mistaken, please give me ONE example of a city becoming better AFTER it’s overrun.

  • dave

    We here in Australia are beginning to experience problems . its not in infrastructure decay or social decay .its essentially the so called refugees that are literally demanding to be let in . they mostly fly in on visitors visas and dont go back . a minority come via boats and all they have to do is land on Australian soil and claim refugee status . and 99% of them will be allowed stay and add to the aready high employment list. and so cocky have they become that the radical Muslims and African blacks are making racist comments about white Australia . many of us have lived through and seen what happened in the UK and other countries that opened the door to these aliens . many of these aliens make good nieghbors But when the SHTF and it eventually will . they will go to the corner that their mob goes to and like America most of the dumb ass people here are sufficiently dumbed down to be unable to see the clouds on the horizen .

    • GaryToo

      Actually it is Social decay in australia. Research shows a much higher exposure of kids to sexualised material here than in europe.
      “they mostly fly in on visas” Yes, those are majority white people from UK or USA. But you are not really objecting to those vast majority of illegals are you? White english speaking economic refugeees. You object to the tiny proportion of dark skinned “adding to the already high unemployment” unemp is below 5%, that is exactly where economists want it to avoid excess wage pressure.

      I have seen only one publicised case of a muslim religious leader copping a lot of flak for suggesting that young women were inviting trouble for dressing in skimpy clothing and getting intxicated. Thats the “racist comments about white australia”.

      When SHTF do you think only the tiny % of illegal immigrants will be the only ones “going down to the corner that their mob goes to.” Whatever that means.

      The truth is boat refugees are intercepted at sea, they never make it to mainland australia. They are held in detention centres ( essentially privately run prisons). Their application takes several years. Many choose to return to their own countries rather than the wait. There are only a few thousand. 90% eventually stay, not 99%.

      What I do object to is refugees rioting or going on hunger strike because they are tired of waiting in detention. If they are truly escaping torture and murder they should appreciate being safe, fed, and sheltered.

      If you mean acting lawlessly,

    • Bonus Gift

      Facts and logic seem to be have been brain washed out of our fellow countrymen and women. They now take comfort in wishful and magical thinking. You are correct; letting in the garbage of the world will turn Australia into a garbage dump. You want the third world, fill your cities and country with third world people. That is a simple, factual and accurate statement devoid of sentiment and false propaganda.
      In the US as Detroit turned from white to black and brown it turned into a hellhole. Portland Oregon is considered a nice city and is mostly white. Pittsburg Pennsylvania was down after the steel industry was decimated but came back as it whitened up (actually never really turned brown and/or black). Atlanta Georgia went from mostly white to mostly black (as whites fled to the suburbs as they often do to avoid all the benefits of “diversity”) and is now becoming a hellhole. In fact, there really is no exception to this rule/law regarding our supposed “enrichment”. You want a functioning place to find a job, live and grow a family look at the racial breakdown and target where the Europeans live. Unfortunately, willful ignorance and perverted hope seem to be the salvation of most promoting open borders for white countries only. Insanity and hypocrisy (e.g., Israel is actively kicking out blacks and others) rules at this moment, but I still hope for a greater awakening as ethnic cleansing of whites continues and spreads across what used to be my home country (also, see, e.g., South Africa).

  • Gary2

    Tom Barret creamed walker in last nites debate. I love it!

    • Gary3

      Actually, he *************************** his jeans.

  • Gary2

    PS–walker can not cut on milwaukee because he was county exec and caused more damage than any mayor could.

    • GaryToo

      so like obama?

  • What you are seeing is that the elite have already sold this country out, and they have no concerns whatsoever about the collapse or even our infrastructure, that got a “D” acouple years ago.

    Notice none of this was attended to? They gave the bankers trillions of dollars instead.

    “January 28, 2009 (ENS) – America’s infrastructure gets an overall grade of “D” and needs $2.2 trillion in repairs and upgrades over the next five years to meet adequate conditions, according to a new report by the nation’s professional engineers.”

    The psychopaths do not care. That is who we have running this place now. The Bible would refer to them as the wicked, seared and workers of iniquity.

  • After reading the above article and then the mostly inane comments following; it only seems fitting that the “Fallout” from the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors is going to destroy the inhabitants of all the Northern Hemisphere. Headline: “Mankind Destroyed By His Own Technology.” Come now and all stand around the campfire and hold hands as we sing “Khumbayah.”

  • hpl

    What do you expect when blacks and/or mexicans move in? There is no conspiracy or mystery here. BLACKS AND MEXICANS DESTROY EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH

  • These URBAN problems continue to exist AND grow because of one simple fact….

  • Washington

    May 20, 2012 Ron Paul’s Warning Of The World Economic Collapse. Keep one thing in mind after watching this. This is a message to be prepared!

  • LivinginParadise

    Where I live we just voted down a tax levi for more police because most of us feel so safe we don’t need them. That’s because most of us are very well armed. I’ve lived here 12 years and I have never locked my doors, not even when we’ve been on vacation. I don’t lock my car when I go into my local grocery either. I walk by myself at any hour, I see children running around freely and our local papers police report consists of small time crime only. We don’t have a lot of crime here for 2 reasons, we are not a “diverse” community and the citidiots don’t move here. I will never tell where this paradise is though, the last thing we want is to become a popular area.

    • Gary3

      You’re missing out on the blessings of diversity–gunfire in town, sirens, flash mobs (remember when they were cute and didn’t rob you?)

  • Peter Mwariri

    My Bro has turned out to be gay as soon as hje stepped in america.I will never forgive America for this.I am from Kenya and i think it is bad for a country to become a dumpsite of all manner of evil and an incubator for all demons

    • Mal R.

      stupid much?

  • Philadelphia schools might not open this fall. plumbing supply houses turning into ghost townes. Contractors phones not even ringing ! roads turning into dangerous conditions with no repairs . Yes its all true! its going the wrong way my friends …..record evictions for apartments, shopping strips near gone . neighbor hasnt paid mortgage or taxes in over a year ! fyi this is in a area not far from the wealthy !! extremely rich … serious issues , not getting better quick .

  • Excellent expose’

    There is no turning this around.

    Millons of illiterate and unskilled illegals pour in daily. They shun American customs and traditions and jealously promote their barrio Tijuana culture.

    Be aware – be prepared

    Right on! – WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda


    Babylon destroys her own land, with pollution and waste!!!!DO YOU GET IT??

    Is America modern Babylon?


