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Vote YES On Scottish Independence – Scotland Finally Has A Chance To Get Free From The British

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Scottish FlagScottish voters finally have the opportunity to fulfill William Wallace’s dream of a Scotland that is free and independent of England forever.  All they have to do is vote yes next week.  Without a doubt, a divorce from the British would be quite messy, and life would probably be more comfortable in the short-term if Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom.  But hopefully the people of Scotland are looking beyond short-term concerns.  Today, the United Kingdom is a horribly repressive Big Brother police state that is dominated by bureaucratic control freaks.  You can hardly even sneeze without violating some kind of law, rule or regulation.  And the London banking establishment is at the very heart of the debt-based global financial system which is enslaving so much of the planet.  Scotland finally has a chance to get free from all of this.  All it is going to take is a yes vote on Scottish independence.

It looks like it is going to be an incredibly close vote.  Recent polls show that the result could go either way.  Needless to say, this is causing the British establishment to freak out quite a bit.

For example, a couple of large banks have attempted to sway the vote during this past week by publicly declaring that they will have to move to England if the vote for Scottish independence is successful…

The Royal Bank of Scotland announced Thursday that it is making contingency plans to move its legal incorporation to England in the event of a “yes” vote. In addition, Lloyds Banking Group said it had made arrangements to establish “new legal entities” in England should voters in Scotland decide to sever ties with Britain.

And there have been lots of other warnings of “economic disaster” for Scotland if it does not remain part of the United Kingdom

Standard Life, the pensions company, disclosed that it was planning to move part of its business to England to protect its customers, while BP and Shell backed expert predictions that North Sea oil will have all but run out by 2050. It also emerged that nearly $2-billion has flowed out of U.K. equity funds in the past two months amid heightened uncertainty over what separation would mean for the economy.

Honestly, it is probably true that there would be some short-term economic disruptions for Scotland.

But in the long run the Scottish would probably be in quite good shape considering how much of the North Sea oil they would own.  Just check out the following excerpt from a recent Bloomberg article

The discovery of North Sea riches in the 1970s planted the seed of modern-day Scottish nationalism as supporters of independence cried “It’s our oil!”

Four decades later, nothing will be more important to the economic future of Scotland than the oil industry should the country vote to end the 307-year union with the rest of the U.K.

Reserves of oil and gas would be split, possibly along the so-called median line, already used to allocate fishing rights. The division would hand the Scots about 96 percent of annual oil production and 47 percent of the gas, according to estimates for 2012 by the University of Aberdeen’s Alex Kemp and Linda Stephen cited by the Scottish government.

What most British politicians won’t tell you is that it would probably be the British that would suffer the most economically in the short-term and in the long-term.

In fact, if there is a yes vote for Scottish independence it is being projected that the value of the British pound will fall substantially and we could see a “negative shock” in British financial markets…

Adam Memon, the head of economic research at the Centre for Policy Studies, said: “The principal immediate threat would be to sterling and the stability of the financial markets. The recent selloff is a mere warning of what may come if the Scots actually do vote for independence.”

Threadneedle Investments said: “Given the constitutional and economic uncertainties attached to a potential break-up of the UK, a vote for independence would be likely to deliver a negative shock to UK financial assets and lead to meaningful currency weakness.”

And actually, the Scottish are not going nearly far enough with this vote for independence.  For example, according to Yes Scotland a newly-independent Scottish government would continue to have allegiance to the Queen…

The Scottish Government’s proposal is that the Queen remains Head of State in Scotland, in the same way as she is currently Head of State in independent nations such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This would be the position for as long as the people of Scotland wished our country to remain a monarchy.

Speaking as an American, let me say that getting rid of the British monarchy has worked out exceptionally well for us.

Hopefully the Scottish people will make a similar decision sooner rather than later.

If Scotland does indeed end up voting for independence, it could give momentum to similar movements all over Europe.

Just this week, hundreds of thousands of Catalans took to the streets in Barcelona to demand the right to vote on independence from Spain…

Thousands of Catalans have rallied in Barcelona, Spain, demanding the right to hold a referendum on independence.

Participants, waving Catalan flags and wearing the flag’s red and yellow colours, stood in a V-shape formation, indicating their desire for a vote.

Protesters were energised by Scotland’s forthcoming independence referendum – and many also waved the Scottish flag.

The regional government has called a referendum for 9 November. The Spanish government says the vote is illegal.

Could we end up seeing a number of new nations emerging from the chaos that is about to engulf Europe?

