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What Happens When Teachers, Delivery People And Fast Food Workers Don’t Care Anymore…

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Wendy's Employee Enjoying A FrostyOne of the big problems in America today is that a lot of people simply do not seem to care about what they are doing anymore.  The level of sloth, laziness and apathy that we are witnessing in this country is absolutely mind-numbing.  Of course this is not true of everyone.  There are still many Americans that are extremely hard working.  But overall, it really appears that people are not taking as much pride in their work as they once did.  Some of the examples that I am about to show you are quite funny.  Others are more than just a little bit disturbing.  But they all have a common theme.  Americans from all walks of life are simply giving up.  Whether they are teachers, delivery people or fast food workers, the truth is that there are a whole lot of people out there that seem to have mentally checked out.

For example, take a close look at the midterm exam posted below.  Does anything stand out to you?…

Midterm Exam

If you can’t read the writing in the red box, this is what it says…

“In all honesty, I am already bored with this topic. It is far less interesting than I had hoped and I really don’t want to finish this essay. I’m fairly sure you don’t really read these so I’m just going to put enough words down to make it seem like I wrote a lot while I kill time. Wanna hear some words that rhyme with time? Crime, dime, mime, (haha mimes are funny), chime, lime. Aw dude you know what has lime in it? Sprite, it like lemon lime. I could really go for one of those about now, but not sierra mist, that just isn’t the same. It tries too hard to be sprite but it just cant pull it off. It should just try to be itself and stop trying to measure up to other sodas.”

To be fair, there is a tremendous amount of debate about this photo on the Internet.  Some people insist that no teacher would ever be so careless and that this picture must have been photoshopped.  Others that have studied this photo insist that there is no sign of alteration and that it is 100% authentic.

I will let you come to your own conclusion.

What is undeniable, on the other hand, is that there are a lot of delivery people out there that simply do not seem to care anymore.

For example, in the YouTube video that I have posted below, you can watch a postal worker drive her truck on to someone’s lawn.  She is so lazy that she doesn’t even have the energy to take a few steps and place the package at the customer’s door…

And in this next YouTube video, another postal worker does not even get out of his truck.  He just carelessly tosses a package (which could contain something very expensive) toward the customer’s home…

What would cause someone to act like that?

What has caused so many Americans to no longer take any pride in their work?

Another place where this can be seen frequently is at fast food restaurants.

For instance, the photo that I have posted below of a Wendy’s employee gulping down soft serve ice cream with his mouth under the Frosty dispenser went viral on the Internet a while back…

Wendy's Employee Enjoying A Frosty

I don’t know about you, but to me that is absolutely disgusting.  Needless to say, that worker quickly lost his job.

And of course there is no shortage of other fast food horror stories out there.

The following is one of my favorite examples

Tony Hill, a pastor in Baltimore, Maryland, once got a deep-fried mouse along with his chicken at Popeye’s. The old “I found a rat in my fried chicken!” urban legend is decades old – this particular story was given a little credence, however, by the fact that local health authorities confirmed that the Popeye’s in question had a rodent problem.

These days even the criminals are getting lazy.

The following story is very tragic.  Violent crime in America is on the rise, and as the economy continues to get worse people are going to steal just about anything that is not bolted down.

In the little town of Denison, Iowa, a couple of thugs recently shot and killed an elderly couple while they were attempting to steal some scrap metal…

A Denison man told investigators that he and another man shot two people, then set fire to a trailer with the victims inside, according to court documents.

Jayden Chapman said he and Michael D. Schenk shot Marvin Huelsing, 80, and Alice Huisenga, 81, on Monday, according to a criminal complaint and affidavit filed in Crawford County District Court.

This is the kind of thing that we are going to see a lot more frequently in the years ahead.

Those thugs thought that they would get away with murder by burning the victims inside their own trailer, but they foolishly left behind a receipt from the Wal-Mart where they had just been shopping at the scene of the crime…

A pickup truck more than 200 yards north of the trailer also was burned. Near it, investigators found on the ground a receipt from the Denison Walmart with a debit-card number from a food-stamp card. Authorities determined the card was assigned to Schenck.

In this case, justice was served by the slothfulness of the American people, and I hope that those murderers are given the highest penalty allowed by law.

But in general, slothfulness is a terrible thing.  And it isn’t just a few people that are being slothful.  This is a national disease.  I like how Jim Quinn put it in his recent article

The government controlled public education system has flourished beyond all expectations of your owners. We’ve become a nation of techno-narcissistic, math challenged, reality TV distracted, welfare entitled, materialistic, gluttonous, indebted consumers of Chinese slave labor produced crap.

But even though so many of us are aware of what is happening to us, we just can’t seem to break out of it as a nation.

It really does seem like most people are walking around in a fog these days.

Maybe the fact that 70 million Americans are on mind-altering drugs has something to do with it.

I don’t know.

But unless Americans start taking more pride in their work again and start living their lives with meaning and purpose, it is going to be very difficult to envision a positive future for this country.

So do you have any stories similar to the ones in this article to share?

Please feel free to add to the conversation by posting a comment below…

  • No similiar stories, Michael, but this is really sad! God help us. I am never moving from my small community where family, neighbors and community is cherished!

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      I know how you feel. Unfortunately, the number of small communities that are like that is shrinking with each passing year.


    • Dr. G.

      Where do you live Beth? At least give us a region. South. East. Midwest. Mountain West. West Coast. Northwest.

      • Great state of Kansas. Often touted as being so far behind the times…..GOOD! 🙂

        • KansasJohn

          Beth I live in the great state of Kansas as well. Very small community that takes care of each other in a pinch. Problem is we are being pushed with new taxes, higher taxes and new fees every year. The small town charm is dying due to the worship of the dollar. When I moved here property taxes were 1%, 8 years later 2.25%. Sales tax went up 2.5% and propert value won’t keep up to validate the increases.

          • Dr. G.

            Taxes kill the small town “take care of your neighbor” feeling because once you pay the taxes, you feel like your already paid at the office. You already did your job. You already gave. And the government makes the FALSE promise that they will take care of those who run on hard times. So you stop worrying about the neighbor because you already paid. You stop watching out for others because you already paid. You stop being a concerned citizen. And bit by bit you lose your charitable morality because you “already paid”. What’s even worse is that in paying taxes and allowing the government to dole out money, you essentially replace the father in the family, whose major contribution is taking care of the needs of his family. We hear all sorts of horror stories about men who leave their families, but do you blame them? The government eviscerates their self worth, tells them that they are not longer needed, performs the tasks that fall to the father in the family, and then they can’t figure out why we have lots of dead beats dads. Before you blame the fathers, have a long hard look at how government has not only destroyed our charity through the perniciousness of the “already paid at the office mentality” and through destroying the self worth and role of fathers and husbands.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You are very fortunate to live in such a tight knit ccommunity. Here in the big city (Phoenix, AZ), it’s not uncommon at all for people not to know their next door neighbors. They go to work, come home from work, down goes the garage door, and that’s the last you see of them…

  • Guest

    Reminds me of the Burger King employee who took a bath in the restaurant sink.

    • Anonymous

      How sad that one might need to. Did the employee have any other bath options? How much was the worker paid; could the worker afford a place to live and electric to heat the water?

      • You know, I was thinking the same thing about options. A person has to do what a person has to do….perhaps that was this persons only option for hygiene?

        • BiggieBill

          I heard of someone once in a similar situation. Had to close a bakery late at night and reopen it early the next morning. Not enough time to go home and come back. No time for sleep or bathing if she did that. What did she do? Slept in the back of the store on a pile of old bread that was placed in garbage bags, ready for the next day’s trash! Washed in the industrial-sized sink because she had no other option. Spoke to management about their ridiculous scheduling, but nothing ever changed. After many years with the company, she was replaced by a minimum wage worker. And so it goes…

          • idontry

            That’s what she gets for trying, Lol.

      • CharlesH

        It’s not the employer’s responsibility to see that every worker has ‘bath options’ or a place to live or electric to heat the water. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay a reasonable and legal wage to an employee for an HONEST amount of scheduled work, that’s it.

  • K

    Michael you may be right in some circumstances. But allow me to show you the other side of the coin. More and more, staffing has been cut in so many areas. Many people are being asked to do the job, that 3 people used to do. You want to kill morale, you want people to not care about their job. Then day in and day out, ask the employee to do the impossible. You mention the post office. When I moved into this area a decade ago. The post office had 3 carriers and 2 full time clerks, and a part time clerk. Now 2 carriers and one clerk, in-spite of the fact that the area has grown by 18%. It is one thing to work hard, when you know, by so doing the job gets done. It is another thing when you know, no matter what you do, the job can not be done.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That is a very good point, most employers care very little about their employees these days.


      • mitch

        I hate restaurant employers. If I worked in a restuarant I would defecate in my boss’s lunch every day

        • idontry

          You would be caught instantly. Better to wipe his /her meal with your wiener. ee a little into their beverage, ( not enough to detect ). Laugh at them and mock coworkers who try.

          • Hey Mr Fantasy

            Haha, the way I did it was to surreptitiously stick my hand up my crotch, making sure to get in there good, and stick my hand “accidentally” in the drink. This wasn’t for a boss, but for a girl who used to act like a real bitch to me in school. How’d your coffee Frappuccino taste, bitch?? HAHAHAHA!

            You certainly do get what you give, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I still worked there. I also did the same with sanitizer, for the same girl, on a different occasion.

        • The side

          Your worse than any employer sicko! Your what’s wrong with the world! Brainwashed pervert!

          • LordPeckerwoodFour

            you get what you give..

      • Rose

        You are so right Michael. I am a Registered Nurse. Worked for a local hospital 26 years and had a spotless work record. I went the extra mile every single day forgoing my lunch break and working short staffed, I stayed through several reorganizations when other staff got frustrated and quit. Last August, I had a stroke and after 3 months of very rigorous therapy managed to get back on my feet and by Nov, was cleared to go back to work part time with a pending revaluation to go back full time in a few weeks if I was doing well. After arriving at work the first day I was called to the office and ganged up on by HR and the DON and was told” we don’t have a part time position available for you in the ICU and if you want to work part time you will have to find a position on your own in the system”. They sent me out of there, posted my job and gave it to someone else! I was absolutely, totally devastated, I had worked for that place most of my adult life and they threw me out like used Kleenex!
        So, as you can imagine, I have had to deal with a lot of anger and disappointment !
        Now, I am employed elsewhere but I am taking a big cut in pay and working for less benefits, But I am lucky in at least I have a job and I am still able to do what I love which is care for others.

        • Anthony Papagallo

          if ah ma boss down a yard he gonna fire me like dat ahma goin

          • Rose

            I did call the EEOC and I have filed discrimination charges against the hospital. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act the hospital was supposed to grant me Reasonable Accommodation and they didn’t. Believe me, I have been beyond hurt by this, not only emotionally but financially as well. All I can hope for is justice. I don’t want them to ever do to anyone else what they did to me!

          • idontry

            There is no justice in this land, anymore. Quit with the Mary Poppins dream fantasy and get on board. Actively degrade your employers stock value. Do less, engage in sabotage.Enjoy your little acts of destructive rebellion.
            As an aside – love the brother eating the ice cream, good job bro !

          • Bruce

            Do you actually think him slobbering on the nozzle from which your ice cream might come is a “good Job”? SICKNING

        • Adrian

          Horrible! I am so sorry you were treated so badly after years of going above and beyond. Ina just world, such work would be rewarded. Yours is a scary story, indeed.

      • FirstGarden

        It’s a fruit & vegetable market out there.. purely supply and demand. You desperately need a job? We have three for you.

        It’s a vicious cycle of corp greed and employee neglect – both ways.
        Gone are the days of long tenure, reward for loyalty and conscientious work ethic.

        Morale is also damaged by racism, cronyism, and double standards. I’ve been seeing it most my working life and I’m now semi-retired. The rat race is worse than ever. I’d never want to go back. I’d rather live in a cave.

      • Adrian

        Not to excuse the laziness of the teacher in the above story, but I was a high school teacher for 5 years and this is what we get: lousy pay, furloughs year after year along with pay freezes (which means we earned less money as we gained more experience!). The administration at my school did nothing in terms of discipline, wouldn’t back etachers,a nd the principal, in an attempt to embarrass teachers who would just ‘pass’ their students, at the end of the eyar gathered all of us in the music room and showed us powerpoints of every teacher in every department and the percentage of kids who’d failed their class. Why do this, other than to imply not to fail anybody. When you fail kids, you get the blame, and believe me, the kids and their lazy parents have picked up on this long ago, and they speak in this language. They even tell us that we make less than garbage men, with a smirk on their smug faces. We are the ones taking low pay to educate people like that, and despite all that I mentioned, we still do the job than most people would never do, and most people have no idea the amount of work involved if they’ve never done it before. There has been a war on teachers over the last decade or so in an attempt to privatize public schools, and Common Core and NCLB are attempts to dumb down the population and stamp out critical thinking, and they are doing it wonderfully. If you have a society that can’t think critically but instead is trained to perform certain tasks like a robot, these federal policies are doing just that. Thank you for this story, and I find your blog interesting.