    1. Babylon would be an END TIME GREAT NATION (Rev 17,18; Isa 13:6)

    2. and would have a huge seaport city within its borders (Rev 18:17).

    3. The Great City Babylon is the home of a world government attempt (Rev 17:18).

    4. and would be the economic nerve center of the world (Rev 18:3).

    5. as well as the center of a one world Luciferian religious movement (Jer 51:44).

    6. and would be the center for the move to a Global Economic Order (Rev 13:16).


    1. Babylon would be the youngest and greatest of the end time nations (Jer 50:12),

    2. and would the QUEEN AMONG THE NATIONS (Isa 47:5,7; Rev 18:7).

    3. Babylon would be the most powerful nation in the world (Isa 47, Jer 50, 51, Rev 18),

    4. and would be the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH (Jer 50:23; Rev 18:23).

    5. Babylon is called a lady, and has the symbol of the Lady (Isa 47:7-9),

    6. and would be the praise of the WHOLE EARTH (Jer 51:41).

    7. Babylon is center of world trade (Jer 51:44; Rev 17:18; 18:19),

    8. and would grow to be the richest nation in the world (Rev 18:3, 7, 19, 23).

    9. All nations that traded with Babylon would grow rich (Rev 18:3), and-

    10. the merchants of Babylon were the GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH (Rev 18:23).

    11. Babylon is a huge nation, with lands, cities, and great wealth (implied throughout),

    12. and is nation “peeled”, or timbered, a land of open fields (Isa 18:2),

    13. quartered by mighty rivers (Isa 18:2),

    14. a land that is measured out, and populated throughout (Isa 18:2).

    15. Babylon destroys her own land, with pollution and waste (Isa 14:20, 18:2, 7).

    16. Babylon is a land rich in mineral wealth (Jer 51:13) and,

    17. is the leading agricultural nation of the world (Jer 50, 51; Rev 18) as well as-

    18. the leading exporting nation in the world (Jer 51:13; Rev 18),

    19. and the leading importing nation of the entire world (Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

    20. Babylon is a nation filled with warehouses and granaries (Jer 50:26), and-

    21. is the leading INDUSTRIAL NATION OF THE WORLD Isa 13, 47, Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

    22. Babylon is noted for her horses (Jer 50:37),

    23. for her cattle, sheep and other livestock (Jer 50:26, 27; Rev18:13),

    24. and is noted for her fine flour and mill operations (Rev 18:13).

    25. Babylon is a nation of farmers and harvests huge crops (Jer 50:16, 26, 27).

    26. Babylon is a huge exporter of MUSIC (Rev 18:22),

    27. and her musicians are known around the world (Rev 18:22).

    28. Babylon has a huge aviation program (Isa 14:13-14; Jer 51:53; Hab 1:6-10), and –

    29. her skies are filled with the whisper of aircraft wings (Isa 18:1; Jer 51:53).

    30. Babylon has a huge space industry, has “mounted up to the heavens” Jer 51:53

    31. Babylon fortifies her skies with a huge military aviation program (Jer 51:53),

    32. and is portrayed as a leading in high technology weapons and capabilities (Jer 51:53; Hab 1:6-10; implied throughout).

    33. Babylon is a nation filled with warm water seaports (Rev 18:17-19),

    34. and is a coastal nation that sits upon MANY WATERS (Jer 51:13),

    35. and trades with all who have ships in the sea year round (Rev 18:17-18).

    36. Babylon is nation filled with a “mingled” people (Jer 50:37), and is a –

    37. SINGULAR NATION founded upon OUT OF MANY, ONE (Isa 13, 47, Jer 50, 51, Hab 1).

    38. Babylon is a Republic or Democracy, it is ruled by many counsels (Isa 47:13).

    39. Babylon’s governmental system breaks down (Isa 47:13) and becomes –

    40. bogged down with deliberations and cannot govern properly (Isa 47:13).

    41. Her leaders use astrology, seers and mystics for guidance (Isa 47:13; Rev 18:2),

    42. and have labored in the occult from her very inception (Isa 47:12).

    43. Babylon falls to the occult just before her end by nuclear FIRE (Rev 18:2)

    44. Babylon was born as a CHRISTIAN NATION (implied in Jer 50:12).

    45. Babylon turns upon its heritage and destroys it all in the end (Jer 50:11).

    46. Babylon’s Christian leaders lead their flock astray in prophecy and salvation (Jer 50:6; implied Rev 18:2).

    47. Babylon’s Christian leaders are “strangers” in the Lord Houses of Worship (Jer 51:51).

    48. The people of Babylon are deep into astrology and spiritism (Isa 47:12; Rev 18:2).

    49. Babylon becomes the home of all antichrist religions in the world (Rev 18:2).

    50. Babylon is a nation of religious confusion (Isa 47:12-13).

    51. Babylon turns upon its own people and imprisons and slays them by millions (Jer 50:7,33; 51:35; 39; Dan 7:25; Rev 13:7; 17:6; 18:24).

    52. Babylon sets of detention centers for Jews and Christians and rounds them up for extermination (Jer 50:7, 33; 51:35, 49; Rev 17:6; 18:24).

    53. Babylon has a mother nation that remains in existence from her birth to death (Jer 50: 12).

    54. The mother of Babylon has the symbol of the LION (Dan7:4; Eze 38:13; Jer 51:38; Psalms 17:12) and-

    55. will rule over her daughter her entire life (Dan 7:4; Jer 50:12).

    56. The mother of Babylon be in a state of Major Decline as the end nears (Jer 50:12)

    57. Babylon is considered to be a LION’s whelp (Eze 38:13; Jer 51:38), and –

    58. will have the symbol of the EAGLE and she builds her nest in the stars (Dan 7:4 EAGLE WINGS; Isa 14:13-14; Jer 51:53).

    59. Babylon turns totally antichrist and is the leading antichrist power at the end (Rev 18:2; Isa 14:4-6).

    60. THE KING OF BABYLON is called LUCIFER, the ANTICHRIST (Isa 14:4-6), and-

    61. will rule from THE GREAT CITY BABYLON (Isa 14:4-6; Rev 17: 18).

    62. A world government entity will rise up to rule the world from BABYLON THE CITY (Isa 14; Hab 2, Rev 13, 17, 18). {The United Nations?}

    63. This world entity will be a diverse entity, different than all other ruling bodies of the world (Dan 7:7, 23) {United Nations?} and,

    64. This entity will be a TREATY POWER ENTITY (Dan 7:7, 23 ‘diverse’) {United Nations?}.

    65. This entity will rise up and use the military power of Babylon the nation to RULE THE WORLD (Isa 14:4-6; Hab 1 & 2, Rev 13, 17) {The United Nations?}.

