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Obama Should Apologize For Treating Military Veterans Like Garbage For The Past 5 Years

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Obama Memorial DayThis Memorial Day, Barack Obama and members of Congress will honor our veterans by wearing ribbons and laying wreaths, but what they should really do is apologize to the entire nation for treating them like human trash for the past five years.  You see, the truth is that this VA scandal is nothing new.  The problems at the VA hospitals have been documented over and over again for years.  When Barack Obama was a U.S. senator, he served on the Veterans Affairs Committee.  So as he entered the White House, he was supposed to be an expert in this area.  And back in 2008, he pledged to “make the VA a leader of national health care reform so that veterans get the best care possible“.  But of course that never happened.  And now Obama is claiming that he only learned of the “secret waiting lists” at VA hospitals by “watching television“, and his staff says that he is “madder than hell” about it.  So now that he has been publicly shamed, will Obama actually do something about it?  Because our military veterans deserve far better care than what they have been getting.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but members of al-Qaeda detained at Guantanamo Bay actually receive far better medical treatment than our military veterans do.  Just consider what former Pentagon spokesperson J.D. Gordon had to say about the matter

Doctors and medical personnel are at their beck and call.  Got a cold, a fever, a toothache, a tumor, chest or back pain, mental health issues, PTSD?  No problem, come right on in. Military doctors are waiting to see you.

The VA and Gitmo eligible patient-to-health care provider ratios speak volumes.

While the Gitmo ratio is 1.5 to 1, for America’s 9 million veterans receiving VA health care and 267,930 VA employees, the ratio is 35 to 1.

Because there are not nearly enough doctors for our veterans, many of them end up waiting for months just to get an appointment with one.  It was CNN that blew the lid off this story when they reported that at least 40 military vets had died while waiting for appointments in the Phoenix area…

At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list.

The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.

For six months, CNN has been reporting on extended delays in health care appointments suffered by veterans across the country and who died while waiting for appointments and care. But the new revelations about the Phoenix VA are perhaps the most disturbing and striking to come to light thus far.

CNN was reporting on this for months, but Obama only learned about this just recently?

Considering that he is the chief executive of the entire system, how in the world is that possible?

And of course this has not just been happening in Phoenix.  The following is an excerpt from a news story about a vet that died in Houston while waiting for the VA system to take care of him…

George Barraza love two things in this life: playing the electric guitar with all his heart and this country.

During the Vietnam War, Barraza proudly served in the U.S. Army.

But on April 16, Barraza, a father of three girls, a chef and an American veteran, died waiting for an appointment at the VA Medical Center in Houston.

At the time of his death, Barraza was battling heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. But his problems became much worse in September when he went to the Michael Debakey VA Medical Center in terrible pain and unable to move his hands at all.

“They said, ‘Oh, that looks like it hurts, let me give you some pain medication and send you on home,'” said Barraza’s daughter, Georgia Barraza who complains the VA staff did not treat her father’s problem that day by admitting him and caring for him, but instead gave him pain medication and an appointment to come back.

You can read the rest of this incredibly sad story right here.

And here is an example from Seattle

Donald Douglass had a small spot on his forehead when he went to the Seattle Veterans Affairs hospital in 2011.

A biopsy confirmed it was cancerous. But it was four months before the hospital scheduled an appointment for him to have it removed — and by then, it had spread, wrapping around a facial nerve and eventually getting into his blood.

The delay proved fatal, his lawyer said — and it mirrors concerns being raised about the VA system nationally.

In fact, veteran deaths like this have been documented all over the nation.  After sacrificing so much, our vets are being horribly neglected.

It is a national disgrace.

And of course the problems go far beyond waiting times.  For example, down in Miami illegal drug dealing is rampant at VA facilities…

When asked why he would risk his job and speak publicly, Detective Thomas Fiore considered the question carefully before answering.

“People are dying,” he finally said, “and there are so many things that are going on there that people need to know about.”

Fiore, a criminal investigator for the VA police department in South Florida, contacted CBS4 News hoping to shed light on what he considers a culture of cover-ups and bureaucratic neglect. Among his charges: Drug dealing on the hospital grounds is a daily occurrence.

“Anything from your standard prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and of course marijuana, cocaine, heroin, I’ve come across them all,” he explained.