This is clearly not what the establishment wants.  In fact, George Soros says that “this is the worst possible time” for Scottish independence.

That alone is a really good reason to vote yes.

Personally, I am rooting for the Scottish people on this one.  I truly hope that they are finally able to win their freedom.

The people of Scotland have been pushed around by the British for centuries.

Now they finally have a chance to stand up to the tyranny of London.

They finally have a chance to get free.

Let us hope that they take it.

  • jo6pac

    I truly hope they vote to leave the uk behind. Then use their own currency and do not join the eu. Then tell the uk to get their ships out of the country and invite Russia to have a new port. This would be a poke in the eye of nato and pay backs are hell.

    • Caratacus

      Salmond has already indicated that he wants Scotland in the EU. So Scotland will be leaving an admittedly corrupt and undemocratic union … and joining another which is even more corrupt and even less democratic. The EU will bleed them to death (see Ireland, Greece et al).

      • jo6pac

        I agree and that’s to bad playing right into the banksters web.

      • Hammerstrike

        He would be arrested if he said he would allie with Russia.

  • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

    jolly ole england is going muslim

  • Sparkie

    It will be better for England too. Labour (left side of politics) only ever has a chance of succeeding in the UK because most of their politicians are in Scotland (economically, Scotland is a basket case). If Scotland says yes, there will not be a ‘left’ government in the Uk for decades, which might see an end to the ‘progressive’ politics such as multiculturism that now plagues the West. The Conservative party will be the middle ground, with UKIP taking over the right

  • Bill

    Last article was much more interesting even though you didn’t reply Michael.

  • K

    While I totally agree they should go independent. It will not be as easy as some think. Some of the finest soldiers Britain has are Scottish. So that they have covered. Now at the least they will need a coast guard, and a small air force. I for one wish them the best.

  • Normal

    I wish all the bests to brave Scottish people.
    The time is now, get rid of parasites once forever.

  • Hambone

    I seriousy think this is the solution for what ails us in the US. The US should be split into two — one run with progressive ideology and one run with conservative. We would be allies in every possible way, but we would be economically separate entities, each with our own set of laws.

    I know it’s messy, and it hardly seems possible… but a guy can dream, can’t he?

    • Richard

      Messy is not the word. We here in the South tried throwing off the yoke in 1861. Today, No one in America has the stomach for it. Ignorance and Apathy reign in the land of the mentally imprisoned. Excuse me, I meant land of the free. But – Not for long.

      • Kent Harris

        The South should leave the Union. We have the resources, the military, the industrial base, and a better educated populace than the North.
        Succession would be the best thing for the South versus being compelled to do the bidding of those damn Yankees.

        • George Coleridge

          You bet! The Civil War was not only about slavery but also about keeping the Union together. The world was changing and slavery was ending all around the world. Moreover, the British had already outlawed slavery throughout its Empire and were using its powerful navy and treaties with other countries to stop the slave trade. These and various other reasons specific to America meant that slavery would have come to an end sooner or later in the South.
          It was an utterly ruthless decision to go to war against our own people when there were other alternatives to deal with these issues. Over 600,000 soldiers dead and the infrastructure of the South largely destroyed and which took decades to fully recover. One estimate says 30 per cent of all Southern white males 18-40 died in the war! The horrors were arguably worse than the two Scottish Wars of Independence fought over 700 years ago in which William Wallace fought. And yet more than 7 centuries later the Scots apparently still harbour lingering resentments towards the English.
          Mind you, it’s interesting that the origins of Arab hatred towards the Jews can be traced back to Ishmael more than 3,000 years ago. Such is the tragedy of human nature.

        • CharlesH

          I’m from a north eastern state – if you guys form a new union in the south can I come live with you down there? I love the accents and warmer climate!

        • Mike Smithy

          The dynamic has changed a bit since the Civil War. I suspect the following states would like to leave as well: Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

        • neal

          Yes Kent the South (England) should leave the Union. The English are tired from paying billions of pounds each year to support the Scottish welfare state.
          The South (Dixie) should also seek to be free of the yankee sponges.

        • Michael W

          Better educated? Not sure I completely agree. The ghettos of Memphis, Mobile, Birmingham, Jackson, MS, Atlanta, and Jacksonville are pretty similar to their counterparts up north.

        • Kristen Marie Embler

          Ha, sounds like a good plan to me. I’m all for Texas leaving. Kick out ALL job sucking illegals and liberal fools. Shut off the border and have none of Washington’s garbage. This is one of the very few states that can mostly manage on its own since it’s got pretty much most of the resources the other states have.