    66. Babylon is a huge producer and exporter of automobiles (Jer 50:37; Rev 18:13),

    67. and is a nation of CRAFTSMEN, experts in their trade (Jer 50, 51, Rev 18:22).

    68. Babylon is noted for her jewelry of gold and silver (Rev 18:22),

    69. and is a huge importer and exporter of spices (Rev 18:13), also-

    70. Babylon is a huge exporter of fine marble products (Rev 18:22),

    71. and is noted for her iron and steel production (Rev 18:12).

    72. Babylon has huge corporations that have bases around the world (Rev 18:23, implied throughout) and,

    73. is a nation of higher education and learning (Isa 47:10, implied throughout).

    74. Babylon is a nation with a GREAT VOICE in world affairs (Jer 51:55) and –

    75. is a VIRGIN NATION, untouched by major war (implied in Isa 47:1).

    76. Babylon has a vast military machine (Jer 50:36; 51:30; Hab 1 & 2, Rev 13:4).

    77. Babylon will be instrumental in the setting up of Israel in the Middle East, and is the home of God’s people (Jer 50:47; 51:45).

    78. She will have a major enemy to her north (Jer 50:3, 9, 41).

    79. Her enemy will lie on the opposite side of the world, over the poles (Isa 13:5)

    80. The enemy of Babylon will be a FEDERATION OF NATIONS (Jer 50:9).

    81. and will largely be Moslem in make-up (Jer 50:17; Rev 17:16; Psalms 83:5-12).

    82. The enemy of Babylon will have nuclear missiles capable of reaching Babylon (Jer 50:9, 14,; Rev 18:8, 18),

    83. and will be noted for her cruelty (Isa 13, 14, Jer 50, 51, Rev 17, 18).

    84. The enemy of Babylon will also have a huge aviation military machine (Jer 50:9, 14, Rev 18:8, 18 implied throughout),

    85. and will come into Babylon unnoticed (Isa 47:11, Jer 50:24; 51:2, 14).

    86. Babylon will be filled with her enemies brought in under the guise of peace (Dan 11:21) {‘Partnership For Peace’?}.

    87. She is land vast land with huge cities, towns and villages throughout (Implied throughout).

    88. Babylon will have all of her borders cut off, and there will be no way of escape (Jer 50:28; 51:32).

    89. She will be destroyed by nuclear fire (Implied throughout),

    90. Babylon would be a home to multitudes of Jews who leave (Jer 50:4-6, 8; 51:6, 45)

    91. The people of Babylon would not know their true identity (Jer 50:6, implied throughout).

    92. The people of Babylon would think they are God’s elect and eternal (Isa 47:7-8, Rev 18:7).

    93. The people of Babylon would enjoy the highest standard of living in the world (Rev 18:7).

    94. The people of Babylon would grow mad upon their idols (Jer 50:2, 38; Hab 2:18).

    95. The people of Babylon would go into deep sins of all kinds (Rev 18:5).

    96. The nation Babylon dwells carelessly before the Lord (Isa 47:8).

    97. Babylon becomes proud, haughty, and does not consider her end (Isa 47:7-8).

    98. Babylon deals in the occult, in sorceries and drugs (Isa 47:9, 12; Rev 18:23)I THINK THE MYSTERY OF BABAYLON THE GREAT IS NOW OVER!!!

    • Gary2

      I could have so much fun with your post but I promised to be nice.

  • Yes, the objective is to have the remaining desperate poor self- evict them selves by turing off the services. I postulate that water service is next and of course thedre4 is no heating in the wi9nter. Now that all have been forced out where are they to go?

    I would suggest they take tents and move onto the new golf course the Mayor has built as a sstatement of prosperity and growth. Threin there will be grass, water and lights. Being surrounded by a heacy fenced in concertina wire they will be safe. Crime will go down.

    Yes, let us hear a big cheer for the Mayor…

    Ol;d Timer

  • brett allen

    i live in Omaha, Nebraska. Its a pretty booming city. There building nice suburbs all the time.. I just moved from milwaukee,wisconsin which is a crumbling high murder rate city thats in extreme poverty. Move to Omaha its pretty decent a ton of jobs. Milwaukee there is no jobs and alot of govt housing its real trashy dirty and crime filled. Milwaukee ghetto is 5 time bigger then omaha. Milwaukee is run by democrats. Jesus Christ is the only way to the father!!!!!!

  • DMyers

    A noted feature of collapsing civilizations is the unexplained abandonment of cities.

  • jaxon64

    An old Van Halen album.I think it was fittingly called, “Fair Warning”..along with another single on the album (also aptly named), “Unchained” is a song titled MEANSTREETS. When I read things like this article and also your great info about the burgeoning gang populations and violence, it always makes a line from Meanstreets pop into my head. As David Lee Roth sang.”it’s all over but the shouting…….”

  • August

    My wife took many bags of really nice slightly worn & new clothes to a local church’s woman’s shelter; she forgot two bags of clothes and returned three days later. My wife went into the donation center, and to her surprise the Director of the woman’s shelter was wearing her Liz Claiborne tailored outfit that was meant for the homeless women. The shelter Director told my wife the homeless woman only like jeans, sweats, and stretchy-pants; upon leaving with her remaining bags she refused to donate, one of the homeless shelter clients told my wife that after the shelter’s staff pilferages through all the donated clothes jeans, sweats, and stretchy-pants are all that are left for the homeless women….

  • Loop Garoo

    New Orleans is the next Detroit. Katrina and the BP sabotage have made outmigration a good idea in spite of the influx of Yankee liberals and homosexuals coming in to help. Time to get on I-10 and head outta town.

  • Tom Jefferson

    A lot of my neighbours in Detroit have tried to live and work in Mexico but the Mexicans catch them and throw them out as illegal aliens. Que pasa?

  • Any decent Atheist who understands how to reason and is good at analytical deduction knows perfectly well that America’s success has always hinged in it’s entirety on the back of the Christian influence on every aspect of their society.

    De Toqueville said that America was great because it was good and when it ceased to be good it would cease to be great.

    I pity those halfwits who think that socialist toilets like Norway are comparable with America. The people in those country live like cattle under a regime that tells them when and how to crap and where, all funded by resource extraction of oil and lumber.

    This is why the Swiss and Norwegians have such appalling suicide rates for countries that are supposedly “prosperous” and “happy” according to the New World Order. They prefer death over a continued existence in these high-tech barnyards.