And what one whistleblower at a VA hospital in North Carolina says is going on is beyond repulsive

The whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, works at a large 250 acre VA hospital in North Carolina. He presented his credentials to us which checked out. The VA employee lifted the lid on a number of shocking details during an interview with Sgt. Joe Biggs.

“Recently there’s been a very rapid race to move records, boxes, change labels, whatever it may be, they’re putting them in rooms that nobody would look in….and there’s multiple times that I have seen in the past week or so them moving boxes….so apparently they’re hiding their tracks somewhere,” stated the VA employee, adding that the activity preceded an inspection of the facility, suggesting it was part of an effort to conceal evidence in the aftermath of the secret waiting list scandal.

Even more chilling was a warning sent out to VA employees at the facility which, according to the whistleblower, was meant to get across the message, “Do you see what happens to the people that try to get things straight around here, they’re not here anymore,” a tone the whistleblower described as “pretty telling.”

The employee also revealed the shocking attitude of one supervisor at the hospital towards older veterans, who asserted that older vets “should be taken outside and shot in the head because they’re worthless.” The individual still works at the hospital and was not disciplined for his comments.

What is happening to this nation?

How can we treat our military veterans like this?

The respect for veterans has gotten so low in this country that sometimes it takes more than a year to bury their dead bodies…

The bodies of 28 veterans at the L.A. County Morgue were finally moved Friday for burial to the Riverside National Cemetery.

CBS2/KCAL9 pressed the L.A. County Coroner’s Office Thursday to find out why the bodies had not yet received a proper burial after a source indicated there may have been as many as 60 veterans at the morgue for the past year and a half.

The morgue says the bodies were unclaimed and they don’t know how long the veterans were there.

The law states veterans are supposed to receive a proper burial.

Barack Obama is acting like all of this is a huge surprise to him.

Even though he worked on these issues as a U.S. Senator, and even though he has been the top executive in charge of the system for five years, he claims complete ignorance about what has been going on.

I find this very hard to believe.

The truth is that the news media has been reporting about these kinds of abuses for ages.

And personally, I have been writing about these things for years.  Here are some examples…

2013: “There Already Is A Government Health Care System In America And It Is The Medical Version Of Hell

2013: “25 Signs That Military Veterans Are Being Treated Like Absolute Trash Under The Obama Administration

2012: “Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage?

2010: “Memorial Day Shocker: How The U.S. Government Really Handles Veterans Benefits – Deny, Deny, Deny Until They Die

So how is it possible that so many people could have been talking about these things for so many years and yet Obama knew nothing?

Come on.

The truth is that Obama does not want to take any responsibility for this scandal or any other scandal.

He wants to continue to be a teflon politician that nothing ever sticks to.

But now he has absolutely no excuse for not taking action.

Military veterans are dying right now, and they need medical attention.

Hopefully Obama will step up to the plate and do the right thing.

But I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Bill

    Great article with excellent points. Universal vouchers for medical care at any recognized medical facility should be issued immediately for all veterans. It is way past time for a change of the establishment.

    • laura m.

      Bill: I agree about the vouchers. Also maybe it’s time to close the VA hospitals since they are a total flop. As for the morgue, the ones in charge should have notified the VA to pick up the vets for burial.

  • JailBanksters

    Obomba should apologize for turning Bankers into Gods and treating the Public like ATM’s. Garbage would of been more in tune with the story, but ATM’s seemed more appropriate.

  • davidmpark

    Just Obama’s constant response that he “just heard of (scandal) from the news” alone is enough for impeachment for gross incompetence. And the dead that are directly attributed to him should be enough for a conviction. I’ve had it with these killers who are so mentally ill and delusional; believing themselves to be greater than they are.

    May we all be judged to live to the fulfillment of our own beliefs and ideals.

  • lol

    It seems veteran people who close to their grave didn’t have much value in democracy. Its not like they’ll live long enough to vote on next election, so “smart” politician will ignore them. “Thanks” Obama!

  • Mudpie

    This is what Obamacare will look like in a decade!

    Time to act. Now!

  • Georgiaboy61

    Should Obama apologize? Yes, but that isn’t enough. He should also resign and go immediately into exile, grateful that he isn’t being prosecuted for the enormous crimes he has committed. Obama’s crimes – Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. – dwarf those of Richard M. Nixon and Watergate, but unlike that time in the early 1970s, apparently today there are no American politicians with the integrity to do what should be done – charge Obama and start impeachment proceedings.