        • LordPeckerwoodFour

          trust me, I work at a junior college, and just ‘passing’ students isn’t doing them any favors. Maybe if you failed them earlier in their educational career, they’d wise up, instead of them paying to flunk out their first term at a school that doesn’t just ‘pass’ anyone

          • Adrian

            I never said I just passed them; I was referring to what was “expected” of us. Nope, I failed them if they couldn’t cut the mustard, and now teach at the university level. I do disagree that they would ‘wise up’, as many never will, and hence their failing grades.

          • LordPeckerwoodFour

            I’m an optimist..

  • James

    These people obviously are part of the larger group who is not saving enough. They are careless no prepping no saving for financial ruin to lazy.

    • How do you save when you are being paid such skimpy wages?

      • Woodyb4

        quit buying stuff you don’t need and put the money in a saving medium.

  • pulltheweeds

    And the great society marches on …

  • Phil from Germany

    Here in Germany I have given up taking on people in my small landscaping business, just not worth the never ending trouble that they all bring with them . Just trying to find those who are willing to work is impossible. I sub contract out , have no further problems with lazy good for nothings who just want to be fed !.

    • Phil, I used to be a small business owner. When it comes to hiring/labor pool I came to a sad conclusion: GOOD WORKERS ALREADY HAVE JOBS. Where does that leave the small business owner? Doing most of the work themself!

      • Mitch


        Im a good worker. Can I get job?

        • out here? more than likely! A lot of ppl would miss the “culture” and shopping larger areas offer. Here its all John Wayne and John Deere, with an occasional auction thrown in for thrills:)

        • and oh yeah….gardening. everyone who is anyone around here gardens—this town is like walking thru a park come spring/summer.

      • Phil from Germany

        Beth, that is exactly the point , the good ones have already gone. I find sub contracting is the only way forward. Oh, and a 12 hour day 6 days a week, no vacation,

        • 11-14 days straight without a day off was a norm, did a few 18’s. Makes me tired thinking of it!

      • LordPeckerwoodFour

        Where does that leave the small business owner? Doing most of the work themself!

        at least you know it’s done right..

  • People have quit caring for anybody but themselves so they only care about material objects and money and do not care about really working hard to help each other which if we all did work to help each other, we would not need corporations or government and nobody would be without a job because everyone’s abilities would be appreciated so why do we continue to slave for the rich when we can do this for each other? If you would like an example of this, look at the native Americans and talk to one. They are in tune with nature. We are not. We only care about self.

    • Dr. G.

      The famous words of Christ about the last days, from Matthew Chapter 24 verse 12:

      12 And because ainiquity shall abound, the love of many shall waxbcold.

      • Rebecca

        Very good point. It’s sad.

  • Rodster

    I’ve quit eating at restaurants and fast food places. Most of the ones i’ve visited in my area don’t even have bathroom soap. At one local Pizza Hut, it’s not uncommon to see cooks taking from customers at the register cash and going back to making pizzas without washing their hands.

    It’s almost as if people do it out of spite. Like they want to say, I don’t make enough money to eat here and you make more money than I do so I don’t care what happens to your food.

    It’s like living in Gary2’s world.

    • VERY good point. So many times at fast food eateries those who handle cash (filthy!) will handle food as well. Ugh!

      • Mondobeyondo

        I saw that quite often during my time working at a fast food restaurant in the early 1980s. Cashiers at the drive – thru window who would help out making burgers and other items like salads, without washing their hands. (They didn’t go near the fry station though. That was my area!) Simply gross!

      • Uh-hUh

        How many times have you seen the public in general not wash their hands? Americans are seriously filthy when it comes to hygiene. If an event such as a person DOES NOT wash their hands after using the rest room occurs and said event of non-handwashing is observed by my spouse, upon re-entry to the main restaurant, a message to the restaurant patrons then is bellowed by my spouse: “THAT PERSON DID NOT WASH THEIR HANDS>>>DISGUSTING!!!”


  • DesertPaine

    I went from Employee of the Year to not caring. People I worked hard for made the W-4 a requirement although law says otherwise. They issued me W-2s (and others, 1099s) while refusing to show (or know) any legal basis for doing so — making it clear that we workers were disposable. That was the end of the hard work they received.

  • Drew

    A bit of background on myself. I recently graduated with a bachelors degree in the IT field. I busted my REAR in college, and gradated with honors (GPA >= 3.65). One semester I had 18 credit hours (six classes). It got to the point where I developed chronic severe constipation and digestive trouble because day after day, all I did was sit at my desk and study.

    It paid off. I have a very promising career with a Fortune 500 company $60,000/yr salary and a fully funded pension plan. I am now enrolled in graduate school pursuing my Master’s degree, paid for by my employer.

    A friend of mine double majored in college, in two very good majors. However, he cheated on literally every exam and assignment he could, recklessly in many cases (looking at answers on his phone while taking exams, etc..). His final semester, he determined his GPA would still be around a 3.0 if he failed all his final exams, so he didn’t prepare for any of them and just winged all of them.

    It is about a year later, during which time he has held a few minimum wage service and contract positions, with long bouts of unemployment between them. He still spends a considerable amount of time going to bars, college parties and smoking marijuana. I’ve tried to reason with him that he is throwing away his future, and he tells me I’m dumb because I “took classes even after I graduated and got a job”, because doing so is obviously pointless in his mind. And that while I am hard at work doing boring things (despite the fact that I love my job), he gets to be out enjoying his life.

    Folks, I have two other friends that fit this cookie cutter mold with very minor alterations. This is the future of our country.

    • Anonymous

      “It got to the point where I developed chronic severe constipation and digestive trouble because day after day, all I did was sit at my desk and study.”

      Every human being is an individual. While some people enjoy sitting indoors all day, every day, listening to someone talk, or reading, that does not mean that everyone enjoys that. For example, some people prefer to spend their time on nature walks with their parents, siblings, children, etc. Some people prefer to do carpentry or other trades. Does that make them bad people, or less deserving of a decent career that pays them for their time and labor? Just because someone is different than ourselves does not make them bad or inferior. So, just because one person wants to spend 25 or 30 years in school while another person prefers a different path, that does not make one person better or worse than the other person.

      Congratulations on your hard work. If that path was your calling, great. However, different people need different things in their pursuit of happiness. However, not everyone wants to develop GI issues just to have a decent job, and in my opinion, nobody should be expected to.

      • Jason

        I really don’t like how you make your point. Do you think Drew enjoyed being indoors all day, enjoyed being constipated at his desk?
        This is not about enjoyment and what you prefer to do, such as preferring to go for nature walks, this is about doing what is necessary to succeed in your chosen field.
        Why are you assuming that someone who does a carpentry job is bad or inferior? You are putting words in his mouth, and making an argument out of nothing.
        So if someone wants to smoke weed and play video games all day, they are not bad or inferior, they just need to realise they’ll likely never get anywhere in life, and never have that stable career that so many of us crave. But if that makes them happy, great.

    • death

      You work in IT, you spoiled, stuck-up little brat. IT and software are the only industries not entirely outsourced to China or India. That is the ONLY reason you have a job, PERIOD. That does NOT make you superior, despite your firm beliefs. I worked just as hard as you did, and there are no jobs of any kind, even the minimum-wage kind your “lazy” friend works. You’re no better than those rich white girls who throw extravagant sweet sixteen birthday parties with daddy’s money. Oh and one last thing – people like you who think you have it all figured out because you go to work and do what you’re told everyday are retarded drones. Sheep have more autonomy.

      • Drew

        Please do not be so quick to judge. I do not think I have everything figured out, not even close. Part of the reason I work so hard is because I’m scared and know everything can disappear at a moment’s notice. I spend only the money I need to get by and save the rest. I’m not sure if that is even the right choice, because the money may well be worthless when the SHTF. But what? Gold? Just as murky in my opinion. I sleep with a 9mm close by.

        By the way — little secret. The company I work for has an offshore IT team in India that is constantly growing. What’s more, I would roughly estimate that HALF of all the on-site IT employees are immigrants from India with H-1B visas. Their numbers are also growing. I am good friends with one of them, but I see a troublesome trend with the majority. Whenever they can — they ALL work together with the other immigrants from India. And all speak Hindi with one another. Zero effort speaking or using English, they just don’t care. Many are not friendly to pass in the hallways (they ignore and look away) unless they are passing other Indians.

        No other ethnic group (Chinese, Japanese, Latino, etc…) bands together like that and excludes everybody else.

        At the same time, I can somewhat understand where they are coming from. This country is going downhill, fast. They are probably trying to extract as much as they can from the system and ferry it back to India before the SHTF. I still do not condone it, because it pushes Americans out of jobs.

        As for my friend, you miss the point. I’m not saying everybody has to do what I did — I enjoy my field, and everybody has their own dreams, desire and passions. My point is he did NOTHING. He is NOT learning any trades, or anything of any kind. He spends all of his time smoking weed, going to parties and playing video games. That is my point.

        Surely you cannot be arguing in favor of such a lifestyle? If everybody did that, where would we be?

        • Dr. G.

          Drew: Sounds like you’re crazy scared of the future. Do you really sleep with a gun? Wow. Where do you live? Are things that bad in your city/town? Sounds like you live in Northern California.

        • K2

          How much comfortable they are in interacting with americans depends on how much time they have spent in america. Most H1 workers have been in america far shorter than chinese or japanese in america, who have been in the states far longer.

          • Dave

            Really, the matter is that they are very tribal, and stuck on matters like Caste. and don’t trust anyone, because they themselves are involved in a ton of fraud in the IT industry, credentials, projects, etc.

          • Anonymous

            America loves the Caste system. People enjoy feeling like they are better and more deserving than other people. Americans use degrees to determine who the “worthy” and “unworthy” are in society. This is proven when a degree holder is paid more than a non-degree holder for doing the same job. Some Americans will not even date someone without a degree, even if the person without a degree would be a perfect mate in every way. If America didn’t like the Caste/Class system, they wouldn’t embrace it so easily. Don’t politicians and CEOs in the USA live just as the wealthy in the Caste system do? There are still some Americans left that are no respector of persons. However, there are plenty of Americans that enjoy feeling superior to everyone else and they think they deserve more and deserve to live better than everyone else.

          • K2

            Did you come across anyone who are like that? Or are you getting this from articles in the news?

          • Drew

            I did not realize how much my comment was going to explode. Well, let me shed some light here. Not all of the Indian workers seem to be like this. Like I said, I am good friends with one, and many others are quite nice.

            HOWEVER, I’d say the number of them that are like that is at only 30 – 40%. The rest do exactly as I described, they are NOT friendly to anybody who isn’t Indian. They literally just ignore you, and they gather together and only speak Hindi with one another. Similarly, at my university, there is a computer lab in one of the IT buildings where sometimes classes are held, but most of the time it is open for students to do work in. I walked in one day to work on something, and at first was embarrassed because I thought I had walked in on a class: the room was FULL of Indian students. I realized there was no teacher, and they all just get together like that, all speaking Hindi. I have no idea what they are saying.

            To be fair, I have no proof of any of them are cheating or falsifying certifications or anything like that, like somebody else was suggesting. But, from their social queues and body language, I am ALWAYS left with a strong impression that they don’t want to have anything to do with me. It’s not that they are directly hostile; it’s that they act and carry on as though I simply am not there.

          • K2

            People speak with people who are from their country using their own mother tongue first, esp if all those people are immigrants.

            Look at a bunch of greek or russian immigrants and they for sure will speak greek or russian with each other. But if you look at a bunch of indians, or russians or greeks who grew up in the states they will also use english with each other.

          • K2

            I am not saying they should s be like that, all i am saying is it is not unusual. People instinctively tend to use a language they are the most ‘comfortable’ with.

          • dave

            Personal. I’ve been in IT for many years. It’s really gone down hill.

          • K2

            Are you saying that indians treat americans as a different caste?

            That doesnt even make sense.

            Because americans are an entirely different ethnic group. Its like saying a sunni muslim sees an american like a shia muslim, which doesnt make sense, as for one to be shia he has to be a muslim. And similary if one indian has to see another as person from a different caste, that another person should also be an indian.

            ‘Caste’ exists within the same ethnic group.

            Also not all indians (maybe some of them do tha tto each other but not all) divide each other along caste lines. I know a lot of them, and they themselves dont know/dont care which caste other indians belong too. They only care how much money that other indian is making and try to outearn them.

          • K2

            Are you saying that indians treat americans as a different caste?

            That doesnt even make sense.

            Because americans are an entirely different ethnic group. Its like saying a sunni muslim sees an american like a shia muslim, which doesnt make sense, as for one to be shia he has to be a muslim. And similary if one indian has to see another as person from a different caste, that another person should also be an indian.

          • K2

            I will see you tomorrow, i gotta go.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, this is what the USA needs: more workers. In a country where millions of Americans sit unemployed and underemployed, we just need to import more workers.

          • K2

            Did i even imply that. I only said the reasons behind his experiences. Dont let frustrations in your personal life affect how you think. Everybody is frustrated. I am frustrated too.

