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Once Again Obama Shows That He Is Clueless About What Is Going On In The Middle East

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Barack Obama Discusses Strategy With National Security Staff - Public DomainWhy would Barack Obama want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to groups inside Syria that are selling weapons to ISIS and regularly fighting alongside them?  Is he really that clueless about what is going on in the Middle East?  The FSA and other groups of “moderate” fighters inside Syria do not consider ISIS to be an enemy.  Rather, they consider ISIS to be an important ally in the struggle to overthrow the Syrian government.  In fact, many “moderate” units have actually joined ISIS in recent months.  If Obama gives more weapons to the “moderate” fighters in Syria, it is inevitable that a lot of them will end up in the hands of ISIS.  In a previous article, I already discussed how ISIS is talking over vast stretches of Syria and Iraq using mostly American weapons.  If the Obama administration goes ahead with this plan to arm “moderates” in Syria, it is just going to make ISIS even stronger.

Without a doubt, ISIS is an organization that is absolutely seething with evil.  They have been running around beheading journalists, crucifying their enemies in public and even cutting children in half.  ISIS has promised to drown America “in blood“, and the only way to appease them would be for every single one of us to convert to their version of Islam.

But Obama’s strategy to “defeat ISIS” makes absolutely no sense at all.

First of all, if you want to defeat someone you don’t give weapons to their friends.

According to Fox News, the White House actually believes that the FSA and other “moderate” groups inside Syria will act as “ground troops” in our fight against ISIS…

According to one White House aide, the president is escalating the call for more aid to the rebels so they could act as the ground troops to support potential U.S. airstrikes against ISIS.

Can you imagine the laughter that will ensue when ISIS leaders read this?

Secondly, if you want to conduct air strikes against ISIS, you have got to get permission from the nation where you will be conducting those air strikes.

The Obama administration has permission from the Iraqi government to conduct air strikes against ISIS targets inside Iraq, and the Pentagon says that those air strikes have been effective.

However, it is being reported that Obama now wants to bomb ISIS targets inside Syria

President Barack Obama, who will set out a broad long-term strategy to defeat the Islamic State in a speech to Americans on Wednesday evening, is prepared to authorize air strikes against the group in Syria, U.S. officials said.

Pursuing the Islamist radicals inside Syria would complement an expanded military campaign to back government forces in Iraq following the formation of a more inclusive government in Baghdad.

But Obama does not have permission from the Syrian government to do that.  In fact, the Syrian government is warning that any U.S. air strikes within their borders will be considered an act of war.

Do we really want to declare war on Syria on top of everything else?

Sadly, Obama doesn’t seem to think that he needs permission to do much of anything.

In fact, he insists that he doesn’t even need the permission of Congress to start conducting air strikes inside Syria…

President Obama is prepared to use U.S. military airstrikes in Syria as part of an expanded campaign to defeat the Islamic State and does not believe he needs formal congressional approval to take that action, according to people who have spoken with the president in recent days.

We have a man occupying the White House running around doing whatever he wants without even having an elementary understanding about what is going on over in the Middle East.

And he has the audacity to stand up in front of the American people and “explain” to us why we need to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to arm groups that are clearly aligned with ISIS.

Below, I want to share an extended excerpt from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson.  In his article, Watson lists numerous examples that show that the “moderate” rebels and ISIS are still very much working together…

The lunacy of such a policy is illustrated by the fact that Bassel Idriss, commander of an FSA-run rebel brigade, recently admitted that Washington-backed “moderate” rebels are still collaborating with ISIS.

“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in … Qalamoun,” Idriss told Lebanon’s Daily Star. “Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values.”

A July report in Stars and Stripes also documented how the 1,000 strong Dawud Brigade, which had previously fought alongside the FSA against the Assad regime, defected in its entirety to join ISIS.

Also in July it emerged that “several factions within the FSA, including Ahl Al Athar, Ibin al-Qa’im” had “handed over its weapons to the Islamic State in large numbers” and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Islamic State fighter Abu Atheer also told Al-Jazeera, “We are buying weapons from the FSA. we bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti tank weapons. We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam.”

The Obama administration has spent weeks working on a “strategy” to deal with ISIS, and this is what they have come up with?

Rather than “defeating ISIS”, this strategy is likely to make ISIS even stronger and have the added bonus of potentially starting a war with Syria.

Exactly what is Obama trying to accomplish in the Middle East anyway?

But in the end, the real fault lies with the American people.  Despite relentless warnings, the American people willingly chose to elect this con man to the highest office in the land two times in a row, and as a result we all get to suffer the consequences of those very foolish decisions.

  • Bill

    C’on people. This illegal imposter is a Muslim Trojan Horse out to destroy America. If Congress can’t take immediate action to remove him from office then Congress should be replaced also. Enough is enough.

    • Richard

      True. He is unqualified under the Constitution to be President, because he is Not a natural born citizen. But he was Selected by TPTB, because he is Their Boy. Also, He is JEWISH by Conversion and Not a Muslim. All of his Controllers are JEWISH. Everything he does and says is designed to DECEIVE. This is the way They operate. Nothing is done by Mistake or Accident. All Their moves are highly Calculated. They are Occultist.

      • Rick

        Wow…another Jewish conspiracy nut! It’s so much easier to still scapegoat Jews rather than deal with the facts in the world, which I guess get in the way for people like you!

        • hhabana

          Rick, I remember years ago when Pat Buchanon ran for President. He said on Prime Time TV in the morning that he never realized the Jewish lobby was as powerful as it is. I couldn’t believe they didn’t cut him off. There you have it!
          I have a lot of respect for Jewish folks. They work hard and are dedicated. I’d have to say the issue I have with them is that enough is not enough for many of them. Goes for a number of gentiles too just to be fair. Also, the Promised Land belongs to the Palestinians.The prior and present Isreali governments are no better than the Nazi’s that persecuted them. I found it despicable that Joan Rivers said that Palestinians should die. I think America should cease giving them money and let the wealthy Jews here support them. I think it’s way too late for the present Isreali State abandon the land they occupy. It’s a done deal, but I feel there should be an embargo against their products for land confiscated as they expand their territory.