    America was the best and now that it has fallen you will find nothing will ever replace it despite the lies of the children of darkness and their father. All that talk about the wonderful utopia of globalism and multiculturalism we were all going to live under. What absolute rubbish. The euphoric idiocy is starting to wear off now as the party ends and people are beginning to realize just what sort of ride this is really going to be. They can’t possibly imagine.

    Soon it will be babies, the other white meat in the nation formerly known as the United States.

    • GaryToo

      So in the usa there are many more places and ways to crap?

      Something wrong with lumber and oil extraction, their forests are not sustainably managed? Americans dont drive caRS TRIPLE THE SIZE OF EUROPEANS, burning the oil?

      Nordic suicide rate has nothing to do with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), lack of sunlight in very short days in winter causing depression does it. USA does not have the highest rate of antidepressant and other psychotropic medication use in tne world does it?

      Yes the american indians found out it is no utopia or party with globalism and multicultural in their country.

      • Mal R.

        Sorry, you libtards dont get to RAIL against the USA about oil and lumber outta one face and then tell us socialist paradises the size of Los Angeles are good to go for doing it outta your other face.

        Who REALLLY screwed the Indians in this country? Who did the mass slaughters and relocations? That wouldn’t have been the democrat party’s Andrew Jackson would it?

  • Steve

    I am truly sorry to see the United States reduced to such rubble. As a Canadian I have grown up being used to the “loonie” packing a whoppig 65 cent american value. No, I am not writing this to scoff at our dollar being close to yours. The truth is, when you fall, so will the mexicans and canadians. It is the perfect opportunity for the re-tooling of the north american continent. The NAU. So many of the things that have occured to us were plotted long ago. Probably while we were safe in our middle class neighbourhoods.If you live near a rural area, scope out the possibilities of sustanance. Look after yourselves. Try to start living with what you can provide for yourselves. It will only make it easier. We may still coast along for another year or two, but the ride is definately over. May God hve mercy on our souls…

    • Big Bear

      Steve, I am one of the fortunate ones. I live in the mountains, I am a hunter, I do not rely on the government for any assistance, nor do I ever plan on it.

      I don’t see the breakup of America as a bad thing. Some parts of it will do quite well, freed from the yoke of having to fund the progressive regimes welfare state in another part of the country. I think some the Northern Tier states and Canada could merge (I have dual Canadian citizenship).

      Rural and outlying areas with an homogeneous culture will fare well. These cesspool cities will burn and then become no-man’s lands.

      As Hank Jr said: “We can skin a buck, and run a trot line…”

      • mondobeyondo

        Yes – a country boy can survive.
        Unfortunately, many of us are city slickers, and won’t have a chance when Wal-Mart runs out of bottled water and hot dogs.

      • Mike

        Big Bear,

        In literally one second your proud ass could be reduced to not being able to do any of the things you describe. You could lose it all and wind up on government assistance anyway. So don’t be so cocksure about yourself.

        • k

          your a **********

  • Ted

    What we really need is more and bigger government, more spending, etc. THAT WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!

    It is amazing to me that the VERY PEOPLE who are going to be, in essence, responsible for destroying our country from within, will, in the end, be the ones who suffer the most because of it. The myopic self absorption of the greedy and lazy welfare underclass is so full of bitterness and willful stupidity, they are bringing death upon themselves by their ABSOLUTE REFUSAL to look at themselves in the mirror. And they will attempt to vote into office the very politicians and used car salesmen who are making them literal slaves to the government, which upon its terrific COLLAPSE, will be no where to “help” them anymore ….

    • Big Bear

      The Makers work for a living.

      The Takers vote for a living.

      • Texas_Dave

        boooyah!!!! nailed it dude.

    • Will

      It is Wall Street and the job-exporting CEOs, and the free-trading Congress and Presidents they bought, who are ruining our country from within.


      There is no economy left to recover. The US manufacturing economy was lost to offshoring and free trade ideology. It was replaced by a mythical “New Economy.”

      The “New Economy” was based on services. Its artificial life was fed by the Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates, which produced a real estate bubble, and by “free market” financial deregulation, which unleashed financial gangsters to new heights of debt leverage and fraudulent financial products.

      The real economy was traded away for a make-believe economy. When the make-believe economy collapsed, Americans’ wealth in their real estate, pensions, and savings collapsed dramatically while their jobs disappeared.

      The debt economy caused Americans to leverage their assets. They refinanced their homes and spent the equity. They maxed out numerous credit cards. They worked as many jobs as they could find. Debt expansion and multiple family incomes kept the economy going.

      And now suddenly Americans can’t borrow in order to spend. They are over their heads in debt. Jobs are disappearing. America’s consumer economy, approximately 70% of GDP, is dead. Those Americans who still have jobs are saving against the prospect of job loss. Millions are homeless. Some have moved in with family and friends; others are living in tent cities.


      • Ted

        Kind of horrifying Will. Makes me want to emmigrate somewhere …

      • Gary2

        time to tax the rich and spread the wealth to give americans more to spend. The middle class and poor are the real job creaters.

        • GaryToo

          no replys’s has everyone given up?

        • GaryToo

          What do we say to all the previous posts that say that if every single dollar of wealth was taxed it would hardly be a drop in the bucket of debt?

          Lets change it to bury the rich up to their neck in concrete so they cant go OS then tax them more so the few remaining dont also leave.

          • GaryToo

            creating jobs for drug dealers???

  • An astounding aerial view of a former suburb of Detriot

    being literally reclaimed by the Earth can be seen here :

    The reasons why this happens are knowable.

  • garysco

    You will know when “we” will have had enough of the Socialist /Communitarian police state.
    We will pull our kids out of the Fed/State indoctrination camps, kill the dark side funded Hollywood induced culture directors products, and not vote for either wing of the same old bird to represent us. We will see 100 families buy up a whole neighborhood of $500.00 to $6,000.00 homes in Detroit, run the derelicts out, and take over. The Free State Project in New Hampshire is a good start. Until then we will continue to see 50% of the country living on Gvt. benefits taken from the guilt induced,docile, productive’s.

    • GaryToo

      enough gary’s already. great comment though, wont happen though.

  • John Klasen

    I have been watching America fall to pieces over a few years here from Australia, and all I can say is it’s your own stupid fault for NOT adhering to your constitution and bill of rights, and for voting for the same criminals in your congress over and over, when will you sheep wake up and stop listening to all your main stream media and government propaganda and start voting for decent Americans like Ron Paul, its the only way you will get out of the ************* your in.