          • Anonymous

            Oops. My mistake. Please pardon my dust.

            I meant to reply to Dave where he noted that “an IT job is a passport out of India” and “they are after your job, for themselves, or their cousins in India.”

        • Dave

          Most of those Indians have bogus degrees and cheat on their IT exams and Interviews. I myself have seen one of my Indian Co-Workers stand in for a skype interview for one of his buddies. They do work long hours and deal with a lot of unfair work practices, which in turn forces American to compete with those conditions. Eventually, the place becomes an IT sweatshop. Some tips when dealing with Indians in your shop. Be very firm with them, as they demand everything, because they think you are lower Caste. Share a little as possible with them your skill set. They are after your job, either for themselves, or their cousins in India, so beware of the fact. Remember, an IT job for an Indian is a free passport out of India and free schooling for their kids in America. They will use every trick to get that.

          • K2

            Its the opposite, indians have an inferiority complex when dealing with whites. I know a lot of them that have it and have seen it.

          • Orange Jean

            I total agree with your comment about “share as little as possible with them “…

            I do SAS programming as a big part of my job; not easy to learn but interesting, challenging and well paid.

            Often when I’m doing research online to figure out how to approach something I get responses that are links to websites where some Indian guy (you can tell by the name) with titles like “Senior Programmer/ Analyst” who are asking the type of very basic questions a person who knows even the most basics of the program would not be asking.

            I am NOT going to give away my job by helping them out! Fortunately for me much of my work involves working with “personally identifiable information” especially health data, which they still want to keep a very tight control on.

      • Dr. G.

        Okay, death. So fess up. What did you study in college that is as hard as what Drew studied? Did you pick a field of study that would result in a good job, or did you study something that sounded interesting? Did you do your homework on the work force before you slaved away in your college courses, or did you just figure it would all work out? What was your GPA? Did you go to graduate school? Did you do any internship work that would introduce you to potential employers? Did you work during school in your field of study and develop any relationships with potential employers? What are the details of your career prep? No fair throwing stones when you’re not going to tell your field of study, your GPA, your preparation levels, your pre-graduation work experience. For crying out loud, you didn’t even divulge your field of study. What is it? Why won’t you tell us?

        • Orange Jean

          Excellent points and I agree with you.

      • Brandon Bowers

        I am IT/Info Security and I’ve been laid off THREE times in the last 12 years. IT / Software is VERY easily outsourced to India as I’ve seen MBA’s do it repeatedly over the last 10 years. Finally got tired of it and found a career track that doesn’t lend itself to outsourcing and opened my own consulting business (and I charge ALL of what the market will bear).

      • Uh-hUh

        @Death: My mom at age 75 just got a job at a retail store…so maybe you might want to look at your sublimely rude, hate-filled attitude as the reason you are unemployed and quit looking for people to blame.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “You work in IT, you spoiled, stuck-up little brat. ”
        Excuse you.

    • MeMadMax

      I hold a bachelors in cs as well and I can’t get crap….
      Alot of the IT jobs have been outsourced and centralized, leaving temp 6 month job crumbs that can be picked up from time to time… I just installed a cisco rack firewall over a 3 day contract job… Needless to say, I was actually thrilled to have such a short, pointless job… But it points out what I have just said: The firewall is remote admin’d(along with the rest of the network) to a outfit in chicago(the company is in Los Angeles…)
      My resume’s seem like they have been going into a blackhole for the past couple of years…
      You are either incredibly lucky, or talking crap…

      • Orange Jean

        Consider learning SAS. Also, I seem to remember you mentioning that you are at least part Native American. I have seen a number of postings for IT that would be working for IHS or various tribes (often in the health care IT side of things), with Indian preference (and I am not talking India Indian… members of a US tribe having legal hiring preference).

        Although some of those jobs I’d seen would interest me, a main reason I have hestitated to apply for some of those jobs is with the American Indian hiring preference and me NOT being in that group, there are always stipulations in the postings that even if you are hired to a “permanent” position, if a person who is American Indian wants it and is also qualified they can fire you, no questions asked and no recourse.

  • Anonymous

    “But overall, it really appears that people are not taking as much pride in their work as they once did.”

    Yes, there was a time when people could start at the bottom and work their way to the top. There was hope for the future. There was a time when people received a pension after their years of loyalty and hard work. There was a time when some employers paid 100% of an employee’s medical benefits. There was a time when employers cared about the human beings that worked for them and provided work/life balance. There was a time that workers received a living wage and annual increases for their labor. There was a time that employers properly trained their employees and college was not required for jobs like answering a telephone. There was a time employees were not expected to go deep into debt just to get a decent job/career.

    As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” Perhaps some employers are finding this out?

    Perhaps employees are following the lead of the employers that also seem like they don’t care?

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      I work and receive a pension. Those jobs are still out there.

      • Todd Mulvaney

        good luck collecting it….that fallacy won’t help you eat when you finally retire….pensions across the country are on the chopping block… it and read….you won’t so secure anymore…they are garnishing your salary and you’ll never see it….the ball has dropped and it’s not going to get picked up…..

        • FortuneSeek3rz

          We get a bi-annual financial report and statement. My fund is nowhere close to becoming what Illinois and California are.

      • JULIAN

        Well bless yourself and remember to throw us a scrap on your way to the home town buffet.

        • FortuneSeek3rz

          We’re all working toward the grave. The trip will be less painful for some than others, but in the end……

    • Dr. G.

      In an environment like this someone who is responsible, hard working, and innovative, could end up becoming indispensable to their employer. And indispensable employees get promotions, raises, insurance, and perks.

      • Bernie

        My experience has shown me that indispensable employees are by a majority white collar, and usually have their noses placed in a dark smelly place.

      • RAIN FIRE

        Quite the contrary actually, at least in Florida, or perhaps this malaise of insufferable indifference is solely confined to Volusia County. Through my own personal experience, and through several eye witness accounts that affirm these contentions, one’s work ethic and commitment to excellence aren’t recognized as valued commodities by these ‘so called’ paragons of corporate virtue that many would label as ‘bosses’ or ‘leaders’. Anyone deemed threatening to the status quo in industry, be it through their vociferous recalcitrance to adhere to a degrading and self effacing work environment, their unwillingness to smear the reputations of others for material gain and notoriety within the company, etc. is quickly forced out. Loyalty is a malleable construct that is oftentimes exploited by the authority within a particular firm or business to the detriment of the working class. Guilt and self recrimination in the face of adversity is encouraged, as the personal esteem and importance of the individual to the economic viability of business becomes a measure of their work performance as judged by their ‘superiors’. Of course promotions and wage or salary increases are all politically motivated, as certain individuals rise to a proverbial apex, not based on their ability to execute certain task-oriented projects within the company in a timely fashion, but rather on their penchant for ingratiating themselves to management. Those failing to acquiesce those few and tattered remnants of self worth at the expense of their own integrity remain mired in the throes of mediocrity. Employees aren’t recognized as assets to a business or company anymore, they are seen as expendable hindrances, especially when they have accrued lengthy tenures within their respected firm, to employers, who, for the most part, only evince concern in the event that their stock portfolios sustain a marked declination in value.

        • Anonymous

          This was beautiful, brilliant, and true. Ever thought about writing a book?

          • Cerebrator

            True! Actually many employers do NOT want a conscientious person because this person is a liability, being that they are a threat by exposing indecent and fraudulent practices. I’ve personally experienced this in two places of work and I am far, FAR from a tattle tale.

          • Matthew Vicar

            I’ve experienced this myself, actually. My employer owns 32 hotels in the midwest. That’s a lot of employees. One would think he’d have to offer insurance under the ACA, right? No. He went and turned every single one of them into its own corporate entity. So now he’s the single shareholder in 32 companies, none of which have more than 50 employees, thus he is exempt from offering any sort of benefits package at all.

            Nevermind the fact that he continues to move equipment from one hotel to another, because why wouldn’t he? He owns all of them. The problem is, now that they’re all their own corporations, that’s called “Commingling of Funds,” and that’s a GIANT no-no.

            I really shouldn’t have said anything to anybody about that. Now there are distinct rumors that my services and loyalty (I’ve been with this employer for 4 years) are soon to no longer be required.

          • Good writing, but add paragraphs.

      • FirstGarden

        That’s old school thinking, and quite correct. There’s still some of that around. But today’s “ethics” are non-ethics in the modern crowd, where, increasingly, cronyism rules. Any exceptions to that in the workplace today is a breath of fresh aire.

      • Adrian

        It’s also been my experience that intelligent, critically thinking people are forced out and it is the dimmer bulbs who seem to be put into positions of power because 1) they are yes-men and women and do what their higher ups tell them without much (if any) thought, and 2) they serve as middle men who are too dumb to think for themselves but just smart enough to know which tail to kiss. That’s not to say bright people aren’t in leadership positions, but all too often it is the scenario I described above.

    • Bernie

      Yes…there “was a time.” That time has passed except for the large city liberal public union employees who soak the working non-union tax payer.

      • FirstGarden

        Unions started out as a good concept. They countered corporate greed and abuse. But, over time, the unions became tools for the political machine with all their sweetheart deals with powerful politicians and the mafia. In the process, victim became perpetrator. Greed is greed. Whether corporate or on the part of labor, greed is where everything goes south.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, sadly there is corruption in everything that humans touch. However, working people are stronger standing together than standing alone. When there were more union jobs, America had a large middle class and people were able to retire at younger ages, and have a pension.

        • Hammerstrike

          Rather, mainly thanks to them that the conditions of workers improved.

          There is a big difference between private sector unions and governement ones. 1 well-paid governement bureaucrats or leftist teacher takes what could be used to pay a few private sector workers middle-class wages or a dozen with minimum wage.

        • Gay Veteran

          unions have been weak for over 30 years, while corporations are making out like bandits

        • Julian

          Yes, of course! The evil unions (I am not a fan) did it, plus those Welfare types, I am sure of it. We need to go back to the GOOD OLD DAYS! Wait that was slavery, oh woops! We are already there!

      • Adrian

        Yes, let’s all blame the anemic unions, which are on life support. Only abut 10-12% of the workforce is unionized. Funny how you don’t point a finger at corporate greed, which has destroyed our economy numerous times, and is ruining the environment. Unlimited growth is impossible.

        • Don

          Unions are part of the problem. They take the dues of the worker and give it to liberal politicians who intern kick back perks to union bosses. In the mean time both union and corporations agree to ship the rest of our jobs overseas.

          • Adrian

            The only problem with your claim is that unions are all but gone. Wages have declined along with the decline of union membership, almost a perfect match. It would be kind of like arguing the problem with going into the forest is all those dinosaurs running around eating people…

          • Adrian

            The problem you describe of unions is also the relationship between corporations and elected politicians. The corporations fund the campaigns of the politicians they own and in turn get perks from government, such as fewer protections and rights for workers, right to work laws, etc (hence, the need for unions).

    • Hammerstrike

      Employers pretend to pay = employees pretends to work.

      • FirstGarden

        Ever heard of Payless Shoes? 🙂

        • none

          Ever heard of “Shareholders”?
          It doesn’t matter where they work. The executives will take as much as possible. Then give it to a shareholder. Get as many bonuses as possible.
          Then the company goes bankrupt. Then the executive will go to another company. Since he has lots of business experience.

          • FirstGarden

            That’s the name of the game. Hop into a car, run it into the ground, crash it into a tree, then hop in another.

          • nygrump

            The Supreme Court ruled public traded companies are not allowed to do what is right, they must do what provides value to shareholders over the community. I never hear the tea party complaining about this intrusion into the free market.

    • beans

      I started getting the heebee geebies when you got to paid 100% of medical benefits and then followed it up with employers provided work/life balance.

      Was that the time of the 60s when there was the draft with the unhappy war in Viet Nam where you either worked, went to college and protested or went to war?
      Was that the time in the 70s when there was the energy crisis and double digit inflation?
      Was that in Japan? in the 1980s when they decided to come over here and start buying our factories then having our workers go out onto the parking lot to do exercises? Was that the 1990s when the Maquilardos were set up along the border and everything went south to be made while we were told “service” is where its at?

      Was it in the first of the new century when machines made many service workers obsolete and not needed? Or how about the mid-2000’s when everyone could buy a house or two with no down and pretend they were living large? How about now in 2014 when there are few jobs to be had so an employer can’t even teach a person how to be on time, care about the taxes that get taken out of the paycheck, taught what those taxes are for, and give some economic education? Employers care but some know that employees will jump ship for $50 more a month gross so yeah, that fad had an impact on employer psychology too. No loyalty through hard times.

      • JULAIN

        Fish rots from the head. Follow the leaders off the cliff…..

  • libsstillsucktheobamacock

    rise of the gary’s. you are describing democrats in action

    • Eva

      Oh come now, be nice to Gary, he’s a little…….slow. 😉

  • libsstillsucktheobamacock


    you know these are dems, right?

  • Quitthevictimhood

    I just notice how mean everyone looks nowadays. Totally miserable and just plain mean.

    • Luis

      Even the front part of cars are designed these days to look mean…take a look sometime. Just another reflection of how evil and wicked society has become.

