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What Do You Believe Is America’s Biggest Economic Problem?

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Today there are literally dozens of major threats to the U.S. economy.  Each one of these threats alone could cause a major economic implosion.  The Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the derivatives bubble, the housing crisis, the exploding U.S. national debt and the burgeoning European debt crisis all threaten to push the struggling U.S. economy over the edge.  But which one is America’s biggest economic problem?  Below, 16 of America’s greatest economic threats are listed in no particular order.  The goal of this article is to hear what all of you readers believe is the worst crisis the U.S. economy is facing.  If you would like to vote, please choose one of the 16 economic problems listed below (or nominate one of your own) and leave a comment explaining your choice….

#1) The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill – The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is already the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.  Is it also about to become the worst economic disaster in U.S. history?   

#2) The Derivatives Bubble – The total value of all derivatives worldwide is estimated to be well over a quadrillion dollars.  In fact, the danger from derivatives is so great that Warren Buffet has called them “financial weapons of mass destruction”.  Will the derivatives bubble end up being the major cause of the next depression?

#3) The Housing Crash – Last month, sales of new homes in the United States dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.  Also, the number of U.S. home foreclosures set a record for the second consecutive month in May.  Very few Americans are buying houses right now.  The subprime mortgage crisis brought the U.S. financial system to the brink of ruin in 2007 and 2008.  Is it about to happen again?

#4) The Federal Reserve – Instead of printing and issuing their own currency, the U.S. government actually has to go into more debt before any new currency is created.  But the problem is that the money to pay the interest on that debt is not created at that time, so in order to pay that interest the U.S. government will need to create even more currency in the future.  That means going into even more debt.  Thus the U.S. government is caught in an endless debt spiral that has now become impossible to escape.  By basing our economy on mountains of debt and paper money that is backed by nothing, have we essentially guaranteed that our economic system will totally fail someday?     

#5) The European Sovereign Debt Crisis – Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and a number of other European nations are in real danger of actually defaulting on their debts.  If a wave of national defaults starts sweeping the globe, will it end up wiping out the U.S. economy as well?

#6) The Growing Welfare State – For the first time in U.S. history, more than 40 million Americans are on food stamps, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that number will go up to 43 million Americans in 2011.  More than 1 in 5 American children now live below the poverty line.  Nearly 51 million Americans received $672 billion in Social Security benefits in 2009.  How many people can the U.S. government possibly support financially before it finally collapses under the weight?

#7) Illegal Immigration– There are an estimated 30 million illegal immigrants now living in the United States.  Not only is this a very serious economic burden, but it is a huge national security issue as well.  Federal agents and local law enforcement officials along the border are now openly telling the media that they are outgunned, outmanned and are increasingly being shot at by the Mexican drug cartels that are openly conducting military operations inside the United States.  There is now significant Latin American gang activity in almost every large and mid-size city in the United States.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues to leave the border wide open.  

#8) Corruption On Wall Street– The corrupton in the financial system that has been revealed in 2010 has been absolutely mind blowing.  Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Lehman Brothers and Wachovia are all being investigated by the government at this point.  The rampant manipulation of the gold and silver markets was completely blown open by an industry insider, and the U.S. government has finally been convinced to take a look at it.  It seems like the more the layers are peeled back, the more corruption we find in the financial community.  So how long can the U.S. financial system survive when corruption is seemingly everywhere? 

#9) War In The Middle East – The U.S. government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars fighting the war in Iraq.  The U.S. government has spent over 247 billion dollars on the war in Afghanistan, and yet June 2010 has now become the deadliest month of the Afghan war for coalition troops.  Now there is a very real possibility that war could erupt with Iran.  How long can the U.S. government continue to afford to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into wars in the Middle East?  Not only that, but if a war with Iran cuts off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf, what would that do to our economic system that is so highly dependent on oil?

#10) Barack Obama’s Health Care “Reform” – Barack Obama’s pet project is actually the biggest tax increase in U.S. history, it is going to cause the premature retirement of thousands upon thousands of American doctors, and it is going to drive health insurance premiums through the roof.  Health insurance companies are going to do very well (they actually helped write the bill), but the rest of us are going to be absolutely crushed by this brutal legislation.  So what will happen when the U.S. healthcare system implodes?

#11) Barack Obama’s “Cap And Trade” Carbon Tax Scheme– Rather than focusing all of his attention on fixing the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama has been busy playing golf and figuring out how he can use this crisis as an opportunity to get his “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme pushed through the U.S. Congress.  But will Barack Obama’s obsession with “global warming” end up totally wrecking the U.S. economy?

#12) Globalism – Most American workers had no idea that free trade would mean that they would suddenly be competing for jobs against workers in the Philippines and Malaysia.  Today, corporations often find themselves having to choose whether to build a factory in the United States or in the third world.  But in the third world workers often earn less than 10% of what American workers earn, corporations are often not required to provide any benefits to workers, and there are usually hardly any oppressive government regulations.  How can American workers compete against that?

