U.S. Representative Ted Lieu: There Is “More Than Enough” Evidence To Draft Articles Of Impeachment Right Now

A lot of conservatives still don’t realize what is about to happen.  The Democrats have already decided that articles of impeachment will be drafted, and they are planning on a vote by the end of this year.  Of course it is entirely possible that the timeline could get pushed back a bit, but this things is actually going to happen.  Many still seem to believe that the Democrats are going to “evaluate the evidence” before deciding what to do, but the truth is that most of them already have their minds made up.  For example, just check out what U.S. Representative Ted Lieu told CNN on Friday

During an appearance on CNN Friday, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said there was “more than enough” evidence to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Lieu said, “Impeachment is one of the greatest powers of Congress. It should always be our last option, reserved only for those instances until we can’t wait until the next election. We’re at one of those times because the president continues to solicit foreign powers to interfere in our electoral politics.

Once the Democrats in the House vote to impeach Trump, a trial will be held in the Senate.

Theoretically, Trump should win in the Republican-controlled Senate, but the way Mitt Romney is talking is making a lot of people very nervous.

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