Trump’s “Peace Plan” Would Double The Size Of Palestinian Territory And Give Them A Capital In East Jerusalem

I was going to write about something else today, but I just couldn’t do it.  Ever since I learned the details of President Trump’s “peace plan”, I haven’t been able to focus on anything else for very long.  Under Trump’s plan, the U.S. would formally recognize a Palestinian state, the Palestinians would be allowed to set up a capital in East Jerusalem, and the amount of territory under Palestinian control would double.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Needless to say, I am very deeply upset right now and anyone that loves Israel should also be very deeply upset.  The good news is that the Palestinians hate Trump’s plan so much that it has absolutely no chance of being implemented any time soon.  But the fact that the Palestinians have already rejected this deal does nothing to diminish the fact that this is the biggest mistake that Trump has made in his entire presidency.

It is not as if Trump acted on a whim.  This plan has been in development for three years, and the final draft is 181 pages long.  If you have not seen the official document yet, you can read it for yourself right here.  President Trump, Jared Kushner and everyone else that worked on this plan put an enormous amount of time and effort into it, and they knew exactly what they were doing.

In essence, this plan carves up the land of Israel like a Christmas turkey.  The Palestinians would lose sovereignty over some Jewish settlements in the West Bank, but in return they would receive vast new tracts of land that currently belong to Israel.  In addition, the Palestinians would be given East Jerusalem as a capital city, and President Trump seems quite excited about the prospect of opening up a U.S. embassy there.  The following comes from Fox News

“This plan will double Palestinian territory and set the capital of the Palestinian state in eastern Jerusalem where the United States will happily open an embassy,” Trump said. “Our vision will end the cycle of Palestinian dependence on charity and foreign aid.”

The plan also includes a map of a contiguous Palestinian state in the West Bank, with a proposed tunnel to connect the West Bank and Gaza Strip. There would also be land swaps south of Gaza to give the Palestinians more territory.

So not only does Trump want to divide the land of Israel, he also wants to divide up the holy city of Jerusalem.

In fact, the plan envisions that the section of Jerusalem which will be given to the Palestinians for a capital city could be named “Al Quds”

At the same time, “the sovereign capital of the State of Palestine should be in the section of East Jerusalem located in all areas east and north of the existing security barrier, including Kafr Aqab, the eastern part of Shuafat and Abu Dis, and could be named Al Quds or another name as determined by the State of Palestine,” the plan states.

When Barack Obama proposed a “two-state solution” with a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, many conservatives all across America howled in protest.

But now that President Trump is proposing almost the exact same thing, most conservatives seem willing to go along for the ride.

It literally makes me want to vomit.

One of the things that is unique about Trump’s plan is that it includes an actual map.  As the Jerusalem Post has pointed out, no U.S. “peace proposal” in the history of this conflict has ever included a specific map of what a potential Palestinian state would look like…

One of the landmarks of US President Donald Trump’s diplomatic plan that was introduced Tuesday night is that it presents an actual map – a map that shows how the US administration envisions Israel’s final boundaries. This marks the first time any American Mideast plan has come with a map.

Maps have been talked about, maps have been suggested, maps have been drawn up and shown in private meetings. But during the Oslo negotiations, and at Camp David between Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat, no formal, clear maps delineating Israel’s future borders and the borders of a future Palestinian state were presented to the public.

Of course no Trump deal would be complete without a deadline.  In this case, the Palestinians are essentially being given four years to accept this plan

Trump described his plan as a “historic breakthrough” and said he wrote to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, saying territory set aside for the Palestinian state would remain open for a “transition” period of four years in what amounts to a freeze in Israeli settlement construction.

He said the deal, outlined in an 80-page document, was a “win-win” for Israelis and Palestinians. The plan would more than double the territory under Palestinian control. It recognizes Israeli sovereignty over major settlement blocs in the West Bank, a scenario many Palestinians will find difficult to accept. The plan would limit Palestinians to specific parts of East Jerusalem and leave Israel in sole charge of holy sites that are sacred to both sides.

Thankfully, the Palestinians want absolutely nothing to do with it.

In the aftermath of the unveiling of the plan, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas boldly proclaimed that “we say a thousand noes to the Deal of the Century”

Even before the Trump plan was announced, Palestinian leaders said it would be dead on arrival. Upon the release of the plan, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas responded at a news conference: “After the nonsense we heard today we say a thousand noes to the Deal of the Century. We will not kneel and we will not surrender.”

And it looks like this “peace plan” could actually spur the terror groups in the West Bank and Gaza to unleash more senseless violence

Palestinian factions, including West-Bank based Fatah, have called on Palestinians to participate in mass protests on Tuesday and Thursday. And on Tuesday, Fatah invited rival Gaza-based faction Hamas to attend an emergency meeting in Ramallah. On Tuesday night, local time, at least a dozen West Bank Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli security forces, Agence France-Presse reports.

So Trump’s plan is not going to come to fruition any time soon, and that is very good news.

But the bad news is that Trump has crossed a red line that should never, ever be crossed by attempting to carve up the land of Israel.  In an article that I will post on End Of The American Dream later on today, I will explain why Trump’s horrific mistake could have very bitter consequences for all of us.

It will never be acceptable for any U.S. president to try to divide up the land of Israel.  That land was given to the people of Israel by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and any politician that attempts to carve up the land will only find himself fighting against God.

Of course the politicians will never stop trying.  They believe that they know better than God, and they are fully convinced that any talk of “consequences” is just a bunch of silly nonsense.

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