#13) The Moral Decline Of America – An economy stops working efficiently when people stop feeling safe and when they stop trusting one another.  As greed, selfishness, lust, pride, theft and violence continue to explode, how much longer will the U.S. economy be able to function normally?

#14) Genetic Modification – Scientists around the globe have now produced “monster salmon” which grow three times as fast as normal salmon, corn that has been genetically modified to have a pesticide grow inside the corn kernel, cats that glow in the dark and goats that produce spider silk.  Is it possible that all of this genetic modification could unleash an environmental hell that could destroy not only the economy but also our entire society?

#15) Unemployment – Tens of millions of Americans are out of work and nearly a million people have lost their unemployment benefits because the U.S. Senate has once again failed to pass a bill that would extend those benefits.  In some areas of the United States unemployment has been pushing up towards depression-era levels.  For example, a while back the mayor of Detroit said that the real unemployment rate in his city is somewhere around 50 percent.  So is the biggest problem that the U.S. economy is facing the fact that so many millions of willing American workers simply cannot find work?

#16) The U.S. National Debt – As of June 1st,  the U.S. National Debt was $13,050,826,460,886.  According to a U.S. Treasury Department report to Congress, the U.S. national debt will top $13.6 trillion this year and climb to an estimated $19.6 trillion by 2015.  The total of all government, corporate and consumer debt in the United States is now about 360 percent of GDP.  The United States has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world.  So how long will it be before this mountain of debt collapses?

So of the 16 economic problems listed above, which one do you believe is the biggest threat to the U.S. economy?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your vote….

  • de malfosse

    The “biggest threat” is unquestionably the acquisition & maintenance of The Empire. The Empire makes for an excellent Seen vs the Unseen example.

    Though I do recognize one could make a strong case for No Federal Reserve; No Empire.

    Imperialism impacts each & every domestic necessity / decision. Few of your suggested 16 have NO link to The Empire – National Security State. I suggest the overwhelming majority of your list have such a link upon examination.

    Example: #12 Globalism. The history of The Asian Tigers virtually begins with The Viet Nam War & The Pentagon’s quest to cut supply & shipping costs.

  • #1) The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill – Has the potential. It would help if the hole in the earth acted like a pin in a balloon. Bad but not number one bad.

    #2) The Derivatives Bubble – This will lead to the end of the world as we know it. Plunging us into a dark age that will make the first one pale in comparison. This one is a world killer.

    #3) The Housing Crash – This has some good potential for helping the economy into the dark ages but it is just one domino in a line of dominoes.

    #4) The Federal Reserve – This org. is a bit player. They really only have the illusion of control.

    #5) The European Sovereign Debt Crisis – several dominoes here but not the single big bang.

    #6) The Growing Welfare State -Not even a contender. This one is a festering sore. Not a world killer.

    #7) Illegal Immigration- This will likely never go away. As long as the disadvantaged are disadvantaged, they will want to come here till we are worse off then they.

    #8) Corruption On Wall Street- Needs a clean sweep but not the end of the world though they are part of the equation.

    #9) War In The Middle East – This has some real Armageddon potential but not from an economic angle.

    #10) Barack Obama’s Health Care “Reform” – bit player. Minor domino in the grand scheme of things.

    #11) Barack Obama’s “Cap And Trade” Carbon Tax Scheme- This will have a nice chilling effect on the economy but not the end of the world. Slow miserable death here.

    #12) Globalism – Not even a contender. $80 bucks an hour for spinning a nut on a bolt in some factory in Michigan is obscene. Blame unions and greed for this crap.

    #13) The Moral Decline Of America – Just part of the equation. Morality is situational at best.

    #14) Genetic Modification – This could well be a world killer. Most concerned about crops.

    #15) Unemployment – This has got to hurt. Nothing will get better until the world has a job. Discretionary income drives consumerism.

    #16) The U.S. National Debt – This one can be handled in one fell swoop. Default, good bye debt.

    So of the 16 economic problems listed above, which one do you believe is the biggest threat to the U.S. Economy?
    #2) The Derivatives Bubble- Without question, this one is a world killer. If this one goes tits up, we are all in trouble. Take any three or four of the rest and you’ll get a similar result.

  • diane

    Zonder twijfel de nr 2

  • Mr Carpenter

    All of the above amount to one thing at the bottom line, centered around the cause of #13.

    A nation is built on a spiritual basis (foundation); in our case, it was once (1774-1789) a very strong one based upon the best cultural and moral teachings of Christianity, wrapped into the best known historical governance, a confederated Republic of states.

    This foundation began deteriorating almost immediately, causing the level above – the house / morality – to falter.

    The roof is economics, and with a bad foundation and bad house structure, how can a roof stay functional? It cannot.