      • Drew

        Yes! I thought I was the only one to notice this!! I have noticed in particular that Chevy and Dodge vehicles exhibit this characteristic the most. The very worst offender I’ve seen are newer Dodge trucks. I really believe these vehicles are specially designed to look menacing and intimidating in a rear-view mirror. It’s ridiculous.

        • Luis

          I read long ago that Chrysler did a study and found out that deep down inside people are really afraid (imagine that). In response, the Chrysler Cruiser was born. They designed it to make it look like the old mafia hit cars from the 30’s. As I understand it, that is how it all started. Now most manufacturers seem to have gotten on the ‘evil wicked mean and nasty’ bandwagon. As you said, they design them to look really menacing. The Dodge Charger takes the cake in that genre. I suspect that is why the police love them.

  • James Hixson

    One of the things that leads up to this is, the people in this country are getting tired of banging their heads against the wall. It seems that Society is making too many demands on people and they are getting tired. Whenever they aim at a goal, the goal is changed or made more demanding. More education required for jobs that realistically need only a high school education or community college/tradeschool. A job that used to require a BA or BS degree now requires a Masters, and so it goes. Government extracts more taxes from people and they are left with less and less. So they are thinking, why bother. It is mostly the elite 1% that are making all of these demands. I wonder what they would do if they suddenly had to make a living like the 99% do? I bet all of these standards and requirements would rapidly change.

  • Saintmatty

    I don’t think it’s sad at all. The ship is sinking and the end is near. The mighty Titanic has been taking on water for years. All I can do is keep on keeping on. Doing my best to be a moral and good citizen while the crap hits the fan. The wheels are coming off this whole world. It’s going cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo. Good job with education too. I teach and many of my students can’t think for themselves or are too busy texting and watching stupid crap on their “technology” that educators are so proud of. Tssss! Bull! They wait for teacher to tell them the answers. Where are the Thomas Edison types that persevere and drop out of school and become geniuses by hard work? Hard work-sacrifice-practice. Everything is handed to practically everyone. Guess what? The time is coming when if you can’t think on your feet, your dead! Enjoy folks.

    • Anonymous

      The drop-outs that are geniuses are still out there. They are just being overlooked because they don’t have the magical degree.

    • idontry

      I don’t even try. I make fun of people who do. Lol, look at that di ck, he’s trying, what a loser.

  • Wakulla Prepper

    My fast food order comes to $6.76. I hand the woman $7, which she inputs (register indicates 24 cents change). I hand the woman a penny, to minimize the number of coins I will get in change, She (her name tag: assistant manager) is stumped. She’s leaning towards giving me $1.25 change, but seems to know this is wrong. I’m silent, just want to see how she resolves this equation. She gets the manager, who quickly tells her to give me a quarter. We are doomed.

    • Eric Quintero

      Doing math on drugs is hard.

    • MeMadMax

      Actually, sad to say, I’ve been there, don that…

      The problem is not the persons intellect, it’s the person has become used to the machine telling him/her what to do.

      Eventually, it gets to the point where ur mind wanders off as you work. The machine tells you what to do, ur mind gets used to it, things go smoothly…

      Until something like what you mentioned happens… Then it’s like throwing a grenade into the belly of the most complex machine in the world and hoping it keeps running smoothly ^.^

    • Mondobeyondo

      I’ve seen teenagers pull out calculators and cellphones to do simple currency transactions. Let’s see, if a customer gives you $5.00 and the cost of the items purchased by the customer amounts to $3.48, how much change does the customer get in return?

      All I can say, is – you’d better study VERY hard for that SAT exam…

    • cpgone

      Ahh ,maybe she was tired from working 3 jobs and taking care of the kids,while dad skips out.
      ECB should do an article on tired workers.

  • DJohn1

    In order to have good workers, loyal employees, you have to have good companies and good bosses.
    You have to have a system where people can win long term.
    You have to have a relationship with the company that has respect on both sides.
    Instead we see companies worshipping the all might dollar and laying off people and sending their jobs to countries with no loyalty to our people. No wonder these companies have no loyal employees!
    One favorite trick is to make people re-apply for their jobs when they reach middle age. Then they hire new people at half the experience and half the salaries of those they get rid of with this nasty little trick. Why? Because these managers simply do not care. They really do not care if the job gets done right at all.
    Senior discrimination laws are a sad joke in today’s world.
    Some of the people are intelligent. They understand just how little respect they have from their employers. So they really do not give these employers anything but the bare minimum required to keep their jobs.
    Funny thing is the less you do, the more these employers respect you. The harder you work the less they respect you as an employee.
    This has been going on for a good number of years. Nothing about this is new. What is different is these people are getting away with it a lot more now than in the past.
    I once was moved back to a night job after 26 years of employment with my company.
    This happened to about 8 employees at once. These people knew their jobs. Most stuck it to the employer for doing that.
    I admit I was one of those employees. The difference was I am extremely good with those computers and I typed well over 100 words a minute accurately. So I simply slowed down to what an average person could do. I simply worked fast then sat there.
    Pretty soon, the boss was looking for anyone that was caught up. You guessed it. That was always me. So he kept handing me the trouble jobs that no one could do. (Most jobs I had already ran into and knew how to handle.) I ended up being promoted to Superuser at a substantial raise in salary and additional training. I went back to days shortly thereafter. I never forgot that I got promoted because I was trying to goof off.

    • Hammerstrike

      Rather, we see companies being ruined so a few who causes that ruine can make a fortune.

      You destroyed a profitable operation and sold the equipment for Kosovo drug money? Here is 100 million dollars!

  • Daystrom2012

    Scoff if you will, you’ll only be fulfilling Bible prophecy,(2Peter 3) but this is the generation that will witness the battles of Armageddon,the rise of the Antichrist,the mark of the beast, the two witnesses and the glorious appearing of Jesus at His second coming. What a time to be alive,we are witnessing history in the making.

    • Gay Veteran


  • Bubba Johnson

    Old America
    The individual working as hard as he can for his own betterment to become wealthy.
    New Amerika
    Demonize the wealthy
    Hope and Change

    • Gay Veteran

      Demonize the wealthy? like the Wall Street banksters?

      • Bubba Johnson

        The institution or person? Envy, hate are evil. A world war vet created a company that employed the most people in America and is hated by millions.

        • Gay Veteran

          the banksters committed massive fraud, but they face no prison time since they own the JustUs Department

  • Mitch

    You are all a bunch of stupid scum!!!!!! Clearly the grovermint program can get you job. Who wrote this article no no what we got going on. If u guy new anything u would no that the rich people dont want u to have job. They dont want to pay for grovermint to give jobs.

    If I worked at popeyes I would defecate all over a rich persons chicken and thats the truth!

    • Ted Kennedy

      Stupid scum? Your spelling, grammar, and unintelligible thoughts are the height of stupidity!

    • Guest

      Hey Mitchy-boy, spell much? Off your meds? Use your obama-phone to re-order … K?

  • Mitch

    If I worked in restaurant Id like to wipe rich peoples fries on my butt

    • Phil from Germany

      Think the air fares would wipe you out

  • John3:16

    This is the end result of a diverse society. The White population has been totally demoralized and is withdrawing.

    Why invest in a society that is being turned over to colonizing conquering hordes of non-white invaders?

    • Mitch

      what a ractist scum. If I work at restaurant Id like to pee in white peoples sodas cuz of peeps like u boy. U must be from alabamas

      • Guest

        Based on your reply above, I doubt you’d be able to hold any job let alone one in a restaurant.

      • John3:16

        So clearly you are anti-white. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

        • idontry

          You are right and probably white, christian,male.
          There is no reason to try anymore.

          • John3:16

            No reason to try any more to resist White genocide?

            We just need to stop White genocide, right?

    • Undecider

      The ‘old’ American population will be the new Jews. Leaving our homeland in search of the promised land. Wandering Americans (and Jews). Retaining the Judeo-Christian ideals. The new scum will take over and drive us out.

      • Hammerstrike

        Judeo-christian ideals? Evilbible. c om , real good idea that is, yes.

        img.4plebs.o rg/ boards/pol/image/1387/87/1387879699990.j pg



    • Tom_F

      Diversity is not found in the top 15 educational systems in the world (95% homogenous). I don’t just mean racial diversity, I mean cultural diversity. It is ridiculous to expect cultures that don’t value education (it is not OK to be a janitor for 30 years, and not learn the primary language of the host country), or have babies with no regard to the ability to pay for and raise those children. I’m not down with your “non-white invaders” comment, but have to agree you nailed it with your “result of a diverse society” comment.

      • John3:16

        Thanks. The White race is being destroyed by “diversity.” Perhaps a more vocal awareness of this might help to stop it.

    • Hammerstrike

      Actually it is not, big crash still has not occured yet.

      When it does and borrowed prosperity ends, only then will Whitney discover what multiculturalism really is.
      Thankfully North America is big place, enough so for a major state in the midwest and/or North-West.

    • Northy


  • davidmpark

    Well, here’s some news from folks who don’t want to be lazy and slothful.

    We had a meeting tonight to look into changing the law to allow residential chickens; wife and I went. I was very nervous and had some anxiety. The local news also showed up: and they did catch us on video (groan). I was probably not very effective. A local Libertarian/Tea Party group sent a Policy Analyst to help make a good case and he was brilliant. And more proponents than opponents for it came to make their opinions known.

    There was a lot of people there. Some from out of the city that came to support us. Great of them. The local progressives also came out to oppose it, but they mostly sniped at everyone else and complained. Some old ladies in front of us kept making jabs at proponents (what progressives do best). The proponents used information and non-aggression to make their points.

    Mine was the only one that was making it solely about our economic situation. I stated the facts, and asked them to look into rabbits also since they’re better for urban areas anyway. The City Council seemed to like that. And when I concluded that we wanted chickens and rabbits to lower our dependence and gain some independence, they seemed to like that too. So, I guess it might’ve gone well.

    Politics is a lot harder than it seems.

    But, I did it to better care for my sweetheart. She’s worth it.

    • Dr. G.

      I think I saw you on TV, the local FOX affiliate. Do you live in the “Tops of the Mountains”?

      • davidmpark

        Yeah, I do.

        City Council voted to postpone a decision ’til April – wanted to deliberate further. At least it wasn’t an immediate no.

  • Mitch

    We need groverment to give us the clothes from Newman Markus n Macys n give it to us poor.

    • Jeremy

      Do we have another Gary2?

  • Mitch

    Darn straight I dont want to work. The rich have robots that can do the work but they wont hand them over

  • hj

    This happens when you live in a Socialist/Communist country. There is no joy,no hope,no future. So go ahead cowardly Americans and let another 40 million illegals in your country. See where it gets you.

    • This is a Fascist country catering for corporations and bankers and the Rothchilds. Both parties are kissing the Rothchild’s feet.

      • Tom_F

        Get serious, what “rights” do you want that you do not have? Visit Iran (if you can even get a visa) to learn about Fascism. Here, you can read, say, watch, travel, learn and do anything you want in the U.S. Don’t waste my time with nonsense like “I want to own a Sherman Tank!” or somesuch, just concentrate on your life instead baseless claims of “Fascism.”

        • Gay Veteran

          get a f-ing clue, we have a government that records EVERY phone call, email, and internet search.
          a government that has declared it has the power to imprison you or even kill you, all without trial or even charges.
          a government OWNED by the corporations.
          that is FASCISM (the merger of state and corporate power)

          • Tom_F

            @Gay, stop your drama! This is the narcissism of today, where “rebels” believe that their phone calls ordering a pizza or texts to acquaintances for street addresses are somehow worthy of government attention. The govt is going to kill you? Really? Imprison you? Randomly? For no reason? You are such an important threat that you must be neutralized? Wow.
            You seem like you need an explanation, so I am telling you directly…the “Fascism” you fear comes from criminals and terrorists (like Chris Dorner and the Boston Bomber brothers) who shoot and kill police for simply being a threat to their desire to commit violence and mayhem on a civil society. Fascism comes from a university faculty that refuses to allow Condoleeza Rice to speak. Fascism comes from an environmental movement that values “feelings” over science. Etc. Well, good luck trying to get everybody on board with the idea that our lives are all a sham and controlled by faceless corporations who own a faceless government who might do something that can’t be proven or identified. In the meantime, I’m going to join the rest of the sane world and do the best I can in this society and world.

          • Jeremy

            Amen and amen. To do what is best for this society and world…that is all that we can do.

            I have studied to become a lawyer for years (a goal of mine since I was a kid). It was not for the money, but because I could help my community.

            When I said this I had some bitter soul say that I would be another “useless lawyer”. This person has obviously given up, like so many others.

            I refuse to do so.

          • Gay Veteran

            drama? guess you’re happy to have the National Stasi Agency record all your calls and emails. How servile.

            The government has already killed American citizens. Try to keep up.

            Criminals and terrorists? Sounds like Democrats and Republicans. Sounds like the American government using drones to blow up wedding parties.