    • Mike Smithy

      I have an idea that is worth pondering. What if a coalition of conservative states proposed that they no longer wanted statehood and opted to revert to being territorial protectorates of the USA. As a result, they would still be entitled to welfare benefits but not be subjected to federal taxes. I.E. Guam, CNMI, Puerto Rico, USVI and American Samoa. Thus they are not seceding from the Union, they are opting for dependency status. Surely the end result would economically crush the states remaining in the Union.

      • Orange Jean

        I am conservative and it sounds to me like you totally don’t understand what that means. I cannot imagine anyone but a liberal thinking it’s a great idea to opt for more government control so they can get more welfare.

        I also know quite a few Puerto Ricans and have never heard them say anything but that they resent their status.

        • Mike Smithy

          OJ, I think you are missing the point. The goal is to starve the federal beast by taking away its tax revenue. By becoming a parasitic entity, it works to undermine the Union and hasten it’s demise. We know from the Civil War experience, TPTB will never allow outright secession of the states. The ultimate goal of the aforementioned idea is to become such an overwhelming burden on the system that it collapses and the Union dissolves and fades into the dust bin of history.

    • Grinding Ax

      In my dreams, Hambone. In my dreams.

    • AzDi

      I believe many people in the US today would love to split the US. Unfortunately, we have all the libs on each coast!!

      But, I agree with some of the other comments to your post. I think the States need to separate from the Fed Gov and all taxes go to the states and Fed’s can take care of their welfare people and illegals, etc.
      Oh well, wishful thinking.

      I recently came back from a trip to Ireland and Wales. Ireland especially (at least some of whom I spoke with) feel the same way about England as we do about our Fed Gov, and would like to do the same thing. Also, Scotland is self sufficient. They have their own oil and commerce.

      Remember, our founding fathers “broke away from England” and it appears we need to do something again!

    • tacoma

      The Civil War was fought for a set of reasons applicable only at that time. Today America is split on different reasons. One big reason is simply that it is not possible to govern 50 states of 330 million people, even when each state has its own government. Washington D.C. still controls vast amount of national policies, and the time when they have the ability, the wisdom, the tool, the money to govern is long gone. The U.S. Constitution specified 3-split federal government, a most weird arrangement not adopted by any other country, is ample reason to prove that this form of government is obsolete. This is the single biggest reason to split the U.S. into 2, perhaps 3 countries, each with updated constitutions to reflect the 21st century.

      • afaf

        the constitution is not the problem. the people breaking the constitution and twisting it is!

  • seth datta

    Britain is finished. The older generation were tricked. They rebelled in 1979, only to have the government buy them off with welfare, which destroyed the industry of working man and made him a slave, as if you get to live for free, someone else decides how you live. After this, immigration increased as brit couples had less children and divorced far too often, through social engineering, so whatever offspring produced were poorly socialised by single parenthood etc..

    The government claims 65 million people in a country that can only feed at best 30 million. A well known supermarket chain and agrobusiness both agree the UK has 85 million people, many of them from the EU and not just muslim immigrants. There are too many people, not enough jobs, an economy based on war, offshpring of industries etc etc. One day soon, at the economic collapse or ongoing degenracy, the white middle class will be pushed into poverty wholesale. There are no jobs. The youth abd older generations are now corrupted. You cannot get rid of immigrants who are now one third of the population. Too late, alas, the vast majority of people are enslaved to the state beast and global economy.

    So i usd to think a vote for scottish indpendence would save whites here. But considering levels of degeneracy, the fact that the bankers manipulate events if we are independent or not, and the prospect of an invasion of 70 million plus english invading scotland for resources once the economy goes south, shows that scotland and the UK if finished. We would need a time machine to fix things. I am leaving this place as I know that modern britain is worse than fascist germany during WW2.

    • AzDi

      Gee…. kind of sounds like the Democrat’s US.

    • LarsLonte

      The Problem is: FREE TRADE

      It deindustrialized Great Britain and the USA.
      Because protectionism functions better.
      See Japan against USA in the 80ies, see China against the USA in the 90ies and now since 2000….

      The solution is: A new and intelligent protectionism!

      The LaRouche Movement EIR NEWS

      Against the City of London and the financial Empire corrupting the whole Earth!

      Michael C. Rupperts daily Peak Oil Blog

      Peak Oil and 9.11. – see also the Internet Video Collapse Online of Michael C. Ruppert!

