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What Is The Best Place To Live In The United States To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse

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What Is The Best Place To Live In The United States To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse

  • Steven Leonard

    “The Best Place to Live During Economic Colapse” is short sighted in one respect; SCOPE. Those with the means to do so are LEAVING THE U.S. for other countries, to escape the inflation and coming taxes, in the short run. In the long run, no one will escape the world electronic “currency”, and our endentured servitude to the new system.

  • Dave L

    The east coast is way overcrowded as is the south. Upper midwest and Rockies – too cold! Dester southwest – too dry to grow food. Most of the food is grown out west. California is also overcrowded, mis-managed and has out-of-control government. Try Oregon or Washington away from the cities but west of the cascades where the food is grown. Buy some land, start a business and grow food. Stocking up on food and ammo is better than buying Gold ANY day! Do not go it alone. Live in an agro area that has a strong community network of PPL that work together.

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