            And yet you’re worried about war criminal CondoLIEza Rice not being able to speak at a university?!?!?!?

            you remind me of Tiberius’ comment on the Roman senate: men fit to be slaves

          • Tom_F

            Your failure to answer the question is boring. Anwar Al Awalaki? A U.S. citizen who refused to surrender and face charges, while putting up YouTube videos encouraging violent terror against U.S. and the west, met with and encouraged 3 of the 9/11 terrorists as well as Army shooter Nidal Hassan, and hid among women and children (much like the Palestinian terrorists who hide in hospital basements while plotting to blow up schoolbuses). Today, there is no American on the CIA “kill list.” Your “concern” over bulk collection of electronic communication has a parallel; security video cameras. The follow people in and out of all kinds of public and private places, tracking everyone. What is the difference between a security camera at a gas station, and the bulk collection of phone records? The security camera information is worthless, just as the phone records are worthless…unless a crime is committed. It would be so refreshing if you would concern yourself with the terrorists who blow up a pizza parlor or subway tube or stab and slash dozens and kill 29 more people in China.
            Did you know those terrorists were detained just days before they attacked? They were released, and their rights respected. What about the rights of the 29 killed? I’m a free man (not a number!), able to say, do, learn, travel as I please. My government doesn’t hinder me. You are unable to answer how the government hinders you, and unwilling to admit that terrorists are the Fascists. That sounds like ‘slavery’ to an ideology that doesn’t work in the real world.
            Well, that’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading, sorry I was unpersuasive, but I respect your right to your opinion and your fear of government listening to your cell calls, reading your texts and e’s, and your perception that the government has the right to kill you at any moment. Please have the last word, if it suits you.

          • Gay Veteran

            you’re sounding more and more like a government paid troll. there’s always one on this website. one who defends the criminal actions of the government, or the federal reserve, or the banksters, or the corporations, or the police…….

            “…Today, there is no American on the CIA “kill list.”…”
            who said that? the CIA? ROFLOL

            “… What is the difference between a security camera at a gas station, and the bulk collection of phone records?….”
            oh I don’t know, maybe blackmail (oh! they would never do that, right?). guess your type doesn’t mind your personal matters being looked over by the National Stasi Agency.

            “…refreshing if you would concern yourself with the terrorists who blow up a pizza parlor or subway tube or stab and slash dozens and kill 29 more people in China….”

            governments use the FEAR of terrorism to gain more and more power while destroying our civil liberties.

            finally, you’re a “man” fit to be a slave

  • Mondobeyondo

    Apathy to the 10th power. People simply don’t care.

    You can see it in politics, in education, and in society at large. As long as people have their Big Macs, and their nightly offering of American Idol, Survivor or The Voice, they could care less about the Ukraine.

    We’re about to give the Roman Empire a run for its money in the collapse department. The tragedy is — it doesn’t have to be this way. We chose the path we are on. We are about to reap a very bitter harvest.

    • You just made me hungry for a Big Mac.

  • Mondobeyondo

    My very first job was at a well known fast food retailer that doesn’t begin with the letter “M”. The stories I could tell about the 14 months I worked there… yikes!

  • chilller

    All symptoms of a society caught up in the throws of disintegration. Decades ago, major communist countries were bent on destroying the United States. Their weapons of choice to accomplish this? Bastardizing a generation or two through drugs, the music they listen to and demoralization. Thanks to technology, these weapons are now multiplied and enhanced by means of the smart phone, video games and streaming video, 24-7, 365 days a year.

  • Kent Harris

    I live in Alpharetta, Georgia a nice area and two black guys and one black girl were trying to rob my next door neighbor who happens to be black. The girl fell asleep or was attempting to do so in front of the garage this past Monday night. They haven’t found them yet but that is so funny or just plain sad.

    • Killer Virus

      That area use to be nice, I guess the trash has started to expand from ATL.

  • Moe Biller

    Speaking as a USPS window clerk, I know that the narration about “lazy USPS carrier” is pure BS. Overworked is more likely. Carriers are required to scan several locations on their route and there is hell to pay if you don’t finish the route in the allotted time. Furthermore, judging by her civilian clothes, she is probably a temporary employee, non-union member and paid less…just what people want.
    In my office where we have 13 carriers, one man just remained from several months off after a dog got out of the house and attacked him which required 46 stitches. A 60 year female carrier
    had her hip shattered when she slipped on black ice delivering mail. Her career could be over. But I suppose she is lucky…a local man was killed last year at the same spot. Another 62 year old carrier is recovering from foot surgery where she is expected to miss three
    months. My fiancee, who is 56, is having back problems because of years of lifting parcels and moving cages and postcons.
    The vast majority of customers are good, decent people. But we also have a few who try to cheat us with the prepaid labels by reporting false weights. And there are a number of customers who tell me horror stories of how their insurance companies and landlords try to cheat them by claiming they never received the mail they sent certified…only they have since certified mail is signed for by the recipient. Yup, free enterprise at work.
    Government employees aren’t overpaid. It’s the private sector that has been the victim of the corporate elite and wealthy who control both parties and enough of the media to find scapegoats.


    What was that saying about the old Soviet Union? “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.”

  • dooder

    My son graduated from College, it took a year to get a temp job, now 11 months latter he just got laid off. So him and his wife and daughter live in his bedroom. He saved every penny he made with dreams of moving to Colorado away from the South. I’m going to help them go this summer.
    The economic collpase has hit the South hard. I am expecting any day they will secede and the sad thing is I doubt anyone will come look and see if it really happened. Some CONgressman will come down south one day and wonder why he needs a visa to enter the South. Then there might be trouble.

    • K2

      Dint mind me asking this, but he already got married and has a kid even before landing a permanent job?

      • Justin Case

        That is the liberal way of doing things. 1.) Have kids
        2.) Go to school & into massive debt

        3.) Whine when the SHTF
        4.) Look for a government handout because the system has failed you.

        • K2

          Its conservatives who advocate having kids, more.

          Going into school/college is necessary, not everybody wants to be a plumber or a mechanic. But taking the wrong degree/course ( with regards to employability ) and not studying well passing out on time pushes people into such a situation where they will find it very hard to pay off the debt. Throw in kids, and it will be even harder.

          • K2

            It should read ”….and passing out on time.”

          • Anonymous

            College is unaffordable and the $1+ Trillion student LOAN DEBT is evidence of it.

            People should be able to study what interests them and make a living at it. We live in a society where many people are working jobs they hate just to pay the bills. They are studying what society is pushing them to study just so they can get the job that pays the bills. How is this working out? I read comment after comment, and article after article about suicides setting records, people looking mean and grumpy, people being on drugs, and people not caring anymore. How many people post comments stating that they feel like a slave?

            Being happy is as American as apple pie. Happiness was so important that Americans even stuck in “The Pursuit of Happiness” right into the foundation of our country. Do you know any other country that has the word “Happiness” in their most important documents? Those good Americans knew what the rest of us are finding out the hard way: “Life is too short to be miserable.” Perhaps if we all did what we love to do, we could get back on track. People are often more successful and productive when they are happy do what they love to do.

          • K2

            People should look at the courses that give the best chance of getting the job, and pick the one they are interested in the most….among them.

            Not courses that give that give them lesser chances of getting a job. Thats a sure shot way of going into debt and no way to pay out of it. As for hating their jobs, there are other reasons too behind people hating their jobs, i mentioned them above.

            And ofcourse americans deserve to be happy, i never implied they shouldnt. I hope the same for americans. I just outlined the causes behind americans unhappiness.To be happy, wise decisions and hardwork is important.

      • neal

        Does any job (other than being on the government payroll) really count as permanent these days?
        So the guy has graduated college (not some drop-out), done the respectable thing and gotten married and became a father is somehow wrong?

        • K2

          Nothing is permannet except death. By permanent imeant a job that is not a temporary job with no benefits etc.

      • Anonymous

        In my experience, life rarely happens according to plan.

        • K2

          So getting married happened by accident? Childbirth can also be postponed by using protection and pills.

          I will see you tomorrow, gotta go.

    • Tim


      Where in the South are you? I live in South Carolina, and the economy is booming here. I’m not kidding. Many companies are making big investments here. Companies that are already here are expanding, like BMW Manufacturing.

    • Justin Case

      You are a moron amongst morons. The king retard. I am ahppy to hear that your family is leaving the south though. The fewer looser liberals we have down here the better off we are.

      • Jeremy

        Who are you to question his experience? No one, that’s who.

  • K2

    My thoughts:

    1) Mind altering drugs do play a huge role. When i took sleeping pills a few years back to help me sleep, i became extremely lazy. It was only when i began to taper, that i became active again. Alcohol does the same.

    2) Even those people who arent on drugs are losing interest in their jobs due to low pay, bad hours and juggling mulitple jobs and sometimes having to deal with uncooperative spouses (of both genders)

    3) Some people are genuinely lazy and have no problems and yet dont put their heart and mind to their work. They have only themselves to blame.

    4) The education system is also not upto snuff. But the countries with close to perfect education system are ‘liberal’ scandinavian countries. Should america go that route?

    • K2

      Ofcourse many socialist/liberal countries also have bad education along with many capitalist countries.

    • Kent Harris

      You realize that the liberal Scandinavian countries are being overrun by muslims. The saying that it is always greener on the other side is quite true until you go over there.

      • K2

        Yes they are. But that doesnt mean the education system over there is not good.

        • Anonymous

          Look at their scores in Math and look at where the USA ranks in the world for Math (even though the USA spends huge amounts on education). Where the USA ranks in Math is also evidence of “What happens when teachers don’t care anymore?”

          • Tom_F

            @Anonymous, also we have a lot of parents that bring children into the world that they leave to be raised by public schools while they go off to work. The kids are not used to failing or working at something that is hard to understand. Nobody wants the kids to feel bad, or like failures, so it is just easier to teach them “art” or “creative writing” instead of hard skills. They pass along, never knowing what the world will require of them to get and keep a job, and then wind up resentful, angry adults. And public school teachers have about the only job in America which requires that you “care”; google C-BEST scores, and you will see how poorly teachers score on basic skills they supposedly teach.

          • K2

            How does it go against what i said?

      • Tom_F

        @Kent, the top 15 education systems in the world exist in homogenous (i.e. NOT multicultural) countries and 5 are Scandanavian countries. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. Turns out, Diversity is weakness as we are all expected to slow down and let the slowest runner catch up, here in the U.S.

  • Rebecca

    Other than fulfilling bible prophesy, iniquity is abound because nobody is happy in their slavery. I’m not saying this to be disrespectful of the slavery in the past, but because this is the new slavery and most of us are trapped. Our slaves masters have us trapped in a cycle where we must work all day at jobs that we hate, then we come home and have to catch up on the housework because women don’t stay home any more (mostly out of necessity, although some out of greed). By the time we are done working, it’s 8:30 at night and time to pass out in front of the TV just to get up and do it again.
    It’s hard not to be overwhelmed and just quit caring. I often find myself doing that with my work. I am grateful for my job, but I still hate it. It’s boring and it’s not something that I love doing. Spending 9-10 hours per day doing something you really can’t stand does nothing to motivate people. But we are trapped in a cycle of slavery and cannot just quit the jobs we hate and pursue our dreams because the dream is dead. This is why everyone is on tranquilizers… Google search “why everyone hates their job,” there is an article that was written about this that explains it all.

    • K2

      Tranquilisers are also over prescribed. If you talk to a doctor when you cant sleep, they wont even ask whether you drink coffee or tea (as they keep people up) but prescribe pills.

    • Anonymous

      “Show me. Which one of these people are free?” -Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the movie Jack Reacher (he says this as he watches people work)

  • voltaic

    It’s always blame the worker on these RWNJ sites. There are 4,438,100 food service workers in US and you find the one black guy who was caught doing something disturbing.

    In 2010 there were 580,000 postal employees and you find the lazy slob that tarnishes all of them. My postal delivery people have all been top notch and go out of their way to deliver through very difficult northeast winters.

    There are 1,273,600 delivery workers in US and you find the few that are destructive.

    There are always anecdotal stories of the lazy, disgusting and destructive, but the vast majority of these workers do a good job for generally low wages, few benefits and lousy hours. Many workers are now tracked, frisked, photographed and filmed during their work stay. They are often treated like common criminals during the work shift.

    Sure, should give their best, but when you have parents more concerned about the next promotion and working 60 hours a week while little Johnny is on social media all day, it’s no wonder kids are bored. They have no one besides an underpaid teacher trying to instill a sense of awe of what knowledge offers. Mom and dad are out buying the next gadget that distracts the child from learning. Why do you need to go through the painstaking process of learning when you can turn on the playstation mommy and daddy just bought you for instant gratification.

    Maybe you should point your saber at the corporations and CEOs, executives, and overpaid school administrators that demand workers give unbending loyalty for low pay, lousy and inconsistent hours with no benefits.

    And class act showing the black kid twice. No racist connotations in that selection….

    • max

      You live in la la land

    • Tom_F

      @voltaic, clearly you are not one of these service workers and are promoting some other kind of agenda for “tolerance” or “diversity” and “worker’s rights.” This post is about failing work ethic, the anecdotes simply put a human face on the statistical decline we can all feel and see for ourselves as we try to get value for our money in the U.S.