  • Scotland will never be allowed to be FREE. Common people. Haven’t we learned anything? When was the last time darkness gave anything to humanity what we really wanted? hmmmm let me think..Never.

    The voting is rigged. I bet it would be 51-49 lol…Its all rigged, they love crushing HOPE that could make humanity happy.

    They already have controlled opposition in place who are causing the stir on both sides. Now, they saying, North Korea would support Scotland if they were to be free lol..another BS propaganda.

    It would take so much more than rigged voting to make humanity free. Darkness loves giving hope and then crushing it.

    • K2

      That tipped me off too. North korea is really supporting scotland but it was coaxed into supporting it by people who are against scottish independance

  • Tom_F

    10 years ago, I never would have agreed with you on this, Michael. But now, after watching every institution in which the free world trusts to represent us fail while they look out for their own interests, I am totally on board. London is now ‘Londonistant’, a multi-culti failure in every way social, political, and religious.

  • Rainwaterrunngingdog

    My mother came from England and my father came from Australia when life here in America was run by the laws. There was no welfare, section 8, medical and a happy hand out for life in America. I was also born here and experienced being brought up in England and America both. As for Scotland, for Gods sake please separate yourself from England. Save your country and set the tide of EU to follow its true destiny…that is swimming in the toilet! It will be bad at first but much better then licking the butt of IMF and EU! Good luck Scotland! God, I’m soooo grateful I live in the land of the second amendment! I recommend people in Europe to illegally get a defense firearm. You are going to need it. God speed to you all.

  • Undecider

    One of two things will happen. The Brits will do underhanded tricks, surely. Either, the Scot’s election will be screwed with to ensure they lose the vote. Or, they be ‘allowed’ to vote the way that want. Except in this case, the usual Masonic ties will be used to control things from behind the scenes.

    The Scottish will think they’re free will still serving the crown. As has happened in America.

  • Captain Canuck

    Canada is a Commonwealth country, and I’d argue we’re doing better than the USA right now.

    That being said, the EU is probably going to tank, so I’m hoping the Scottish vote is YES. Iceland really turned around after 2008 by taking matters into their own hands.

    • Richard

      Iceland voted NO – To the Banksters.

  • Richard

    Without taking sides here, I am painfully reminded of your crass ignorance on the basic issues, Michael.
    First of all, you keep talking about “the British” when you mean “the English”. The Scots are also ‘British’, whether you like it or not..
    Secondly, consider your sentence: “Today, the United Kingdom is a horribly repressive Big Brother police state that is dominated by bureaucratic control freaks.” What makes you think that any Scottish government isn’t going to perpetuate the system already in place? What government has EVER voluntarily given up any of its controls?
    Thirdly, how has throwing off the yoke of the British monarchy worked out so “exceptionally well” for you? Oh, sorry, I forgot, You only paid 3% tax in those days, didn’t you? Now you have the privilege of paying over 50% tax to your beloved government. Silly me! Of course, you’d just HATE to be a dynamic, thriving, modern state like Hong Kong which only “got rid of the British monarchy” in 1997, wouldn’t you?

    And finally, there’s this: “Today, the United Kingdom is a horribly repressive Big Brother police state
    that is dominated by bureaucratic control freaks. You can hardly even
    sneeze without violating some kind of law, rule or regulation. And the
    London banking establishment is at the very heart of the debt-based
    global financial system which is enslaving so much of the planet.” Of course, NONE of that applies to the good ole U.S. of A., does it, which “got rid of the British monarchy” in 1776.

    The ignorance and hypocrisy is breathtaking.

    Having said that, I don’t think it matters either way whether Scotland does or doesn’t remain part of the U.K. I’d love to see your reaction if, say, Texas or California were to do the same thing. Ah but then, UHMUHRUHCUH is the EXCEPTIONAL, INDISPENSABLE country, isn’t it? I almost forgot… Can’t have bits falling off, no, can we?

    • Richard

      Amen. As another Richard, I could Not have said it better myself.

      • The Other Richard!

        Another post of mine was ‘deleted’. I wonder why. It had even received some positive credits. Oh well… Censorship is alive and well, I see.

        • Richard

          Yes. One of mine was also recently deleted. Only so much Truth is allowed anywhere now. Big Brother is in Control every where and in every way. BB will only draw the net of Control tighter with each passing day, Until the bewitched American populace can reach out and touch the barbed wire.

    • Hammerstrike

      As Michael pointed out, George Soros himself is against Scottish independence, along with the scumbag politcians and banksters.