    • GaryToo

      and from another john in australia, dont laugh at them we are on a deck about two levels higher on the same titanic. But there is NO SUCH THING as a p r e p p e r HERE is there??

    • Lowglow

      You are correct, it is our fault but please keep an eye on us and learn from us what happens when you give up freedom for safety and do not let it happen to you great nation, cherish and preserve it.

      I know we are already to far gone to ever recover, but it would give me great comfort knowing that our failures might save you from our mistakes.

  • greg

    I recently visited the Philly Zoo after many years away and I was apalled at the sight of the people, ************************************

  • Evie

    It is the people who cannot afford to leave who will suffer. These same neighboorhoods have no problem buying out someone who works for a school bboard or hiring a new executive. I suppose a light czar who will work for 300 grand and suggest lighting be a,private public partnership with a chinese company taxpayers will be stuck with. I feel sorry for the kids ridding their bikes at 1 a who will be hit by motorists who will not stop as most are not insured anyway.

  • Mark

    Half of all people are on some sort of gov’t assistance and the other half pay the taxes to support these deadbeats. Rome coulsn’t sustain such a system, neither can we. All you that vote Demoncrat that helps this bloated mess to grow, I hope the collapse comes to you first.

    • Deborah

      mark, as many have expressed on this blog, this is not a partisan issue. both sides have done immense damage to this country. I find it disgusting to wish bad on another american because they exercised their right to vote. I have voted democrat in the past, and may do so again in the future. Should my family suffer because of it? My point is that we need to work together to save our country, not wish bad on others because of innocent voting issues.

      • Darren

        Deborah, the correct word is ignorant, not innocent.

    • Big Bear

      You’ll get your wish, Mark. It is most definitely coming to them first.

      I wouldn’t want to be a worker in some government handout agency when those handouts run out.

      Anyone who relies on the government is going to be screwed. That pension you were counting on is going to be the least of your worries.

    • Laura Kozicki

      I used to think there was a big difference between Republican and Democrats. I read in a book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, that 25 of the U.S. presidents are related, and that 15 of them are descended from English Plantagenet kings, six descended from French kings. If I would vote for president, I would try to find out which one isn’t related to the others.

      • Brian

        Hint: Only one of them has been black.

  • Barney Smeltzer

    America stands strong and sure my friends. Our brave warriors in Congress have our backs. This country has never faltered or failed. Every other country falls, but America is still here, strong and powerful my friends. America shall always be the greatest!!!!!!!!

    • mondobeyondo


  • Your cities are like this by “design”. Nothing just happens folks. The powers that be are destroying the US from within in order to make the people rise up and then they will offer up their solution, abolish the criminal governments and adopt world government…or at the very least merge with Canada and Mexico to create the American Union, which is just another stepping stone to world government. Wake up.

    • John

      Now you’re talk’in!

  • bad me

    hi all ,, i see alot of people blaming everyone but themselves ,, looking away from self sufficency and independance by borrowing ,, luxury,, taking all handouts ,, loosin sight of what really matters ,, i am guilty of this also ,,but blaming the system is not the answer ,, blaming yourself is the answer ,, it is when you get away from the great promises of gifts n riches , then you can change the country !!! look upon yourself to support your self and family by working hard (not for money or riches , but working to sustain your god givin right to life alone !! grow food (not purchase it ) build homes (not finance it) get your hands dirty and work for respect(of self) and work with others for a life goal ,, kick to the curb of commerce and big business, raise your own food , grow your own gardens ,, give up all the wants in life and make the needs most important !!!!! god helps those who help themselves !!! be good at heart and respect your fellow man !! that is all we really had and need to to have to be great in this world of dispicable applications of keeping up with the jones’s lean upon your self and you will find hope and will !! do not give in to the deceptions of slavery to somebody else !!!!! in otherwords ,, GO HOME !!!!! good luck and i hope this helps some to understand what is real and what is not !!!!!!

    • Laura Kozicki

      With the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (chemtrail spraying) toxifying the soil with aluminum and barium salts around the world, but very heavily in the United States, we won’t be able to grow our own food much longer. The genetically modified, aluminum resistant corporate seeds will probably grow, though. Then, when God’s seeds will no longer grow, big agribusiness can come to the rescue. Just one small thing, though, we’ll need to take a microchip in the arm or the number of the beast on the forehead before we’ll be able to buy those genetically modified crops. The scriptures match this.

  • bad me

    OH!!! o forgot to mention one very important thing !!!!!



  • dan

    Surprising you dont have any links to AVA Investment Analytics on your site

    The head guy, Mike Stathis predicted everything that has happened in his 2006 book America’s Financial Apocalypse and has been banned by the media. I suggest everyone look into this guy, his track record (which is the best n the world) and what he has to say.

  • propel7

    Oh yes, as soon as the lights go out in a bad area, all the roaches will immediately scurry to wherever the lights are on. …As if they have the money and means to move, and will just pick up and slide over to where the lights are all on. ..Another example of the genius that brought these cities to their demise. Politicians are the true MORONS of civilization. For a few bucks you can line their pockets and steer society in ANY illuminated direction. When society demands something for nothing, and you have redistribution of wealth from those who work to supply those who won’t work so they can keep voting for their bananas, the wealth does like it did in Greece, Spain, Detroit, etc. …IT LEAVES. Later SLUGGARDS! See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya! You deserve what you got. You wanted to destroy it and be a slug and let everyone else support you. Now wallow in the result of your labors. Lazy bastards.

  • Bill

    I graduated from high school in 1964 at the start of what I thought was the greatest generation while witnessing the start of our country’s decline brought on because of my failure to listen to some great advice.


    Michael,you have done a great job pointing out what is wrong. Isn’t it time to start repairing our America by example?

    • Michael


      Hopefully I am setting a good example, but as far as a national political solution there is not going to be one.

      And that should be very sobering to all of us.


    • Rev.sean

      @ Bill, Love comments, you have done a great job pointing out what is wrong. Isn’t it time to start repairing our America by example?~ rev.sean

  • mondobeyondo

    Tell me it isn’t true. Are these just paid actors and actresses?
    Or are people really this clueless about Memorial Day??

    • mondobeyondo

      I really need to sleep. It’s been a long day. I mean yesterday.

  • Paul

    If you want to go on vacation, come to Europe.

    But first send your CV, bank account details, and list of previous convictions.


    And leave your gun at home. Go to Germany instead, rent a car and drive legally at 200mph on the Autobahn.