    The house is going to collapse and is actually in the midst of doing so as we speak. In historical terms, the collapse is also extremely quick.

    I read yesterday that some people feel that the (non) president, BO, moving the US away from support of Israel on the same day as Israel celebrated independence on their Jewish calendar (May 19 this year), was followed one day later by God’s response – the oil explosion and blow-out.

    I can’t know God’s mind, but if it is true that God has taken His protective hand away from this country……..

    All of the above will come about and then twice as much more and more things besides that.

    God won’t be mocked.

  • I vote for passing the global oil peak in 2005, which underlies many of these symptoms. Peak oil spells the end of western civilization. But global climate change spells the end of our species.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Yes, by the way, I know the USA “started” in 1776, not 1774. But the build-up to independence actually started some while before the actual declaration, so I’m considering that a legitimate governance.

    Unlike current Washington DC, which I consider about as legitimate as North Korea or East Germany (1945-1989).

  • Anna

    I see the oil disaster as “life threatening”. Not only to those ON the Gulf, but several hundred miles inland when the toxic rain starts to fall from the banned chemicals BP has been using in the area. I live in IL, and once in a while, a large hurricane reaches this far north, dumping rain which it collected over the Gulf. Will it poison our ground water? Destroy our crops? Kill the animals? I’m not sure, but I’m worried just the same.
    Otherwise, I would say #13, moral decline in America will do us in. It really leads to 6,7,9,14, and 16. Oh, I hate Cap & Trade so I’ll put that up there too.

  • 1. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

    2. A dishonest and unrighteous monetary system.

  • The moral decline is by far the leading cause of the decline and implosion of the U.S. economy as well as the world’s economy. Take a look around you, and ask yourself? Who can I trust to tell me the truth about anything! Our own government is so full of corruption, greed, deceitfulness and sexual immorality that it is beyond measure. Just like Rome of ancient times, its empire that imploded because these particular sins, the very same thing has caught up with the world. No difference, just a different time period. The Lord God Almighty is just about to step into the affairs of mankind, just like He did during the great Flood, and destroy the those who persist in evil. Be watching, according to Bible prophecy, the next window of opportunity could be August 24th 2011. The day, the month, new moon, the year, and the millennium all line up for the next possible start of the Great Tribulation!!! My friends, be “Watchman On The Tower! Listen to Matthew 24:37-39. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah went into the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

  • ZS

    The root problem is my opinion is congress itself. I don’t know an honest person in the government right now. They are either being caught in some sort of sex scandel or trying to micromanage things they have never had any kind of training let alone experience in, i.e. healthcare, car industry, the banking industry, and so on. Anyone with common sense, good morals, and a conscience should be able to tell that the people running our country are evil and are delibrately destroying our country because we were founded on christian principles. Anyways, thank you for letting put my opinion and thoughts to this.

  • Elocutionist

    America’s greatest problem is not any one of the symptoms of economic decline listed in the article, but the reason for its decline. I believe that reason is the nation’s tilt toward social-Marxism over the past forty or so years. This country is no longer about the principals upon which it was founded, but spreading the wealth. Well, now there is hardly any more wealth to spread around from the private sector and certainly none from the public sector. The nation’s biggest problem is the thoughts and actions that led to the reckless abandonment of self-sufficiency as a building block of economic growth. If we can’t take care of ourselves, we’re not going to be taking care of anyone else. And neither is the government.

  • John Galt

    Federal Reserve, by far the most-crippling issue. Secretive looters.

  • Grumpy

    Forced into a single choice, I’d have to say the growing welfare state. Taking more money out of the hands of the private economy and putting it into the hands of government gives government too much power over day-to-day life and economic operations while leaving the private sector no mechanism for economic growth, and no incentive for investment or innovation. It’s like a vampire that attempts to continually feed on the same victim, only they’re not letting the victim recover sufficiently to produce enough blood for consumption, which will be the death of the (US consumer) victim.

  • jeff

    The knockout punch will come when Iran gets attacked. Cost of oil will go way up. Cost of gas will go way up also. It will be another round of what happened about 2 1/2 years ago. That should about eliminate the rest of the wealth in this country. Foreclosures skyrocket, businesses fold, lots of jobs lost. This next round is finally going to hit government workers and pensioners since raising taxes again won’t do any good. How many more speeding tickets (for revenue) can they write?

  • Kathy

    Abortion is #1!!!!!
    “America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father’s role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts — a child — as a competitor, an intrusion, and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the independent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters”
    And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners. Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government. They are every human being’s entitlement by virtue of his humanity. The right to life does not depend, and must not be declared to be contingent, on the pleasure of anyone else, not even a parent or a sovereign.” (Mother Theresa — “Notable and Quotable,” Wall Street Journal, 2/25/94, p. A14)

  • Kenneth Weissman

    The National Debt. Because this permits The US Congress to do all of the other terrible things by borrowing and in effect making more fiat currency.


