Where You Don’t Want To Be When Things Finally Start Hitting The Fan

Once things start getting really crazy in this country, where you live could make all the difference.  As global events have accelerated in recent months, a number of people have been seeking my advice about relocation.  Ultimately, there is no solution that is 100 percent perfect for everybody.  But there are some general principles that I do believe apply broadly, and I will share some of those principles with you in this article.

First of all, when things finally start hitting the fan you don’t want to be some place that has a high population density.

In particular, you will want to avoid the big cities, and last year we definitely witnessed a mass “exodus” from the largest cities in the country

Last year the counties that are home to LA, Chicago and New York City suffered the largest exodus of people in the country – while tens of thousands flocked to Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Crime has become a major problem in urban areas from coast to coast, and the level of violence in this nation just continues to rise.

In fact, the mass shooting that just happened in Louisville was already the 146th that we have seen so far this year

Kentucky is the latest state in America to be shaken by gun violence, as the mass shooting inside a Louisville bank marked the 146th in 2023.

The US reached the grim milestone on Monday of more Mass Shootings than days on Monday, which has already surpassed previous years – following the fatal shooting that left five dead, including the gunman, and eight injured at the Old National Bank.

And theft is completely and utterly out of control in many of our inner cities.  It is costing retailers billions upon billions of dollars, and that is one of the biggest reasons why Walmart just decided to shut down four “underperforming” stores in Chicago…

Walmart announced Tuesday it will abruptly close four underperforming Chicago stores, citing millions in annual losses.

The company said its eight Chicago stores collectively have not been profitable since the first opened 17 years ago. This has amounted to a loss of “tens of millions of dollars a year,” according to a press release, losses that have nearly doubled over the last five years.

According to a statement that was put out by Walmart, the losses that those stores have been experiencing have “nearly doubled in just the last five years”

“The simplest explanation is that collectively our Chicago stores have not been profitable since we opened the first one nearly 17 years ago — these stores lose tens of millions of dollars a year, and their annual losses nearly doubled in just the last five years,” Walmart said in a statement.

The problem isn’t that those stores weren’t popular.

The problem is that they were constantly being looted.

In San Francisco, Whole Foods is closing their “flagship store” just a year after it opened

The Whole Foods Market location in downtown San Francisco is set to close at the end of business Monday, just a year or so after opening in March of 2022, KRON4 has confirmed. Employees at the store will be transferred to other locations nearby.

“To ensure the safety of our Team Members, we have made the difficult decision to close the Trinity store for the time being,” said a Whole Foods Market spokesperson. “All team members will be transferred to one of our nearby locations.”

San Francisco is an ideal location for a Whole Foods store, but “deteriorating street conditions” have forced company officials to make this move…

“Deteriorating street conditions” involving drug use and crime forced the store to close, according to one City Hall official quoted in the report.

The news didn’t shock some journalists and Bay Area residents, who blamed city and state leadership for the city’s growing problems with crime and homelessness.

Sadly, the entire state is rapidly falling to pieces, and that has resulted in California losing approximately half a million people over the past few years…

California’s population fell by 500,000 people between April 2020 and July 2022, Fox News previously reported.

“Sure San Francisco continues to decline rapidly, with Whole Foods closing just a year after opening due to rampant crime & drug dealing after SF lost ~8% of its population from 2020-2022, but hey, at least Gavin Newsom is lecturing Ron DeSantis on how to be a successful governor,” he tweeted sarcastically.

Of course most of my readers are not located in core urban areas.

But those that are living in the suburbs are not safe either.

When economic conditions get bad enough, many of the criminals in the big cities will be coming out to the suburbs to look for easy prey.

With that in mind, I am encouraging people to consider moving away from large metropolitan areas entirely.

If you are considering such a move, I would also avoid anywhere that is experiencing persistent drought.  That would include much of the Interior West, although some areas have been blessed with quite a bit of precipitation lately.

I would also keep potential natural disasters in mind when selecting a new destination.

Personally, I would not move anywhere close to the New Madrid fault zone.  If you do not understand why, there is an entire chapter in my latest book that explains this.

I would also avoid both coasts.

The west coast is way overdue for a major seismic event.  Scientists assure us that it is just a matter of time before “the Big One” strikes, and you don’t want to be anywhere around when that happens.

On the east coast, there is the potential for a giant tsunami to completely wipe out our major cities.  In particular, the terrain of Florida is extremely flat and so there would be very little resistance if a giant tsunami were to start ripping across the state.

And unless you want to die a very quick death once a nuclear war starts, I would highly recommend not living near a military base or a nuclear missile silo.

Once you account for all of the factors that I have mentioned in this article, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of areas to choose from.

And the real estate in such highly desirable areas has become quite expensive.

But the longer you wait, the more difficult it is going to become to relocate.

Global events are starting to spiral out of control, and I fully expect that they will accelerate even more during the months ahead.

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