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If The Clintons Are Worth 50 Million, Why Do They Get Nearly A Million A Year From The Taxpayers?

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Obama Bush Clinton CarterSince leaving the White House, the Clintons have earned at least 100 million dollars and currently have a net worth of up to 50 million dollars.  So why in the world do the taxpayers need to give Bill Clinton $944,000 to fund his extravagant lifestyle in 2014?  If ordinary Americans truly understood how much money many former politicians are being handed every year they would go bananas.  According to a Congressional Research Service report that was published earlier this year, the federal government has given a total of nearly 16 million dollars to Bill Clinton since 2001.  Each one of those dollars is a dollar that some U.S. taxpayer worked really hard for or that we had to borrow.  Yes, we don’t want our former presidents to go broke for a whole bunch of reasons, but it is absolutely absurd that we are showering them with millions upon millions of dollars.

Yesterday, I wrote about the trouble that Hillary has caused for herself by claiming that the Clintons were “dead broke” when they left the White House.

The way things have been set up, there is no way in the world that any former president is going to be “dead broke” ever again unless the law is changed.

According to the Washington Post, Bill Clinton has been receiving about a million dollars a year “for office space, staff, and a pension” since he left office…

According to an April report from the Congressional Research Service, Bill Clinton has received nearly $16 million in pensions and benefits from the federal government since leaving office. That includes $944,000 in fiscal year 2014 for office space, staff, and a pension.

That is insanely wasteful.

But wait, there’s more.

George W. Bush is actually receiving more money from the taxpayers than Clinton is each year

Bush the younger is costing taxpayers $1.28 million this year, and averages 4 per cent more annual than Clinton.

The government’s General Services Administration inexplicably budgeted $102,000 for Bush’s telephone expenses in 2014, and planned to spend $135,000 more on furniture, computers, office supplies and other miscellany.

How in the world is George W. Bush racking up $102,000 in phone expenses a year?

Does he have the world’s worst calling plan?

And of course what we spend on our former presidents is peanuts compared to what we spend on our current president.

According to author Robert Keith Gray, approximately 1.4 billion dollars is spent on the Obamas every year.  Here are just a few nuggets from his book

-The Obamas have the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever“.

-Obama has 469 senior staff working directly under him, and 226 of them make more than $100,000 a year.

-There is always at least one projectionist at the White House 24 hours a day just in case there is someone that wants to watch a movie.

-The “dog handler” for the family dog Bo reportedly makes $102,000 per year and sometimes he is even flown to where the family is vacationing so that he can care for the dog.

Yes, the White House needs a large staff.

But at this point we spend more on our presidents than any nation on the planet does on their entire royal families.

Over the years, the political elite have tilted the rules of the game dramatically in their favor.  Neither political party objects because they both benefit from riding on the endless gravy train.

If you can believe it, there are close to 15,000 retired federal employees that are currently collecting federal pensions for life worth at least $100,000 annually.  This list includes names such as Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Dick Gephardt and Dick Cheney.

And most people are astounded to hear that more than 4 million dollars a year is spent on the “personal” and “office” expenses of each U.S. Senator.

Not that they need the money.  As I wrote about recently, more than half of the members of Congress are millionaires at this point, and nearly 200 of them are multimillionaires.

Politics in America has become a game that is played by the elite for the benefit of the elite.  If it seems like they are “out of touch” with ordinary Americans that is because they are.

Meanwhile, things just continue to get even tougher for the middle class.  Even though money is flowing like wine in Washington D.C. for the moment, a brand new Gallup survey discovered that 58 percent of Americans believe that the economy is getting worse.

It is shameful that our politicians are living like rock stars while tens of millions of American families are suffering so deeply.  For example, consider the case of Andrew and Kristen Cummins

Andrew and Kristen Cummins and their 8-year-old son Colton have been in and out of homelessness for the past four years.

It all started when Andrew moved to Indiana for a temporary warehouse job that was supposed to turn into a full-time job. But instead he said he was let go as soon as the company would have had to start providing him with full-time benefits.

Since then, he has worked at several other temporary jobs that haven’t turned into full-time work either.

Kristen has been in the same position: She has also had temporary jobs, but nothing has stuck.

So for now, the three stay at a local homeless shelter called the Haven House. Since women and men are required to sleep in separate areas, Andrew doesn’t get to see his wife or son after 9 p.m. each night.

There are millions of other families just like them that are scratching and clawing their way through life the best that they can.