    • jox

      Perhaps you are right, but I wonder if you asked to apply the same treatment impechment+exile+prosecution to Bush and their team, who started illegal wars based on lies, with a cost of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Those are the dollars that the current government is trying to save with austerity.

      • Georgiaboy61

        Re: “Those are the dollars that the current government is trying to save with austerity.” Don’t make me laugh;

        Obama and his gang of thieves are doing their best to bankrupt America. Their shopping list may be different than that of the previous occupant of the Oval Office, but their spending is just as profligate.

        By the way, for the record, Bush should also be held accountable for his crimes. He and Obama can be cellmates for all I care.

  • DJohn1

    We, as a nation, are going into a communistic type state. One of those edicts called executive orders put medical care for veterans on a basis of how much you make. This was done under Mr. Bush in or around 2006.
    Those already receiving treatment are exempt under a grandfather clause.
    I noticed that Mr. Obama let the executive order and management by communism stand after he came into office.
    So if you are a successful veteran in civilian life, kiss your benefits goodbye. The contract by which you got those benefits was changed by executive order from a REPUBLICAN not a DEMOCRAT.
    Never mind that ten out of 13 men I lived with in barracks in the U.S. Air Force died in Vietnam. You see that doesn’t count. Only if you were unsuccessful are you elegible for benefits.
    Mr. Obama is a Liar first and foremost every time he opens his mouth in a public forum it is part truth/ part lie. I also would be mad has Hell at the administration of the VA. I would be mad that just before an election, this stink finally hit the White House full on.
    Not only are they denying benefits to anyone successful after serving in the military, they are denying the very people that risked their lives for this country by under cutting the financial needs of this group of veterans.
    When you talk about it, include what previous administrations have done about it or not. I want full credit given to members of both parties and the congress for being inadequate about serving the needs of U.S. Service People, not just Obama.
    And yes, social means killing people that become too expensive under the government system.
    It is just happening to the group under government medicine first.

    • 3%

      Dunno, if I was a Sociopathic Supreme Dictator, war veterans, those who fought for that dictatorship would be getting the best medical treatment and proven enemies of it would be the ones getting the least treatment.

      Priority would be detaining actual enemies and liabilities, not make new ones inside and outside of it by systematically torturing and raping suspects.
      A prison system clogged with imagined enemies would be a net drain to my regime and thus would not be an acceptable option.
      Bureaucratic incompetence and office drama would not be treated much better than deliberate sabotage.
      It would be punished even worst than deliberate sabotage because it would also undermine the credibility and reputation of my regime, people would have less objective reasons to support it and enemies would be emboldened.

      Pure but rational self-interest.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s Memorial Day.

    Please remember those who gave everything, and asked for nothing,

    Heroes, one and all. You deserve it,

    Parade rest.

  • Guest

    Veterans can all relax. Obama has ordered another inspector general’s report. Weak and pathetic! Why would anyone join the millitary at this point?

    • 3%

      a) Those against the system can get in a position to do it great damage when it decides to seize full power and abolish the electoral process, better armed when they have to choose between the people and republic vs the system.
      Hence the purges being carried out, the system is trying to get ridde of future internal enemies.

      b) Those for the system, they get to help it becoming stronger, especially if it seize full power.
      If you are where true supporter of the liberal agenda, joining the US military right now makes sense.

      c) The opportunists just want to be on the right side of the guns and cannons.

  • Stezie

    I have a feeling we are looking at the future of single-payer government health insurance. Take a good look.

  • Apologize? I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say “I’m Sorry.” If he did, I’m sure what he said was ” I’m Sorry, But.” The man is doing exactly what he intended to do and reducing the strength of America was priority one.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The man is doing exactly what he intended to do and reducing the strength of America was priority one.”

      gee, maybe he should start with the bloated Pentagon budget, and stop sending drones to kill civilians


    He flies to Afghanistan to hide behind the very troops he despises. The Yiddish term for this is “Chutzpah.”

  • gwanaambi

    Nothing that traitorous mongrel does surprises me. Nothing. He’s lower than a snake’s ball bag like the rest of that vermin in DC…

  • Aaron

    Why the veneration of veterans in this culture… a symptom of our militaristic nature. Veterans should be respected because they are human beings, like everyone else, not because they served the empire.