  • HWK Schonhaar

    I’m a security instructor and after teaching the shoplifting component a student asked, “So like, if I’m at Sears and I see a pair of shoes that I like that are $149 and I put them into a box that’s marked down to $49, is that like, stealing?”
    I answered in the affirmative and he said, in a twenty-something, gnarly, nasally voice; “Well, I did that.”
    Remember, he is coming to us for employment! Perhaps not the best man for a loss prevention position…

    • Wam bam

      That is you’re loss. The best person to hire to keep an eye on thieves is an ex-thief. They know what to look out for.

      • HWK Schonhaar

        Great point. This was tried up here in Toronto about 25 years ago as a John Howard Society initiative based on your premise. The result was that the stores who employed them got ripped off big time! There were some guards who were sucessful because there was a genuine change in their life at some point but it was generally a huge, costly failure.
        However, what you say is true. You just need to find an ex-shoplifter who found the Lord and you’re all set!
        See you at the post-apocalyptic mixer!

      • jane

        Ummm this kid was not an ex-thief so get real.

  • Paul

    The root problem is religion.

    Way back when preachers taught the Bible and people went to church, and the Bible was allowed to be displayed and mentioned in our schools, folks had some principles.

    When people no longer have a fear of God, and have no principles derived from their religion, everybody will do that which is right in their own eyes – and it won’t be pretty.

    As America loses it moral underpinnings derived from Christianity and the Bible, every evil thing will abound.

    • Sal

      That is not true. There have always been people even back then who have been lazy, dishonest, etc. Seriously this is really not an accurate statement but rather an opinion based on…..air.

      There are plenty of people who go to church on Sunday but screw everyone else over Monday – Friday. People are just people. Some are lazy, some are hard working, some are a combination of the two.

      Using religion and a falling away from it is just not logical. The issues are deeper than this.

      • Joe Shmo

        I think Paul is correct. You can see that the removal of the biblical principles from our society has created an “anything goes” mentality. Yes, it’s made people “free-er” but at what cost to our overall heath and well-being? As the founders stated, to continue to be successful, our constitution required the people to hold faith in a creator. I think most people NEED that guidance. I am agnostic, but I can clearly see the value of teaching (and following) the “big 10”.

        • Hammerstrike

          The America of the founding fathers was very much removed from the words of the bible.
          Like for example, they didn´t treat the “indians” like the hebrews claims they treated the Midians.
          Sure there was slavery but fathers didn´t sold their own daughters as slaves and so on.
          The part about 1st and 2nd amendement.

          Oh and unlike ancient judea getting their collective buttes kicked in by the Romans, they beat back the British instead of becoming a small province of the Empire.

          • Joe Shmo

            I think that mistakes can teach us valuable lessons as well. But overall, I still say that once “The Book” and prayer left the classroom, the rules transformed and now we have a “anything goes” society. I don’t think it’s an improvement.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Way back when preachers taught the Bible and people went to church, and the Bible was allowed to be displayed and mentioned in our schools, folks had some principles….”

      yeah, if you just ignore slavery, the Klan, etc.

      • Orange Jean

        You forgot to mention all the bad guys back in the Wild West!

        • Gay Veteran

          you forgot to get a clue

      • Hammerstrike

        The Klan never murdered all the black men and women except for virgin (aka prepubescent) girls.
        A few of them saying that all White people should be drowned in a giant toilet flush for disagreeing with the Klan´s principles would have been seen as a lolcows, not as some sort of enlightened and wise prophetes.
        Or sell their own daughters as slaves to their fellow americans.

        The old United States never sank as low as the hebrews in the bible.
        I think homosexuals are sick but I know that even in San Fransico today, you don´t risk getting gang-raped by a mob if you are good-looking.
        Oh and a father exposing his daughters to that before having his way with them (pretending to be drunk) is also a major sicko.

        • Gay Veteran

          I’ll let you defend the Klan. Nuff said.

    • Hammerstrike

      You know what kind of things the bible contains?

      If you are “good” out of fear, you are not good at all, simple as that.

  • Justin Case

    We are Rome.

    • Dr. G.

      Exactly Justin. Nail on the head.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    Less you do, better it is. Your chief doesn’t want be replaced by you. So if you suck at your job, you will stay there forever and have a successful career while others will be showed the door. Just be lazy, don’t care, check your email, chat on face book while working,…

    Enjoy the American dream guys! It s all you have left these days after your governemt pissing off so many companie with tax and else to finance their oily wars.

    • You are 100 percent correct. I just figured this out recently. It’s like so many people lack self esteem. The bosses keep the bad employees because they are safe and will never take their job. I work in a major hospital and I am not showing off, but I know a lot more than my own managers. I have had to show them how to fix things. However, I was told by the bosses friend that I will never be promoted because my manager “wants to keep his job”. And they wonder why the younger folks don’t care. I give my all to my job, – constantly learning, never missing a day. However, I will never be promoted because of “someone else’s” insecurities. It’s sad, but I won’t give up. I still believe my passion for my job will at least give me self satisfaction, if not monetary.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Welcome to religion free, drug abusing amerika! The story of the elderly couple from Iowa is just sickening. However it illustrates the effort metal thieves will put into their crime rather than doing legitimate work.

  • Bernie

    I previously worked for an aircraft manufacturer in Vero
    Beach, Florida. I was downsized twice from that same company. Taking pride in your work did not seem to be a factor that was taken into account come downsizing time. To be retained by the company, being a member of the good old boy clique was the deciding factor. I have to personally say that we do live in a dumbed down society…that is only getting dumber. I have since dropped out of the work force. It’s just not worth putting forth the effort only to be downsized within 2 years or less.

    • Tom_F

      This is a mistake, and I have made it, too. “Pride in work” is not dependent on keeping a job. It has to come from within, and be its own reward. If you have found putting forth effort and pride is “not worth it”, you have been mistakenly expecting something more than a good paycheck for a good job.

      • Bernie

        If I am loyal to a company…I expect the company to be loyal to me.

        • Tom_F

          That is also a mistake. The company is “loyal” to profitability, not the worker. That hasn’t existed for a long time, and those still with companies long-term are mistaking “loyalty” for the value they provide. The minute the worker provides less value than the company is paying for, the illusion of “loyalty” will be stripped away. Half-@$$ing your job is not the correct response. Again, pride in work has to come from within.

        • Tom_F

          Just curious, what are you doing with your time now? And how do you pay your bills? The reason I ask is because I also have dropped out of the workforce (was laid off, and not interested in taking jobs I held 20 years ago for pay I earned 20 years ago). Between my wife and I, we make enough to pay our bills and have a little fun. We saved a lot, knowing this day would come, but we are afraid to touch that savings. Finding things to do with my time is also a problem.

  • Tom_F

    Great article, Michael. Gotta admit it, in my younger years I was apathetic and resented the entire experience of “work.” I would clockwatch, do as little time as possible, skate by when possible, and looked at my employer and my customer as “the enemy.” Not seeing a single poster here owning that they may not have been superstars. But I will. In my case, I overheard some co-workers talking about me (they didn’t know I could hear them, so it was how they really felt). Basically it was “nice guy, undependable and ineffective.” That was the start of a long turnaround, but I eventually embraced the experience of “work.” I wish I had started that way, and not wasted so many years. Each one of these anecdotes or statistics is a real person with a real experience. I don’t have a solution. Pride in work has to come from within. Nobody dreams as a child of delivering mail, working p/t at Home Depot or fast-food, etc. The selfish, strange, narcissistic type of person who must “pursue their passion” and is never judged or penalized for bad decisions (like having babies they can’t pay for, or not studying, or studying something that won’t help them get a job, or buying stuff they can’t afford and running deep into debt) is more common than ever, and the Chinese working 12 hour days are winning.

  • Richard O. Mann

    America. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Anonymous

    “What happens when teachers…..don’t care anymore?”

    1) The school drop-out rate

    2) An ignorant society in need of welfare programs

    3) Low self-esteem for some students

    I could likely spend a week making this list of opinions.

  • St. Ferd III

    The entitlement, marxist mentality is now all pervasive. Jobs are a ‘burden’, not a means to fulfillment. Throw off your chains and opiates. Overtime? Must be uber-compensated. Quick and dirty is the new ‘smart’. Instant gratification. Why work, labor, suffer ? Surely that is white nonsense. Popular culture preaches the opposite. You are oppressed, enslaved, used, by [insert here] capitalist class. This is why a clown like Barry Soetoro receives 51% of the vote. A cultural meltdown. Apathy is the new cool. Witness Barry S. et al.

    • FirstGarden

      White nonsense?

      • Tom_F

        Yes, “white nonsense.” I know you don’t need an explanation.

        • FirstGarden

          It sounds like a racial reference. No offense intended..

          • Tom_F

            @First, taking you at face value, it is a racial reference. The OP is being sarcastic, speaking from the perspective of a member of the “permanent victim class” who resents their status so much that they blame “the rules” such as studying in school, not having babies until having a job to pay for the baby and marrying the babymama before she births, showing up on time, using standard English in written and verbal communication, trying to solve problems instead of creating them, smiling at customers, etc. as “acting white.” If the expression caught you off-guard, it won’t next time. There is a huge swath of the population that has an attitude problem, and the OP captured it quite accurately with the satirical post.

          • FirstGarden

            Sorry, I’ve been away from my desk for a while. Thank you the detailed reply.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    Sitting in a restaurant yesterday I watched as a young couple sat talking while their two children ran around the place like it was a playground. A waitress carrying a tray almost collided with one of the kids. I was surprised by her reaction which seemed to convey how cute she thought the little ill behaved and unsupervised brats were. Then I realized she herself was only in her early twenties and was probably raised by parents who never taught her how to behave respectfully in public either.

    • Anonymous

      I used to say “What is the matter with these kids?” Then, I met the parents and grandparents. I learned not washing hands is a learned behavior as I watched grandparents walk out of restrooms without washing hands and after leaving a mess for the janitor to clean. Kids are learning it.

  • Anonymous

    What happens when politicians, employers, banks, lawyers, and doctors don’t care anymore? In my opinion, we are seeing it now, and they get away with it.

  • FirstGarden

    Surface level — Poor character
    Deeper level — Character not taught / exemplified
    Deeper level — Moral implosion in the generations
    Deeper level — Loss of sense of right and wrong

    Deeper level — Undermining of principle / better judgement
    Deeper level — Departure from faith / spiritual convictions
    Bottom line —- Turning from our Maker – the True and Living God

  • Wally

    Interesting that teachers was added in the title of this article. I was listening to the radio the other day. The state of California has stopped all legal action being used to try to get rid of bad teachers because they always lose and it is a waste of money. How sad is it that a teacher who wins teacher of the year could be laid off the next year because in California it is last hired, first fired. The state has spent 24 M in trying to remove bad teachers and because of iron clad contracts with the unions they always lost. What motivation is there for new teachers? Work you tail off to be a great teacher only to always have the threat of getting pink slipped until you reach seniority and to watch those teaches with it already drag themselves to work everyday with an attitude of just another few years I can retire.?

    Office Space: Peters only real motivation is to work just hard enough to not get fired. Not a truer statement has ever been spoken.

  • grand_liberty

    Why are so many people adoption Russian kids if it is such a great place? It sucks but so do we as your article rightly points out.

    • Tom_F

      A lot of people don’t know this, but many male Russian babies are now born with the Cyrillic tattoos on their necks, shoulders and stomachs. A good predictor for future behavior, and allows early identification for law enforcement.

  • Wally

    There used to be hope. There is no longer hope in this country. College grads cannot find work. Working hard just means getting used and abused to work even harder with less resources. I have been at the same company for 8 years now and have not seen a raise in 6 years. In fact with new taxes seemingly every paycheck. I am only making $30 more a check then when I first started. If not for being given a strong work ethic when I was younger, I would be just like anyone else mentioned in this article.

    • Anonymous

      I have always worked hard. After being told daily “I wish I had more employees like you” and “You are the best employee I have ever had,” I was sure that I was going to get the raise and promotion. Afterall, the old Americans that raised me told me that I would be wealthy and successful if I just worked hard. So, when the lazy, late, rude, incompetant co-worker got the raise, I was stunned. I asked to speak privately with my employer and asked why I had not received the raise and promotion. I also pointed out that our employer daily stated how lazy and incompetant the co-worker was. I was told “If I promoted you, who would do the work?” Then I was told that it was o.k. for others not to work because the hard-working people would pick up the slack. Sadly, that is the thinking of some employers. What some do not seem to understand is that it is ridiculous to reward a sloth with a promotion and a raise and it ended up making the hard-workers quit the job. Also, a horse can only have so much loaded on it’s back before the back is broken; people get tired of being overworked while co-workers sit around playing computer games on the clock. I learned to stop feeling sorry for the employers that say “Good help is impossible to find,” because I realized that there a quite a few employers that find good help but never appreciate the hard-worker by giving them the raises and promotions they have earned.

      • rach

        Yes this is the way the business world works. Thanks for stating it so clearly and asking your employer why the lazy one was rewarded and the actual hard worker was held back.