Perhaps our politicians should actually do something to help them instead of sitting back and living the high life at our expense.

  • DesertPaine

    The older I get the more I think what dopes we all are.

    How about this: freeze ex-p pensions and allowances. For life. In fact, reduce that amount by the rate of inflation annually. Come to think of it, let’s do that for Congressional remuneration, too.

    • Orange Jean

      My understanding is that former president Nixon even got his pension… disgusting!

      • C.L. Strasburg

        Nixon’s Watergate vs Obama’s VA, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Weaponizing IRS and counting … If ever there was a president that was non-deserving of a pension .. it is Obama.

        • Tim

          I agree. But he’ll get his pension. And, what’s worse, is that he’ll start collecting his pension as soon as he leaves office! That’s right. He doesn’t have to wait until he’s a certain age. As of 2014, former presidents receive a pension of over $200,000 a year!

          (“Only in America” by Brooks and Dunn playing in the background.)

        • Gay Veteran

          and Bush the Stoopid

  • Dawes

    I should be angry, but I just feel so sad at what we have become.

    • Dana

      and dont expect collapse or reset. tptb have so much control we will never get the “do-over”. it would have collapsed already. yeah, you can say its slow and steady collapse, but thats not really a collapse, that allows the elite to keep finding ways along the way to keep it going. really a joke. banks collapsing since 2010? stock market collapsing.? recent graphs show stock market parallel now and 1929 crash,but even that chart is swaying now. dollar collapse? what is the world waiting for? they obviously have some reason to keep buying our debt. its very sad. the best thing would be crash,reset and start over. price of homes,etc.price of food is based on hilary salary,etc. fck!

      • K2

        There will less likely be a ‘financial’ or ‘banking collapse’ and more likely a slow grinding economic stagnation and downward spiral of the ‘mainstream’ economy.

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    • Mondobeyondo

      You should be angry. This is not the same nation as it was 50 years ago

      • libbydbone

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  • Blowmax

    The royal families of Europe have nothing on our ruling elites

    • GSOB

      Nothing new under the sun.

      • none

        There IS nothing new under the sun.
        THAT Bill Clinton hasn’t already done?

  • Syrin

    Because the ruling class is nothing but Nazis. Gary endorses having them take more of our stuff to give to themselves.

  • Anthony

    Its not just former presidents, its everyone working for the federal govt, from Janitors to Senators. Most retire with pension and benefit packages we could only dream about.

    • Orange Jean

      Yes and no.

      Retired rank and file federal employees (as opposed to Congress, the PONTUS, etc) who first started working over 20 years ago are under a totally different retirement system, which was far more generous than the current system (FERS). The current system started around 20 years ago and is not very generous. BOTH require the employee to pay in BTW).

      But under FERS, if I were to work my current job for 20 years I’d get something like $400 a month to live on. (Not exactly something anyone dreams about… unless they are having nightmares!) There is also a seperate thing, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which would match a small percentage of what is put in… not unlike many private company’s 401K plans.

      Under the old system, if I had the same salary and worked for 20 years I’d have gotten about $3000 a month. The reason for the discrepancy is partly that under the old system the employees paid into that retirement system rather than social security so were not eligable for SS. Under the new system, we do pay SS so would be eligible (ha ha, that is assuming that SS is still there… which I doubt).

      The benefits are mostly the health plan, which is more or less currently like the “Bronze” plan under Obamacare (huge deductibles and a lot of things not covered).

      • sharonsj

        Give up. right-wingers aren’t interested in facts, just union bashing.

        • LibertyChick

          You kidding? Tune into the right TV/Radio programs and you’ll find they are constantly reporting facts – ones the left leaning media won’t report/disclose, and ones the left individuals don’t want to hear about and most never do as they would have to tune into right leaning programs to find out.

          • Gay Veteran

            still believe the “left”/”right” BS?

          • ben welgoed

            L.k, Time to admit you got brainwashed.

      • tp

        Actually, it was over 30 years ago (Jan1, 1984) that FERS replaced CSRS. The vast majority of current federal workers are under the new plan- FERS. Which includes social security, a 401k, and a very much smaller pension.

        Also, why don’t you mention that both Bushes – who were born into the elite rich – also get this large govt pension and secret service protection for life?

    • steve

      I retired from the federal government. My pension is a little over 600.00 per month.

      • ben welgoed

        That’s one way to make it a five-figure number. Now add a couple more digits and you really got something going.

    • pattilderrick

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      Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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  • Joe Blow

    How can they get away with this? Ridiculous.