    • 3%

      No, respected just for being human is idiotic. The belief in human equality is not only idiotic but an insult to the best that the specie have to offer.

      What is venerated is not that they served the Empire but what it takes to do what they did, the respect they get is earned.

      • Gay Veteran

        uh, no, the cogs in the imperial war machine didn’t earn respect. what we did in Iraq was a massive war crime

  • K

    To me this is just part of the further dehumanization of America. You have important people, and everybody else. If you are not one of the important few, you are basically inconvenient. If you are not important, can you not be replaced by a machine, is their attitude. People are disposable, once you have served your purpose, could you please hurry up and die. This nation has for the most part lost its’ soul. Fellow humans are not treasured, in many peoples eyes they are a resource. Something to use up, and toss away. Such societies are capable of horrible levels, of cruelty. For those who gave their lives for this Country, they did not think their sacrifice foolish, or without merit. I will defer to their far superior judgement. My question is what are you willing to give? To return this Country to where it once was.

    • 3%

      Having known some who actually could be considered treasures, I can say that most humans are not treasures, humans are not equal, not by a long shot and that the belief in equality is an insult to the best that the human specie have to offer.

      Value is earned, not giveth.

      What has happened is that the nation lost its intelligence and the only solution is that

      1) The Creator increases the IQ of the general population, re vo lution and serious retribution soon follows.

      2) The Purge.

  • kfilly

    Obama has treated the entire nation like crap. He should apologize to everyone just prior to putting the noose around his neck. What he is doing to the veterans is really sickening! Pretty soon all Americans will have that quality health care brought by Obamadon’tcare.

  • DJohn1

    I would suggest we open up the military hospitals on base to all the veterans than cannot get an appointment in the Civilian side Veteran Hospitals. This is a short term solution not a long term solution.
    I would also suggest that we open up barracks for any Veteran that needs housing, clothing, and food. The only condition would be that the Veterans maintain a reasonablely clean barracks while they are a guest of the military.
    This serves two purposes. The first gives these people a home until they can get on their feet in civilian life. It is not like they aren’t used to military conditions of living. It takes them out of the civilian authoritiy and into conditions that are likely to ease their way back to civilian life.
    Being a guest means maintaining decent standards.
    It also means the inactive reserve is readily available in an emergency if we should need it. These are talented, trained individuals and a valuable resource that is being wasted.
    These are temporary quarters and it is a matter of the military taking care of their own in a manner that is honorable.

  • jox

    The fact that US cannot maintain its gigantic army is a bit of a relief for the rest of the world.

  • SRVES339

    By the end of his term, Obama will have ended two completely unnecessary wars and saved thousands of US military lives.

    As your piece points out, the VA has been a bureaucratic nightmare for decades so, while blaming Obama for all evils stirs up your R/W readers and is good business, it is nothing but red meat for the haters.

    Obama does not fund the VA… the GOP “do nothing” House does. The VA should be abolished and vets healthcare premiums should be government funded… better care at half the cost!

    • Gay Veteran

      of course Obama ALSO had the surge in Afghanistan which killed yet more of our troops. He bombed Libya and the result is pure chaos across north Africa. He wanted to attack Syria but the Russians stopped him, but now he is aiding al Qaeda in Syria.

  • Donald Wilson

    Michael this is a snapshot of what it will like to receive medical care under the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obama Care). They don’t have enough doctors now just wait until Obama Care is going full throttle. The outcome will not be pretty. Millions will die before ever getting a chance to receive treatment. Good luck everyone…

    Bravo Two Zero out

  • Tim

    You want to know what the elite really think of military personnel? Well, here’s a quote from a very evil person.
    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
    –Henry Kissinger

  • jakartaman

    Obama is worst than an empty suit.
    He and the Liberals favor the VA Union workers over their military patients – Just that simple. Harry proved it the other day shooting down the Houses legislation for stronger firing language.

  • TtT Engine

    Welcome to rationed health care America run by a gargantuan bankrupt collapsing government that prays to the god of the culture of death. Ebenezer told us to “decrease the surplus population”, hey lefties ? The lefties decide who lives, not God. Hey private sector, wait until the full effects of government run OB health care kicks in. Hey lefties, how’s that fundamental transition of America working out for you ? Thanks for voting for this not once, BUT TWICE. Your drugged out utopian fantasy land never quite works out now does it ? Just read the hospital “charity care” program for the poor will be ending. I want to especially thank all the Judas catholics who voted for OB also. You keep running to church on Sundays, you Scribes and Pharisees. Way to treat the terrorists better than our own veterans. You are a bunch of traitors to the RWB ! Christi Fidelis !