        • Richard

          Revelation 3:9 – “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews , and are not, but do lie; behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee”. Also, Revelation 2:9 says the same thing. The reason is that God knew these Imposters in the last days would Claim to be Jewish by blood and are Liars. DNA science proves that these Modern day Jews are Not Jews at all, but are in fact Gentiles from the land of Kazaria. Kazaria is the area of modern day Ukraine and part of Eastern Russia. These people Converted to Cabalistic Judaism in mass beginning in the 8th century – 1,200 years ago. None of them are Blood descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As Converted Gentiles to the Evil Cabalistic form of Judaism, They have no more right to the Old Testament land of Israel than I or any other Gentile. They are Imposters and the Greatest Hoax ever perpetrated upon mankind. But, Almighty God knows who they are and HE tells us all in His holy Word in the scriptures given above. They are LIARS.

      • seth datta

        Ignore the ADL and SPLC bots and shills commenting againts you. You are right in that there is a Jewish connection to this all, for some of them are not who they say they are…

        By the way, the mark of the beast in babylonian times had three six pointed stars on the amulet, where it was a magic square where all the numbers added to 666. The star is the current flag of false Israel state.

      • Thomas Fisher

        He was born in Hawaii. That makes him a US citizen.

        If he was born in Kenya, he would still be a US citizen. At the time, Kenya was a British colony. And Britain allows for Dual citizenship. Since Obama’s mother is an American, he was granted American Citizenship at birth.

        • kfilly

          Read his autobiography “Dreams From My Father”. He talks about being raised as a child in Indonesia. That means he has dual citizenship. That makes him Constitutionally ineligible. He also wouldn’t be a US citizen if he was born in Kenya.

        • jaxon64

          1) Prove he was born in Hawaii…he hasn’t been able to.
          2) To hold office of president one’s parents must both be NATIVE americans–meaning both parents must be citizens or reside in the US at time of the child’s birth.
          3.) Although Obama does have dual citizenship it is in Kenya and Indonesia. No child may attend schhool in Indonesia without citizenship–FACT–re read that, ONLY Indonesian citizens may attend school in Indonesia where he spent his formative years in elementary education in Islamic Indonesian institutions.
          4.) You MAY NOT be president of the united states with dual citizenship anyhow–even if one of those countries was the USA.
          You are VERY ill informed or just plain in denial…either way you are WAY WRONG.

          • GSOB

            If you can’t beat em, join them. A little late now to prove anything.

            He has gone a lot further in this life than most people.

            He is doing the right thing with ISIL.

      • jsmith

        People are beginning to wake up to the fact that the koshas own Congress and our puppet President. It’s beginning to look a lot like Germany 1933.

      • sharonsj

        You ignoramuses are getting to me. John McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. So according to you he isn’t a natural born citizen either and shouldn’t be a senator, right?

        P.S. According to U.S. laws–which I’m sure you’re too stupid to even find let alone read–the child of a U.S. citizen, no matter where he is born, is still a U.S. citizen.

        • Richard

          You are one of the willfully Ignorant Fools that post on these sites. In all likelihood – paid by the Enemy of America.

          • Firstgarden

            Methinks the troll pay is good.

        • jaxon64

          US embassies and military bases are considered to be soveriegn territories of the United States ..
          PS: you always know something stupid is about to be said when the speaker starts off by calling someone a name..especially a name insulting the other’s intelligence. It is a primitive method of attempting to establish at the beginning of an argument (discussion) that the other person’s viewpoints are tainted by lack of cognition or critical thinking skills. Most often the follow up points are purely fabricated and almost always without any basis in fact.

          • jaxon64

            PPS: I despise McCain “the melting face man” nearly as much as I despise the Manchurian Obama..if it was up to that pscho, we’d already have nuked Damascus and be running 100’s of thousands of troops from Syria, across Iraq to Iran.
            You obama defenders and republican defenders need to wake up and realize that THEY ALL WORK TOWARDS THE SAME AGENDA

    • Mike Smithy

      Right you are, as evidence let’s not forget:
      You must create more debt to get out of it.
      You have to pass the bill to see what is in it.
      You have to arm your enemy to defeat him.
      You have to give up your freedoms to protect the land of freedom.
      They are all idiots.

      • Firstgarden

        Q. How do you prosper as a nation?

        A. Declare war on the United States and lose.

        (old joke)

        • Mike Smithy

          Yep. It certainly worked for Germany and it worked for Japan for the latter half of the 20th century.

    • seth datta

      he is an employee of Z.O.G., not muslim.

    • GetHubNub

      Right and any intelligent person will acknowledge this leader for what he is, he has his own agenda and we’re all in danger. He’s clearly an enemy of America and we shouldn’t allow the ignorance illusion to be any excuse.

  • kfilly

    Obama wasn’t elected. He was appointed. Ballots don’t matter for POTUS. Anyway, how would McCain or Romney been any different?

    • Richard

      Exactly. He does what he is told to do and say, so he don’t whacked like JFK.

      • seth datta

        Besides, after he had the doctor who had seen his birth cert killed, his illegal cert in the first place, credible accusations of being bisexual and all sorts of other stuff, he is easy to blackmail.

    • jaxon64

      “Anyway, how would McCain or Romney been any different?”
      EXACTLY!! But that still does not take away the legitimate outrage that Americans should have with what this impostor is doing to our freedoms, constitution, american respect, military, economy, borders, moral institutions etc etc…
      This is an all out assault against America from her own POTUS, Congress, Senate and silent SCOTUS…not to mention the complicit presstitutes

  • Mike Smithy

    Make no mistake about it. This is about ousting Assad from Syria. Just a year ago, President Zero and “Lurch” his Secretary of State were wanting to provide arms and money to the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The FSA is synonymous with ISIS. They must think we are stupid to have us believe that this isn’t about enabling Qatar to run their pipeline through Syria. Anyone who can’t see this as anything but BS is delusional.