    • kfilly

      People are stupid and apathetic.


        No, they are powerless

      • C.L. Strasburg

        Ignorant, apathetic irresponsible and fearful.

      • GSOB

        Me too.

  • Captain Canuck

    If the US had a universal health care plan, the family from Indiana would at least have medical coverage.

  • GSOB

    The IRS focused on ‘conservative’ groups.
    Good portion of them are probably genuine Christians….

    • Angry Jesus

      What the heck is a “genuine Christian”?

      • GSOB

        Opposite of nominal

  • GSOB

    Six presidents have used the IRS to bash political foes….

    guess who was one of them?

  • Nemo

    At some point, the people are going to realize that the ONLY way to get rid of federal corruption is to call a Constitutional Convention and dissolve the federal government. The feds will NEVER give up their perks as long as the current government exists. The best that we can do with elections is to rotate the rascals in and out of power.

    Return all sovereignty to the states and then let them decide what arrangements they want to make with each other for defense. foreign relations, etc. I bet that they will choose a minimalist approach.

    We really do need to start over from scratch.

    • kfilly

      Good luck with that. You’ll never turn Congress by voting. All of the election cycles are too far staggered. I believe it would take ten years to vote every incumbent out. That figure doesn’t include the low information and gimme voters. Do you think you have ten years before the takers start out numbering the makers?

  • davidmpark

    Payments to former presidents; this is socialism – this is how it behaves. No better than imperialism, communism, feudalism, gangs and organized crime, etc. There are literally two United States today: the Constitutional Republic and the Socialist Democracy living in the same space. Right now, the Constitutional Republic still lives (I know many don’t believe that, but it’s true) and the collapse is occurring in the usurper Socialist Democracy – the economic, social, and national collapse are all occurring in this illegitimate sphere only: a socialist America that should never had existed. This usurper of a system, the Socialist Democracy is dying before our eyes. Let it die.

    How does one know it’s dying? Look to those who worship at the alter of the collective and public opinion. The loathing and rage towards their political opponents, the calls for attacks and bloodshed against Christians, the demands for power; a power that was never theirs and never will be. There’s no joy in their words – only talk of war and delusions of superiority. That’s the best indicator as to the health of their systems and ideology. Another indicator is that all of the socialist schemes and dictator nations that existed for so long only did so because of a free United States providing for them – when that stopped, the regimes and systems all failed. Now America is socialist, and all socialism worldwide is collapsing.

    I’m going to make some comments to how this may turn out: socialism is and will finally collapse, the majority of the population on all these American continents will leave for the old world, and the remnant here will build a renewed nation again. Another Constitutional Representative Republic government. There will be some turmoil for a while, yes; that will be sorted out. These continents of North and South America will be safe, peaceful, and prosperous. As for the old world nations? You’ll still have Israel to provide a safe harbor in the storms of dead and dying socialism.

    All this could’ve been prevented and adverted. It didn’t have to happen. Kinda pathetic, really. When one has the answers and still acts as to the contrary. Whatever happens – let socialism die; the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, and all other adherents have no safe harbor anymore. They are failing; prepare for this and build anew later.

    Pray for them (they probably don’t know any better – best to be merciful and forgiving); and God be with you.

    • III

      So why did Churchill and Roosevelt need war with Germany? It isn´t like they gave a **** about joos, polacks, balts or even some ideals of democracy.

      They could just have made sure Germany wasn´t getting any technology from Britain or the US, no aid and that would have been enough, problem fixed.

      But as it was, they knew what system worked best.
      Back in 1937, one country was loosing halfd its foreign trade when Japan attacked nationalist China, the otehr saw Another round of crisis despite having far more ressources and industry than the latter.

      • davidmpark

        No clout of famous historical figures, no stories and anecdotes, no amount of tears and chanting, no amount of gold and fiat currency, no level of threats and violence will save your system. US Socialist Democracy’s failing and it will die.

    • Gay Veteran

      the word you are looking for is fascism (the merger of state and corporate power)

  • GSOB

    Everything these politicians make $$$ is blessed by friends at the IRS.

  • MeMadMax

    You know what…
    I can’t even think of what to do with a million dollars.
    I don’t want to buy a house(you don’t “own it” anyways).
    I don’t want to buy a new car: Taxes are outrageous from tags to sales, then there’s the insurance(OMG!).
    Everything that I buy would just be taken by the state when I die, my kids would prolly owe the government something even..