    • Gay Veteran

      and did you also object to Bush’s two terms with equal vigor?

      • TtT Engine

        Yes-Bush was a new world order RINO Socialist liberal who doubled our debt in 8 years and implemented disgraceful rules of engagement with our military. The economy collapsed on his watch and OB made it probably irrecoverable. OB doubled the debt again, this time in 4 years, had his war games in Afghanistan and metastasized the seeds of a godless nation [i.e. the culture of death and Marxism]. Both will continue to rise without a true conservative in 2016. Leftism has been an abject failure for 50 years [except for the 8 Reagan years]. Without a rapid return to our Judaio-Christian value system and Constitutional Conservatism, America will continue on its rapid decline. Christi Fidelis !

        • Gay Veteran

          riiiiight, because like communism, conservatism cannot fail it can only be failed.
          and of course the only “true” conservatives are tards like you

          • aghast

            You need a psychiatrist.

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, after reading the garbage you write

          • aghast

            That was weak.

          • aghast

            Gay Veteran’s Song:

            They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa.

            They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.

            To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
            happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
            coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!

            To the happy home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket

            weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re

            coming to take me away, ha-haa!!!

            To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time…

          • Gay Veteran

            ain’t that cute, a singing troll

          • aghast

            You should get out more often. Your song has gotten around the forum.

          • Gay Veteran

            awwwwwww, troll has delusions of grandeur

          • aghast

            Speaking of grandeur, maybe you can lead the next Doo Dah Parade in Hollywood.. or wherever the hell it is.

          • aghast

            No, dummy, it’s all about you, since you love the attn. In the latest article they’re talking about you. You’re a big troll hit.

          • aghast

            You’re not doing your troll job. That’s why I say you should get out more often. Media Matters is displeased with you.

          • aghast

            Gay Vet Should Apologize For Treating Bloggers Like Garbage

          • Gay Veteran

            and you’re a big troll s hit

          • aghast

            Thus spake the troll from hell. Evil b a s t a r d.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Yes-Bush was a new world order RINO Socialist liberal….”

          but conservatives LOVED them some Bush back in the day

  • Rufus T Firefly

    It’s Decoration Day. Remember those who died for the military industrial complex. As Smedley Butler said, war is a racket.

  • krinks

    Not quite. The public needs to apologize for electing these people under the notion of getting something for free at someone else’s expense. It has been well known for years that Obama hates America and Christianity, doing all he can to bring both down. Asking Obama to apologize is like asking night to apologize for being dark.

  • Priszilla

    Why should the taxpayer finance the vetrans’ health problems? They got already paid for their service, now, like everybody else they should use their money to buy medical services on the free market.

    Insurance is socialism!


  • RedPillPlease

    Ask anyone what the primary role of the Federal Gov’t is today and there is no telling what you might hear, but the correct answer is to “Protect & Defend our Liberties!” Our military was to be used ONLY as the last measure of action.

    Now I don’t expect to win over many friends with this post, but “Memorial Day” [sic] is the most sickening “holiday” (which by the way comes from the contraction of holy days) during the year. I’ve never been to Arlington National Cemetery and never plan on doing so because pictures alone are enough for me to view, seeing how many countless victims of our government’s deceit have died in vain. Yes, died in VAIN! Folks, our Constitution DECLARES that a Declaration of War, approved by Congress is REQUIRED before our troops can be sent to fight in any “war” other than emergencies in regards to our national borders. And now they’ve been sent to some third world hell hole in Chad and Nigeria? Atrocities have and will always be a part of this God forsaken planet and will only continue to escalate. We ARE NOT to be the policemen of the world!