    • mondobeyondo

      You mean I can’t bring my gun??
      Oh, darn! That’s a deal breaker.

      (tongue in cheek, of course)

  • Bonus Gift

    Ther is no reason to live in cultural Marxist fairyland, and to adopt the mythology of the hate Whitey crowd. Let’s try to be adults and face the facts, not opinions and hopes. Detroit is a good example of what happened:
    Year Black % White (“non-Hispanic”)%
    1910 1% 98%
    1920 4%
    1930 8%
    1940 9%
    1950 16%
    1960 29%
    1970 45%

    2010 83% 8%

    In short, Detroit was almost 100% white and now is mostly black and “Hispanic”. That is a fact and coincides almost one for one with its demise as an economic powerhouse. You want the third world, fill your cities with third world people. That is a simple, factual and accurate statement devoid of sentiment and false propaganda and mythology of America being some flop house for the world’s losers.

    • mondobeyondo

      It goes deeper than that though.

      Yes, Detroit is now primarily African-American. It’s been that way for years and years. Why is that? It’s because in the 1920’s through the 1950’s, there was a vast migration of African Americans from the South to the big industrial cities of the north. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, etc.

      What happened to those cities, after the 1960’s, as a result of that migration, we can go round and round about that. Just like a dog chasing its tail. But I won’t play the race card.

      btw – a somewhat similar situation is happening right now in the southwestern USA. (There ARE differences between these two examples.)

      Only this time, it’s Mexican immigrants instead of African Americans. The whole legal/illegal immigration thing – umm. I haven’t banged my head this hard since that Nirvana concert in ’93.

      Just remember… The color has been changed to protect the innocent….

    • xander cross

      Be careful what you ask for you dumbass. First of all, the jobs left the city of Detroit because of jackasses like you shopping at Nordstroms and sending jobs to China. Just like what Mitt Romney did. Michael just did a post about how compaines are leaving america for china and are paying them slave wages. Do you people ever read? Don’t answer that, I know you dont.

      • Bonus Gift

        In the final analysis (and paraphrasing Clinton’s political tactician): It’s the people stupid. For example, Pittsburg was devastated by the purchase of cheap steel from places like Japan, yet it came back and is now considered one of the nicer cities in the US. Question: How could Pittsburg survive sending jobs overseas and Detroit could not/cannot? Answer: It’s the people “dumbass”! I ask for sanity and a focus on America for Americans, you just clearly like to put up your brainwashed thoughts that are not backed by evidence (see, e.g., Census numbers on Atlanta, Detroit, Portland, Pittsburg, etc.). Also, I am against sending American jobs overseas, but am especially against importing slave labor to fill our cities and act as another parasite group on the economy and 5th column.

    • Colour me surprised. Poor people live where housing is cheap. Who would have thunk it?

  • Let’s see. ALL named big cities and MANY more have been 100% run by hard-core far-left socialist Democrats during ALL of these years. Is that a clue? Hmm. SAME policies that are bringing ruin to these cities is now being followed by current national government. What will outcome be? Boy, that’s hard to guess!

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    No one said (but I will) Detroit was selected by LBJ in 1965 to be THE city for his budding “Model Cities Program”. Almost a billion dollars poured in – most wasted. Capitalism was pushed out as LBJ’s socialism promised the citizens a “free lunch”. I’d take free money/no work too!

    LBJ’s Model City Program only put Detroit on the fast-track to the abyss that others will soon experience. Answer? More socialism! Spend money you don’t have! Obama not bailing out Detroit? Odd? – no, just the unions of Detroit. He may not understand economics but he is no fool trying to revive a dead man.

    • GaryToo

      hmmm, 1965 eh, about the time the motown music got going. Bring that good old music back and the city might come back to life.

    • nafta victim

      Excellent point you made here. I remember LBJ and that one.

  • How can this otherwise excellent article not mention the black undertow?

    • Big Bear

      I can read between the lines, you can read between the lines, and we are far from being alone…

    • Rikki

      Exactly Xthred Ohboozoo legacy will be the death of Political Correctness so we as adults can ask these questions

      Such as If you want gov. benefits you have to sit in class 25hours a week and learn to read, write and speak ENGLISH.

      Make a FB page in English and when your thug Ebonic friends post you have to answer back in ENGLISH, or you are docked.

      I’ll bet half wont last the first week

    • xander cross

      The same reason why it don’t metioned white cities that are collpasing as well. Or, some of the country areas are collpasing as well. White cites are collpasing as well like Austin Texas, Phoenix AZ, Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA and many parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and soon, North and South Dakota.

      • jojo

        Not sure where you are getting your info. I was in Seattle in April, 2012. I flew out of Spokane, Wa. on 5/22/2012, flew into DFW, Texas, meeting up with friends from Austin, Tx. in Oklahoma City, Ok. Will be in Phoenix, Az. the end of June, 2012. NONE…yes, NONE of these cities are suffering or “collapsing” as you put it, or look like even remotely like Detroit, St. Louis, So. LA, etc. North Dakota?…please, with 4% unemployment and McDonalds workers making $18 bucks an hr. Can’t speak to Idaho, but the oil fraking in Wyoming is keeping it busy until Obama and his minions put the kibash on fraking. He is a genious at “killing us softly” with his executive orders.

        • nafta victim

          18 dollars an hour at mickey dee’s? What city do you live in? here it is only 7.70 an hour at mcdonalds.

          • Nodak mak

            Minot north dakota Williston North Dakota, Bismark north dakota or any other town in the westeren part of the state.. 3% unemployment and places that are begging for jobs… downside good luck finding a place to live unless you want to live in your car or tent.

          • Steever

            Australia’s MINIMUM wage is $15.51 an hour.
            Get a job in a McDonalds anywhere over there you won’t be paid less than that.
            But that is because the Aussie economy is based on a similar situation as North Dakota – Extract and sell mineral (or oil) wealth from the ground and then watch the dollars flow in!
            (That lasts as long as other communities and countries need to buy those commodities).

        • Jennifer Beadle

          So you prefer gas to water? Do you live in a bubble?

        • Jeffrey Edgar

          110 people per day…….that’s right. That is the number of people moving to Austin Texas every day!
          Our economy is strong ,hence the reason people are moving here. 1500 homes per month sold/purchased. The climate for a small business owner is excellent. Your assessment is terribly flawed. Austin is one of the top 3 fastest growing and yes most desirable Cities to live. You need to do your homework.