    • seth datta

      The petro dollar is a one world currency. All oil is traded in dollars. This is why we went to war in iraq twice, and elsewhere. IMHO the tribulation is a prophetic period of time, as the number seven is a prophetic number, not necessarily referring to a set number of years. We have lived through some decades of the tribulation and have a few decades more left. Ruling class ideology is luciferian, and so they must use technology to become like God, a technology which oppresses us and kills many of us. Demonology and the occult merge with technology in this modern era.

  • Guest

    Folks, it’s not a coincidence that Obama’s speech this evening is on the eve of 9/11. In fact, at 9:00 p.m. this evening it will be 9/11 in the Middle East. Furthermore, tomorrow is the 13 year anniversary of 9/11/01. The number 13 is a significant number in occult numerology.

    • Bill

      The imposter gets more brazen by the hour. Time for his pink slip.

  • K

    Sorry, I just do not think Obama, makes any decisions. He is just the front man, nothing more than a puppet. War is a very profitable undertaking for some. And all they care about is their profits. You want something different? Stop voting for the same two parties, they sold out long ago.

    • Richard

      Exactly. This is Rothschild maneuvering for the oil and gas resources of the Middle East. The ISIS are a creation of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad under the Control of the “Giant Squid”.

      • seth datta

        Russia is jewish owned since the brit bankers crippled it and had 100 million christians killed in 1917. Uk has been jewish owned for the longest time. It was the Jewish empire, not the Brit empire. Jews own the west and you can see through Goldman Sachs that they own the US too. Andrew Jackson called them vipers, in coded terms just like Jesus.

        • Richard

          There were Not 100 million Christians in Russia in 1917 or many countries combined in 1917. Communism killed many 10’s of thousands of Russian Christians. Only God knows the total number. But, do not inflate the number. The many thousands of Christians whose Blood they shed is awful enough.

      • Rick

        I laugh at people like you who go on about the Rothschilds. Because of the Vatican telling the absolute Christian monarchies to ban Jews from every profession and make them responsible for loaning money, a handful of Jewish families became wealthy. But that was before central banks across Europe were instituted. The control of wealth is now run at state levels opposed to medieval Europe refusing to control the money supply and interest rates; forcing this upon the Jews! Back in medieval Europe there were no huge multinational corporations, it was only royalty and the Vatican! People like you who put the blame on the Rothschilds act as if Europe was still running like it was over 1000 years ago! Start living in the present and understand why economies go south otherwise you’re a complete idiot!

        • Firstgarden

          Thinkest thyself taller by beheading another?

      • Syrin

        Yep, the Iranian born midget runs the show, but who controls her? Soros? The American Fuhrer isn’t clueless. His goal is the complete destruction of America, and all our foreign influence. He’s accomplishing his goal. There’s a reason foreigners aren’t supposed to be president, but we “elected” a guy whose own bio says he was born in Kenya, who is on video saying he was born in Kenya, whose wife is on video saying he was born in Kenya, who applied for student loans as a foreign exchange student, whose own legal team argued in court that his birth certificate was a forgery, and who is using a social security number issued in a state he never lived in in 1890. The DHS e-verify flags him as unhireable, and he flags for the no-fly list, but you’re the crazy one for thinking we have a foreign born America hating commie in office.

        Ever seen ANYONE in the press ANYWHERE ask him to explain a SINGLE one of these well documented facts? Of course not. The media = the gov’t = traitors

        • TtT Engine

          Long form a hoax, social security number a hoax, school records sealed. I say THANK YOU to the 60% of the stoned out lefty Judas catholics that voted for him. After all, we judge OB by the color of his skin and not the content of his character, otherwise we would be racists, eh ? Demoncrat good for the poor and Repubs good for the rich. I am a stoned leftist and my brain is in the off position and I can act no other way. Christi Fidelis !

      • sharonsj

        Really? This has nothing to do with oil and gas and everything to do with making money off of war. Congress just okayed selling a billion dollars worth of arms to Qatar, although it is absolutely known that Qatar funds extremists. Where are the headlines about that? Why is Michael obsessed just with bashing Obama?

        • jaxon64

 about some info for you Sharon.
          Since you are a little late to the party or have somehow missed much of the on-going issues………..
          McCain, Graham, Obama, Biden and all of the remnant neocons in the state dept have wanted to oust Syria’s Assad for several years..why you ask?
          Why throw out a peaceful country’s secular government that has equal respect for Muslim, Christian ,jew, atheist or secularist and replace it with a vacuum filled with extremists, jihadists, murderous, blood thirsty butchers?
          It has always been about Syria’s contract for pipelines that the US wants the Saudi aligned Qatar to have!!
          These 2 actions may seem disconnected and one action flies under the radar, but make no mistake–the Qatar arming of defensive weapons to protect the upcoming pipeline construction and maintainance is a big part of the Syria overthrow strategy….
          …….(shaking my head)…..and you are still all hung up about partisan politics…THIS is why America is toast–people like you who can’t see the forest for the trees..

          • Gay Veteran

            very true, but no war profits without war

      • Firstgarden

        Wouldn’t that be Octopus?
        Poseidon seems to think so.
        Well, same difference, I suppose.

    • seth datta

      people are responsible for where their taxes go. How can you blame a stooge whom likely has been abused and hence is under illuminist mind control by stockholm syndrome and multiple personality disorder. It is actually more like three percent, or a little more, but why do the ninety plus percent of society allow this and themselves to be abused? Have people become such cowards? Is this the state of the west and the human race now? To accept further abuse and moan, yet not sack up and do anything about it?

      I try in my own way, but the UK has become such a degenerate society, where everybody contributes to societal problems, like sexual degeneracy and not having kids. Guess what? You gave up your political power and someone else will have those kids! And the power brokers behind the scenes laugh at the population as they fight each other over scraps, when a banquet is available.

      • K

        Yes I am sorry to say, a great majority are cowards. The usual excuses, I have a family to protect, a job to protect. What can I do, I am only one person. I have seen this many times before. People try so hard to protect what little they have, they will not react, until they have nothing left. That is why there are food stamps and public housing. To make the masses feel they still have something to lose.