      That alone tells enuff´.

      The US may suck today but it is still way better off than the UK is.

      So enjoy your sharia law, cork-gnawer. Enjoy sharia law, police state and bankruptcy!

  • MeMadMax

    You know whats funny?
    England is more communist oppressive than even the soviets were back in their day…

    The only thing that is missing is mass murder/purges/executions…

    But since that’s missing, for now, I guess that makes it ok, right???

    • Hammerstrike

      British Union of Islamic Sovietic Republics

  • John Farley

    Michael, you give the impression that Scotland was forcibly joined with England via military conquest. However, Scotland freely chose to become part of the Union with England by means of an Act of the Scottish Parliament (the Union with England Act 1707). Scottish independence therefore needs to be understood in terms of reversing an historic political decision taken by its own parliament.

    It tends to be overlooked that union with England brought considerable benefits to Scotland that it would otherwise have never known. Union with its more powerful southern neighbor brought security and protection from invasion from powerful European countries, as well as prosperity and economic development as a result of having access to colonial markets. Scotland was a key partner and played a critical role in the expansion of the British Empire and should be proud of the role it played in the positive aspects of Empire.

    The numerous colonies and dominions of the British Empire provided significant opportunities for generations of Scottish immigrants to start a new life in a new land – opportunities that few other countries have enjoyed. For example, the number of Americans of Scottish descent is estimated to be 20-25 million.

    It’s a pity the Scottish independence referendum has attracted anti-English sentiments because, on balance, the benefits of union with England over the last 3 centuries have far outweighed what it would have experienced had it remained independent.

    Nevertheless, a ‘yes’ vote would be very welcomed in England given the traditionally strong support for Labour Governments (similar to US Democrats) in Scotland: Scotland currently provides 41 Labour MPs v only 1 Conservative (Republican) MP for the UK Parliament. The obsession of British Labour governments with the ideologies of socialism, multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass immigration has been devastating for England. Without the Scottish Labour vote the English will be able to govern far more effectively in their own best interests by electing Conservative Governments as the norm.

    • Guest

      Yous seriously believe that? Bwahahaha!

    • Hammerstrike

      No way an independent Scotland would have had its own colonies, huh?

  • Carol UK

    Well, coming from a group of people who live in one of the most corrupt nation on the planet this is a little rich. A country who bullies other nations relentlessly in the search for more power and mineral wealth obviously you know exactly what you are talking about.

    The implications for the Scots go far beyond the things you have considered. As an Englishwoman I say yes do it, they have been bleeding Westminster for years…however there will be higher prices in Scotland, implications for the armed forces and even problems with infrastructure etc that is partially paid for by central government.

    Many Scots are saying NO for these reasons.

    Westminster has been keeping Scotland afloat for years…if they go they go, but I can assure you the effects on Scotland will be far worse than those you seem to hope befall England.

    As for establishing a new Russian base there….well, it’s much closer to the East Coast of the USA, you need to be careful what you wish for.

    Y’all have a nice day

    • Richard

      Very well stated, M’Lady. Very well stated indeed and Cheers to ya also. Long Live The King.

    • Hammerstrike

      If westminster is keeping Scotland afloat, why did the politicians and their bankster pimps bother to make threats?

      The Union needs Scotland more than Scotland needs it.

  • Well said, Michael. Everything you said in this article is on the mark beginning with William Wallace and ending with George Soros.


    But remember it’s called Scotland Yard, not for no reason!

  • Phil from Germany

    I left the UK back in the 80s, it was a good idea then, and its getting better all the time. The multi culti experiment is a curse on the UK as is the PC liberal , health and safety brigade, who killed the last piece of commen sense. Don’t be cowards and vote YES


    Over to you, Texas!

    • Sandbagger

      You’d think that Texas would really be ramping up efforts to leave U.S. rule due to the border issue. I mean, if not because Washington is allowing thousands to flood their state illegally, then what WILL push their detonate button?

      • Richard

        Well stated.

      • Hammerstrike

        Status quo usually wins over fear of the unknown.

        The people of Texas still have it good right now, better than average, they have yet to take a bite from the turd burger but they will soon.

  • patriot alice

    Soon you’ll be making the case for the USA to split into 50 countries. This is the same argument people will use to break up your families by jealous people, who want to destroy your families. Stop it stupid!

    • Richard

      No. The South was the Last effort on that by the Constitutional lovin Americans. This nation is now inhabited by greedy Takers – from the Government. Ignorance and Apathy reigns supreme in These small minds (American Majority) and Their Controllers like it very much.