  • TripSeven

    Love the webiste and the articles, I show up daily and read.

    My .02$, This is like stacking dominoes in a gymnasium for a cascading presentation and cool show. Only this won’t be a cool show or entertaining. It won’t be just one of the 16 listed, rather, one will fall and knock another and that will knock two more to finally push the economy over the edge. Dominoe effect.

    Why hasn’t it happened already? Most people in the country aren’t paying attention and are happily spinning away on their hampster wheels trying to get someplace better. earn spend, earn spend,

    Oddly enough I’m in the same pattern, I’m just trying to earn and spend to pay off my house and get out of debt so I can live on the minimum I think will be available in the future.


  • TripSeven


    I think the title is asking the wrong question. Not “what is the biggest problem”, but “which one will fall first”?


  • ParLay

    Our biggest problem is the government has been taken over by the rich and large corporations who in turn get all the breaks. They’ve managed to rig the game which means they tax and regulate the small guys out of business plus get the sweat heart deals from the federal, state and local govt. They are allowed to do everything from ship our jobs overseas to get monster bailouts when they do fail and make bad bets. They are able to impose stifling taxes on the middle class while they get massive tax subsidies. Many of the items mentioned in the article or nothing problems created through this rigged game crowd who has gotten filthy rich while 97% of the population is struggling.

    It starts by voting out all incumbents and especially those who take big bucks from private companies.

  • Marc

    btw, your site no longer works where i am (Canada) and I needed a proxy to get access.

    • Michael


      Could you give me more details about it being blocked in Canada?


  • Max

    The biggest threat to the US economy is a lack of a creative approach to our collective problems. Most of the attempted solutions are more of the same.

  • John Mc

    inflation, the real inflation rate. As Asia decouples from the US, and the new Gulf currency begins, the USD has nowhere to go but down. Of course the CPI only counts what is going down.

    Also the pensions blowing up and the incentives to go to bankruptcy for corporations, the teachers pension, SEIU trying to confiscate the 401k, the city, county laying off police because of their financials. Lucky for us we have an independent media!
    Thanks for your summary above.

  • Tripseven

    This isn’t a question of which is the biggest problem, rather, which one will fall first. Similar to a gymnasium full of dominoes setup for a show. Only this won’t be entertaining.

    I think Immigration is going to crash into unemployment, and spread simultaneously into moral decline, the economy, and globalism. foladding addtional streams of failure into the european debt crisis, and the Gulf oil spill, the Federal Reserve, and Cap and Tax.

    Dominoes my friends, dominoes….

  • Jason

    I think the biggest threat to the US is ……
    the US loosing to Ghana in the world cup. This will trigger a tidal wave of despair that will sweep the nation that will lead to melt-up.

    No seriously. As history shows, the thing that leads nations into decline is almost always a confluence of factors. It rarely is ever just 1 thing.

    I think all 16 above will play a role. However
    I noticed that
    “#13) The Moral Decline Of America ”
    stood out. It seems to be the foundation of all the other (15) reasons above.

    I would also like to add another reason that I
    think was omitted. An economic system built on debt demands that that economic system has growth year after year inorder to service the debt. Inorder to have growth we must have an ever increasing amount of energy. The most important source of energy by far is oil. But with oil production about to peak soon and then go into decline means that our economic system must shrink which will lead to bankrupcies, unemployment and economic stress.

  • Eman

    The USA is a parasite nation pure and simple. We cannot continue to consume so much and produce so little.

    Demographics is another main concern as you say. By 2050 the USA will be just another 2nd world Latin American-esque ‘Banana Republic’ is current demographic trends continue.

  • Concerned Reader

    Although all of these economic issues will join together to form the perfect storm for this country, I have to vote for number 13: The morale decline of America.

    The reason why I am voting for this issue is that it is true. The ability for our society to over come and learn from what economic hard ships depends solely on the disposition of the citizens. Although it has always been like what the author stated in his desciption, there is uniqueness to the morale decline that is currently going on right now.

    Is it safe to assume that we are a declining society? That is a definite yes. There many examples of our decline.

    The first example of our decline is the growing rates of high school drop outs and illiterate people. In some cities like Detroit, Michigan drop out rates are above fifty-percent and national illiterate rates are some where near forty-four million people who can not read at the eight grade level. That is about the toal population of Canada inside America who can not read.

    The second example of our decline is the rise of crime and anti-social behavior. Estimates have figured that America has the largest prison population in the world. Not only that, but we are slowly becoming a society where people will only solve their problem with brute force. People think that it is okay to bully and intimidate others into doing what we want them to do. One would think that the justice system and the police would do something to comabt the violent decay of society, but you would be wrong. In many cases people are on their own when they are threatend or violated by the anti-social members of our society and it is going to get worse.