      • sharonsj

        I’m surprised you aren’t blaming Obama for the UK problems. Anybody else left to blame besides yourself? You Brits elected the people who are stealing your taxes and privatizing every damn service so you can pay up even more!

        • jaxon64

 appears that you have some serious Obama worship going on…makes you get a tingle up your leg, does he?

    • JailBanksters

      That’s right.
      He’s operated by remote control. AIPAC and the AshkeNazi’s in the White House are constantly fighting over the remote. And when Jamie or Lloyd rock up for dinner they implant Ideas in his head, and Obomba think’s it’s his Idea.

    • AzDi

      His sidekick Vallerie makes the decisions. Notice he doesn’t go anywhere without her?

      I personally feel his “plan” will not work, and considering very few “other countries” are going along with his plan, says something! If we are going to get rid of ISIS, then we need to get in there and do it. Not depend on people in Syria to fight for US??? Really.

      Personally, my feeling is we need to close ALL our borders, target people coming into the the US, go back to self defense from the US.

      But that is to sensible for someone like Obama. Really, why is he concerned with ISIS or terrorists when anyone can come over here and hide in plain sight!

    • You’re absolutely correct. He’s in the same straight jacket all of his predecessors wore going back to Kennedy.

    • Jerry C

      The Anti-Christ rides the Beast Harlot whore until he no longer needs her and then burns her with fire. I am certain the Harlot thought she was controlling him too, but it’s the other way around. And to the very end, the world will love him.

  • davidmpark

    Duck and cover, people!

  • Mike Smithy

    I just finished watching Zero’s teleprompter induced speech. When he stated that he is committed to going after ISIL wherever they are, does that include Minnesota? I wonder when can expect the USAF to start carpet bombing the Twin Cities?

    • seth datta

      There’s probably a few of ISIL hanging around the white house.

    • afchief

      Couldn’t watch it. I have IBS (Irritable Barack Syndrome)

  • nodummy

    ISIS NOT ISLAMIC?! Give me a f’n break! They are Islamic you idiot! You think we are that stupid!

  • TheSkeptic

    Obama does not have to understand what is going on in the
    Middle East. All he and the rest of the
    political whores have to understand is how the beltway money game operates. I
    still laugh at all of the sycophants who put this shill into office. Do
    you remember the lady acting like a complete jackass at an Obama campaign
    speech in 2008? No, then let me refresh your memory. If I recall correctly, she
    was screaming “With Obama I don’t have to worry about owning a car or paying
    rent.” A classic slice of the then candidate Obama’s target market.

    • seth datta

      It is the giver-ment of Z.O.G.

  • speakitlikeitis

    There is no good thing in Islam period. I don’t think the book mentions the word love at all. Muslims stole that word from Jesus and mix it in when convenient. No religion is perfect, and neither are humans. Put Islam and Christianity-born again Jesus followers side by side and I’d choose Grace, Love and forgiveness any-day over Islam.

  • none

    On this you totally wrong!
    If you tool a set of dice, or even a whatever? You should be able to get the right answer at least 25% of the time!
    President Obama has not even been able to get anything right that benefits America.
    He knows exactly what he is dong!

  • Richard

    It’s been a while since I commented on the quality of your writing, Michael. It has improved beyond recognition.
    Thank you so much for making the effort to give up on the rhetorical questions, tear-jerker comments, repeated emotive words, etc.
    You have no idea how much more authoritative your prose reads. It is truly a joy to study. Thank you.

    • seth datta

      The freedom of speech on this site is limited. too often comments are deleted. This does not happen on other sites. You cannot have a free and open debate if half of the things you wish to discuss are censored. This is abysmal for a Christian site – i post on other sites where such important issues are not censored.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Obama will become a strong leader in this crisis. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    • seth datta

      can you blame him for playing golf? He is just one man.

      the banksters and the public who allow themselves to be abused, doing nothing, are to blame.

      The public is mind controlled into a trance. The founding fathers rocked it for a lot less.

  • S.M.

    Everyone should know that ISIS is not representative of Islam. These cruel people are paid mercenaries who know no bound. Critics say that Islam and the Qur’an/Koran support killings of Christians and whoever, but this is simply not true. Read the book in its full context! Read the biography of the Prophet. He made it very clear that Muslims are to respect the nations of Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims. Many people make false assumptions without verifying the facts.

    • El mico

      Wow! How did that comment, which you’d hardly ever see in the msm, get through all the Muslim filters?
      I think you confused them with all that fact and commonsense.

    • afchief

      WOW! More proof liberalism is a mental disorder!!!

      • Gay Veteran

        and yet all you have is name calling

  • JS

    Obama’s goal is regime change, to take down Syria and get rid of Assad. The agenda faced a setback but has not changed. He blinked last year when Putin outsmarted him and moved in forces daring him to make a move and Americans were overwhelmingly against a war on Syria. So instead we have the “pivot to Asia” by provoking China and taking the proxy war against Russia to Ukraine. To keep Russia occupied while suddenly behind the scenes this new group called IS, backed by the west of course (look at how many are using US M16s), suddenly pops up one day out of nowhere and is so horrible that Americans are propagandized to now support the airstrikes.There are no “moderate rebels”, and everything is back on track and going as planned.


      What happens when Putin the Devil jumps up and declares Syria a Russian protectorate? An attack on Syria becomes an attack on Russia? I tell you this could become quite interesting!

      • K2

        World war 3.

      • Gay Veteran

        why is Putin the devil?
        which country has over 1000 military bases around the world? U.S.


          Just using a little satire, Gay. Your comment about 1K bases is apropos.

    • K2

      Maybe them posting those horrible pictures is also part of the plan to convince american public to support war against them.

      • jox

        In a poll of Washington Post, 71% of americans support bombing Iraq and Syria. 3 weeks ago, before the beheadings, the support was 54%. It’s quite obvious what is going on. American people are being dragged (again and again) to war.