    • AZDesertRat

      50 is probably too many, but I think 10-12 smaller nations under a mutual defense pact wouldn’t be a bad idea. Better control over spending and better representation. (Seriously, what do I as an Arizonan, have in common with someone from Maine?)

      • Richard

        Yes. The old Confederacy of Southern States were 11. For the old Southern (States Rights) (10th Amendment) Constitutionalists – It turned out to be Our 9-11.

      • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

        Arizona and Maine are nice, just let the liberals have Mass. and Ca.

    • Hammerstrike

      Enjoy the sharia law, bankruptcy and orwellian police state.

      Oh wait, without Scotland, your welfare and police state goes bankrupt and your beloved “asians” goes from feral to rabid, turning London into a mix of ISISL-held Iraq and South Sudan.

    • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

      it would be nice if the liberals would form a cesspool they could live in

    • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

      sharia law babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • alan

    I am 99.9% certain the official vote will be no even if everyone voted yes. If by some bazaar chance its a yes vote expect US lead air strikes on the ISIS terrorists in Scotland followed shortly by that new NATO spear head force created for the U-crane.

  • Grinding Ax

    It would be great if they were choosing independence for the right reasons, but the group hollering most loudly for independence want, and I quote, “a more egalitarian society.” The current welfare system isn’t enough? The PC police aren’t influential already? The “independents” don’t want real freedom, they want to model the country after Sweden but on steroids. With that in mind I have to hope they don’t win the vote, it will only weaken the West further.

    • Hammerstrike

      Equality in opposition to the inequality caused by the banksters and their inflation-based wealth-redistribution policy.

      • Grinding Ax

        That doesn’t make socialism right or valuable.

    • cannuck21

      Absolutely correct. Michael believes that he has the impertinence
      to tell others how best to run their countries. A strange but typical American

      As Paul Roberts writes regarding 9/11 – ’ Millions of
      Muslims have paid for this lie with their lives, the destruction of their
      families, and with their dislocation. Most Americans remain comfortable with
      the fact that their government has destroyed in whole or part seven countries
      based on a lie Washington told to cover up an
      inside job that launched the crazed neoconservatives’ drive for Washington’s World

      estimates that 1.5 million children have died due to US sanctions on their
      country. The UN estimates the number to be 500,000. Children denied medical
      care & crucial drugs by the US
      administration. And Michael dares to lecture others on how best to run their

      • Grinding Ax

        I think you may misunderstand my concerns. I couldn’t care less about what/who gets destroyed in the Middle East, most of those people are enemies to me on three fronts: 1) because I’m American 2) because I’m Christian and 3) because I’m a woman. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, regardless of what sect they belong to. As a whole they view me – and you unless you are one of them – as an infidel that must be destroyed one way or another. No thanks brother, I’d rather they get theirs first so send in the Night Hawks for all I care.

        My concern is Western civilization and the fate that awaits it, hence my inability to approve of the push for Scottish independence. It wasn’t about independence at all, but about ramping up socialism. Socialism is not, in my opinion, a core Western value – or least it wasn’t when Western civilization established its dominance. It’s a fairly new idea in the evolution of my culture and I’m not in favor of it. What I’m in favor of is a strong, truly independent Europe/America that is full of people who have shared values, strong work ethic, and the will to protect what is theirs, including ,and perhaps most importantly, the Judeo-Christian culture and morals that gave rise to Western civilization in the first place.

        • cannuck21


  • c w

    Britain has degenerated into a pool of septic waste. They have allowed moslems to destroy their culture, Scotland has no choice but to leave and save themselves.

  • patriot alice

    Your families could make the same case about leaving you. If someone invaded your house, you shouldn’t leave your home, you should throw the bums out. Vote NO Scotland, fight to fix Great Britain, throw those foreigners out of your homeland. VOTE NO..

    • Hammerstrike


      ICELAND TIME, B****!

  • Hammerstrike

    Glory to Scotland and down with the union!

    • Richard

      If it Only were so Easy.

      • Hammerstrike

        I know, it isn’t the voters who count.

        Doesn´t mean that Cameron and his pimps won´t fail.

  • St. Ferd III

    LOL Leftists and Eco Fascists are pushing the YES vote along with the usual cadre of 20 something lib-arts educated airheads. Teat suckers = the Scots. 75 % of ‘GDP’ is gov’t. Nice. Scotland is bankrupt held together by English taxpayers. England should be begging the nutters to leave. Oil rights will stay with England along with a portion of the debt. Most firms and anyone with talent will leave the Libtard nirvana of Scotland. Maybe the Moslems can move to the Lefist gov’t run paradise of Scot-free land and impress the Scots with their jolly multi-culti, one-world model of sustainable living.