    The third example of our decline is the rising sense of entitlements. Yes, we do have such entitlement programs like social security and medicare that people would fight tooth and naile to keep, but this country’s entitlement demons run far deeper than these programs. What I am talking about is how a lot of people feel entitled to what others have. Yes, there are many people who work very hard for what they have, but there is an ever growing number of people who think they should just recieve something for nothing. For example, let’s say I bought a car and fully restored it to its original state. This car is by far th best looking car in the neighborhood. One day my neighbor walks over and offers to buy the car from me, but I refuse aying that I like the style and model and would prfer to keep the car. The next morning I walk out to my car and find that the car has been keyed to pieces and the windows bust out. My neighbor then walks out and says that since he could have the car, no one will be allowed to enjoy it. There are countless other examples of people doing stupid stuff because they feel entitled to what others have.

    A fourth example of our decline is obesity. Experts are saying that obesity in this country is at around fourty-three percent. Just recently I saw on TV where this woman wanted to gain a thousand pouns for just the fun of it. Where has decency gone when people will take on suicide as if it is a sport, or a game to them? Not only this, but the tax payers have to fork over the money for this lady’s health care as she gains the weight. There is absolutely no concern for how others will suffer because of our actions.

    The fifth example of our decline is the fact that the American people seem like they are as self-sufficient as they used to be in the past. The author eluded to people being dependant on the government for their own survival. But they are not dependant on the government, they are also dependant on others to adeqautely provide for their needs. It astounds me at the number of people I have met who would rather sit on their bum than get up and wait on themselves. For example, I was in a Golden Corral a few months ago and I say this guy get worked up because the buisness requires that the customer get his own plates, silver ware and dinner rolls. The guy could have easily got up before saying anything and got his own stuff, which he eventually did do after arguing with the server.

  • Lets see here. All the problems on your list i say 90% are gov related that lite the fuse to there demise. The gov law of the land. You have to create the problem so the gov can get envoled to solve the problem, so they think. The number one problem of the list i vote for 16. The national debt wil be the one that takes america down. my guess

  • Michael

    Many of you may have noticed that the site was down for large portions of Friday and Saturday. The reason for this is that on Friday my sites received so much traffic that it caused massive chaos on the server back at my hosting company.

    Thus the sites were taken down and we worked with our hosting company to perform a massive upgrade. Basically we have gone from a Yugo to a BMW. So hopefully the technical problems that many of you have been experiencing are behind us. In fact, many of you should notice that the site loads much faster now.

    If any of still notice any technical difficulties please let me know. I read all comments on the site, and you can reach me by other methods described on the Contact page which you will find a link to at the top of the site.

    Once again, I appreciate your patience as these necessary technical upgrades were performed. Hopefully things will work more smoothly than ever moving forward.


  • Stephen

    #16 The Debt.

    Including all of the SS and Medicare obligations, our debt is $60 trillion, give or take a few trillion. Not addressing this will thoroughly inhibit all other reforms or initiatives.

  • Hi,
    I enjoyed visiting your blog site and look forward to your future blog posts. Great information provided here! Too much inflation & greed got us in this global slump. It sucks, hope its over soon.
    Vincent James – VJ Global

  • Lefteris

    1) Bad upbringing (loss of the protestant work ethic and “yankee frugality”)

    2) Hippy pseudosocialist governments

    3) Entitlements

    4) A completely false impresion of Europe by liberals – they talk about a Europe that doesn’t exist and they push the governments to adopt such “measures” that they have solely created in the heads

  • Bill

    The largest problem we are facing now in the U.S. is all of the idiots in washington.

  • sharonsj

    We are not a welfare state. If we were, we’d be France.

    We are in moral decline–not for religious reasons–but economic reasons. The nuclear family of a working father and stay-at-home mother cannot survive thanks to Republican policies. Starting with Reagan, it eventually became impossible for one breadwinner to support a family, home, car, and all the expenses that come with a middle-class life. We now need both parents working and the kids are unsupervised or farmed out.

    As for abortion, Jesus, and socialism, these are smokescreens designed to draw your attention away from the real problems we face. I dare anyone to prove to me that a stance for or against abortion and gay marriage will affect my chances of not freezing to death this winter because I can’t pay my electric bill.

    Unless the sheeple get a grip on reality, this country is toast.

  • Tarjan

    Given your choices, hands down the biggest problem is: #4) The Federal Reserve.

    Of equal weight is the point made by de malfosse: the acquisition & maintenance of The Empire.

    Bring an end to both.

  • Marc

    Hi Michael,

    I am in Northern BC and when I try to access your site I get a 403 forbidden error. The site comes up fine when I use a european proxy. I haven’t tried other proxies though, but i did get a friend to check it in ontario canada and it came up fine.


    • Michael


      The 403 errors should be disappearing totally soon. They were caused by the technical issues we had recently. Now that we are on a much more powerful server things should be much better. If you are still experiencing 403 errors on Monday or Tuesday please let me know.