        • K2

          I believed the same but since i didnt have conclusive proof i used the word ‘maybe’

        • Gay Veteran

          “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” (Herman Goering at the Nuremberg Trials)

          • jox

            How true! I’m going to write down this quote.

  • El mico

    Why all this hate for Obama?
    I will admit he has been a fairly ineffectual president but do you honestly think he is solely responsible?

    “We have a man occupying the White House running around doing whatever he wants without even having an elementary understanding about what is going on over in the Middle East.”

    Apart from the particular theatre of war, this just sounds like any president in the history of the USA.


      You are right but Obama is the Hot Seat. If he does not, can not do any better than maybe he ought to take up Donald Trump’s offer of a lifetime membership in one of three golf courses if he would just resign.

      • Mike Smithy

        To sweeten the offer, I would be glad to throw in a lifetime supply of mulligans.

    • Jerry C

      You. Are. Clueless. Beyond. Hope. Open. Your. Eyes.

      Even by chance and shear dumb luck, he should have done something good for America. The fact that everything has been negative speaks volumes; at least to those who can think.

  • GSOB

    Terrorist fighters are now involved in 11 insurgencies around the world.

    • Bill

      CIA is very busy these days.

      • Gay Veteran

        LOL, indeed

  • lordonlow

    as usual, follow the money. all of this rhetoric about religious dogma/jihad skirts the REAL imperative: money/resources. and in the middle east, that’s the black gold. after all, why did we invade iraq??? but here’s the rub: isis has captured oil fields. now with a golden goose, they’re selling oil on the black market for $25 a barrel. they’re the 99 cent crude store. it’s a small stake in the overall market, but it’s allowed them to amass a huge war chest. and with money comes power. funny how once this supply got owned by isis, all of a sudden we’re all hot and bothered. coincidence? yeah, right.


    All Smoke. No Fire. Big Hat. No Cattle. Putin puts “boots on the ground” in the Ukraine and wins big. Obama plays with “fairies in the sky” over Iraq and will lose big. The only two “friends” we have in the ME are the Kurds and the Israelis, both of whom Obola has shafted. Putin will digest the Ukraine and then make his next move, confident that Obola will not oppose him, will do anything to avoid a fight. The “hard men” who rule the World have taken full measure of this Putz and will press their advantage. We are in for a “sleigh ride”. 13 years after 911 we find ourselves in a very degraded military position, broke and our civil liberties threatened. Not bad for a renegade band of terrorists and some box cutters.

    • Gay Veteran

      Israel is our “friend” in the sense they’re more than willing to take our tax dollars.
      And no Putin does not want Ukraine, it is totally broken. What he wants is a NEUTRAL Ukraine that is not part of NATO.

  • Annette Calkins

    Where were you when the planes hit the towers? Well, no
    tears today…..getting past it. We lived next door
    to two of the pilots in Las Vegas? Yep! Ran into Mohammed and Marwan
    frequently. Marwan lived in the building next to us. Mohammed came over
    to visit him. Why would I remember Mohammed? Cause he was a duplicate
    for a person named Frank Najor, of El Cajon, CA. (Frank Najor was an arab that opened a couple of grocery stores and had his picture plastered on the one that stood close to the corner of Broadway and First Street in El Cajon. I saw his face every day on my way to high school, and I knew his brother.) Anyway, my family moved from El
    Cajon to Vegas in 1999 and when we did, we ran into other people from El Cajon,
    who had also moved there. So, when I was running across Mohammed, I
    thought he was Frank and thought that it was funny that Frank Najor had
    moved up to Vegas, too. I never figured out what he was doing, Mohammed, when he came over to the complex we lived at off of Durango and Flamingo in Vegas. I left him be. However, there were run-ins with Marwan at the complex.
    He was an a******. He used to scream his prayers to allah. Big mistake.
    He did this at the wrong time of night. Disturbed the complex and a
    black lady went over to his balcony and ripped him a new one, and she did it the way only a angry black woman could!. Never
    heard from him after that. I think he moved from the complex after that verbal altercation. (And this lady was someone
    not to **** off, too!). When it came to these guys, those of us in the
    complex got this “feeling” from them that they were hit men. We felt
    that they were working for the underbelly of Las Vegas, and we pretty
    much gave them a wide berth when we saw them. Frank Najor had been in prison for stuff, so it was easy to believe that he was up to something up here in Vegas. Well, it turns out that they
    were doing their flight training at the North Las Vegas flight school.After the authorities learned who it was that piloted the planes into the towers, their pictures were published in the LVRJ – Las Vegas Review Journal –
    you talk about rage! It’s taken me until this year to not feel
    responsible, in some way, for not figuring out what they were up to. They used to go to the Subway on Maryland Avenue for meetings. I never could go to that part of town anymore. Could we have stopped 911? My son says no. If we had somehow figured out what was going on, no one else would have believed us. The FBI in Vegas is corrupt. Too many of them going to jail the same year that this happened……

  • Jackie Milton

    If the majority of the people in the US “elected” him then this country needs to be overthrown . I’ll never believe there was that many idiots in this country. I don’t believe we elect a president .

  • Donald Christie

    Everything Barak Obama has done or failed to do in the last six years, has been by design.
    His current gambit is to send millions of dollars of our technology to un-vetted “moderates” in hopes they will fight for us? Further, this equipment is going to be monitored by a few hundred “non-combatant consultants”?
    The end result of this plan will arm ISIS and send even more Americans to their deaths. Again weakening America and driving one more nail into her coffin.

    • GSOB

      It’s cheaper to contract out then to send our own troops.

      • Mike Smithy

        Perhaps we could outsource the running of our federal government to the Chinese. Oh wait…a compelling argument could be made that we already have.

        • GSOB

          Sometimes the only way to keep sinful people from doing great harm to the innocent is by going to war.

  • jakartaman

    We have met the enemy and its the American voter.
    Last one out shut off the lights.

  • jox

    Every day I’m more convinced that everything is an invention. I doubt abot the very existence of ISIS (they didn’t exist one month ago) and about the autenticity of the decapitations.