    • Hammerstrike


      If it was the Scots that were being subsided, banksters and politicians wouldn’t have panicked and threatened.

      • Priszilla

        the royal bank of scotland did a “lehman brothers” and was rescued by the government which became owner of the bank.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    The Scots should vote for independence and tell Liz and big ear Charlie to take a hike. Time to put a Stuart back on the throne of Scotland.

    Ireland has done well in its 90 years of independence, no reason why the Scots can’t.

  • James Hammett

    I am English and hoping the Scots do vote Yes. They would then get independence from Westminster and start the process of saving the other Home Nations

  • Firstgarden

    “Wallace! Wallace! Wallace!…”

  • Northern Cousin Bob

    Think again.
    Up here in Canada, we have lived through this emotional roller coaster many times. Blessed be the peacemakers who do not want to just stir up trouble and gain power for themselves. This discussion will feel very different in few short decades when the downtrodden, democratic Spanish majority in California, Texas and Florida wish to repatriate with Mexico.
    Have a great weekend all!
    Northern Cousin Bob

    • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

      you got it right

    • Hammerstrike

      Canada is pretty “multicultural” too, just sayin´.

    • watchmanonthetower

      “… Spanish majority in California, Texas and Florida wish to repatriate with Mexico.”

      This dubious goal is already underway in the form of an agenda to spawn a monstrous North American Union (Europe’s got one, after all); from the tippy-tip of Canada to the lush jungles of the Darién National Park, Panama.

      That means no borders; one big happy melting pot. The current drama surrounding the “immigration debate’ and ‘amnesty’ are active and critical components in the machinery working to construct this union. Your artful observation, Bob, is worth a hat-tip. Well done.

      So consider the current “crisis” on the border as being right on time: all this fuss and bother about our porous perimeters;
      with the NAU: no borders, no more problems. Just another bullet point on the NWO agenda.


  • Priszilla

    If scotland votes yes the big scottish banks want to move their HQ to London.

    • Hammerstrike

      Iceland time.

  • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

    sadly, the final no vote will be 50.5

  • cannuck21

    Fine Michael but I thought that the term ‘British’ included Scotland? The Scots are a superb and fine race and part of Britain. So what does Scotland have to gain by breaking away from a 300 year old union? To link this to the US war of independence is absurd. To use an excellent US expression ‘give me a break’. There is a far stronger case for the break up of the US into its earlier Union / Confederate states than for Scotland to leave the union. Perhaps if you asked ‘who benefits’ from such a change you might temper your ill informed writings. You often write just how corrupt and dangerous the military / industrial complex is in the US. Unjust wars against Muslim countries (Ike was so correct with his warning) – more wars against any country that the US does not like. – yet you seek to lecture other countries about corruption. I understood that you trained as a lawyer? Little of that training has shown itself in this ill though through article article. Your assertion to be a Christian is lacking – how about looking at your own countries ‘crimes’ before trying to make a case against other countries.

    • Richard

      Oooooooooohhh Watch out, Canuck. You stand in GRAVE danger of having your article censored and eliminated if you write stuff like that.
      Best apologise right now to Michael and BEG him not to delete your (excellent) post. (Damn, I shouldn’t have said that…)

  • Km

    The globalist (agenda) is almost complete. World war will ensue, and then that man of sin will be revealed. Time is short, repent and get right with the Lord Jesus Christ. HE will set things in order, and only HIM!

    • Richard


  • Firstgarden

    “Every man dies, not every man really lives.”
    – William Wallace

    • Community College Student

      What does it take to really live?

      • Firstgarden

        Well, in the context of Braveheart, he meant that to live is to have your freedom from tyranny and oppression.

        In the broader sense, most humans are slaves to their own passions. To really live is to fins freedom and dominion over these passions, so that they serve us, and us not them.

        To those of faith, to really live means to have God’s life in us, and flowing through us, showing light and love to others.

  • krinks

    If they do vote “yes” they will still end up in the EU one way or the other with a Rothschild Central Bank to turn them all into debt slaves.

  • GSOB

    The oil tycoons will keep the Scottish enslaved to the Queen.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    Switzerland and Norway are in better shape than European countries. Why not Scotland?