  • Leon

    I believe its #12 – Globalism / Trade Imbalance

    If we can’t secure our industrial and manufacturing base then we will soon be a 3rd world country. We must protect our means of production.

    Lower income taxes and raise tariffs.

    Our debt doesn’t matter as we are never going to pay it back.

  • William

    Reason #13. We were started as a Christian nation regardless what athiests/agnostics may choose to believe. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment GOD removed His hand of blessing from us, whether it be since we have murdered 30+ million children in the womb, started turning GOD out of our daily lives, or when BHO turned his back on Israel. But I am convinced His hand is off us now and it is only a matter of time before we are a fully collapsed nation. All I can say is, read Ezekial 38/39, read “The Ezekial Option” by Joel Rosenberg that explains these two chapters very well, read “What in the world is going on” by David Jeremiah and seek Christ quickly. Time is very, very short.

  • xander cross

    I noticed that no one said the “free market”. Oh yes, how is the free market working for you all now after all, BP is indeed a free market company. I say the free market and greed is the problem with our country.

  • Joe in JT

    The worst problem America faces is taking place silently and methodically and won’t be realized until it’s to late. The worst problem America faces is “Monsanto”. Monsanto is the biotech/chemical company who controls seeds to grow food. Namely “terminator seeds”.

    Terminator seeds from Monsanto will allow the farmer or gardener (you and me) to grow a seed once. Then the seed is no longer fertile. You have to go back to Monsanto for permission to eat.

    When any of these 16 listed disasters occur, and if the economy and society totally breakdown, people always go “back to the basics”. And that is growing you own food and surviving on your own. This will not be possible with terminator seeds. Money is meaningless if you can’t eat.

  • Joe in JT

    And the Winner is !!!!!!!


    Without a doubt Parlay sums up what is wrong in America, noting that all 16 scenerios are being caused by the super rich, at the expense of the rest of us. Good job!!

  • Joe in JT

    Moral Decline in America.

    I noticed that when Bill Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…ahhhh….Ms. Lewinski”, under oath, in Congress, on TV, and everyone watching, then to have her blue dress covered in Bills DNA (that’s spunk or spooge for all you from Alabama) that the moral decline of America really went into high gear. Especially with businesses and there moral code, or fairness. After Bill Clintons episode, business CEO’s said, if Bill can lie under oath, why can’t I bend the rules too. Who cares!

    I hate to say this about Bill Clinton, because I like him, but when he lied the whole country thought they could too, no problem.

  • Grumpy

    Glad to see the site back up. I have an additional comment for those that keep saying uninformed things like “it’s the republicans fault!” or “it’s the democrats fault!”. My comment for you is: WAKE UP! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! The US has been a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM for almost A HUNDRED YEARS! Dem/Rep doesn’t matter one whit, and the solutions to this country’s problems won’t come from either of them! If more people decided to EDUCATE THEMSELVES instead of relying on the lamestream media or public “education”, we wouldn’t be where we are today, listening to two siblings argue: ‘it’s YOUR mom’s fault!’, ‘no it’s not, it’s YOUR mom’s fault!’.

    Apologies if this offends, but I’m sick of the party loyalist idiocy. Grow up.

  • John O’Neill

    The biggest problem for our economy not only in the United States and the rest of the world – is the Federal Reserve and the IMF. These institutions create money out of thin air and they’re the king pins of the earth. The US pays about $500 billion dollars a year in interest on the debt. The Reese Commission during the Regan administration exposed the real fact that the money collected by the IRS every year from all us schmucks – goes directly to the Federal Reserve. We’re chumps. We wouldn’t have to pay the interest to the Federal Reserve and we certainly wouldn’t have to bow down to the IRS thugs. Of course there are many other problems, but the Federal Reserve is the cancer of the US and it must be removed or we’re doomed.

  • Save the Republic

    I agree with Grumpy. Being a loyal to a “party” is like being loyal to a prostitute. They call it a party for a reason…they’re having a party, and we’re footing the bill.

  • Hey, lighten up with the ‘doomsday stuff’, will ya?

    Let’s all go for a swim. Wha’da ya’ say?


    Last one in is a rotten egg!

  • Elaine

    The Biggest economic problem by a long long long mile ? American stupidity

  • Concerned Reader

    I have a few more arguments to tout number thirteen, the morale decline of America as the most crucial issue.

    First, it seems to me like the social skills of people are eroding very quickly. Although there have been many people who have been very good at talking, it just seems like the eroding social skills are becoming more endemic to our society. For example, I worked for Krogers and I noticed that almost all of the customers could not talk to the employees civilly. Most, if nt all, were never explicit when they asked for anything. When the author of this blog mentioned in his description for this economic problem that people do not trust each other and it is because no one can speak properly.