    Now when you hear our gov’t and the neo-con talking heads repeat such ridiculous and damning phrases such as those brave men and women “fighting for our freedoms” and other such nonsense, all one needs to do is examine the Congressional Record and look at how many freedoms are literally destroyed each time our troops are shipped out. And not since President Lincoln’s personal war to strip away states rights (read Professor Thomas Dilorezo’s “The Real Lincoln“) has this complete sham of our State Department’s personal “War on Terror” been so destructive to America and our liberties. C’mon guys and gals, do you really believe in the “official” story of 9-11? If so, you are in the minority! This country happens to be engaged in a perpetual war to expand the empire of the elitists, to build that New World Order you so often hear about. Not a single dime of tax-payer money allocated to the “Department of Defense” actually goes to the defense of this country! Those monies go to maintaining the more than 180 military installations in over 130 countries around the globe. It is now “Homeland Security” (Gestapo) designated as supposedly defending our national borders. You know, that organization which is the administrative head of the TSA, the new Stasi’s who scan your naked body at airports and frisk children and grandmothers at airports. America is on the verge of utter destruction, being forced into the feudalistic designs of these power hungry architects of this NWO and use the term “National Security” so loosely, it has become the straw man’s primary argument in virtually every case of our meddling and intervention throughout the world in the continuation of exploiting our troops for their personal gain.

    And back to our military, I highly suggest you read John McManus’ Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America’s Military, who also served and proves beyond any doubt that our signing of the United Nations Treaty in 1945, was a treasonous act which turned over every branch of our Armed Forces to those wanna-be dictators in NYC’s UN dysfunction center. Our soldiers quit fighting for “us” a long time ago! And now, we can’t even provide a minimum of necessary medical treatment or services to those surviving American pawns of the Grand Chessboard!

    • Gay Veteran

      hey, hold on now, no war profits without war

  • Sandy

    Apologize ! Hell he should resign !

  • bloak

    Yesterday at church, we sang the hymn, “God Bless America.” When we got to the part where it says, “Land that I Love,” I realized that I don’t love what this land has become. This country is being “fundamentally transformed,” just like our ineligible president said he would do, and you can’t love what it is becoming.

  • liberalsnazisarethesame

    liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Priszilla

    Isn’t a soldiers job to die for his ruling class?
    How can anyone who returned say he did his job right?

    • sonofseawolf

      Hi priszilla,
      A+, classic!
      remember what Fifth Column big juu daddy Kissinger said about the military.
      Dumb goy

      protect yourself at all times 14/5

  • TR

    These VA problems can’t be true. G.W.Bush & the Republican Congress passed massive funding bills to make sure Vets have the best medical care & other needs in the,”We’re number one”,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A., while protecting Merica on 9/11, solving the border immigration problems & finding the Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    Btw,I didn’t vote Democratic,either.

    Breaking news! Got my IQ results back. They didn’t have a number but said my IQ was 1 point higher than Republican & Democratic voters.

  • chilller

    Garbage is as garbage does…

  • Kent Harris

    Remember he said he wanted a civilian sector that was just as powerful and just as well funded as the military. His goal is to continue to destroy the military. Is it no coincidence that nearly 200 top brass have been kicked out. Both China and Russia are increasing the size of their military while we downsize. This is looking more like we are about to experience war on our own homeland.

    • Gay Veteran

      “… Both China and Russia are increasing the size of their military while we downsize….”

      we spend more on the military-industrial complex than the rest of the world combined

  • liberalsnazisarethesame

    how dare you say anything negative about Dear Leader. Expect a visit… soon…..

  • Maneb

    Turning all of America into a basket case third world hellhole. Like Detroit, Nigeria etc. The transformation of America, Sol Alinsky style. Marx would be proud.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It is an absolute disgrace how our government treats our veterans. They were willing to lay down their lives for their country (and very many of them have done just that). And for the wounded, physically and mentally – this is how their country pays them back.

    Does President Obama care? Well, he’s never served a single day in the U.S. armed forces, to the best of my knowledge. If he had served, his perspective would be a little different. You can reach your own conclusions about that.

    He cares – insofar as what he says and does make him look good, and provides a nice TV sound bite. Place a few wreaths on some graves of fallen soldiers, etc. Helps bring his ratings up. Yeah, he cares….

    Is it genuine? Personal opinion: No.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Whether a president should be a war veteran… I’ve heard that argument many times. It’s rather irrelevant. Let’s take a look at some of our greatest leaders!

    George Washington… war veteran. (Revolutionary War)
    Abraham Lincoln… never served in combat.
    Theodore Roosevelt… war vet (War of 1898)
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (yes, they’re related)… never served
    Dwight D. Eisenhower… yes indeed (Supreme Commander, Allied Forces in WWII)
    John F. Kennedy – yep (WWII.. PT 109)
    Ronald Reagan… nope (made films about WWII though)
    George W. Bush… war experience: Playing “Call of Duty”

  • Mondobeyondo

    I live in Phoenix, as many of you already know. The VA hospital here is ground zero for the VA scandal. I’ve driven by there many times. But this is a nationwide problem.