  • Rev.sean

    Detroit is going thru a transformation that the media doesn’t point out!!! Every citizen need to be involve in the building back of our great country called America. One of the problems is that we have the power to vote and have a voice in government but don’t use it on a “daily” basic. Take this from someone who lives in the city like me! There are so many beautiful homes and neighborhoods here in the city! I’m glad to be one of the Pastors that see and know spiritual change is happening also!!! Intercede for us in Detroit,Michigan and the country! That is what real Americans do! P.S. Pay it Forward!!!~ rev.sean

  • Artie

    And who is in charge of these cities? Liberal democrats. That’s who.

  • Thanks for a great article. It’s clear that an economic collapse does not come suddenly and unexpectedly, although it will appear that way to people who have remained (willfully?) blind to the evidence.

    The exact things you describe – electricity shortages, illiteracy, $6,000 homes, unavailable police – ALL fit the description of Third World cities in developing areas like Panama or Cambodia. The sad difference is those countries are on the ascendency toward more wealth while the US can expect further decline.

  • Mike O’Brien

    In Detroit and elsewhere, we are witnessing the fruits of Johnson’s great society,multiculturalism and the embracing of globalism. American culture, right down to the singing of the national anthem has been bastardized to such an extent that it is almost extinct. The left has used every device including many of its own invention to destroy the monolithic nature of our society, and in doing so they have substituted divisiveness for harmony and class envy for the ‘pull yourself up by your own boot straps’ mentality that made this country prosper. From a Green perspective, the land shown in that aerial photo will eventually provide good grazing for bison and other native species.

    Globalism is a thinly disguised artifice designed to enrich the international banking community regardless of the costs to our way of life and individual freedom. The globalists have waged their war on Western capitalism by using their influence and financial power to reshape the mind set of our MBA mills and dilute the barriers imposed upon them by leaders in generations past. They now control both houses of congress, the White House and nearly every state government in the nation. They dictate legislation and corrupt our elected representatives who price themselves very cheaply given the financial gains their offices provide to those benefactors.

    In spite of repeated claims to champion the causes of the middle and working classes in this country, the senate is pushing a bill to issue 120,000 work visas to foreigners when there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans with the same skill sets and countless college graduates entering the job market with newly acquired skills without a clear path to follow and for many, the prospect of being hounded by the same government to pay off their student loans.

    Corporate America is steadily abandoning our shores to escape the oppressive nature of our tax laws and the government’s incestuous relationship with organized labor. We bail out General Motors and they respond by building eleven new plants in China and then announcing that seven out of every ten General Motors vehicles are built overseas. Further, they have announced plans to move their design and research and development operations to mainland China as well, which begs the question, ‘Why did we have to bail them out while they are raking in billions of dollars in profits else where’. The a answer is quite obvious. It was to clear the way for their departure from the USA and shedding the burden of labor demands, government control and meddling and screwing their bond holders and dealerships out of billions in equity. Of course they will probably get blindsided by China when it nationalizes their ‘partnership’ and confiscates their plants, intellectual property and propriety processes, but that is a topic of discussion for another day.

    • Jennifer Beadle

      This is not the fruits of Johnson’s Great Society. These are the fruits of GOP revenge. The great social programs of the past were sabotaged by criminals in both parties and especially by the big corporations who blocked the funding and diverted it into the hands of those who planned for it to fail. I watched this first hand with Laclede Town in St. Louis and especially with East St. Louis.

  • Timo45

    This debt down country will lose everything if we don’t make changes. This country that is run by big banks and big business only care about money. People have to be better then them, we have to stop supporting them, we have to come together and help each other out. The power is in the people. We must learn how to live on sound money, must stop listening to politicians, we must start educated about economics. If we don’t that country is doomed. Turn the tv’s off start doing research learn how we can support the small business and not walmarts or nike or any of those large companies that have used us and then shiped our jobs away. We must remove the federal reserve banks, if we don’t they are going to continue to rape and pillage our country.

  • Evie

    The country is done. I just read they want to put a natural gas pipeline through wyeth atea brandywine creek. The elite want to seize land and water for themselves to sell to the highest bidder. This is probablly why soros and the bushes are moving to the parguaway aqiifr. All of these states and counties have money to pay executive pensions. Joe parternos familygets millions for themselves.

  • Robert

    Okay, I’m all for bringing people’s attention to an ongoing collapse and all, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and portray things as worse than they are. I live all of half a dozen blocks from the “more than 30 blocks of hell” being cited here, and having BEEN there numerous times – the author’s observations on the area are just a tad off base. It’s not the most super pretty part of any city, but calling it a “cesspool” and “hell” is more than a bit of a stretch.

    • I work in Baltimore and can attest it is, IN FACT, a cesspool. The trash blows around your ankles, buildings with broken windows and doors are covered in graffiti, violent race-driven flash mobs, and the “youths” beat teachers, people on buses, in the streets and tourists at the Inner Harbor, and post the videos. The gangs and “underprivileged” run the city and delight in the torment of others. Of all the people I know, personally and through my major Baltimore employer, no civil person visits the city right now, let alone live there voluntarily. Cesspool and Hell may be considered veiled understatements.

  • bill

    Demographics IS DESTINY.. for you politically correct fools that don’t want to admit this and only speak of jobs leaving ratholes like Detroit, well wake UP.. yes, that is part of the reason detroit went to hell but certainly not all. It is a third world wasteland.. what business would want to go there? Notice all of these things happened as our immigration policies changed from a mostly white one to a non white one? You can run but you can’t hide.. Outside of stopping COLD all illegal immigration, reducing the number of Legal immigration and increasing the long discriminated against European immigrants, well, say goodnight indeed… Nothing will save these cities except a large increase in white populations and an America First approach to our job situation…. Luckily many Asian immigrants are industrious BUT we need more Europeans HERE! The cult of multiculturalism has not worked… Great for a marxist takeover but the death of America indeed….

  • It’s time to move to a foreign island! It’s better to take ur chances with ignorant savages there than it is with the armed, drug crazed savages here! Yes let’s pull a Cristopher Columbus and and over power the spear wielding savages and start a new colony. Only civilized, pretty people!

  • Evie

    I notice people in these areas have no problem purchasing s firearm to shoot.their friends and neighnors. I think the effort.should be used to better ones self.

  • RaZoR

    This article is rife with excerpts from presumptuous, mean-spririted, non-credible sources who only state the obvious and fail to mention any efforts they’ve made to reverse the decay in the very communities in which they live….Trash

  • Amy

    I love how some posting just assume people in these cities are lazy. Poor doesn’t always equal lazy.