    Second, People are losing their value and sense of worth in today’s society. This has mainly ben brought on by several generations of people determining their self-worth and society judging their worth based on what they own, how much money they have and what they can give to others. Since the economy has gotten bad, many of the so called “trophies” that people use to display their standing and worth in society is going away. With the abscene of these things, people do not know how to define themselves and they feel worthless. They then take this sense of worthlessness out on the people they deem to be inferior. People have a void within themselves and they do not know to feel it.

  • justamom

    Proverbs 14:34
    Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

    As a nation, we have foresaken our Godly foundations and rejected the righteousness of the Almighty. Our sins are many, and they are great: pride, greed, lust, coveteousness, idolotry, selfishness.
    Every economic woe is the result of sin. As a nation we have sown to sin, and we will reap a bumper crop of destruction.
    It’s time to repent and ask God to have mercy on our nation.

  • Ted Nabrdalik

    If you really think about it the true biggest problem for the US (and the rest of the world) is one that is not mentioned here. It is financial system that is based on FIAT CURRENCY. If you really think about it, it is the true DIRECT source of at least half of the problems mentioned there. There would be no way to create huge debt, OTC derivatives would be most probably non existent and government would be SMALL and under control of the people not big corporations. At the same time long costly wars would be impossible to wage and military definitely would be cut to size. But above all people would regain TRUE FREEDOM as the means to corrupt and control political system would be for all practical purposes non-existent.

  • Joe in JT

    Concerned Reader: He’s right. I’d like to make a smart comment about his blog but I feel nobody would listen to my worthless twisted brain.

  • Guru

    Absolutely Biggest Economic Problem will be:

    New Free Energy Technology from STEORN ORBO

    This will collapse whole industries/branches at Stock Markets, certain commodities, cost tens thousands jobs, hundreds big bankruptcies.

    After that, it will coming positive aspects of this new technology.

  • william mleczko

    Limit population growth.

  • kevin

    The most drastic economic downfall of America is a corporate sponsored government. This is happening because our leaders are ever ready to take a suitcase of money from a corporate lobbyist and let greed dictate their actions instead of intelligent reasoning! We need to stop giving our jobs to Asia and our money to the Middle East! We need to regain our respect and ingenuity and start respecting and serving our fellow Americans instead of paying homage to the corporations and their CEO’s! I say Americans unite, we built this country and constructed the constitution, not the CEO’s.

  • degaz

    Clearly the biggest economic problem for the US is the fading status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Once those dollars come home to repatriate, they won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on. The people will beg for a solution. A predetermined solution will be brought into the light. Possibly along the lines of the amero or SDRs.

  • Mark Lyell


  • Silva

    Big government and overspending.

  • Len

    GMO and national debts are the poison that will cause down fall of humanity and USA.

  • Len

    In 5 years or so, our national debt servicing cost will equal military budgets, its the end of world greatest power!

  • Chris

    Blame on the world leaders. It´s all over the same, Europe, USA, Asia. Collapse of economy problems to the small people and money for the big ones. I am sure that is the stuff for a big and (hope not) bloody revolution. How long can people live without any serious plan for their life? This is not a world of real capitalism, it is deptism! That is the point that is to change. Start NOW!!!

  • Tom

    I think the overuse of credit has become the largest problem. Over the last several decades, much of our perceived wealth has been created from the usage of credit. Purchases of all kinds have been fueled by credit. Now that credit still remains on the books as owed, many assets have dwindled in value. The American consumer is in too deep and it will take several years to balance the “books” and allow more credit to be introduced into the economy to fuel growth.

    Of course, the curent socialist government is doing all it can to destroy our free economy. And the fed is useless and should be abolished along with the health care plan and the current tax system. One can only pray!

  • Frank

    No. 13 is the root cause of all our problems.

  • I believe it the sum total of all of the above 16 economic threats because America wants to play Global Super Power and Global Police. If America gets out of War, Super Power Status and the Space Race, America’s Economic woes will self correct very fast. However, America is not ruled by the People. There is a shadow Government whose hidden agenda is to use US to control the wealth of the world. How else could a debt balloon to 360% of GDP or more ?

  • Vikas

    I think the most important reason will be

    Saturation of the economy and Globalism.

    During 1970’s countries like USA Germany and Japan opened their economy to give birth to globalization because they beleived that they had the unmatched technological and intellectual advancement(which they were right).
    However with the communication growth specially in the past 2 decades, has bought so much knowledge and expertise in the third world,that they no more need US.