    Americans were fooled to go to war with Irak, using propaganda and lies. The same trick last year to bomb Siria, more lies, but it didn’t work. But some gas rockets killing arabs were not enaugh to mobilize american people. Lets try killing directly americans. And yeah, it works!

    In a poll of Washington Post, 71% of americans support bombing Siria and Irak. 3 weeks ago the support was only 54%. Yes! The simple trick that works every time! Lets bomb again!

    • Bill

      It’s mind control or manipulation of the sheeple.

  • Bill


    As I look at the commodity charts this morning there appears to be an odd downtrend in place. Wholesale gasoline has gone under $2.50! But most odd to me is the explosive uptrend in the dollar index that shows drastically in the one year chart. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this trend which seems much out of place under current conditions.


    • Mike Smithy

      The only thing I can assume is that despite global tensions, the demand for petroleum is down due to the global recession. In regards to the dollar, at present, I suspect that the dollar is still the prettiest ugly girl at the dance.

      • Bill

        It is so nice to have an opinion. Michael where are you? Are you too good for a reply?

  • Black

    “Without a doubt, ISIS is an organization that is absolutely seething with evil. They have been running around beheading journalists, crucifying their enemies in public and even cutting children in half”
    And this means, what, to us?
    Next thing you’re going to tell us is that they are taking babies out of incubators in hospitals and throwing them on the floor to die

    • jox

      I’d like to know how many of those facts are real, how many exaggerated and how many directly lies. For instance, I find a lot of webs saying that the beheadings videos are fake, but of course this is not going to be questionated in mainstream media.

      Someone wants to have americans very irritated, wanting to go to war, and he is achieving it.

      • Firstgarden

        Have you noticed that for every assertion, sooner or later there’s a counter-assertion? Like, we didn’t really land on the moon, there wasn’t really a holocaust, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

        Like Newton’s 3rd law of motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

        I think you’re right about demagogues pushing buttons to incite reactions. All this underscores the need for the sheeple to do their own homework (fat chance, aye?) and get the facts for themselves rather than being couch-potato parrots.

        One of my fave lines in a song:

        “A thousand miles
        can lead so many ways.
        Just to know who is driving,
        what a help it would be.”

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Wasn’t Benghazi arming some rebels to fight the Syrians? Wasn’t those “rebels” ISIS? Seems to me we right where our masters want us, and that’s in Syria. No doubt Assad will be going down. The House of Saud will get there desired pipeline, while Israel gets their beloved revenge on Assad. We will be back in the game playing chess with the Russians, Best news yet is we’ll have WWIII set up for when we will financially collapse. ISIS is the ultimate dream of the Progressives. All about death, while blaming religion.

    • jox

      I see it like you: this has nothing to do with yihadists or islam or terrorism. They wanted Siria, Rusia opposed, so they created the conflict in Ukrania and now they RETURN to Siria.

      The plot is like this: First, some bombing over Siria, but not against the government, of course, but against ISIS. Then something will happen. For example one american fighter will be downed. All the ‘intelligence’ and ‘proofs’ will tell that the sirian army was guilty. American media will scream WAR. And there it is! A justified war against the ‘sirian agressor’.

      Nothing to do with religion, liberty, peace, human rights or whatever, but pipelines, Israel, Saud, arms sales, in summary GREED.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Obama has stated from the start what he wants to do and he’s doing it. It’s important to remember that he is a muslim.

  • Colin

    I am a Progressive Democrat who is against war. I signed my name to petitions requesting that the President receive congressional approval before he takes further action against ISIS. I have heard recently that Congress won’t debate the matter until after the November mid-term elections. If the pundits are correct, the Republicans will win. Many prominent Republicans have stated that they will stop any and all legislation by this President, and will seek ways to unseat him from the office. How likely is it that Congress will debate what is happening in the Middle East when the members have their attention on discrediting President Obama? After failing to put one of their own in the White House, this will be the last chance they have for taking down the President.

    I think that we as a nation need to be honest with ourselves. Western ambitions created the modern Middle East, and our actions in and around that region have worsened matters. If our nation had focused on one war, the war in Afghanistan, and had not invaded Iraq on false premises, that most likely ISIS wouldn’t have come into existence. Saddam Hussein was a tyrant; however, he was a tyrant who managed to keep peace between the different branches of Islam. His country was a stabilizing influence in that region for many decades.

    Unofficially, the US has been at war with Syria for most of Israel’s existence. Our nation supplied the weapons that the Israealis then used in the conflicts that have defined that young nation’s history.

    • Gay Veteran

      it wasn’t any of our business being in Afghanistan for over 13 years, but then no war profits without war

  • patriot alice

    “Obama want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to groups inside Syria” Give? So they can sell them? No labor costs, no manufacturing costs, no regulation costs, no shipping costs, no sales taxes, no income taxes, no overhead costs, no health insurance costs, no pension costs, no storage costs, just give it to whom? Our enemies? Which group in Syria is our friend? Madness, total madness…Let’s just Colonize Iraq, and let Syria take care of themselves..

  • Donald Wilson

    Never voted for this idiot…of course wouldn’t really matter who is in office the agenda is already established this clown is nothing more than a puppet and the puppeteer are the globalists…