        Completely senseless. But then again this is how the human brain works. How it makes decisions. How it is so completely messed up.

  • DJohn1

    The orientation here is all wrong.
    Going to work is not wrong. What is wrong is going to work for someone else.
    IF you are worth your salary then why not try working for yourself instead?
    I know of a man that did this. He was a newspaper vendor and magazine sales vendor in WWII in London. At the end of the war he had hired others to work for him and had something like 22 magazine vendor stands throughout London. I knew his son and we played chess together for a short time while we crossed the Atlantic in the 50s. His son was handicapped. He appreciated that I had befriended him and gave me that advice to work for yourself.
    I did not do this. I found a lifetime job in trust at a printer’s wages. It was security over risk and I never looked back. Should have though. I would be wealthy today if I had known what I know now.
    He had to have been worth about 10 million dollars in today’s currency. He was retired. He had sold all of his business to others after WWII and moved to America.
    Probably wouldn’t work today. THE IRS would make sure of that. At least not in this country it wouldn’t with its multiple regulations and bureaucracy. If the IRS didn’t get you, the EPA probably would.
    That is what has to change if this country is going to survive economically. Anything that is too complicated for an average person to understand has to be ruled unconstitutional and thrown off the books. That includes the EPA and the IRS.
    We are not the wealthy country we once were after World War II. We have spent it.
    What we have to do is come down to Earth. We have to re-establish the financial laws that made us wealthy to begin with.
    That means the opportunity to own and grow new business has to be re-established and in a way that the government does not destroy it.
    We need to limit corporations so that they do not become so big they are a government on to themselves.
    Tax laws have to change so that the law is clearly understood by everyone and makes no exceptions for corporate theft.
    I see a great layoff of corporate lawyers and parasites in our society. I see a lot of the bureaucratic regulation of government coming to an end.
    It means we have to get back to taking care of America first.
    But I am sure that this simple approach will find all kinds of people that think it cannot be done at this point in time.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    It is something I have noticed in the way people are driving these days. Like they just don’t care anymore. I was pulling into a handicap parking spot at Walmart and I got a 1/4 of the way into the spot when a pedestrian walked out in front of me, I stopped and waited then another car pulled right into the spot I was a quarter of the way into and pulled right up within 5 or 6 inches of my bumper jumped out and RAN in the door before I could say a word. Now I tell you I am 290 lbs. a Viet Nam Veteran and 6’4″ tall and they would NOT even look at me they just bailed and ran with out even looking at me. I was going to park right their but the bed of my truck was in the driveway and I would have been blocking traffic. I bet they would think different if I was a prison parolee Then the next day I had a lady in a new SUV she hit 65 to 70 MPH in a 40 MPH zone then turned on her blinker to come over in front of me at ONLY half a car length in front of me AND then SLAMED on her brakes to make a right hand turn at the green light that I thought we were both going through. I couldn’t stop IF I HAD TO. Luckily the right lane was empty and I jogged over into that lane and I barely missed her vehicle by inches and here I drive an old 1976 pick up truck with iffy brakes. But she didn’t care. she just came over in front of me and slammed on the brakes to make her right hand turn. She didn’t even have time to turn the turn signal off and turn it back on to make her turn. And to make matters worse she had small children in the SUV and a baby carrier too.
    I know what you mean PEOPLE’S attitudes have changed NO ONE CARES FOR ANY ONE ELSE.
    No compassion, No empathy, No feelings, No nothing like they are DEAD of feelings inside.
    God Help us.

    • Anonymous

      Part of it is narcissism. Part of it is any normal human emotion is viewed as mental illness now. Most people don’t care about anyone but themselves. When people are mistreated, the seem to seek vengeance on the rest of the world instead of deciding that they will use the mistreatment as a lesson on how not to treat others. It is a different world now. No manners, no compassion, no empathy, no kindness. Aliens do exist. I know. I am an alien as I still have compassion, empathy, kindness, etc. for others. I have been told often and by many that those qualities are a weakness and I am often taken advantage of. It doesn’t matter though. I like being one of the very few empathetic, compassionate people left.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Yes McDonald’s employees now wear rubber gloves but they wear them to make change, hand you the change, touch counters, rub their noses etc. and then go back and handle your burgers while wearing the same rubber gloves.
    I guess the employees at McDonald’s are protecting them selves from the customers as they are sure NOT protecting the customers from unsanitary conditions and practices.

  • piccadillybabe

    It’s like we have a whole generation of kids/young adults that grew up with no real direction and no real values. Their parents both worked full time to give them an education and a roof over their heads but the sense of community/family and belonging to something bigger than themselves was absent. They were the “latch-key/Home Alone” generation. When you place material goods and services over quality time spent with family, kids lack a sense of direction and belonging and end up with no real values other than what money can buy. Back in the day, mom stayed home, the family went to church on Sunday, you knew your neighbors/relatives and there was a sense of community. All that goes into creating real human values and respect for others and knowing right from wrong.

  • dan

    As far as delivery drivers go… she should not have driven on the lawn. But the guy rolling the package to the door step isn’t bad at all. Go to a ups or postal warehouse and packages get tossed and thrown all kinds of ways. Yes, they should be gentle with packages yet at the same time if you pack the package right, it won’t break no matter how it is tossed.

    This is also a result of our societies desire for instant gratification. when it absolutely positively has to get there overnight or even the same day. warehouse package sorters as well as delivery drivers have to meet the demand or lose their job.

    • Tom_F

      Come on, dan. That was a hostile throw, not a gentle drop. That driver had issues, and “pack the package right” is not anything that has anything to do with that obvious piece of lazy hostility.

  • HJL

    Thief stared into a security camera, before stealing it. Tried a second, was too much effort, but stared into that one too.

  • Drud

    In my mind, the root of all of these problems (and I think they are all tied together) is money, and as a corollary, liberty. “Money makes the world go ’round,” is the saying and is usually associated with a bitter, negative connotation. I agree with the saying, but not necessarily the connotation. In other words, I take the saying as simple fact: money is a tool that allows a society (any society) to function. Money is the lifeblood of society. But like most any powerful tool, it can be used to harm others. Money has been co-opted by a very small group of dominant people, who use it with utmost selfishness and malicious intent, and this has been going on for a century (in the US), and, in fact, throughout recorded history. When money is coined, debt-free and flows without restriction through society (economic freedom) there is peace and prosperity. When it is hoarded and used to evil ends by a small group of elite powers (like now) it poisons every aspect of society. This poisoning occurs slowly, over decades, and has symptoms to numerous to even contemplate, but I suggest they all share this root cause.

  • JustanOguy

    Lol.. What I find funny is that so much attention is being paid to the rhyme and mime section of the paper when the first paragraph is plagiarized.

  • marty

    I grew up on Long island in the 80’s there were numerous jobs and employers needed to hire the local people and the local kids . Almost any job would hire you on the spot no interviews 2nd and 3rd and maybe theyd call . They literally would offer you the job at that very moment that you went to their business looking for work. They would offer you benefits like healthcare and dental if you stayed 30 days can you believe?! Well a lot has changed the jobs were shipped over seas the aerospace companies left for the most part the industrial parks are full of empty buildings .now about the only jobs you can live on in ny are police fireman and teaching jobs.The blue collar jobs are few and far between .Finacial jobs and related finacial ponzi schemes and real estate bubbles are the new economy lol.if you drive around the United states today you see that besides a few pockets of wealth most of the country looks like a slumm invaded by millions of illegal and legal immigrants for jobs that dont exist for legal residents anymore All i know is that a day of reckoning is coming to our country and soon and I honestly believe that most people are not going to survive the hell thats coming.

  • Ted

    I moved to Mecklenburg County NC eight years ago, bought an eyesore of a building and land, tore it down build a beautiful office building and business. In the last eight years only ONE vendor has approached my business with any sort of ‘A’ game. Less than 15% of the locals I have had to deal with have 1) showed up on time, 2) Been honest, or 3) worked a full day. It’s astonishing. I am continuing to build my successful business and will sell it shortly to move back to Florida. The place is a cesspool of no ethics red necks. Come on guy’s just: Show up on Time, Tell the Truth, and Work a full day. Not the slightest acquaintance with the Protestant Work Ethic, none (but they can’t wait to tell you how much they loves the little bab-uh jeeze-husz.

    • marty

      i would bet that “TED” is probably a member of the tribe lol

      • Tom_F

        What if he was? If he is, then the Tribe is contributing capital, investment opportunities, and property improvement in blighted areas. The NON-TRIBE he is trying to get a day’s work and good job from are just sucking at the system’s teet. And attempting to avoid criticism by praising the little bab-uh jeeze-husz.

        • Northy

          The Tribe are allergic to actual labour.

          • Tom_F

            Incorrect, obviously you haven’t been to college let alone law or medical school. They learn and work by putting in more effort and time, unlike the soft 3rd gen goy Americans who put the effort and time into conspiracy theory and whinging about why their lives haven’t worked out very well.

  • Seen2013

    Two different stories:
    1). Once upon a time, I worked for McDonald’s, and I had a co-worker working the table. I saw my co-worker drool over the burger after putting on the onions and cheese, and the co-worker quickly put the meat on it and wrapped it.
    I told him to toss it, and we redid the burger. What truly got me is, my co-worker was going to try putting it up front in a manner; my co-worker thought would lead to not simply redoing just onion, cheese, meat, and wrapping the burger…

    2). On another occassion, I was hanging out with friends who also brought friends. One worked at Wendy’s, and the Wendy’s worker bragged about his shift would spit in orders that annoyed them. I stopped going to that Wendy’s afterwards. How messed up can that shift be when they have an employee bragging about spitting into people’s food for total bs…

  • Gay Veteran

    The fish rots from the head first. Look at our corporate CEOs, back in the 1950s they didn’t make all that much more that their average employee. Now? They make 30x, 40x…100x

    • Lidia

      Try 400x.

      • Gay Veteran

        Indeed! the pigs

  • cpgone

    Its not b/c of economic collapse.Its overall societal collapse of morals.When people had less money and gadgets they behaved much better.Hip hop/Lady gaga is the moral level of many people. Check out some hip hop lyrics. We are Rome at internet speed.Years ago even the ungodly had manners morals. Now anything, any lifestyle goes. Note the woman married the dog in Croatia.

    • FirstGarden

      Good observation.

    • K2

      Its both. Economic collapse fuels moral collapse and vice versa.

      • cpgone

        Well maybe. I noted that when the US was less prosperous ,we had higher morals.In the 40’s and 50’s the average person had way less material junk,but had higher morals.
        I guess you could argue its simply inevitable as the nation ages.

        • K2

          They had less junk but they had money and food and there was less poverty all around. Now its the opposite.

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    What “extremely hard working” means? Working 6 or 7 days a week 60 hours or more? No time to spend with your family? Destroying your health? All of this only to buy a better car or a house? Or things that you don’t need?

  • Anonymous

    In Asia, things like these happen all the time, causing both businesses and the public to take extra measures to be cautious and careful to not be robbed or otherwise violated in the several ways. When I first came to the U.S. six years ago, this place is fairly safe, businesses have trust on customers, and vice versa. The general public were also very kind and were considerate to each other. But today, things are different. The general public seem to have a waning interest to be considerate of each other, and customers and businesses began to distrust and cheat each other. Although this does not seem related, but it does – that the more the US chooses to separate its conduct from God’s conduct, the worse it’s society will become. Our spirituality as a society and as a nation will affect the other aspects of the nation, including economics, politics, etc. In the Old Testament, it is evident that any nation that does detestable things in the eyes of the LORD will see a collapse, ie – Babylon, Persia, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. Even in the New Testament, Rome, where homosexuality and infanticide are rampant, in addition to the oppression of the poor experienced a collapse. It is not right for me to say that the U.S. will collapse soon, but as the nation as a whole keeps moving towards evil conduct such as the oppression of the poor, abortion, gay marriage, etc., then collapse maybe inevitable, and God may give His favor to other nations, as He did in the Old Testament.

    • MyCorduroyPony

      Go away

  • Ed

    People vote for people who promise to rob Peter to pay Paul and then whine when Peter can’t afford to run a business that will pay a decent wage. Most of you are getting what you deserve.

    • A pessimistic scenario of future events includes a banking crisis, followed by a
      government bailout and the eventual nationali­zation of all banks. The
      final cost is staggering and is paid with money created by the Federal Reserve.
      It is passed on to the public in the form of inflation.

      Further inflation is caused by the continual expansion of welfare programs, socialized
      medicine, entitlement programs, and interest on the national debt. The dollar is finally abandoned as the de facto currency of the world. Trillions of dollars are
      sent back to the United States by foreign investors to be converted as
      quickly as possible into tangible assets. That causes even greater inflation than before. So massive is the inflationary pressure that industry and commerce come to a halt. Barter becomes the means of exchange. America takes her place among the depressed nations of
      South America, Africa, and Asia—mired together in economic equality.