    I guess I would build a seagoing “houseboat”, a preppers version of life at sea so to speak…. That way when the sheeple start going crazy and start killing each due to lack of food/water, I could just slip away to some island in the pacific…


  • Adam in Christ

    It’s sad…shameful and sad that seemingly all of our elected politicians get so handsomely paid, and get such generous benefits, and get pampered so well for retirement, while the majority of Americans struggle in their day-to-day lives.

    When did the call to serving our nation turn into a ticket to the lap of luxury?

  • Mudpie

    They are our God-Kings. Bow down and worship and pay your indulgences!

  • JailBanksters

    I don’t mind the Million Bucks as long they stay out of Newspapers, Television and never seen or heard from ever again. Paid to NOT Work basically.

  • Priszilla

    Btw. BBC today: US economy contracted by 2.9% in first quarter of 2014.

    • nekksys

      YAY!!!! This is GOOD news to me…

      • K2


        • nekksys

          Because I wish to retire early to a subsistence lifestyle which, in my view, requires economic and governmental collapse so the government will stay the heck out of my business and let me live as I wish!


    We live under tyranny. We have been marginalized in our own land. What is the current invasion of the “children” other than a bald faced attempt to replace the native population! The Elected Elite is nothing more than a Mafia devoted to shaking down the working population.

  • Another excellent article Mike. But nobody really cares. As we can see, the established elite of both parties are being renominated for office all over the USA. The people who vote are not really interested in changing Washington. Only one primary comes to mind where the people through to bum out and that was Virginia, and the poor guy who beat him out is a loser anyway. So how do we get change in Washington? Please write an article on that subject and No I do not mean vote for the Tea Party.

  • Tim

    “Perhaps our politicians should actually do something to help them instead of sitting back and living the high life at our expense.”

    Thanks, Michael. I needed a good laugh this morning. 🙂

  • Freezing

    Wasteful I’m sitting in court with my son. The air conditioning must be at 60 degrees. In my house it is set at 75 degrees no matter what. I’m freezing my azz off in here. When I pay for something I tried to get the best price or not waste when the city or tax leeches but something they waste. Simple facts period.

  • sharonsj

    Don’t forget the huge pensions given to all of Congress. A senator doesn’t even have to serve his entire 6 years before being vested in a full pension. Some interim senators served just six months–and they get a full pension.

  • Jonn

    “Yes, we don’t want our former presidents to go broke for a whole bunch of reasons”

    I stopped reading after that sentence. Seriously.

    Exactly why don’t we want our former presidents to go broke? Would it embarrass someone? If so, who? Everyday citizens go broke. Former presidents ARE everyday citizens after they complete their term in office. Why give them special treatment?

    I really want to hear those whole bunch of reasons. Anyone?

    • Handog

      If they were broke they would be susceptible to bribes. As it is, they accept bribes while in office so no worries 🙂

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      For one, if they were broke that would make them vulnerable to bribes, selling secrets, etc.

    • GSOB

      Honor and respect is demanded by those in powerful positions.

  • Edwin

    Another thing most people don’t know, aside from the gross expenses outlined above, is the “after-political office kickbacks” which are going on.

    Clinton, for example, made $100 Million since leaving office – how did he do that? Chopping firewood? No, much of it is by giving speeches.

    I remember reading once that Tony Blair made something like $19 million in his first two years out of office… giving luncheon speeches for like $250,000 or $500,000 at corporate get togethers.

    (Hell, even Bristol Palin I’ve read once gets paid $30k to give speeches about teen pregnancy).

    But think of the conflict of interest. Sure, they didn’t get paid any bribes when they were in office… but when they get out of office, say a company like Shell, pays Blair $250,000 to give a 20 minute speech over lunch about the importance of oil to Europe.

    Does anyone REALLY think executives making over a million a year would take ANYTHING Tony Blair said about oil seriously? Of course they wouldn’t. Blair knows nothing more of oil than the average shmuck.

    Getting paid $250,000 for giving a 20 minute speech after you’re out of office is the “kickback” that says, “Thanks for starting a war in Iraq.”

  • cracker

    Time to put an end to this insanity. They are no longer in office they don’t need this, if they want it let them pay for it out of their own funds. There needs to be a cap placed on expenditures for current and former presidents.The End to this bullsh*t

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Vote me in as an Obama like president! My first executive order is to confiscate all congressional and executive pension funds. My second executive order, and both will be done before my read speech, will be to confiscate all PACs. Is it wrong to do so? Don’t know, but the folks that have failed this country need to cough up their winnings. The sad thing is all these elected officials could turn it down.