    Even Germany fancies to get out of this European union which has made of us only poor workers and debt slaves.

    In Italy just for example, 50 companies file bankruptcy every day…. Yes, EVERY day!

  • andywade

    But the Scotlanderishes are TEH SOSILISITS and their leaders have promised them WELFARES!

  • Victor Ward

    “The people of Scotland have been pushed around by the British for centuries.” I think you mean pushed around by the English. British means the Scots as well as they are British until they vote otherwise.

  • Louis

    Your last chance my dear Scots!

  • whteshark

    Where’s our William Wallace, our George Washington?

    I want to vote on Independence from Washington. It’s time for the red states to secede and form a new, more perfect union with liberty as its foundation, not the socialist tyranny of the liberal progressives.

  • carefix

    Scotland may become free of England but Salmond had not even thought about a new currency. Indeed he simply wanted to remain part of the Western banking cartel which gives Scotland the freedom to be asset stripped in the short, medium and long term. Oops!

  • rogerinflorida

    They are British; are you suggesting some means whereby they can get free of themselves. Of course you mean “English” when you infer an oppressor, in fact the union between Scotland and England was a seriously negotiated legal act, not a conquest of one by the other.

    However considering the current situation; what is driving the YES campaign is chronic Scottish xenophobia. They consider themselves oppressed, therefore they are. Personally speaking as an expatriate Englishman and US Citizen I hope that YES wins, that result would give Scotland a chance to show what they are really made of, and would lift from English politics the malignant shadow of Marxism that has hung over English politics since WW2. England has a culture of private property, entrepreneurship and respect for capitalism that Scotland definitely does not have. Either way there will be some short term instability but, over the long term, a YES vote will be far more advantageous to England than it will be for Scotland.

  • Selaretus


  • Richard Broberg

    If the U.S were to split in two; say North and South,
    Liberal and Conservative, it would take less than a year before libs were sneaking into the Conservative part to get away from the liberalism.

    If the ruling class had behaved better, there wouldn’t be
    all this talk of secession.

  • K2

    Michael, ‘British’ means english and scottish. So its not british vs scottish. Its english vs scottish.

  • Ticker

    Michael, your are talking nonsense. Not because of your politics or economic forecasts. Britian is in gross sin, just as your nation is not far behind. We have legalized all kinds of sin and it is only a matter of time before God will judge us, both North and south of the border. It does not matter what economic genius they have in leadership, it will ultimately collapse. We can only survive and prosper with a genuine repentence toward the God of the bible. Otherwise we are finished and you guys across the Atlantic are not far behind.

  • DJohn1

    Nothing much has changed. The older generation was afraid it would effect their hard-earned pensions.
    The PM has declared that things will be different if they voted to stay. The question becomes is he lying or not.

    Scotland has always had a strong minority of people willing to do the right thing regardless of the cost.
    Scotland also has a lot of people that talk a good talk but when push comes to shove, they vote with their pocketbook.
    I think this is what has happened this time.
    I do not see Britain as finished by any means. When I looked at the Thames, there were numerous freighters going into and out of London.
    What has to happen is that the public dole will eventally have to be earned instead of given. Now that is a problem that will tear the nation apart if it is not handled properly.
    I think the dole has gotten way out of hand. But it is not a problem that they are not aware of. I see Ebola coming to all our shores. I see Ebola wiping out a large over-sized population no matter where you are. I was listening to a nurse dealing with it from a hazmat suit in Liberia, Africa. possibly 3 out 200 survive the plague.
    She was talking about 2 doctors. They had been shipped out because they got the Ebola. Those two survived I think.
    It is a whole lot different in Britain with their much lower temperatures and sanitation. So I think possibly a third of the population might survive where in Africa with the primitive conditions far fewer people survive.
    Britain remains one of the center pieces of a chess board. That is what will keep Britain going. It is capable of stopping all contact with other nations if necessary. But the only thing saving them is a 26 mile channel between them and France. International commerce is England’s lifeblood.

    Refuges from Europe might find the doors closed if it hits Europe and not Britain. I think the real key here is in the nature of the disease. Is it airborne or not? Anyone on remote islands such as Scotland has will find that they are host to a number of rich people from England in the next year. The key is to isolate yourself from the disease until it has run its course. Scotland is a prime piece of territory to wait it out. I think that will happen.
    The trick is to close all commerce down while it runs its course. Whether or not that will work remains to be seen.
    The logistics of feeding that huge population during a plague is what is going to take a genius level leader. I wish them luck.

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