    Bravo Two Zero out

  • DJohn1

    We are looking at the beginning of World War III.
    It is only a matter of time before ISIS invades our shores, partly because the President wants better immigration laws and no control over who comes in.
    Well, the result will be terrorism in our cities.
    Just about anybody can walk in from the border between Mexico and the United States.
    Looks like a manipulation to give an excuse for the President to declare martial law to me.
    If that doesn’t do it, then we might be looking at plague with the EBOLA virus. Either way, the President declares martial law, totally bypassing the Congress in the process.
    ISIS is a cancer. The fact is that in the hearts of the individuals in the Middle East it is a return to the ways of the past. It is a rebellion against the liberal view of Islam. Many people want to joine the 21st century. But the majority of Muslums want a strict interpretation and enforcement of their belief system to the detriment of everyone else world wide.
    Russia and China want the oil. So they are willing to buck the current people in our area of the world to do it.
    They do not understand that doing so is like taking a tiger by the tail. There is no turning back. It bankrupted them once, it may do so again.
    The official position of both countries regarding ANY religion is Aethist in its nature. So what makes them think that the Muslim people will regard them as partners? ISIS will do the same to them as they do to the Christians and the Jews.
    The problem I have with us dealing with them is that they break contracts and promises made to outsiders. It is part of their religion that they only have to keep contracts with other Muslims. I find they are likely to deal with other Muslims they feel are heretical in the same manner as they do with everyone else. They are basically oath breakers. No one can deal long term with them without getting bitten.
    My advice to the oil companies is to leave. Get your oil from places that we can control. Write it off as a bad business deal. Then I think we should get out. Other places have vast amounts of oil under them.
    At the very first sign that ISIS decides to come after us anyway, go in and have a scorched earth policy. Meaning level the place as an example of what will happen to anyone else that invades our shores. IF violence is the only thing these people understand, then use the same violence on them. Take down their economic base which is oil. Make sure no one will ever get to that oil again. NO money, means no war.

  • patriot alice

    “Obama want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to groups
    inside Syria” Give? So they can sell them? No labor costs, no
    manufacturing costs, no regulation costs, no shipping costs, no sales
    taxes, no income taxes, no overhead costs, no health insurance costs, no
    pension costs, no storage costs, just give it to whom? Our enemies?
    Which group in Syria is our friend? Madness, total madness…Let’s just
    Colonize Iraq, and let Syria take care of themselves..

    • Firstgarden

      They’re working on health benefits as well..

  • DJohn1

    Basically, I feel that the best policy for this country is a form of isolationism.
    We have basically inherited the British Empire after World War II. It never worked very well for the British so why do people think it will work for us?
    We, on the other hand, at one time believed in protecting our work force with tariffs against the economic warfare of the masses in China, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia.
    Basically after Vietnam, it all came apart. $400 billion dollars of war debt for nothing. Many American lives lost.
    Devaluation of the American Dollar to at least one tenth of its value prior to Vietnam. These are the wages of sin.
    Yes, sin, because a lot of our American boys were whoring in countries all over the planet as conquering armies.
    I suggest we do not need to be there.
    What we do need is a balance sheet and a country not stealing from everyone on the planet.
    That means pay off the debt one way or another. Yes we may be paying it back for years and we may be paying it back with devalued currency.
    It means either get competitive with free labor from these countries or protect our workforce from flooding the market with imposible to compete retail goods. That is being honest. We cannot win such a war economically.
    Protect our wage earners first.
    Going to war with the Middle East and against a bunch of fanatical worshippers is just plain dumb. The best financial policy on the planet is MYOB. Mind Your Own Business.
    That means we go neutral. Just like Switzerland is neutral.
    That means we make America attractive to world wide investments. Under the current policies, that will not work. The current policies are going to bankrupt us.
    Going to war is represented as a fly wheel for the economy. That is a lie. It bankrupts countries that try it.
    We do not need to go to war with ISIS. We need to make them understand we want to remain neutral and we need to get out of the area to do so.
    Otherwise, you are going to see World War III within the next 5 years.

  • Donald Wilson

    This man is nothing more than a golf playin puppet, furthermore, he never makes a decision himself. Time master puppeteer (globalists) are the ones making all decisions he is simply a mouthpiece for the globalists. In the end the world will be led to war and that will signal the end of the human race…the end

    Bravo Two Zero out

  • Selaretus

    Oboob is the worst President in history, whether he is making the calls of not. There is nothing the industrial war complex wants more than wars on two fronts: Middle East and Russia. Just think of the profits!!!!

  • GSOB

    So….. who is going to get the baton?

    Hillary or Palin?

    • 8540win

      Answer: Trey Gowdy

  • GetHubNub

    He’s clearly not clueless and you should stop providing him that “out” of his guilt.

  • Firstgarden

    Clueless? I think not. It might be more accurate to say he is confused, but is trying to follow a definite, broader agenda – which is to promote Islamo-socialism, and, in general, kowtow to the NWO’s agenda.

    Everything he does is essentially anti-Christian/Jew and pro-Muslim. Not surprising, since he is one.

    He referred to America as “no longer a Christian nation” — (why was THAT so important to declare???); and regarded the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-terrorist organization. He profoundly sympathizes with Islam, seemingly regardless to its form, or level of terrorist endorsement. The list of signs go on & on about his unmistakable bias for Islam.

    I think where he really struggles is when he finds himself having to “lead from behind,” with ambiguous statements, declaring war and airstrikes on someone he actually hoped would win.

    Just my opinion. Fine tune if you’d like. But regardless, it is quite a spectacle to see a socialist, appease-nik wearing Commander-In-Chief clothes.

  • MeMadMax

    Libtards are anti-war only when the president is a republican….

    • Gay Veteran

      have to agree with that, a lot of liberals are hypocrites

  • Firstgarden

    Most wars are not just, but justified.
    You cannot negotiate with evil.
    You cannot negotiate with cockroaches
    and termites when they are filling up your house.
    Sad to speak this way of human life, which is most valuable.
    But when certain factions have ZERO value for other human life, see all ends as a way to justify means,
    roughshod and ruthless over all others,
    is implacable, cannot be appeased,
    (no matter much the ultraliberal, “uselful idiots” acquiesce and try)…

    Then you have the possibility of a just war.

    • jox

      Not at all. There are few ‘just wars’, if any. I don’t remember the exact quote, but goes like this, “war is a struggle between old people that know each other, who send to the front young people to kill people they don’t know”. Of course, they don’t send their own sons, they stay home getting inmensely rich.

      • Firstgarden

        Jox, Jox, Jox.. it’s obvious that people opportune in evil ways, over situations like war.. all kinds of situations, actually. But that doesn’t mean that there are never just responses to evil.

        Say, someone comes into your home with a knife and wants to kill your loved ones. Maybe your spouse, or your children. You have no means to knock him out, or wrestle with him, because he is huge and is swinging his knife at you. And if he does not succeed, he is determined to keep coming back until he does. He is your implacable enemy. He cannot be swayed, talked out of it, no discussion – you must either act or let your loved ones die.

