The Dragon Is On Fire

Once in a while, there is a moment that embodies what is going on in our society as a whole.  For me, one of those moments came on Saturday night.  A 45 foot tall animatronic dragon at Disneyland erupted in flames, but most of the people at the park seemed to think that it was no big deal.  The vast majority of them just went about their business as though nothing unusual was happening.  Incredibly, most of those that were there seemed to think that everything was “normal” even though an absolutely enormous fire was sending “massive flames” into the night sky…

An intense fire broke out at Disneyland in Anaheim on Saturday night as packed crowds were enjoying a show at the theme park.

The fire ignited on Tom Sawyer Island during the Fantasmic! nighttime water and fireworks show held on the Rivers of America.

Citizen video captured by parkgoers shows massive flames fully engulfing Maleficent’s dragon prop on stage. The flames first ignited from the dragon’s face before spreading to the rest of its body.

According to Google, “maleficent” means “causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means”.

As I watched this dragon burn, I immediately thought about the current state of our country.

All around us, our society is literally coming apart at the seams, and most people seem to believe that there is no cause for alarm.

But if you aren’t alarmed yet, what is it going to take?

Just look at our economy.  The dominoes are falling one after another, and even our largest and most prosperous corporations are laying off workers.

Within just the past few days, Bed Bath & Beyond has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, BuzzFeed News announced it will be completely shutting down, and we have learned that Disney is going to be giving the axe to thousands of workers next week

Walt Disney Co. reportedly plans to slash thousands of jobs next week.

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the plans said the company would cut about 15% of the staff in its entertainment division.

The cuts will include those in TV, film, theme parks and on corporate teams, in every region where Disney operates.

Meanwhile, our financial system is on fire.

Already this year we have witnessed the second and third largest bank failures in U.S. history, and Moody’s just slapped 11 more banks with significant downgrades…

On Friday Moody’s reinforced this challenging outlook by downgrading ratings for 11 regional lenders, including a two-notch cut for Western Alliance, citing “a deterioration in the operating environment and funding conditions for US banks.”

“Some of the immediate problems have gone away but the reality is with interest rates higher the banks’ business model is going to have to change, and that’s going to play out over months and quarters and even years,” Commonwealth Financial Network CIO Brad McMillan told Yahoo Finance.

At the same time, crime rates continue to soar all over the nation and it appears that a substantial portion of the population has gone completely nuts.

These days, many people will start shooting for seemingly no reason at all.  The other day a man in North Carolina shot several people, including a 6-year-old girl, because a basketball rolled into his yard

The 24-year-old man accused of shooting a 6-year-old girl, her parents and another neighbor after a basketball rolled into his yard in North Carolina is now in police custody.

Robert Singletary appeared in court on Friday and signed an extradition waiver. He turned himself in on Thursday to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, authorities said.

Neighbors told ABC News’ Charlotte affiliate WSOC the shooting on Tuesday started when a basketball rolled into Singletary’s yard from a group of local children playing basketball in the street. Singletary allegedly fired a gun at a neighbor before approaching a father and daughter, William James White and 6-year-old Kinsley White, who were both seriously wounded.

As I keep telling my readers, the thin veneer of civilization that we depend upon on a daily basis is rapidly disappearing.

In San Francisco, organized retail crime is so rampant that some retailers have resorted to literally locking up thousands of products.

The moral foundation of our society has been rotting for years, and now it is almost totally gone.

And it is in such an environment that the most contentious presidential election in U.S. history will be held in 2024.

An election should be a time of great hope for the nation, but instead most people seem to be looking forward to it with dread

Many Americans are not excited about a potential rematch between President Biden and former President Trump, according to a new poll, with more respondents saying they feel “exhaustion” over the prospects than anything else.

A 38 percent plurality of respondents reported they felt “exhaustion” over the idea of a rematch, according to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll. The other emotions that people said the rematch inspires are not much more positive, with 29 percent feeling “fear” and 23 percent “sadness and fear.”

Most Americans don’t have faith in our elections any longer.

And most Americans don’t have faith in our politicians any longer.

Our entire system of government is on very thin ice, and that should make all of us very sad.

Of course our entire culture is on very thin ice at this point.  Earlier today, I was alarmed to read that a school district in a deep red state such as Missouri has given in to pressure from the woke crowd…

A Missouri school district is now making its math curriculum more gender inclusive, updating word problems and other language-based math equations with “they/them” pronouns.

As presented in a Webster Groves School District “math program evaluation” last week, non-binary people will be represented in “word and contextual” problems via the pronouns, alongside regular gendered people using he/she pronouns.

When we allow the woke crowd to define the language, they win.

Over in Europe, things are even worse.  In certain situations, you can literally go to prison for not using someone’s preferred pronouns.

While we are obsessing over pronouns, the war in Ukraine just continues to escalate.

The total amount of aid that the U.S. has already given Ukraine exceeds 200 billion dollars, but one Ukrainian official is now saying that is not nearly enough

We are thankful to our allies for their military help. But: it is not enough. Ukraine needs 10 times more to finish russian aggression this year. Thus we call upon our partners to cross all artificial red lines & devote 1% of GDP for weapons deliveries

Needless to say, most of our politicians are more than eager to keep showering the Ukrainians with more cash.

And the Russians are just going to keep escalating the conflict as well.

We continue to creep closer and closer to a point of no return.

So what happens if someone ends up crossing a line that will never be able to be uncrossed?

Do we really want to fight a nuclear war over Ukraine?

Once the nukes start flying, America will burn.

Sadly, most Americans aren’t alarmed by any of the things that I have just shared with you.

But the truth is that flames have already erupted in every corner of our society, and we had better work really hard to put those fires out before it is too late.

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