  • Not so Mad Max

    What do I think is America’s biggest problem? Where to start? Critical thinking is dead in America, just watch for what passes for news, look at the rise of 9/11 truth, and conspiracy theories. Most people have no idea what their mortgage rate is, what their credit card rates are, how much their homes are REALLY worth. We have a media and political class who are insolated, arrogant, and are no smarter than the people who watch them.
    Democrats believe in punishing success, rewarding failure, and are positive they know better what’s good for you then you do. They are smarter then Jefferson, Madison, Washington and are just better people then those “Dead White men”.
    Republicans say their for freedom, pass laws that help large corporations, kill small business, and ship jobs overseas “NAFTA”. They believe Illegal Mexican nationals are just “Gods Children” (John you know who) and should be allowed to depress wages, milk the welfare state, destroy schools, and turn the US into Mexico.
    Can it be fixed? Not with out a lot of pain.
    Add # 1 though 16”

  • Bhakti

    I think the biggest problem right now is the USA is moving away from its core. It does not bode well for future if we are to maintain being the leader in innovation and maintain the high standard of living.

  • JWF

    I think you forgot about the monster looming in the background which are the predictions of a coming global food crisis. Crops failures, bad policies and overpopulation are gaining momentum on this front as we speak. This is one bogey man that’s going to make things really complicated, recovery or not.

    Keep your eyeballs glued to those store shelves and see what starts disappearing first. Smaller selection and higher prices isn’t always about consumer demand. Sometimes it’s about supply, or lack of it.

  • #1 Problem is SHORTSIGHTEDNESS. Americans, and most people in general, are driven to fear. Combine that with the lack of insight, confusion, poor understanding of the problems at hand and in that state they become shortsighted. I might even take the bold step and say that shortsightedness is the result of ignorance. There are solutions and a good leader will take a society to where they need to be…even if they are kicking and screaming the whole way.

  • Siddharth

    Its time the average american realized that the only way for them to save their own economy and thus their jobs is to:
    1. Buy American, preferably local.
    2. Buy from teh small neighbourhood store instead of the large corporations.
    There is absolutely no other solution. You might save a couple of bucks buying made in china, but in the long run you are going to end up exporting your jobs to them.
    There are many websites that will point you to made in america.

  • HG

    #16 is the problem with the greatest potential for disastrous consequences.

  • Jason

    IMHO, the biggest problem the US has is CORRUPTION. There’s just too much money in politics and there will be NO solutions until the laws that are passed benefit the people as a WHOLE.

  • Nathan

    You can tell this article is skewed when they start with Obama playing golf type of stuff. In reality, like him or not, Obama has taken unusually little vacation time. A factual error inspired by personal feelings makes all conclusions suspect, especially in today’s sociopolitical realities.

  • Nathan

    The biggest economic problem is obvious at this point, and the top 10 actual problems will naturally result from it, so this article has some great points and some points that are inspired by political agenda, but in any case, it’s all pretty much irrelevant.

    The biggest economic problem is money in politics. To be specific, non-aggregate, large donations from very wealthy individuals and their corporations.

    No matter what politics you like, the greed of many in the 1% is outweighing the well-being of the 99%”.

    You can talk about lazy people on welfare or illegal immigrants, or Obama playing golf until you turn blue, or red, or talk about whomever you don’t like ruining the country, but those are tiny little issues compared with the fact that the rich are getting richer while the common people are getting poorer, and nobody is going to change that until every country in the world is ground to dust and the rich have it all, unless we the people vote against the interests of the ultra-rich.

    We’ve had so much sand and wool thrown in our eyes by the 1% that Americans (and Brits) wouldn’t know who to vote for if it bit us. Only solution is to go look on the internet for what candidates and parties the rest of the world already knows are the good guys.

    No surprise we’ve been brainwashed to not want to listen to the rest of the world.

  • leebo

    Why is no one talking about infrastructure, water treatment, and buildings so old that not even the homeless want to live in? Most of the underground aqueducts are nearly 100 years old, especially on the east coast. I am watching a documentary right now about water economics. They estimate the cost to replace all this infrastructure at $540 billion. That just doesn’t seem possible in this economy. If water starts becoming contaminated, then cities will have to shut down. That is a cruel reality. If the economy blows up, then the shit wont just hit the fan, it will hit the streets too. Literally

  • ananimous

    The biggest problem of Americans is they dont know how to engage with other countries politically and they dont know how to disengage this is from out side but from within,the peoples they are fable they dont have the eye to compare their lives with other peoples life ,specially people who live life below 1/2 or1 dollar a day the world

  • John Smalley

    This country will either produce leaders with the brains to start solving the problems we face in our country or we will sink to a status of economic collapse, near worthless money, the military protecting the wealthy and the government, and perhaps domination by some source outside of our borders. It amazes me that we could be faced by 16 disasters all at once, and I am sure there are some not listed. I would start with number 8. By shutting down the Wall Street cesspool and eliminating the Federal Reserve, I believe we would lessen the threat to destroying the dollar. Also, it is logical to believe this would raise the morale level of the American people. We need to get America’s 400 billionaires and 9.6 million millionaires out of the stock market and setting up think tanks to come up with profitable manufacturing products and then build many new factories, hiring American workers protected from this globalization handicap. A rebuilding of our economy will have to start somewhere; this is where I would start.

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