More Than A Million Americans Are Dead, But Our Leaders Do Nothing About The Raging Crisis In Our Streets

In our rotting, decaying society, there are literally hordes of rotting, decaying people in the streets.  In this article, I am going to tell you about an immensely powerful drug that is taking America by storm.  It makes people stagger about like zombies, and it also causes raw, gaping wounds that will literally rot away arms and legs if left untreated.  Of course the U.S. was already facing an unprecedented drug crisis even before this new “zombie drug” started to spread like wildfire.  More than a million Americans have died of a drug overdose since 1999, and the drug overdose epidemic has actually greatly accelerated within the past few years.  At this point, more than 100,000 Americans a year are dying from a drug overdose.  According to the CDC, someone dies from an overdose in this country every five minutes, and most of those drug overdose deaths are being caused by a drug known as fentanyl.  An amount of fentanyl equivalent to a grain of rice is enough to kill a person, and right now fentanyl is actually the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45…

Fentanyl has become the leading cause of death for adults aged between 18 and 45, the CDC confirmed.

Former White House drug policy advisor Professor Keith Humphreys told The U.S. Sun: “The US has an established population of several million people who are already addicted to opioids.

“This creates a lucrative market for drug traffickers selling blends of opioids with other drugs included.”

Thanks to our unprotected borders, it is quite easy for other countries to absolutely flood our communities with fentanyl.  For example, last week state troopers in Arizona discovered “enough fentanyl to kill nearly 800,000 people”

Arizona state troopers last week seized enough fentanyl to kill nearly 800,000 people. The fentanyl had been smuggled in a pickup truck and made it nearly 150 miles north of the border, authorities said.

The stuff gets over the border so easily because the politicians in Washington have turned our border security into a joke.

The only reason why state troopers were able to intercept it 150 miles north of the border is because the vehicle it was being transported in was involved in a terrible accident.

Fentanyl was bad enough, but now it is being combined with an extremely powerful animal tranquilizer known as Xylazine

Xylazine is thought to be 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine, which is why it has taken over at the No. 1 drug in Philadelphia.

The combination of Fentanyl and Xylazine is known as “Tranq Dope”, and it is being sold on the streets of our major cities “for just a few dollars”

When cut with fentanyl, xylazine has a bigger hit with it inducing a semi-conscious state which leaves people’s upper bodies hanging over their legs in the street and they move very slowly or not at all.

This is where it gets its name “zombie drug” from, however with a bigger hit comes a bigger need for addicts to buy it.

The drug is sold on the street for just a few dollars and is often injected into the body.

In this footage from the streets of Philadelphia, you can see what this “zombie drug” does to people.

We have never seen anything quite like this before.

Recently, authorities in Philadelphia tested 39 different drug samples, and they found Xylazine in every single one of them

The city’s public health department recently found Xylazine in every sample of drugs tested. While the sample of 39 was small, health experts are alarmed at the trend and the wounds they are seeing.

Of course it isn’t just Philly that is dealing with “Tranq Dope”.

This new combination is now being bought and sold in communities all over America, and users are discovering that it literally causes raw, gaping wounds to appear on their bodies

Tranq users have found raw wounds erupting on their skin at the injection sites which have rotted the surrounding skin and caused infection, sometimes leading to amputation.

The wounds turn into a crust of dead tissue called eschar, which if untreated will cause people to lose limbs.

Some former addicts have even spoken about seeing people continue to inject the drug into their stumps.

Sadly, most addicts are not able to quit.

These drugs are just too strong.

So even though their wounds just keep getting worse and worse, most addicts just keep injecting themselves with this poison.

One user named Sam told Sky News about the holes that have appeared in his legs and feet…

Tranq is basically zombifying people’s bodies. Until nine months ago, I never had wounds. Now, there are holes in my legs and feet.

Just cleaning them is so painful. The wound care truck put on band aids but I kept them on for a week in the rain and it all looked a hundred times worse.

And a 39-year-old user named Tracey McCann actually told the New York Times that her arms are “dying” from the wounds that she has developed

Last month, one Philly user suddenly developed xylazine-specific wounds near her opioid injection sites.

“I’d wake up in the morning crying because my arms were dying,” Tracey McCann, 39, told the New York Times.

But most of them simply cannot get off these drugs on their own.

So they will just keep going back to the dealers to buy more.

When I say that our major cities have become rotting, decaying hellholes, I am not exaggerating one bit.

And what is truly tragic is that our leaders could stop all of this is they really wanted to do so.

But they won’t do it.

Even though more than a million Americans are already dead, they refuse to take action.

For a long time I have been relentlessly warning my readers about what was happening to our cities, and now the deterioration has greatly accelerated.

If you currently live in a drug-infested area, I would encourage you to move somewhere safe while you still have the opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, the number of safe areas continues to shrink, because these drugs just continue to infest more communities with each passing year.

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