      Politicians seize upon the opportunity and offer bold reforms. The reforms are more of exactly what created the problem in the first place: expanded governmental
      power, new regulatory agencies, and more restrictions on freedom. But this time,
      the programs begin to take on
      an international flavor. The American dollar is replaced by a new UN money, and the Federal Reserve System becomes abranch operation of the IMF/World Bank.

      Electronic transfersgradually replace cash and checking ac­counts. This permits UN agencies to monitor the financial activities of every person. A machine-readable ID card is used for that purpose. If an individual is red lagged by any government agency, the card does not clear, and he is cut off from all economic transactions andtravel. It is the ultimate control.Increasing violence in the streets from revolutionary move­ments and ethnic clashes provide an excuse for martial
      law. The public is happy to see UN soldiers
      checking ID cards. The police-state arrives
      in the name of public safety.

      Eventually all private dwellings are taken over by the govern­ment as a result of bailing out the home-mortgage
      industry. Rental property is also taken, as former landlords are unable to pay property taxes. People are allowed to
      live in these dwellings at reasonable cost, or no cost at all. It gradually becomes clear, however, that the government is now
      the owner of all homes and apartments. People are living in them only at the pleasure of the government. They can be reassigned atany time.

      Wages and prices are controlled.
      Dissidents are placed into work armies. There are no more autos except for the ruling elite. Public transportation is provided for the masses, and those with limited skills live in government housing within walking distance of their assigned jobs. Men have been reduced to the level of serfs who are subservient to their masters. Their condition of life can only be described as high-tech

      There is no certainty that the
      uture will unfold in exactly that manner, because there are too many variables. For example, if we had assumed that there will not bea banking crisis, then our journey would bedifferent. We would not see long lines of depositors or panic-buying in the stores or closing of the stock market. But we would still witness the same
      scenes of despair in the more distant future. We merely would have travelled a different path of events to get there. That is because the forces driving
      our society into global totalitarianism would not have changed one iota. We still would have the doomsday mechanisms at work. We would have the CFR in control of the power centers of overnment and the media. We would have an electorate which is unaware of what is being done to them and, therefore, unable to resist. Through environmental and economic treaties and through military disarmament to the UN, we would witness the same emergence of a world central bank, a world government, and a world army to enforce its dictates. Inflation and wage/price controls would have progressed more or less the same, driving

      consumer goods out of existence and
      men into bondage. Instead of moving toward The New World Order in a series of economic spasms, we merely would have
      travelld a less violent path and arrived at exactly the same destination.

  • Alex

    Yeah I’m sorry to admit this… But I’ve blown off an essay like that a few times and have gotten an A… Everyone know the professors don’t read your essay. I did start doing my work by my sophomore year though! I began to realize that I was responsible for my own education and that I was only cheating myself.


    The accepted version of history is that the Federal Reserve was created to stabilize our economy. One of the most widely-used textbooks on this subject says: “It sprang from the panic of 1907, with its alarming epidemic of bank failures: the country was fed IT once and for all with the anarchy of unstable private banking.” Even the
    most naive student must sense a grave contradiction between this cherished view and the System’s actual performance. Since its inception, it has presided over the crashes of 1921 and 1929; the Great Depression of ’29 to ’39; recessions in ’53, ’57, ’69, ’75, and ’81; a stock market “Black,Monday” in ’87; and a 1000% inflation which has destroyed 90% of the dollar’s purchasing power.3.

    Let us be more specific on that last point. By 1990, an annual income of $10,000 was required to buy what took only $1,000 in 1914.4 That incredible loss in value was quietly transferred to the federal government in the form of
    hidden taxation, and the Federal Reserve System was the mechanism by which it was accomplished.

    Actions have consequences. The consequences of wealth confis- cation by the Federal-Reserve mechanism are now upon us. In the current decade, corporate debt is soaring; personal debt is greater than ever; both business and personal bankruptcies are at an all-time high; banks and savings and loan associations are failing in
    1. Quoted by Kolko, Triumph, p. 235.

    2. Paul A. Samuelson, Economics, 8th ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970), p. 272.

    3. See “Money, Banking, and Biblical Ethics,” by Ronald H. Nash, Durell Journal of Money and Banking, February, 1990.

    4. When one considers that the income tax had just been introduced in 1913 and that such low
    igures were completely exempt, an income at that time of $1,000 actually was the equivalent of earning $15,400 now, before paying 35% taxes. When the amount now taken by state and local governments is added to the total bite, the figure is close to $20,000, larger numbers than ever before;interest on the national debt is consuming more than half of our personal income tax;heavy industry
    largely has been replaced by overseas competitors; we are facing an international trade deficit for the first time in our history; 75% of downtown Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas is owned by foreigners; and the nation is in economic recession and over hslf our nation is in a state of economic recession.

  • Sandbagger

    I was in an AP English class with a B*tch of a teacher. I wrote an essay that included paragraphs like that of the example.

    She passed the paper.

    This was in 1983.

    So, yeah. The more things change…

  • Founder Church

    Every single thing in life starts with respect for God across society. Absent that NOTHING. works. God has abandoned this nation.

  • Sad

    I work at a Fortune 100 company as a contract worker. I’ve been here for 12 years completing both a BA in Management and an MBA (I also have 20 years of technical and marketing experience). Neither of which have appeared to get me hired by this company. I have had several assignments in which I basically embarrassed company “employees” (unintentional) with my knowledge and thinking abilities. I have watched co-workers of mine (contract workers) that have been hired, and simply shook my head in amazement. It seems they pick the most incompetent from the gene pool to welcome aboard. At this time I feel that I’m simply too old to be hired, by this or any other company (due to my experience with several interviews in the past year at other companies).
    So I have to agree that American companies are or soon will be in trouble when the economy takes its next turn down. There are few in management today that belong there. They lack not only the imagination to develop new ideas, but the natural people talent to recognize those that do. We are in a lot of trouble.

    • Orange Jean

      Your comments about “embarrassing” company employees due to your knowledge and thinking abilities reminds me of some of what I’ve been experiencing. I have over 20 years of experience in my field, which required a Master’s degree to get into. I work with quite a few people who have either just gotten out of school or have only 2-3 years experience. I am constantly being criticized by management for my assumption that my experience working in the field makes me more knowledgeable.

      I was once chewed out by my boss because when I met a new employee at a “meet-and-greet” I told them about my experience. The new employee complained to my boss that I was “disrespecting her month of experience”… and the boss chewed me out, rather than him/her (who did not have the guts to tell me to my face they felt insulted… of course, I’d have been temped to laugh at them.

  • Pete Meatus

    What about those of us who are fed up with the rest of the duds. So we just work hard enough to match the morons who are getting the same or more pay? As we say at work ,the experts set the bar , why should we stop them.

    • John3:16

      Diversity is designed against the White male. It favors non-whites and feminists.

  • Last month the USPS “lost” a $100 Amazon order of auto parts (FedEx del. to local PO). When i called up past its arrival date, they placed me on hold for over an hour without answering, when i did get thru they said it went to a city nearby, but never got here. Got thru a few days later and they tracked it came to my city, not the one nearby, but do not know why it never got delivered.

    Said to contact Consumer Affairs, which i sent email to with order #, but they never got back to me.

    Called national help, which gave me a case number and said they would contact me in 24hrs, but never did.

    Plus i ordered forever stamps, 2-3 day priority mail it says, but took 2 weeks (well, they did say they were forever stamps).

    And i am just outside the capital of my state. Plus other mails items have been arriving around 2 weeks late.

    Amazon replaced the order to got it here within 3 days. Thank God and good for them.

  • Realist

    What are we to expect when society at large is told on a daily basis that they are victims of invidious forces that are exploiting them and stealing their “rightful” amount of success and wealth? This libcult poison is oozing out daily from the nether regions of the libcult infotainment machine, inculcating the disgruntled and angry with righteous indignation and a certainty that they, too, could and SHOULD be just as successful and wealthy as anyone else regardless of their actions or behaviors. This is the libcult poison leaching into society from ignorant, power-hungry libcultists who inhabit the arts and journOlism. The young are not inculcated with respect for anyone else or for hard work and the success that comes with hard work, oh no. Those who work hard or study hard are portrayed as chumps who are being deceived. The well-informed among us “know” that everything is rigged, so it is better to be clever and aggrieved and look to our “saviors” in government than to be stable, capable and self-reliant. Look at what happens to the dependent and aggrieved when they are challenged with real-world difficulties like what happened in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. But rather than learning from that debacle of dependence the libcult furiously spun those they made into dependent serfs as noble and aggrieved victims of a wealthy and spiteful president.

    The libcult will have to be ruthlessly rooted out and destroyed if we are to survive as a nation.

    • John3:16

      Agreed. I just call it White genocide. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.

  • Julian

    What happens when people get wise to the fact that the system is rigged, hypcritical, and that doing the right thing is a quaint notion in a Neo Liberal World Order.
    There fixed it for you.


    Seems like the GOD is barbarism.

  • Jean Bush

    It’s obvious that the fat mail carrier driving on the lawn feels too heavy to get out and walk to the houses. Is she lazy because she’s fat or fat because she’s lazy?

  • Jean Bush

    Also, back a few decades ago, our food was fresh & free from GMO’s & additives, water was clean and fluoride free, portions both at home and in restaurants were 1/4 the size they are now and everyone walked more.
    Less technology = more movement.

  • Major

    I hired a man in his thirties last year who worked one day (which is typical nowadays) and scratched his name in the hood of one of my work trucks. After the no call, no show he had his Mom call and beg for his job. I told her to get in her time machine & go back 25 years and discipline him or 35 and not have a child without being married/having no Dad around! I also asked what planet either one was from.

  • Tom Mixx

    Everybody has become just like NYC subway token booth clerks. They hate their job and they hate anyone who asks them to do it.

  • wallrety

    If you work and find out that even working harder gets you nowhere, because taxes go up, and every year a new tax is introduced, then your company no longer helps pay for your insurance, no longer contributes to the 401K, or the 401K has been dropped, gas goes up, car insurance goes up, food goes up 30%, college tuition is pure fraud and unbelievably unaffordable, then your hours are cut from 40 to 30,- I wonder why anyone cares anymore? Duh!
    This is a country on the edge of 3rd world status, most products are made in Asia because they are cheaper using near slave labor.
    If you try and start a business, you have so many regulations and requirements, most people give up because they are fined by the government or a government agency for not complying with any one of the tens of thousands of laws. There is no more pioneering anymore in the USA- the big companies along with the lobbyists have restricted any idea you may have of succeeding.
    I wonder why people just don’t care anymore.?? Duh!

    • Lou

      “This is a country on the edge of 3rd world status”

      Yes and it started big time when a few powerful people in DC decided to murder JFK.

      Now they and their kin are murdering our country.

  • Rodney S

    Businesses are told who to hire by the federal government. That’s why nobody cares anymore.

  • nygrump

    civilization is loosely defined. eh?

    • Robert Graf

      Of course it is. In school, they taught us what the beginning of history was in 7th grade. They taught the same thing in an ancient history class I took in college. It was the first sentence out of the teacher’s mouth, the same exact sentence both times. “The beginning of history is considered to be the Epic of Gilgamesh, because that is the first story written by an author whose life is independently verified.” That was the last mention of the subject. It was never on any test. As for civilization, it was stated that civilization sprung up in Mesopotamia. They never even credited it to any particular culture or society, just a generic region. No person or group credited with it. No timeline, even though it existed prior to ‘the beginning of history’. The symbol ogf civilization, at least in the western world, has been the bundled fasci. Civilization is nothing more than the enforcement of the will of tyrants and psychopaths on humanity. Its hallmarks are 3 in number, according to their teachings. These hallmarks have been politically renamed as the people have wised up. First, is the notion they now refer to as ‘division of labor’. They used to call ths kingship. They don’t want you thinking about who has the right to rule over others, so this had to morph into the notion of a republic in order to legitimize it by claiming it was somehow self governance. The second hallmark was the written language. This was necessary for contract law, titles and accounting, so they could fleece the people. The third hallmark was the agrarian lifestyle. This is merely justification for enslaving the masses by claiming ultimate ownership of the land by the government, even though you may be allowed title. The agrarian lifestyle is noted by the practice of the king or lord getting all the good stuff, while the people were alloted only bread and water basically, which meant an incomplete diet, leading to stunted growth and the term, ‘the little people’. Kept small to be intimidated by the ruling psychopaths.

  • Tracie I. Foreman

    Once I ordered a Big Mac with no lettuce at McDonald’s. Once I got home, I discovered that not only was there no lettuce, but there was no meat, so all I had was some buns slathered with special sauce! Ridiculous!

  • Adam Martin

    Hahahaha, you sound like a good Marxist with those last lines. You reject the profit driven industries of psychiatry and Big Pharma, criticize the consumer culture forced down your throats by advertisers, and make a call for workers to take pride in their work.

    Except you meant right now, when people are working 70 hours a week for $30,000 a year. Maybe his family been driven to food stamps, because of this collapse in wages. Oh, that’s right. They cut food stamps down even further. Guess its tree bark for you, while that benefit goes back into the banker profit books.

    Your call for harder work sounds like one of the House Negros during slavery.

  • Adam Martin

    True Libertarians are worse than Paul.

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