  • gerry d welder

    “It is not, perhaps, unreasonable to conclude, that a pure and perfect democracy is a thing not attainable by man, constituted as he is of contending elements of vice and virtue, and ever mainly influenced by the predominant principle of self-interest. It may, indeed, be confidently asserted, that there never was that government called a republic, which was not ultimately ruled by a single will, and, therefore, (however bold may seem the paradox,) virtually and substantially a monarchy.”
    Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee, Alexander Fraser (1854).

  • Realist

    “If ordinary Americans truly understood how much money many former politicians are being handed every year they would go bananas. ”

    While thats quite likely true, those well-connected and protected politico-servants of the Ruling Class have little to worry about. Both the lib Lie Stream Media and RINOmedia are wholly owned by the Ruling Class oligarchs, and those oligarchs will NEVER allow their precious little lickspittle lap dogs to be seriously examined by anyone in Big Media. We may read or hear about “concerns” or “allegations” concerning the corrupt politician scum but, when all is said and done, the criminal and utterly corrupt pols who are owned by the oligarchs will never suffer any deprivations as a result of their criminality. They will be lauded and celebrated by organizations created by the oligarchs to do just that.

  • Scottsman

    Ok does anyone disagree the tile ” Public Servant” needs to be changed to something like ” Public Beneficiary” or ” Public Privileged Employee” or “Pubic Entitled Person” etc.. ?

  • Mike Smithy

    FYI, this article fails to mention another huge perk at taxpayer expense. Bill and Hillary have U.S. Secret Service protection for life.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That is a very good point.

    • K2

      That protection is understandable, as US presidents have tons of powerful enemies. But other things could/should/can be avoided.

      • Gay Veteran

        “That protection is understandable, as US presidents have tons of powerful enemies….”

        enemies? that’s what happens when you commit war crimes

        • K2

          Even if one doesnt do it, a leader of country will always have powerful enemies

          • Gay Veteran

            but our leaders ARE war criminals

    • ben welgoed

      Who with a sane mind would ever take the job if it didn’t come with lifelong protection? Even being divine you’d run into nutcases who are all too motivated to zap you down.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    You mean you actually want a politician to do something right, honest, good for the people and be truthful. (In other words earn their legitimate money). WOW what a novel concept, but I think you are living in a pipe dream world. Now IF you were a Billionaire banker or business owner and dropped a few thousand dollars on them you could receive some consideration or favors, you could have your way with one of these “soul suckers” But you and me don’t have deep pockets so they keep selling their representation to the highest bidder. (It’s the Amerikan way)
    IF politicians were really interested in representing the people they would make it illegal to do insider trading and make lobbying illegal and taking a bribe from a lobbyist would get the death penalty for both of them. NAW NEVER HAPPEN…

  • Trailer Park Investor

    A lot of talk about the economic collapse and the BIG reset. You can bet that reset will just be for bankers, big business and big government NOT for the little guy. IF YOU Can’t pay your mortgage to bad “we have a nice cozy FEMA camp set up just for YOU”. You will have LOTS of company. You will not be lonely that’s for sure, BUT you will NOT be with your wife or children so you will be missing them. Your kids will be receiving indoctrination into the New World Order (how great it is and how to spy on your family and others around you) and you and your wife (if allowed to live) will be trained for one of their new slave job positions, lucky you…

    • Handog

      Well, aren’t you just a little ray of sun shine.

  • Kristen Marie Embler

    Meanwhile, the U.S economy continues to get worse. Q1 saw a 2.9% contraction instead of 1%. Our “experts” say this is not a big deal, and that Q2 will bring much more prosperity. While there was some crazy weather going on in some places, this isn’t the primary reason why Uncle Sam took another shaky step down the cliff. Curiously enough, some people think this is the main culprit while not having much consideration for what else was involved besides the weather blues. Canada’s GDP saw a 1.2 % increase, despite missing their desired mark. Geesh, I guess Canada doesn’t see much severe weather.

  • You_Lie_Obama

    Because the American people are stupid! At least the liberal half!

  • Ernie kaputnik

    Why? Geezus H. Crimmany! Because they are sociopaths. They are evil, corrupt, immoral and unethical people.

  • Priszilla

    Could you make a piece on every congress man and woman and senator and state governor?

    • D. Koss Uber

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • xander cross

    Ah yes, white people are at it again. More evidence that proves my point about how white people destroyed this country.