    The latest news from here, is that Iraq and Afghanistan war vets were made to wait as well, in spite of the fact that they just came home from the battlefield. Okay, so they’re understaffed. Hire more staffers!! “Pick a number, the doctor will see you soon”… WHAT?!? (Translation “soon” = 6 or 8 months)

    The whole state of affairs is absolutely disgusting.

  • Undecider

    Obama didn’t start this mess and he won’t be the one to finish it.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    The Veterans were usually treated like a garbage.
    By a corrupted sick system.
    “fight for our country!”
    “patriotic duty!”
    (in reality fight for D.C interests)
    And they usually will find a naively optimistic persons ready for “Call of Duty” in real Life.
    Corrupted Governments and other Masters are dumbing the Society since Ancient Egypt.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It’s pretty obvious that they are slowly, silently being killed off because they’re all busted up and useless, especially those from WW2 and Korea.

    And these days, quite a few from Vietnam. 18 in 1965? Then 67 today. Time to start bumping them off, but quietly.

    You fellows from Afg, today? Just wait till 2066 or so. We’ll get around to you.

    Think not? Think again.

  • sonofseawolf

    Hi Michael and ec bloggers,
    of course the vets are getting treated like dog s*** you gotta fascist country as soon as Wall Street Big Oil big ag is done using you they’re not going to do s*** for you.
    not to mention aipac and the fifth column Warmachine!
    Marxian fascist despotism is fun right?
    anyway I just stopped in to say happy Memorial Day.

    protect yourself at all times 14/5

  • sharonsj

    Nice try, but Obama doesn’t run Congress. Do you know that Republicans have voted AGAINST or BLOCKED at least 8 bills to help war vets? They are:

    Wounded Veteran Job Security Act; Veterans Retraining Act; Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization; Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans; Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009; Veterans Business Center Act; Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act.

    The latest bill, Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014, was killed by Senate Republicans, with a vote of 56-41 — only Republicans Senators voting nay and with only two Republicans voting for the bill.

  • Gay Veteran

    as Ron Pauls says we wouldn’t have this problem if our troops were sent out to fight illegal wars

  • Gay Veteran


  • wally

    I know there are hundreds of horror stories at the VA but let me share a good one with you. It isn’t all bad. I am a US Navy Veteran. I was in the 1st Gulf War. I had a few injuries suffered aboard ship which qualified me for disability from the VA. I do not have a job which gives you healthcare so the VA was all I had to lean on. In 2011 I was feeling sick, tired and weak I went to VA center in La Jolla CA. They gave me a blood test and found out the oxygen content in my blood was very low. They admitted me immediately. Gave me 4 blood transfusions to get some good blood in me. Put me in direct observation as they were worried I could suffer a stroke at any time. Ran me through all the testing to find out if I was bleeding internally somewhere. All of the Dr. and Nurses except for 1 were all loving and caring. I felt blessed that I had the VA to take care of me. I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

  • aghast

    The Gay Vet Wuss Puss Snagglepuss Troll suffers from PTSD.

    Too much action in the barracks.

  • GSOB

    It’s not Obama’s or Shinseki’s fault people…. and to think otherwise is to deny history….
    Yes, leadership starts from the top… I get that… someone needs to be fired. (I don’t agree with it)

    That’s the way people are and operate in this world order we live in.
    In this case, it don’t make sense, it’s but mere protocol. He served over 3 decades came out 4 stars

    Look at the miserable history of our ‘care’ for war veterans.

    Leadership not only starts from the top but it is there since the beginning.
    My main point….
    The VA is about as social as socialized health care can get…

    The government owns these hospitals, employs government workers to fill them and is centralized from the hill.

  • skier

    He won’t! They are the “Oppressors” in Obama’s Marxist world it’s now time for the “Oppressed”: Gays, poor, blacks, criminals, illegals, Muslims…to rule the world and make the rules.

    The “Oppressor” is being punished and ignored: Whites, Rich, Military, Police, Christians, Jews…
    20 years of Jeremiah Wrigt will do that to you!

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