    I lived in the city of Detroit for 10 years, and lived in Michigan my entire 37 years of life, and let me tell you all something. Agenda 21, look it up on the i.e. website for yourself has destroyed the city of Detroit along with the entire nation. Its everywhere!

    I witnessed entire neighborhoods get sacked. Entreating me thinks

  • Evie

    The only solution is to leave. Not safe.

  • dave

    I remember reading somewhere a while back about how there was a group of Iraqi refugees from our current Iraq occupation had moved into the Oakland CA area. They described it as being not that much different (some even worse) than life in Iraq with all the shootings and squalor that was around them. Now you know a city has gone downhill if former Iraqi nationals find much in common with life in an Iraqi war and terrorist zone.

  • Australia Dave

    One thing I can say to all you good folk in the USA a nation of immigrants, just like Australia!! don’t lose your spirit remember who you are and what an amazing contribution you have given the world! tough times yeah there here,and everywhere in the west,but look at your history there are many worse places on this planet!! I always loved traveling around the States!! Still free and brave!!

  • satch

    And most of these cities have had Democrat Mayors and city councils for decades,and have added hundreds maybe thousands of Public employees to the city patroll with bigger incomes and benefits than the private sector workers.The only answer for these cities that the Pyramid collapses,sooner than later.

  • orin oppermann

    WOW, How much time have we got before this whole place goes down the ****** hole?

    • Jennifer Beadle

      Too late. When the fundies enter politics – you know the cream of the crop has already left.

  • Detroit diaspora

    more that one phenonima. If you want to look at effects of deliberate destruction of manufacturing look at industrial suburbs of Detroit, Livonia, Warren,Dearborn. yes it is hard hit , depressed. BUT Detroit , that was crashing since 67,,suburban Detroit hasnt been hit too hard until the last 15 years of so, even with less money, Because it is white it is nothing like tha city of Detroit, Crime squalar,burned buildings, trashed everything, Illiteracy. DEPENDENCY. call it Black times socialism . 68-72 manfacuring was still paying bigtime in Michigan, Detroit got its Black majority and fell threw the floor.CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?

  • Sail Fish

    People have been Obamaized,Socialized Demoralized!!!!
    Taught to live off the Govt.for votes.
    We’re doomed with this mentality forever.
    Enjoy life now the future is bleek.

  • Sail Fish



    Personal Information:
    His full Name is: Willard Mitt Romney
    He was Born: March 12, 1947 and is 65 years old.
    His Father: George W. Romney, former Governor of the State of Michigan
    He gave every dime that he inherited from his father to charity
    He was raised in Bloomfield Hills , Michigan
    He is Married to Ann Romney since 1969; they five children.
    B.A. From Brigham Young University,
    J.D. And M.B.A. From Harvard University
    Mormon – The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints
    Working Background:
    After high school, he spent 30 months in France as a Mormon missionary.
    After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar exam, but never worked as an attorney.
    In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital a private equity investment firm, one of the largest such firms in the United States .
    In 1994, he ran for Senator of Massachusetts and lost to Ted Kennedy.
    He was President and CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.
    In 2002, he was elected Governor of the State of Massachusetts where he eliminated a 1.5 billion deficit.
    Some Interesting Facts about Romney:
    Bain Capital, starting with one small office supply store in Massachusetts, turned it into Staples; now over 2,000 stores employing 90,000 people.
    Bain Capital also worked to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply, and many others.
    He was an unpaid volunteer campaign worker for his dad’s gubernatorial campaign 1 year.
    He was an unpaid intern in his dad’s governor’s office for eight years.
    He was an unpaid bishop and state president of his church for ten years.
    He was an unpaid President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee for three years.
    He took no salary and was the unpaid Governor of Massachusetts for four years.
    He gave his entire inheritance from his father to charity.
    Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest self-made men in our country but has given more back to its citizens in terms of money, service and time than most men.
    And in 2011 Mitt Romney gave over $4 million to charity, almost 19% of his income…. Just for comparison purposes, Obama gave 1% and Joe Biden gave $300 or .0013%.
    Mitt Romney is Trustworthy:
    He will show us his birth certificate
    He will show us his high school and college transcripts.
    He will show us his social security card.
    He will show us his law degree.
    He will show us his draft notice.
    He will show us his medical records.
    He will show us his income tax records.
    He will show us he has nothing to hide.
    Mitt Romney’s background, experience and trustworthiness show him to be a great leader and an excellent citizen for President of the United States.
    You may think that Romney may not be the best representative the Republicans could have selected. At least I know what religion he is, and that he won’t desecrate the flag, bow down to foreign powers, or practice fiscal irresponsibility. I know he has the ability to turn this financial debacle that the current regime has gotten us into. We won’t like all the things necessary to recover from this debt, but someone with Romney’s background can do it. But, on the minus side, he never was a “Community Organizer”, never took drugs or smoked pot, never got drunk, did not associate with communists or terrorists, nor did he attend a church whose pastor called for God to damn the US.

    • Jennifer Beadle

      Duhhh! This is the man who has millions in offshore accounts and doesn’t pay taxes. This is the man who hires surrogate motets to birth his grandchild and requires hem to sign a contract that if the child is not up to Romney quality, they have to keep it. A fundie if I ever heard of one,

  • Mark

    Bunch of conspiracy-theorist koo-koos here.

  • AndyA121

    This “end of the line” all came about by the changing of habits from good to bad over time, but we can change if we try .


    I am your constant companion.
    I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden.
    I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
    I am completely at your command.
    Half of the things you do you might as well turn over to me and I will do them – quickly and
    I am easily managed – you must be firm with me.

    Show me exactly how you want something done and after a few lessons, I will do it automatically

    I am the servant of great people,
    and alas, of all failures as well.
    Those who are great, I have made great.
    Those who are failures, I have made failures.
    I am not a machine though
    I work with the precision of a machine plus the intelligence of a person.
    You may run me for profit or run me for ruin – it makes no difference to me.
    Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet.
    Be easy with me and I will destroy you. Who am I?
    I am Habit.

  • Jonathan

    L.A. is a HUGE dump,ever been to hollywood? it’s like going into a time machine around the 1950s/60s.

  • nofoolin

    I am moving out of Baltimore to live in West Virginia this week. I was in Columbia Md at 11:30 last night. It seemed more like a bad section of Baltimore than the peacefully diverse suburban refuge it once was. I was a little nervous to get out of my car. That’s a first in 45 years for me. I am literally packing. When I get to WV, I will be legally packing a firearm. Why is it that the places with the most restrictive gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence?

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