    • digz

      Criminals destroyed this country. What hair style, skin color, religious preference, gender or sexual orientation you are makes NO difference and is only a guilt by association FALLACY based on insignificant variables to justify your racism

      Look at world history. All empires that crumble are because of the career criminals that inevitably infiltrate or sway government. How many different skin colors did they consist of?

      Allot more than just White.

      Criminals are criminals, period.

  • So much for being “poor” and “broke”

  • steve

    All these comments are just “sour grapes” I think each and every one of the commenters here would like some of that money. Yes, Aesop said it best: “sour grapes”.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    for the money you spend in your guys , you get a “yes you can” In return, so stop to complain guys….

  • We have to understand that these type of people (raised with servants, body guards, etc.) are not from our world. They have no concept of what it is like to go to the grocery store and check the prices of bread before we decide on the cheapest loaf.

  • DerpDerp

    Once again, I find it highly partisan of you, Michael, for titling your article with “Clintons”, when G.W. Bush is receiving more taxpayer dollars. Seriously Michael, sometimes I really wonder about your integrity. It seems to me you put “Clintons” in the title simply to get your readership gnashing their teeth. I wonder what the reaction would have been if you put “Bush” in the title.

    I guess everyone sells out to some degree or another. I guess we know where you stand.

    • Gay Veteran

      interesting point

  • Defiant

    Lucky Hill Clinton and her wife have found a way to make some money. I hope it’s enough for them to recover from their impoverished stint in the WH!

  • Geezer

    On judgement day all the money in the world will not help them. Repent, get saved, get raptured. Jesus is coming sooner than you think.

  • D. Koss Uber

    “If The Clintons Are Worth 50 Million, Why Do They Get Nearly A Million A Year From The Taxpayers?”
    How about “If the oil companies are worth 700 billion why do they get 5 billion a year from the taxpayers?”

    • dretyn

      How about BOTH!

      • D. Koss Uber

        Well one way to look at it is that Clinton would have to collect for 5000 years to get one year of oil subsidies. Right, a billion is 1000 million. I suggest the US send in 8 fewer drone strikes to Pakistan over the next 30 years and that will pay the entire amount for those 30 years. Right, drone strikes cost an average of 3.75 million per strike.

  • K2

    So this was the reason hillary felt they were broke….she must have found out just then, that the other ex president W was receiving more than them

  • Priszilla

    Before an election I check the background of every candidate as good as I can.

  • Mark Caldwell

    This fast track to a Venezuelan style collapse is vehemently denied by the rabid leftist apologists. But we are a nation lacking a border with a huge welfare state; it will lead to utter cala m ity. The lies and denials are tragic and malevolent.

    The same Wall str kleptocrats laundering cartel cash are behind the dollar extortion racket and the prison & military industrial complex. Their plans likely include a global war unlike anyrthing ever seen when their ponzi & extortion schemes near the end. It’s not nice to think of, but they are ruthless and devious, this planets greatest hidden catastrophe of lawlessness.

  • Ariel

    “Let them eat cake!” can be heard wafting ever so quietly above the DC skyline…

  • JAE

    Haney is also the White House horticulturalist, and he’s been around
    since hired in the Nixon years. The dog selected him as his favorite
    White House person. So as a 62 year old federal employee with 40+ years
    of experience in charge of maintaining some of the most famous gardens
    that are part of our national pride, how much should he make? Land inside the Beltway costs between $3 million and $11 million an acre, and housing prices reflect this. A first-year teacher inside the beltway starts above $50K for a 200-day contract, and private salaries for similarly educated people are 50% to 100% higher. I know these articles are designed to appeal to a certain type of reader, but from an ethics perspective, these articles are hurting America.

  • CharlesH

    I feel so very sorry and sad for the very young people today. I had and remember very fondly “my good ole days”. It’s unbelievable that THIS…today…is their “good ole days”. Tragic – completely and utterly tragic.

  • JF1962

    Great article Michael. This will continue as people keep re-electing the same politicians back into office. We’re doomed.

  • your canadian neighbour

    I find it amazing that in a economic crisis on the rise, how foolish the USA government is with their money, and decisions that they make. I feel sorry for all the innocent people that will suffer. Clinton you dont need that money, Obma you should watch your spending at world events ( you know how many hungry mouths you can feed with what you spent). A great nation is about to fall because of careless leaders.

    • your canadian neighbour

      also bring the jobs back to your country, give your people the jobs. kick start your economy. it would create miracles over night, but with time it should help.

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