        Let’s say you have a gun, or a knife. What would you do?

        This is known as the problem of evil. It occurs on a large scale. It cannot be appeased. It cannot be contained. It cannot coexist. It must force its way upon you, overcome you, consume you. (Think Hitler, ISIS and the like.)

        All wars are justified. Most are indeed unjust. But there are a few, just a few, (very, very few), that are just.

  • energizedmortal

    Clueless or not, when orders come in from the shadow rulers you follow them or end up like JFK.

  • patriot alice

    Many of these comments don’t get to be read, because the host throws them at the very bottom of the list. He keeps his on top even if they are days old, trying to make people read his and his pals first.

    • Orange Jean

      OK Alice, I suggest you go to the top of the comments and look at the box that reads “Join the discussion…”

      Above that, to the left, there is a Sort By box. You have an option to sort the comments by Best, Newest, or Oldest. Click the one you prefer. Comments at the top are then sorted according to your choice… not Micheal’s.

  • Cal Wayback

    Your right it is the American people’s fault starting with myself. We have let the Federal Government get away with unconstitutional activity for many decades starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve, New Deal, Fair Deal, Great Society, Korean War, Vietnam War, the various Middle East Wars, Supreme Court malfeasance, etc. and this is just the first paragraph of government malfeasance at all levels. Nothing happened positive post 9/11 in fact things have gotten worst. Our communication systems and electrical grid are still at risk. The economy is in a shambles and the worst thing of all this country has lost respect from both friend and foe alike, prime ingredients for war. Believe me if the US goes to war against Syria, Israel will be attacked from every quarter and the Russians will appear facing off against us.

  • Normal

    All of you have to understand, globalists create enemy (ISIS and Russia) so people of the west and the world do not turn against them. This is how you are kept under control, FEAR, FEAR and nothing more but FEAR. Financial uncertainty, War against Islam, Cold war against Russia etc. all for purpose of spreading FEAR (using media which are owned by them) amongst ordinary people so they don’t revolt against elite.

  • frank1569

    ‘Exactly what is Obama trying to accomplish in the Middle East anyway?’

    Perpetual non-war War for perpetual profits. Duh.

    …Oh, was that a rhetorical question?

  • Ian

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Ephesians 6:12,13 ESV

  • Dave of Ok

    the definition of insanity is doing the same thing as you have done in the past that has not worked and expecting a positive outcome. And it is not just our president, most of congress is hawkish on this insanity, and even Rand Paul is in on this madness. All I think Rand Paul wants is to get a nod from the Republican leadership for a try at the presidency. He is not like his father at all. Ron Paul for president in a third party ticket. To h–l with the republicrats!!!

  • abinico

    Yeah, he’s clueless, but then again it doesn’t matter since Tel Aviv master tell him what to do.

  • Clark Mandrell

    Your the one that is clueless. Obama is a Sunni, He grew up as a Sunni until He went to Hawaii. Threw His childhood He learned the Koran. He is funded by the Saudi’s for they are Sunni’s. Syria is Shia and so is Iran. Obama wants to change the immigration laws here in the US so we can receive about 10 million muslin’s over the coming years. They want to take over the US. Kill all the Jews on Saturday and kill all the Christians on Sunday when they have the strength and the order comes down from on HIgh is given. wake up America!

    • jakartaman

      You are correct!
      There is no moderate muslims
      We ARE at WAR with Islam.

  • White Eagle

    Actually, what he is doing does make sense, if the goal is to have congress give him the means to attack Assad. And to let ISIS attack various other countries and kill Christians, jews, and other sects that are not with ISIS.
    No, Isreal and America did not create ISIS as some may believe, but we certainly did train them, and arm them….as rebels to overthrow the ‘Dictators’ of the various not so easily manipulated middle eastern states.

  • K

    I think you have a reading comprehension problem.

    • Raymond Chow

      You must be an expert reader like Obama

  • jakartaman

    This guy is an enemy of the USA – I do not trust anything Obama does. Tell me what he has touched that has not turned to sh-t?

  • ladymam

    I think Mr. Obama knows exactly what is going on, because HE IS ON THE SIDE OF ISIS! It’s plain as day.

  • tacoma

    Obama 9/11 speech:

    Today we stand in front of the new wonderful World Trade Tower, the best in the world, a dozen years after 9/11. And today, I ordered a new war against evil, the so-called Islamic State. This new State is somewhere in the Middle East and they are pure evil. We are the holy, a country blessed by God, and therefore must wage holy war against such evil. So evil that they chopped off the heads of 2 American journalists sent by their bosses to make a buck, to mess with the Iraq civil war. This evil is so great that if I don’t act, the very existence of the United States will be in danger.

    This holy war will again require the United States to use its vast military power to strike various countries in the region as we see fit. There might be blow-backs. But we are ready for another 9/11. After all, how else we can build such a fine replacement for the original twin towers?

    God bless America, and help us wage and win wars.

  • Bill

    He is a dumb a$$. …..

  • I wish the media, this article included, would quit accusing Obama of
    being clueless, stupid, etc. This is DELIBERATE, MALICIOUS, CONSCIOUS,

    • chris12138


  • nancy

    obama es un musulmam por eso su politica es ambigua

  • edward glinka

    Obama is not as dumb as many think. He is a puppet of the nwo and central bankers, etc. The Rothschilds still have 3 countries left that are still in the hands of the private banking cartel, and they want Syria for that reason. Before its all over, I can pretty much guarantee we will put in a new puppet in Syria, and put another Rothschild private bank in there so they can charge interest on the people and only have 2 more banks to conquer, namely Iran & Cuba. The job will be done. They did the same thing in Iraq, Libya, etc. 10 yrs ago there were 7 banks still off the globalist agenda, now only 3. The U.S. took out all the others.

  • Diamond_Jim

    The Cubs are playing the Pirates on Wednesday night, Barry. Not sure if anyone will tune in when you announce your big new plan – or is that the intention?

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