The U.S. Is A Lawless Society Where The Criminals Get To Go Free But Underwear And Socks Are Locked Up

We live in an environment of complete and utter lawlessness.  When predators boldly roam the streets without fear but good people are literally afraid to leave their own homes, that is clearly a sign that our societal collapse has reached a very advanced stage.  Even in the rare instances when they are actually caught and convicted, our system will still often allow violent criminals to go free.  For example, a woman in California that was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend more than 100 times was given a sentence that didn’t include even a single day in prison

The family of a man who was murdered by his date after she stabbed him more than 100 times has voiced their outrage after the California woman was sentenced to just 100 hours of community service with no jailtime.

Bryn Spejcher, 33, was given the lenient sentence after psychiatrists said the incident was ‘100 percent’ caused by cannabis-induced psychosis, which she suffered after taking two hits of the victim’s bong.

The judge ruled Ms Spejcher ‘experienced a psychotic break from reality’ and ‘had no control over her actions’ when she killed Chad O’Melia, who was 26 years old at the time of his death, on Memorial Day weekend 2018.

This is America now.

Our major cities have become places where literally anything goes, and that is particularly true for members of Generation Z.

In fact, one recent survey discovered that about one-third of that entire generations openly admits that “they shoplift while cashing out at self-check”

More than half of Gen Z shoppers prefer self-checkout lines — and would even switch their store of choice for the ease of self-serve kiosks, according to new data from Avery Dennison — but it’s not necessarily because they’re independent or introverted.

In fact, one-third of the young shoppers admitted that they shoplift while cashing out at self-check.

According to a recent LendingTree survey of 2,000 Americans, nearly half of Gen Z respondents said they steal the most expensive item from their cart, while only 37% said they would only lift necessities.

This is one of the reasons why self-checkout lanes are now being taken out at stores all over the nation.

I certainly won’t miss self-checkout lanes.

Honestly, I am not fond of them at all.

Of course taking away self-checkout options won’t do much to stop the tsunami of theft that we are witnessing from coast to coast.

In Oakland, the very first In-N-Out Burger location ever established is being closed down because the crime in that particular neighborhood never stops

The In-N-Out slated for closure is in a busy business corridor that attracts travelers headed to the airport and baseball fans who attend A’s games at the Coliseum. Since 2019, police have logged 1,335 incidents in the vicinity of the restaurant on Oakport Street — more than any other location in Oakland, the newspaper reported.

They were far more patient than I would have been.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t have waited for 1,335 crimes to be committed before shutting that restaurant down.

In San Francisco, KPMG is actually moving out of the KPMG building because conditions in the city have deteriorated so dramatically…

Accounting firm KPMG is set to move out of its $400 million namesake building, another high-profile exit from San Francisco’s beleaguered downtown.

The consulting and accounting giant first leased space in the 25-story office tower when the building opened in 2002. Its name hangs above the entry to the skyscraper where the company currently occupies more than 100,000 square feet.

It comes as shoe store Alto prepares to exit San Francisco Centre, the city’s biggest mall, next week.

Businesses and residents have fled downtown San Francisco since the pandemic with groups blaming crime, homelessness and work-from-home keeping people from downtown.

It is easy to point a finger at the west coast, but things have gotten really crazy on the east coast as well.

As I discussed earlier this week, a CVS store in Washington D.C. is being permanently closed because teens would loot it multiple times per day

A Washington D.C. CVS store is shutting its doors after being repeatedly ransacked by thieves, the chain has confirmed.

The pharmacy, located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, went viral last October when videos emerged of it totally stripped of all its products after being targeted by a teen gang.

Staff claim more than 45 schoolkids would go into the store and steal chips and drinks in the morning, after their classes and late at night. It will close on February 29, according to WTTG-TV.

This is what a lawless society looks like.

At this point, things are so bad that Walmart and Target “have begun locking up underwear and socks”

Walmart and Target have begun locking up underwear and socks – the latest items to be protected against shoplifters.

As thefts have surged over the past year, stores have been increasingly keeping items behind lock and key.

But these have tended to be electronics and toiletries.

As you can see, my headline was not an exaggeration at all.

We really are locking up underwear and socks, and we really are allowing violent criminals to go free.

The thin veneer of civilization that we all depend upon on a daily basis is breaking down all around us, and you never know when someone will totally flip their lid and start shooting at you

A Las Vegas pastor was murdered in front of his family following a feud with a neighbor over the chickens and dogs she kept in her property

A disturbing image shows the moment Grace Point Church pastor Nick Davi, 46, was fatally shot by his female neighbor Joe Junio, 36, who also wounded his wife Sarah Davi on December 29.

The shooting happened after Junio had allegedly harassed the family for weeks, throwing feces on their backyard, flooding their home, and issuing threats after the Davis complained to the gated community’s homeowner’s association.

Now we are moving into the most chaotic election season in our entire history, and I believe that will usher in widespread chaos all over America.

Our society is not ready for the changes that are coming.

So I hope that you are doing your best to get prepared.

If you think that our country is lawless now, just wait until you see what conditions will be like a couple of years from now.

Social order is literally imploding right in front of our eyes, and life in America will never be the same as it once was.

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